You know, I was wrong at that time whenever I thought not to invest in research specifically as there had been plenty of rods in the market with several features. But whenever I switched to the best rod for worm then I realized the facts along with understanding the reason why I wasn’t getting the expected result. So, worm or plastic worm fishing, whatever first confirmed that you have the right rod in this battle.

Yeah, the selection is dependable on types, length, action, material, and even on the cost too. And by talking about such facts we will appear with those rods that aren’t failed to impress you in all angles as well as the worm fishing too.

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The Way to Choose Perfect Worm Fishing Rod

“How it is possible to sort out the suitable one from the sea of rods?” Yeah, the ask is quite normal and, in this case, you just need to follow some buying factors to spot those. Well, then scroll down and know what are they.

1. Select the Ideal Types

In terms of fishing rods, you will find a variety of types. Among those, the most important two are spinning and baitcasting. So, spinning vs baitcasting rod, which is best for plastic worm fishing? 

No worries, one can use both of them. In my preference, I mostly go for a spinning rod. And the reason is, that the spinning setup and uses are quite easy than the other. Moreover, it also brings benefits while using lightweight, where bait caster can’t. So, it’s better to run for a spinning rod.

2. Confirm the Quality of Material

If I tell then fiberglass, graphite, and a combination of these two are the common and most used components on fishing rods.

In fiberglass, you will get a softer experience. The graphite-made rods are so lightweight and flexible. And that nature makes to turn over to it for worm fishing. However, you can try the combined one too which is also capable. 

In verdict, I will tell you I have a soft suggestion to confirm graphite first than the other two.

3. Ensure Suitability on Length

Size or length whatever you call has a vital role when buying a fishing rod. And this thing determines a ton of facts. Now, you may be asked what is the ideal length.

The size selection varies with the following facts.

  • Fishing types and area
  • Fishing spots
  • Size of species

A rod having less than 6’ is mainly known as smaller. You will find benefits and accuracy in several circumstances with that. But this one has a limitation on more casting. 

If I mention the bigger one then the length will be more than 8’. However, those will be a bit difficult for the beginner as there needs effort and techniques to control.

The medium size rods, into the 7’ are the common choice among anglers. They not only work on different water and lures but also on various fishes. Furthermore, these rods give excellent output on casting. 

So, among them, I experienced the medium one far better for worm angling.

4. Go for Medium Fast Action Rod

Like the previous, in this section, you will notice fast, medium, and slow action categories.

No doubt the fast one will be the best but here you can’t expect much further casting. In terms of the worm, medium or moderate fast action rod performs well. Casting, distance, accuracy, etc are well accepted there.

So, I will prefer a moderate type here.

7 Best Rods for Worm Fishing

Now, it’s the moment to see those winning rods that can fulfill the needs you mainly looking for.

1. KastKing Speed Demon Pro Fishing Rods

Best Pick
KastKing Speed Demon Pro Rods for Worm Fishing


Brand Name: KastKing

Usage Material: ‎Graphite and S-Glass

Length: 7.3’

Action: Fast

Weight: 0.30 Pounds

Using Experience

If you accept the term “excellent quality but expensive” then I will say yeah, Kastking can be going to your trusty partner in worm fishing

Let’s start with the construction. And to be honest, here the rod rules are superb. As most anglers want, graphite material is used here not only for premium durability but also for lightweight. So, portability and super sturdy both you will get from the construction site.

Furthermore, the G-glass addition makes it more balanced as well as flexible. And those natures bring many advantages as a Crankbait rod. However, like everyone desire, the EVA handle is always ready there to give you a comfy grip.

Do you remember what’s desired type we looking for? Yeah, It’s a spinning rod and creates so many benefits while you will deal with the worm. Now, in the size what I suggest is have and which is 7.3 feet. This spinning length is an ideal pick for lone casting lovers with tiny Crankbaits. Want satisfied? Well, there have options too, 7′ and 6.8′, from where no angler can’t disappoint whatever they want.

There has one color only and to me there is no complaint about the outlook. But one thing that makes me quite sad that is it will gift you some scratches. So one needs extra care to get rid of such disturbance.

Alright, now I will praise the rod for some smart features. The first one is the fuji guides and which work to keep the reel firmly in the right place. So, you can expect a good casting service from there. Also, the line stays free from any frayed. And the WINN grip, as you already guess that will contributes to providing enough grip.

Lastly, the rod exists with fast action and will be ideal for different types of species, especially for bass fishing.


  • Lightweight and sturdy graphite-built design
  • Offers flexibility and well balancing service
  • Perfect in length with several options
  • Soft grip and excellent casting having fuji guides and WINN
  • Fast in action
  • Works for various species and conditions


  • Not in an affordable range for many ones
  • Can be scratched (for poor caring)

2. ENTSPORT Camo Legend Carbon Fiber Spinning Rod

Best Value
KastKing Speed Demon Pro Rods for Worm Fishing


Brand Name: ENTSPORT

Usage Material: ‎ Graphite

Length: 7’

Action: Medium Fast

Weight: 0.40 Pounds

Using Experience

Though ENTSPORT works decent with several species, I mostly like it for the bass via a worm.

Not in my word only, the rod is truly a strong one in the build quality. Sturdy and long-lasting graphite components are used here. And this carbon fiber construction offers a super-light experience without losing any energy. More pleasingly, having such a design gives fully serves the sensitivity.

As a needy one, EVA handles you will get there. And the advantages of having this are comfort, long-lasting and sensitive output. I hardly felt fatigued no matter how long time I fished. But the tips sometimes arose questions for me about its weakness.

Now, the 7′ length fits perfectly in the fishing you are asking about. Overall these 2 pieces-7 of feet rods serve ideal versatility. The action type is medium-fast and proves its capability properly.

In the guide, the rod has 6+1 stainless steel guides that are known as corrosion-resistant. No matter what type of line you want to use can suit you perfectly here. It will give you accuracy and a smooth casting experience. This one is such sensitive that fishes can hardly hide their movement. So, I will say this two pieces rod bearing essential features can’t be a wrong buy.


  • Long-lasting and ultralight graphite body
  • Provides excellent grip and comfort
  • Accurate in sensitivity and casting
  • Comes with an ideal 7 feet length
  • Corrosion-free 6+1 guide


  • Medium quality on rod tips

3. Lews TP1 Black Speed Stick Casting Rod

Smart Features
Lews TP1 Black Casting Fishing Rod


Brand Name: Lews

Usage Material: ‎ Carbon Nano

Length: 7’

Action: Fast

Weight: 0.35 Pounds

Using Experience

Being a bit pricey, I keep it on my favorite list because of some smart features and advanced technologies.

You will find premium in the construction section and the reason is its graphite material and HM50 tour. Strength and smooth, no one will miss on there.

And yeah, the length which is 7 feet meet our search conditions. Along with the fast action, the system provides accuracy. If you want to hear specifics about the weight of the lure and line then those are respectively 12 to 20 lbs and 3/16 to 5/8 oz.

However, in the guiding system, the manufacturer uses the Microwave guide which shows no compromise on great casting as well as efficiency on line flowing. Another smart move is the VTR system. What’s that? It means a Vibration Transfer Ring. And that directly deals with the blank will let you know the vibration. Additionally, the Winn Dri-tac and others make it comfy with sufficient grippy.

How about the price? I will make it clear first that you require to spend a bit more to get this black buddy.


  • Excellent construction technology
  • Solid look and ideal length
  • Microwave Guiding facility
  • Comes with VRT process
  • Grippy and provides quick action


  • It is not inexpensive
  • Medium durability

4. South Bend Worm Fishing Rod & Reel Combo


Brand Name: SouthBend

Usage Material: ‎Graphite

Length: 5.6’

Action: Medium

Weight: 0.67 Pounds

Using Experience

Why do I keep the kids away from this rod choosing and keep a gap in the writing without adding an option for them? You’re right, it’s time to talk about the children’s rod and where South Bend is one of the best choices for worm fishing for growing kids like 7-15 years.

Furthermore, it forces me to call as a good combo, and yeah, I will agree with that. Because, at a such budget-friendly price, your kid will get a nice rod and reel. Now, let’s talk about some characteristics and services that the kid will be going to experience from here.

First of all, the construction of this rod is decent having quality material such as Fiberglass. I don’t call it so durable but sturdy enough for the kids. The EVA handle brings effectiveness there. But, sometimes I experienced that the handle fall off easily. That’s not the universal case though. However, the rod comes with multicolor which won’t fail to make your children love it. The length is 5.6 feet and ideal fit for little anglers. The size doesn’t matter on fishing on small streams or ponds. But it won’t allow you in terms of big fishing on bigger spots. The lure and line weight both are okay in terms of children I think. More desirably the manufacturer makes you satisfied by giving the medium-fast action and you know how it is effective in the worm condition. 

And the reel? It is smooth enough to have cool features. However, the good point is that the rod offers a pre-spooled fishing line. The guides and spool are made with respectively ceramic and graphite. It has a single ball bearing system. So, overall, hardly any rod can beat this rod with a pre-installed reel at such a cheap cost.


  • Fiberglass strong component for kid’s fishing
  • Comes with an EVA handle
  • Effective medium action
  • Included a smooth and quality made reel
  • Offer pre-attach spooled with line
  • The cost is so adorable


  • Poor in terms of big fishing
  • The handle may fall sometimes

5. Lew’s Mach IM7 Worm Rod

Lew's Mach IM7 Worm Rod


Brand Name: Lews

Usage Material: ‎ Graphite

Length: 7’

Action: Fast

Weight: 0.28 Pounds

Using Experience

From the previous, this Lew’s IM7 is an updated version with a little variation but still behaves well in terms of worm lures.

As usual in manufacturing, high-quality graphite plays the role that is Nanotechnology-based. The real is also made of this and overall the item holds very low weight. So, you can easily control or transport without hard effort.

This comes in multi-color whereas the previous one was pure black. Also, the lure and line rating is a copy of the older version. But there is no change in size and that is the same 7 feet in length. And as I already said that this length goes properly with such type of fishing.

The stainless steel guides walk quite well with different lines and present the desired casting. Along with the guide, there have aluminum oxide inserts. As the other gives, this one builds with fast action. Talking about the handle, Winn Dri-Tac is used here to get soft and sufficient traction with the hand. However, you have to consider the absence of VTR here.


  • Nano-technologized graphite construction
  • Decent length but lightweight
  • The action type is fast
  • Excellent in casting guides
  • Good grip and comfort on the handle


  • No VTR system
  • Not spinning type

6. PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Good Combo
PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo


Brand Name: PLUSINNO

Usage Material: ‎ Multi

Length: 6.89’

Action: Fast

Weight: 1.3 Pounds

Using Experience

The guys like me who like to get a combo of rod and reel for worm fishing, I happily introduce them to the PLUSINNO.

In the building, the manufacturer uses multiple components such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, aluminum, and stainless s. So from there, you can easily guess how sturdy, long-lasting and flexible it will be. The handle is comfortable enough for super polymers.

Suit with the requirement, the rods are made at 6.89 feet in length. The weight can be a bit more comparing the previous but the brand minimizes this problem with a smart solution. You will be given a nice carrying bag which shows facility in terms of storing, easy transporting and even on travel too. Anyways, the black stunning can be another reason for not ignoring it.

On the guides, I will say those SS are good with various lines and average on accurate casting. It feels good to hear that this rod has medium-fast action. I have good casting and drag experience with different species. In the matter of flexibility and sensitivity, in my opinion, it is super decent, especially for big and medium fish. But the smaller bite can sometimes hide from you.

Let’s talk a few words about the reel. The components of the reel are durable, comfy, and, slip and corrosion-resistant. You can control this rod-reel combo in any situation. There has a 12+1 corrosion-proof BB. Moreover, the quality spool with good line capacity, zinc driver gear, 5:2:1 gear ratio, etc make this spinning reel capable of excellent performance.

That are all reasons why I can’t resist keeping this smooth and quality item on my list.


  • Versatile materials make the construction premium
  • The length size is accurate
  • Medium action for super flexible
  • Decent guides and smooth casting
  • Comes with a good-quality reel
  • Easier to store, transport, and travel with the included bag


  • Not so lightweight
  • Medium sensitivity for extra small fishes

7. Fitzgerald Bryan Thrift Signature Fishing Rods

Fitzgerald Bryan Fishing Rods


Brand Name: ‎Fitzgerald Rods

Usage Material: ‎ Graphite

Length: 6.83’

Action: Moderate Fast

Weight: N/A Pounds

Using Experience

The Bryan Thrift is another perfect rod choice for worm fishing lovers doesn’t matter the beginner or pros.

I mainly love this rod for its smart design. Yeah, graphite is the main material used here. And that makes you relax in terms of durability and sturdiness. 

You will find an American tackle guide there. What’s the advantage? Having such, one will easily notice the increase both in performance and action. Additionally, this guide frame uses technology to minimize corrosion and maximize strength. So, in matters of sensitivity, casting distance, and accuracy it won’t defeat.

I would like to introduce another feature and which is a snag-less frame that deals with tangle-free service. And the action is like as usual and there are no worries about its output.

However, the rod is cool enough to look in black and the length is a pretty range that we expect. But in the weight, it will apologize a bit for not being ultra-light. 


  • Comes with premium design and construction 
  • Strong and corrosion-free TI Forged guide
  • Provides sensitively and proper casting
  • Have a snag-less frame design
  • Decent in length and action


  • Heavier compare to others
  • Comparatively costly

Frequently asked questions

What rod action is best for worm fishing?

When it comes to choosing the best rod action for worm fishing, it largely depends on the type of worm you are using, the size of the fish you are targeting, and the technique you are using.

In general, a medium or medium-heavy power rod with a fast action is often preferred for worm fishing. A fast action rod has a more sensitive tip that can detect even the slightest bites, while still having enough backbone to set the hook and fight larger fish.

For finesse worm fishing, a lighter power rod with a medium or moderate action may be preferred to provide more flexibility and sensitivity to detect the subtle bites from smaller fish. On the other hand, for larger worms or fishing in heavier cover, a heavier power rod with a fast action can provide the strength needed to set the hook and pull the fish out of the cover.

Ultimately, the best rod action for worm fishing will depend on your personal preference and the specific conditions of your fishing location. It’s important to experiment with different rods and techniques to find what works best for you.

What gear ratio do I need for worm fishing?

When it comes to choosing a gear ratio for worm fishing, it depends on the type of worm you are using, the size of the fish you are targeting, and the technique you are using.

In general, a gear ratio between 6:1 and 7:1 is often preferred for worm fishing. This gear ratio allows for a quick retrieve, which is useful when fishing in cover or trying to keep up with fast-moving fish.

However, if you are using larger worms or targeting bigger fish, a lower gear ratio of around 5:1 may be more suitable. This will give you more power to retrieve the fish and provide greater leverage when fighting larger fish.

It’s important to note that gear ratio is not the only factor to consider when choosing a reel for worm fishing. Other important factors include the size and weight of the reel, the type of drag system, and the line capacity. Ultimately, the best gear ratio for worm fishing will depend on your personal preference and the specific conditions of your fishing location. It’s important to experiment with different reels and techniques to find what works best for you.

What is the best size hook for worm fishing?

The best size hook for worm fishing will depend on the type of worm you are using and the size of the fish you are targeting. In general, for most types of worm fishing, a hook in the size range of 1/0 to 3/0 is commonly used.

For smaller worms and finesse fishing, a smaller hook in the 1/0 to 2/0 range may be more appropriate. For larger worms or when targeting bigger fish, a larger hook in the 3/0 range may be needed to accommodate the size of the worm and provide better hook penetration.

It’s also important to match the hook size to the size of the bait. The hook should be large enough to securely hold the worm, but not so large that it overwhelms the bait and makes it look unnatural.

Ultimately, the best size hook for worm fishing will depend on your personal preference and the specific conditions of your fishing location. It’s important to experiment with different hook sizes to find what works best for you.

Do you use a weight when fishing with worms?

Yes, using a weight is often necessary when fishing with worms. A weight can help to sink the bait to the desired depth and keep it in place, making it more attractive to fish.

The size and type of weight used will depend on the type of worm you are using and the conditions of your fishing location. In general, a split shot or bullet weight is often used for worm fishing. The weight should be heavy enough to sink the bait to the desired depth but not so heavy that it causes the bait to sink too quickly or becomes difficult to cast.

In some cases, weight may not be necessary, such as when fishing in shallow water or using a floating worm. In these situations, the worm may be allowed to drift naturally with the current or wind.

It’s important to experiment with different weights and techniques to find what works best for you in different fishing situations.

How do you catch more fish with worms?

There are several ways to increase your chances of catching more fish with worms:

  1. Choose the right type of worm: Different species of fish are attracted to different types of worms. Research the types of worms that are most commonly used to catch the species of fish you are targeting and choose the right worm for the job.
  2. Rig your worm properly: Use the right rig for the type of worm you are using and the conditions of your fishing location. Common rigs for worm fishing include Carolina rig, Texas rig, wacky rig, drop shot rig, and shaky head rig.
  3. Use the right size hook and weight: As mentioned earlier, using the right size hook and weight is crucial to ensure the worm is presented in a natural and attractive manner.
  4. Vary your retrieve speed: Experiment with different retrieve speeds and techniques to find what works best for the fish in your area. Some fish prefer a slow and steady retrieve, while others prefer a more erratic and aggressive retrieve.
  5. Pay attention to the environment: Look for areas of the water that are likely to hold fish, such as drop-offs, structure, and areas with underwater vegetation. Also, pay attention to the weather conditions, time of day, and season, as these factors can all affect fish behavior and feeding patterns.
  6. Practice patience and persistence: Fishing with worms can require patience and persistence. Keep trying different techniques and locations until you find a pattern that works. Remember, catching fish is not always easy, but the rewards are worth the effort.

Final Words

Fishing will give you super memory if you deal with it with the proper equipment. And the above list of the best rod for worm fishing is such a weapon to create a successful fishing experience.

As I specifically told from my using experience which one is ideal for which purpose while using worm, you can surely trust my words. After that, I will suggest more to go for the KastKing Speed Demon Pro.

So, that’s all about it. Signing out to wish you a lovely fishing journey.

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