Flipping and Pitching, are such techniques whenever you look for accuracy and control in terms of bass and shallow cover fishing. Anglers say, “Those are excellent but you need to be pro to dominate here”. I also agree with this. But I practically believe that choosing the right setup or equipment is far ahead and more important than becoming an expert. And reel stays in the first rows among the equipment. Ensuring the best flipping and pitching reel helps both in increasing catches and applying techniques easily.

Here I will introduce you to my experience and research results about some reels which are greatly suited to these techniques. Also, the shared short tips can brighten your fishing expectation.

6 Best Flipping and Pitching Reels

Okay, now it’s the occasion to reveal the quality list based on user experience, features, and suited characteristics. So, which ones are they? Start scrolling down.

1. KastKing MegaJaws Baitcasting Reel

At a Glance

Brand Name: KastKing 

Orientation Type: Right Hand

Component: Graphite

Handle: Aluminum

Gear Ration: 6.5:1

Weight: 0.46 lbs

Features and Output

I mark the KastKing as an exception with qualities. Where other companies ask for a fat price, this one offers quite low comparatively without losing the requirements.

At first, the design and built material will hit anyone. The shark teeth in the front hood indicate it is the king to fight in fishing and also this design will increase the confidence level too. Not only in look, the aluminum, and graphite are built to make it top in construction too. The handle is sturdy and will give you comfort by easy fitting. The knobs are rubber made but some have complained about their closing stay.

Pleasing to experience its LFTV which mainly protects from friction. Moreover, the reel is good enough to resist line friction too. So, surely the longer casting you can get there. 

You know the bearing system is another reason for me to love this reel. There has a total of 12 bearings that have super strength as you want. So, expecting a premium service from this point won’t be a bad thing at all. Anyways, the GR is 6.5:1. And it considers as okay in flip condition.

But if you want more then still 3 more options have existed to choose from. All of those have different colors that have advantages like quickly identifying the correct reel with different GR.

Want to hear about the fighting capability I mean stopping power? Still, it is positive there as here has carbon fiber drag. And this powerful system can control around 17.6 lbs. So, fear won’t come to your mind when you will get a hard condition. The line capacity also is at the desired level.

Some points attract me to buy it again. As I early told, it has graphite material which is so light and compact. The easy casting and easy maintenance don’t interfere with whether you are a beginner or a pro. And the most exciting news is, fresh and salt, the reel spreads perfectness in both situations.


This model has some similarities with KastKing Royale Legend GT. There are also have few major gaps on that like cheap price, low bearings, etc. I think MegaJaws will be the ideal pick despite having a bit of cost.

My final opinion is if you are a fan of the easy operating reel that has essential features at an adorable price then yeah, this one is so good.


  • The lightweight construction of graphite
  • Friction protesting the LFTV system
  • 12 bearings provide amazing strength
  • Several gear ratios with easy-identifying colors
  • 17.6 lbs stopping capacity versatile and easy to maintain
  • Offer very affordable price


  • Few people say knobs stay comparatively close
  • Construction could be good

2. Abu Garcia Revo SX Fishing Reel

At a Glance

Brand Name: Abu Garcia

Orientation Type: Right Hand

Component: S. Steel and Carbon

Handle: Stainless Steel

Gear Ration: 6.6:1

Weight: 0.5 lbs

Features and Output

Abu Garcia Revo SX has a lot of things to offer you whenever you look forward to the perfect reel for flip and pitch.

First of all, it enters with strong construction. The mixture of carbon and stainless steel makes it far better in the race of sturdy. One of the most used parts, the handle is also made with stainless s. So, overall I will say this one is a strong body. One point that happened in terms of me is loosening the handle after long use. But that’s not a major issue and isn’t certain to tell it will happen with you too.

Anyways, let’s back to its core points. Here you will have 9 balls (made of SS) and 1 roller bearing and I think I don’t need to tell you how smoother the experience will be going. 

Moreover, in the drag system, the power stack carbon matrix provides premium service with smoother and more consistent pressure. That proves that it can be capable to stop your catches. 

Its 6.6:1 and 7.3:1 gear ratios impressed me a lot offering quick retrieve and application. Not only this but also you will love it because of the dual braking system, which allows wide-ranging adjustment that fits with different types of bait. 

This good casting reel has X2-Craftic which works as a shield from getting corrosion. C6 carbon plates do two smart jobs, those are decreasing weight without interfering with sturdiness and durability. The weight is nearly 7.83 pounds. 

The only appearance is a black and a little red combination. And the brand brings 4 different styles as choosable. Finally, the price, cheap or expensive doesn’t tell but seems worth it to me.


Abu Garcia has various types of reels. Though this model has an updated version (SX RKT), I think the difference is very slight, and the previous one is preferable.

I will suggest you go for it if you look for a smoother and more advanced features-based flipping reel at a decent price.


  • Sturdy construction with premium materials
  • The smart dual braking system
  • Corrosion and weight-reducing features
  • Smooth casting with 9+1 bearings
  • Powerful and premium drag system
  • Good g. ratio and Not heavy


  • Not affordable for budget anglers
  • Not excellent to use several years

3. Lew’s SuperDuty G Speed Spool Reel

At a Glance

Brand Name: Lew’s 

Orientation Type: Right Hand

Component: Synthetic

Handle: Aluminum

Gear Ration: 6.8:1

Weight: 0.48 lbs

Features and Output

SuperDuty G Speed is an excellent creation of Lew’s in the reel industry to apply to pitching or flipping.

Unlike the previous, here the construction material is synthetic. But the handle is made with steel and aluminum like others. You can see there is a one-piece frame and side plate. Good thing is, it is bait ready and it allows you the deep capacity spool. You don’t think about the corrosion used on the sea because of its resisting power. However, it can be said that the design and building are decent from different angles.

Back to its premium feature, there has an 11-bearings system. Those are all made with s. steel and stand as double shielded. And the Zero Reverse adds here to advance unique characteristics. Shortly, peaceful and accurate casting is a common matter there. Also, the Magnetic Control System of braking which is adjustable there works for effortless casting in various situations.

Not only on the bearing, but it nails on the gear section too. The product has an ideal 6.8:1 ratio for practicing those methods. Precision or high speed? No matter what you choose both have stayed there.

I think a flipping switch in there is the most important part which makes it super smart beyond others. But one down point is, that it requires extra maintenance. That means you need to be skillful and experienced as the function is quite complex.

Anyways, this version is quite lightweight and comparatively the same as the previous one. And, 3 options are found in terms of style with different price tags.


Lew’s has different models like wide speed, MP speed with variable characters, and price. But describe one looks pretty perfect on various points.

So, in the verdict, I have a clear-cut suggestion. This reel is mainly for advanced anglers and is not favorable for beginners. So, if you think you have skills then without doubt it will a superb. Because of having requirements and advanced features it will hardly fail the rest.


  • The body and handle are excellently made
  • 11 bearing and zero reverse for a premium purpose
  • Speedy and long-life gear field
  • Versatile and smooth casting with MCS
  • Have most desiring flipping switch
  • Stands well as corrosion-protesting


  • Requires advance maintenance
  • Less good for beginners

4. Shimano CURADO DC LowProfile Freshwater Reel

At a Glance

Brand Name: SHIMANO

Orientation Type: Right Hand

Component: CI4+

Handle: N/A

Gear Ration: 7.4:1

Weight: 0.77 lbs

Features and Output

So, Shimano is another name on the list as the reel for flip and pitch.

This low-profile reel enters the market with advanced construction. The design is strong and has quality. The presence of CI4+ technology keeps the item as light as possible. So, in total, you will get durability and versatility from this metal body.

7.4:1 GR is considered well in this condition. No complaint about the strength and speed. Thanks to the manufacturer for very less friction between the gear and spool shaft. Again, though the bearings are 7, it won’t feel you any shortage of enhancing smooth casting and performance. As usual, there has a carbon drag for wider services. The maximum drag is 11 lbs approximately.

Now, I will tell a highlighted thing about this reel and that is the I-DC4 braking system. This has four settings and an adjustable drake dial. Want to fish with various lures? In several conditions? No worries, the features will allow you to do such. And in casting distance and eliminating backlashes I can’t stay silent without appreciating.

This digital one has three variants and the differences are in orientation and gear types. And has only one color.

Whatever attracts me more offers the easiest setting and operating facilities. Though it is special in freshwater, it is smart enough to apply on saltwater, just one thing you need to do is rinse properly after use. But in the budget, I will stay silent. Yeah, it was expensive.


SHIMANO SLX is the updated version of DC. There have a few different points, but I prefer the DC post in terms of those bait techniques. Also, It is a simple operating system and design.  

However, SLX will be the first choice if you want to save some budget and saltwater in priority.


  • CI4+ digital technology in construction
  • Smooth and friction-free casting
  • Premium output having an I-DC4 braking system
  • Permits to use of a variety of lures
  • Quite easy to use with simple functions


  • The price is a bit high
  • Need extra care for saltwater

5. Daiwa Tatula Elite Pitching/Flipping Reels

At a Glance

Brand Name: Daiwa

Orientation Type: Ambidextrous

Component: Aluminum

Handle: Aluminum

Gear Ration: 7.1:1 and 8.1:1 

Weight: 0.6 lbs

Features and Output

Daiwa Tatula is a significant brand name for a fishing reels,s, especially in the conditions that you are wanted to apply.

This low-profile reel comes with aluminum and, it is known to us how quality and long-lasting it can be. For frames and plates, there has100 sized aluminum. 100mm aluminum handle is also given there. The handle knobs are built with EVA. Furthermore, the presence of zero adjusters and T-wing enhances the strength as well as the performance too.

If you analyze its design and construction then you should understand the actual purpose. Yeah, it is ideal for the presentation of pitching and flipping. The advanced engineering system named Magforce system makes it more qualified in such baiting techniques.

The number of bearings is quite sufficient to provide smoothness. The number is 7+1 where the first part is for the ball and the last one for the roller. In G.R., there have two availabilities, one is 7.1:1, and the other is 8.1:1. No worries, right and left, both orientations have existed. So in the matter of retrieve and high speed, it doesn’t disappoint me.

Another strong point is the reel’s ultra-powering drag system. As far as I know, it can fight with a maximum of 13.2 lbs and practically I also didn’t face any trouble with any catches. 

The Baitcaster is pure black in color and has only two styles. And if you want to know how light it is then the number is only 0.6 lbs. But the price is extremely inversely proportional to the weight.


Daiwa has a different version in terms of reels such as Btcst, Elite, etc. Most of them are quite the same without a little difference in price and gear ratio.

However, to whom I will suggest this model? It will be perfect for those who specifically in those methods want premium performance and are built without caring about the cost.


  • Strong aluminum-made body and handle
  • Magforce system built put great effort into flip and pitch presentation
  • Excellent carbon draw having the power of nearly 13.2 lbs
  • The decent gear ratio in both hand positions
  • Light and a good number of bearings allow smooth casting


  • The price is expensive

6. Lew’s SuperDuty 300 Baitcast Reel

At a Glance

Brand Name: Lew’s

Orientation Type: Left Hand

Component: Stainless Steel and Aluminum

Handle: Stainless S

Gear Ration: 6.5:1

Weight: 0.57 lbs

Features and Output

SuperDuty 300 is another beauty from Lew’s for applying pitching and flipping.

Both Aluminum and SS are added here for getting an excellent build as the output. And in reality and practice, it is so. The handle is also well-made and comfortable to hold. So, plate, and frame in all sector of design gives strength and peace.

6.5:1 is the default and perfect gear ratio in there. And there have 4 different GR with different orientations. This gearing won’t go back when it’s time for strength and precision. Furthermore, the MSB stands for easy and effective casting.

Don’t think negatively about its 7 bearings, those are premium and well-performing as you expect. Those shielded balls also brighten long casting and effectivity with zero reverse.

Another good sound is, its carbon drag system will permit you to fight with almost 24 lbs. So, small or big, no matter how the fish is, you can fight in a relaxed way. By the way, this reel is quite okay if you want to use a big line and bait. But the spool isn’t extra big for a very large braided line. And most importantly, in both types of water, this one is utilizable.

The reel has only color and the weight isn’t heavy. Lastly, the price is also reasonable justifying different outputs.


Two models from Lew’s, SuperDuty 300 and G are discussed here already you know. Both two have the capability in these conditions with few differences.

However, for what reason this 300 will be good? For big catch and big bait, searching for a decent reel both for salt and freshwater conditions you can contact this one.


  • Long-life build quality
  • Zero reverse and premium 7 bearings
  • Provides 24 lbs drag capacity
  • Ideal for heavy line and bait
  • Have versatile uses in various water


  • The spool seems small according to someone

Characteristics to Known As a Good Flipping and Pitching Reel

Before presenting the list of the reel, I think it is wise to know “how to know if the reel is good or not?” Cause it can clear the concept and make one able to differentiate the quality. So, let’s know those facts briefly to get the perfect fishing gear.

1. Quality Construction

The strength and longer life largely depend on the type of materials used to build the reel.

Among them, metal, aluminum, graphite, etc are the common as well as good ones. Metal is well known in stronger and quality. But I will suggest the item made of aluminum. Those frames are sturdy, tough, and lightweight qualifying them as the ideal component. 

Moreover, the mixture of aluminum and graphite on frames and plates makes the gear premium in construction. So, you can rely on these types for better service.

2. Accurate Gear Ratio

Gear ratio is as usual one of the crucial factors in fishing with a reel. It tells how fast the line will be picked up and how smoothly the catching will be ensured. So, it is essential to have the right gear ratio.

Now, for the pitching or flipping, what should be the range? Well, here it will be okay to work with the medium, but faster means more desired results.

In my opinion, 8:1:1 is the ideal choice. The level, definitely allows the angler quick serving in picking up the line and also confirming the catches effortlessly. For flipping, you can also deal with 6.5: 1.

3. Flipping Switch Feature

“The fishes eat the bait before your handle turns”. This is a very common case in terms of angling.

How it would be if the handle of the reel turns automatically without your engaging on there while the catches will take the bait? 

Yeah, it’s possible and will be happened when the reel has a flipping switch. This flipping switch is mainly a setting that provides an instant hook-set without involving the reel handle and as a result, saves the catch.

It’s a smart technology, isn’t it? But some anglers express irritation with these features. So, it is a personal preference.

But on my experience and to get the desired result, I will say it would be awesome if the reel has the flipping switch.

4. Sufficient Number of Bearing

Another needy point that you should search for on the flipping reel is the bearings. Why? Well, there has a valid reason.

Bearing is such a component that enhances the fishing action super smoothly. And, the level of smoothness depends on the existing bearing. That means more bearings brings smoother action.

So, checking the bearing as well as its type requires for better vision of performance.

5. Comfort and Others

In the end, comfort is also a crucial factor to be confirmed. Along with the other feature, it is a must to ensure the way of comfy in terms of operating.

Depending on your requirement, make sure that it has such a line capacity. And the handles of the reel should be comfortable to operate. Moreover, depending on your wish, look for the carbon drag system and its power.

So, overall you need to ensure those options as a sort of comfortable and good performance.

Basic Procedures of Flip and Pitch

Those two techniques have nearly the same mechanism with a small difference. So, let’s know the basic setup of both two to understand the difference as well as learn too.

For Pitching

First Step: Keeping nearly from wrist to hip distance, you need to free the line with bait.

Second Step: Holding the bait in your off-hand, position the rod tip at 12 o’clock. Now fixing the target, it’s time to free the reel spoon keeping the thumb on there.

Third Step: Now free the bait properly by put forwarding the rod tips toward the target. Also, take off your thumb for proper falling of bait.

Fourth Step: At the time of water hitting, involve the reel by stopping the spool with your finger.

Fifth Step: Lastly, allow the bait to reach the bottom. Finally, reel it up and copy the same process continuously.

For Flipping

First Step: At the beginning, a short pitch is required for flipping. 

Second Step: Don’t reel during the further flip. Now, draw a bow between the reel and the first guide by grabbing the line. It’s just for keeping the bait towards you in the time of back from the water.

Third Step: Now, you have to be careful in some cases. Those are- forbidden to free the spool, fixing the target as if it will go towards the water again and ensure it is precisely.

Short Tips about Flipping and Pitching

Though I learned a lot before my first fishing journey, I did a lot of mistakes and suffered too. From there I am now suggesting to you some short tips which may helpful for bringing a pleasing experience. 

  • Rods play a vital role in the equipment sector. So, give attention to taking the quality and ideal length rod.
  • Heavy lures easily impress the bass and can able to bring success in flips.
  • In very crystal clear water, it’s good to not apply those methods.
  • The line is another big factor there. Fluorocarbon or braid both suit well with flip and pitch. For the flip, the brain works pretty much better.
  • A variation in lure sizes and colors can bring the desired result in pitching.
  • A high-speed reel but slow-action rod combination has superb results in such conditions.
  • For easy movement, you can replace the regular position with wrist turning.

Final Thought

Finding a fishing reel is quite easy, but whenever it’s for the best flipping and pitching reel then the matter is a bit tricky and challenging. And I think the above 6 items won’t allow you to further thought.

There is no doubt that how good are those reviewed ones, in the time of choosing one, I will vote for KastKing MegaJaws. But all are good as usual.

So, don’t suffer from confusion, pick one based on your requirements. And I bet you never regret having this one on the fishing war.

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