The matter of fishing lures becoming rusting or dirty is very common. Whenever I notice such, instead of thinking of buying a new one I always apply the ways to clean rusty fishing lures. You ask me, why? Well, two advantages make me stuck there. 

The first one is, that it can save some cost. Though those lures don’t charge so much, in terms of budget-saver this will huge. Again, sometimes other equipment wants more cost, and there purchasing a new lure can increase the weight price too. Secondly, it needs little effort and time to restore.

So, for the anglers who are willing to take such a little interesting hassle, we stand there to reveal the six best ways to remove the rust from the lure. Along with, the prevention tips are also explained to keep you away from this problem next.

Reasons for Affecting Lures By Rust

Before explaining to you the ways, first I will ask you a question, do you know the fact behind this rusting? I hope, you know that and if not then let’s talk about some words on the reasons or the mistakes you did to bring this trouble.

Rusty Lures on A Fishing Line

The term “corrosion” is all we are known little or more about in chemistry study. Yeah, this corrosion hides behind your lure’s dirtiness. Whenever you throw the lure into the water then a chemical reaction takes place between the water and the iron of the lures or hook. That creates the iron gradually weaker by losing its components because of the reaction and increasing the amount of rust. 

Another factor is, the type of water you will go for catching. How? As we earlier know, rust mainly occurs because of the reaction of water. So, among the fresh and salt, salt water is an ideal type that works best for forming corrosion. Cause there has a high amount of salt than the fresh which helps the iron lure to become dirt or rust.

If you let the lure without drying the water then surely at a time it will offer you a rusty face.

So, these are the very possible reasons that can reach the lures on rusting.

Effective Methods to Clean Rusty Fishing Lures

From my curiosity, I applied several experiments to clean the hook. It did possible because of the easiness, nearly costless, and effortless nature of those methods. Alright, combining the satisfaction from myself and other fishermen, I present there the best ways to clean fishing lures. 

1. By WD40

I will keep this WD40 method at the top as no others methods are as simple and cheap as that.

WD40 is a type of spray mainly responsible for weakening the chemical bonds between the core and dirt surface. And here, it works superbly to lose the rust from the metal.

Well, now how to apply these ways? You can follow some simple tasks as follows.

First: Collect a container and keep the lures on it.

Second: Now, it’s time to spray it properly. Notice that both parts get the spraying.

Third: Keep it for approximately 1 or 2 hours for soaking perfectly.

Forth: Then with the help of a paper towel, scrub the lures or hooks carefully to kick out the rust

Fifth: After proper cleaning, the dirt should go easily. If there still exists some rust then you can run the process further.

Those are all you will need to complete. The price of that spray is as simple as the method (don’t require so much). Not only in this case you can also utilize it on moisture displacer, lubricant, or more purposes too.

2. Using Vinegar with Baking Soda

The method, I will suggest in then when the previous one failed and your desires for the more bright result.

Acid-bearing vinegar participates in a chemical reaction and brings a fresh look to the hooks or lures by removing the rust. White vinegar is known as the best but all the types have a good capacity to work.

So, what are the steps associated with cleaning fishing lures with vinegar? Alright, let’s look at it below.

First: Take a container bearing lures and pour the vinegar into it.

Second: Place it for soaking overnight (recommended) or for several hours.

Third: Separate the lures from the solution and start wiping with a rag or paper. And the job is done.

Forth: In terms of having rust too, make a paste using water and baking soda.

Fifth: Mixed the paste on the surface of the lure and wait until it passed a few hours.

Sixth: And, again scrub the lure properly with the help of a toothbrush. Hope this time you won’t face any disappointment.

3. Applying Coca Cola 

Coca Cola? Yeah, you heard the right. It’s another easy way to get rid of rust. The acid in it is much stronger to remove dirt or rust. Cold drinks like Pepsi, Fanta, etc can be worked also. 

Anyways, you don’t need to give much effort to this process too. The steps are-

First: Collect some aluminum foil or metal scrubber.

Second: Apply the Coca-Cola to the rusting areas and do the wiping task using foils or a scrubber. Remember, foils need to be in a layer for rubbing.

Third: After the 2nd, now clean the lure with water or soap. And keep it for drying.

Forth: Suppose, the hack doesn’t work. So then take the lure and Coca-Cola mixture together for a few hours. And apply the next process as usual.

That’s how the cleaning of fishing lures with coke can be successfully done.

4. By OSPHO Spraying

If you are looking for a way that is effective as well as simple and doesn’t take longer time to finish the job then I suggest you experiment with OSPHO.

It’s a spray that brings out such a reaction to neutralize the rust and from where the rust doesn’t allow to increase or stay too much.

Steps you require to follow-

First: Start spraying the affected lures and laying them on a towel.

Second: Wait for soaking for nearly 1/2 hours.

Third: Now, keep it for air dry and see the result without rust.

5. By Denture Cleaner Tablets

On the last point, you can try the medicinal treatment. Yeah, the Denture tablet is a great form as a cleaner.

Just spend a few dollars and get a full box. Then-

First: Make the solution of Denture tablets in a bucket.

Second: Place the lures into there and give them a few hours to soak.

Third: After that, rubbed the rusting surface with a toothbrush.

That’s how you can surely get a good output.

6. Others

Without the above, there is also a ton of ways one can apply to get effective. Some of the significant names are mentioned below. 

  • By Soap
  • Applying Citric Acid
  • Sandpaper

And more have existed.

Prevention/ Maintenance of Lure from Getting Rusty

Now, what’s your thought? You got the ways, so you clean it and then it will become rust again and you will again clean it? No, that’s bad thinking. I don’t want such a thing to happen to you and for this, I will share some tips and tricks that may be worked as great prevention. So, let’s move on to the maintenance part to keep the lure or hook far from rust.

  • The first piece of advice is, don’t let your fishing gear be in wet condition. Allow it some moments for proper air circulation and be dried.
  • If your fishing area is in saltwater then after the trip washes your lures with freshwater to vanish the salt and let it dry. 
  • To secure your hooks from rusting, keeping the tackle box clean and dry is the priority. So, always try to give extra care to it after any trip.
  • The coating is a smart way that works as prevention. There are many types of coating for iron metal where the layer on the metal surface protests against the rust perfectly. So, if you have serious concerns about your lure then you can try that pre-solution.
Tackle Box for Preventing Lures Rusting

Is Cleaning Rusty Lure Worth It?

Well, the perspective will vary from person to person. Talking about myself, I found both benefits and drawbacks to it. 

After cleaning a fishing lure, the first thing you may be noticed is its brighter appearance. A new lure can be ugly at a time because of mud, blood, or other dirty objects. And from there you can’t expect a super flash that attracts the fish. So, whenever you will restore it, it will back again with a bearing flash.

Then a lure with rust never offers the same vibration and movement that a new one can. And you know clearly how that movement activity is required to impress the fish. So, by removing the dirtiness from the lures you will bring the power of moving and vibration like as previous.

Now, on the mirror, the cleaning process makes the lure a little bit colorless and smells. And, many anglers believe that those loose can affect on attract the fish too. But, I hardly found errors on this term personally.

So, if you want to know the answer to should you clean your fishing lure? Then I will tell you to do that as you know the reasons and advantages of the previous. Or if you want to go to take a new one then you are most welcome too.

Last Thoughts

Maintaining fishing equipment is one of the crucial facts that largely indicate how successful you are in fishing life. So, from tiny to big, the angler shouldn’t ignore those at all.

The above methods about how to clean rusty fishing lures won’t let you down whenever you will find any rust on the hooks. As you see, the processes are quite easy and cost-friendly, you can choose any of them. And surely, it will be better than going for a new product.

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