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One of the major reasons to fish at night is the highest activity of fish. Hearing it, you will go to catch at night at sea, but the species refuse the food that you offered them. Yeah, I’m talking about the lure that has a strong impact on the dark trip. So, what are the best saltwater lures for night fishing? How you can convince the fish and earn plenty of catches?

Okay, we won’t let you wait to know the facts you are looking for. We can’t guarantee to make you a pro, but it is true that the ultimate guides and review of best lures will boost up your catching and skill too.

Which Saltwater Fishes Active Most at Night?

Maybe you first looked for species that caught most during the night and then decided to fish at this time. After that, let’s have a discussion on the topic of the active fish list.

So, what are the common saltwater catches in a dark time? The shortlist is below.

  • Bass
  • Trout
  • Snook
  • Tarpon
  • Redfish
  • Salmon
  • Pike
  • Catfish

And more.

8 Best Saltwater Lures for Night Fishing

The most working lures at night that are tested by us and the user’s experience are mentioned in this article.

Okay, then let’s go forward to know those in detail

1. AGOOL Luminous Fishing Lure

Editor Pick
AGOOL Fishing Lure


Brand Name: AGOOL

Size of Lure: Different Shape

Color Option: Luminous

Material Type: N/A

Piece Number: 5 or 10

Item Weight: 0.26 Pounds


Design and color: based on the night using the lure comes with a unique and effective design. The eyes that are vivid stereoscopic (3D) can easily fall the fishes on love. On the inside, there has a gravity ball. The building material is so durable and powerful. In a word, the design section provides a natural feel.

The color is usually luminous and ensures excellent glowing during dark fishing. Its green glow body and red eyes will attract the fish more times better than others.

Size: In the box, there have two options, 5 and 10 pieces. Among the 5, both are of different shapes and sizes. That looks pretty useful to me. It will allow you to test different shape lures in one. And that helps you to increase the catch. The slim trail can participate in this fish-impressing game. The weight amount is about 4.2 Ounces. And yeah, the size is okay to use whether it is the ocean, boat, or lake fishing.

performance: As I early pointed out about the gravity ball, it is actually a rolling one that creates noise to bring it closer to the fish. Again, for it, you can cast largely. More likely you will be going to have pro-level sharpy hooks in there. And with its excellent strength, big or small, none can escape easily. 

Workable Species: You have already known that this night lure works in different conditions like the ocean, beach, boating, river, etc. And, it worked for different species in my time. Though there is no specific list, hopefully, it will be worked for various.

Verdict: The fisherman who is searching for smart design lures to use in different water at night, can trust AGOOL.


  • Well-technologized design with 3D eyes and gravity ball
  • The glowing nature success to attract the target
  • Provides different shapes of lures
  • 2 Sharp hook and noise-making features enhanced catching rate
  • Capable to work on various water


  • The color doesn’t like to some anglers

2. JOYHILL Soft Shrimp & Fish Lures

Best Overall
JOYHILL Saltwater Lures for Night Fishing


Brand Name: JOYHILL

Size of Lure: 2.75 and 3.75 Inches

Color Option: Mixed

Material Type: Silicone

Piece Number: 20

Item Weight: N/A


Design and Color: JOYHILL comes in two different designs. One is a soft shrimp lure and the other is a fish lure. Both are high in quality. Those durable lures are made with a coating. Silicone is used as the main material. With the combination of all, it appears on the water like nature’s gifted one.

Multiple colors are given there to try on multiple types of water. The eyes are red also. All of them are effective for the night. Because those can increase the visibility under the water to get plenty of bites from the fish. Again, the coating design makes them more beautiful to the catches. 

Furthermore, if you want to glow, then keep it in the sunlight for 5-8 hours. Then you will discover the result at night.

Size: In the size, the shrimps are 3.75 and the fish bait is 2.75 inches. The shape is also in good form. By the way, the Bigger size is for large catches. And fish lures can be used for those species that mainly like small fish to eat. 

Performance: The jig is made with premium material and carbon steel. There is no talk about its sharpness, cause it is at its best. Strength, flexibility whatever you look for will find here. The shrimp bait is mainly associated with 4 parts. On other hand, the minnows build with the jig in the head and which helps to quick sinking. In both terms, casting, strike, and other jobs will happen smoothly.

Workable Species: The product is not only for saltwater, but also works superbly in freshwater too. Sea to the lake, different locations are favorable with it. It targets lots of fish. Significant are trout, pike, bass, northern, catfish, and more.

Verdict: If your requirements are a variety of lures in one package, workable design and color, and different locations and species then we recommend JOYHILL.


  • High-quality shrimp and fish lure in one package
  • Small and big sizes for a variety of targets
  • Luminous, glow, and coating features to catch more fish
  • Flexible and sharp jig for super performance
  • Useable both for salt and freshwater


  • Poor in movement and making noise

3. Arbogast Jitterbug Topwater Fishing Lure

Best Topwater
Arbogast Jitterbug Night Fishing Lure


Brand Name: Arbogast

Size of Lure: Different

Color Option: Black

Material Type: Plastic

Piece Number: 1

Item Weight: 0.05 Pounds


Design and Color: If you like topwater lures then Arbogast is one of the best among them. It builds with a nice look and materials. The dual-cupped lips stay in perfect position. I know, you are now wondering about the job of those lips. For that design, it can provide such real-life activities for fish to reach the notification for biting. 

A number of color options you will get there. But among them, black is more precious for fishing during the night. The bright black body and yellow eyes on the water look pretty clickable to the catches.

Size: 2.5 to 4.5 inches sizes are available there. A bigger size means a bigger target. So, according to your need, you can choose them. In my experience, the small one looked so good. However, the weight depends on the size you choose. 

Performance: Likely, the brand gives 2 hooks for an accurate strike. The hook is so sharp, so you need to deal with it carefully. The lure is perfect to swim like a real one and produces sound to get love from fish. One thing you should remember is to avoid gathering garbage with it. Cause it is quite an irritation and difficult to remove. 

Workable Species: Most of the time, bass was the catching species in my story. I can say without a doubt that it works well for bass. Anyways, it is also capable to catch others too. Don’t think that it is only for bass.

Verdict: In the search for a smart topwater lure to catch bass in a dark time, this one will be good enough.


  • Have cupped lips to attract the fish by creating rhythm and sound
  • 2 Hooks are sharp enough to strike strongly
  • Great and accurate action for topwater fishes especially for bass
  • Suitable color and look for the night trip


  • Hooks seem a little bit larger to someone.

4. Fishcm Luminous Saltwater Fishing Lure

Various Species
Fishcm Luminous Fishing Lure


Brand Name: Fishcm

Size of Lure: Variant

Color Option: Simulation Rigs

Material Type: N/A

Piece Number: 5

Item Weight: 0.11 Pounds


Design and Color: The construction of this shrimp lure is pretty well. It is mainly a Biomimetic design that basically works to seem like a live shrimp on fish eyes. Its moving and natural swimming character never makes a doubt in the fish’s mind to take the feed. Moreover, the trail swing design makes the target more greedy.

Those items come with a colorful look. The luminous thing provides brightness under the water to make a fish crowd. The look is of course night fishing based. So, don’t worry about the color and glow you need for dark water.

Size: Each pack contains 5 pieces. On the hook size, there have 1 to 7. There have been complaints about smaller hookers catching big. And lure is different from each other in size. Actually, those are ideal for small catching. However, the total weight is 0.11 pounds.

Performance: Like the previous, it has also come with a swivel and pin. You can effortlessly hang the rig with the line. If you are concerned with the line, then be relaxed. Those products have a good abrasion-resistant capacity.

Workable Species: Because of the small rig and hook, those work best for small catches like small salmon, trout, etc. Anyways, it is still great to catch perch, tuna, bass, mackerel, and so on.

The price is also decent and good value in such a range.

Verdict: If you want to catch smaller fish along with a few big ones with a natural shrimp lure then you can try this option.


  • Swing, swim, and moveable nature to give life a look
  • Luminous and Biomimetic ensure clickable impression for fishes
  • Comes with abrasion resistance
  • Useable for different types of targets


  • Smaller hook and rig
  • Not best for a big hunting

5. Dr.Fish Saltwater Lure

More Attractive
Dr.Fish Saltwater Lure


Brand Name: Dr.Fish

Size of Lure: 6 Inches

Color Option: 5

Material Type: Vinyl

Piece Number: 5

Item Weight: 0.77 Pounds


Design and Color: Vinyl material is added to their ultra-quality design. It can resist the damage from the big ones. Attractive skin and skirt are present like the original night fishing lure saltwater.

You will discover various colors there and those are ideal for night use. Unlike others, it comes with a built-in led. That is really amazing for a dark situation. Whenever you hit it on the water, the light will start to brighter. Furthermore, it has a glowing facility. So, targets can resist themselves to take bites.

Size: The size measurement is quite big to others. And it is about 6 inches. So, the lure will sink fast. Weight is near 70g. That means it will be worth catching the offshore king or monster.

Performance: To perform the task, it has a quality hook, steel wire, and swivel that bears the ball. The setup is strong enough to fight easily. Swimming under the water never seems like it’s a fake to the fish. As a result, will get more strikes.

Workable Species: As the size is big, so this lure is nicely applicable for the larger fish offshore or inshore. Like tuna, Marlin, Sailfish, lingcod, and others.

Verdict: The anglers who want to catch big species with a lure that has advanced features to impress fish at night, for the dr. fish is an ideal option.


  • The vinyl material makes strong built quality
  • Have led light which is automatically worked on water
  • Skin provides glow in the dark
  • Strong rig and smart setting to fight with monsters


  • The poor result to catch small fishes

 6. Amoygoog Saltwater Shrimp Fishing Lures

Great value
Amoygoog Saltwater Shrimp Lures


Brand Name: Amoygoog

Size of Lure: 3.15 Inches

Color Option: A1

Material Type: Abs Plastic

Piece Number: 5

Item Weight: 0.15 Pounds


Design and Color: The thing that I credited most to enhancing the catch is its realistic design and look. The shape has extreme detail to make the lure a living shrimp. Additionally, movement and swimming on the water character also add here a natural look. And yeah, the Abs material looks enough durable. Overall, the UV layer and luminous eye build quality are excellent for seawater.

All five colors are ideal to fish at night. Those colors combine well with the dark water to let the species know to have their meal. Those template colors and glowing won’t fail to attract the species without biting.

Size: The lure is 8cm or 3.15 inches in length. If you want to know the dimension then it is, 6.89(L) x 3.74(W) x 1.18(H) in inches. You can use it for various sizes of fish. The weight of 5 items is 2.4oz. So, all of these measurements are perfect for saltwater.

Performance: According to the consumers, this one is easy to set up. It has a sharp hook. But someone says the hook quality is poor. However, with the help of a pin and swivel, you can easily be setting it with the line without twining. Those lure sinks gradually and brings the desired result.

Workable Species: if you have any specific catches thought, then it is important to check whether the species name is there or not. So, what are those? Bass, snapper, tailor, bream, golden perch, etc are targeted ones that are mentioned there. Now, at the price point, I am pretty shocked. It is super cheap compared to the services.

Verdict: if you have an interest in low-light fishing in saltwater and searching for a workable lure in different species at a low price, then no one can beat Amoygoog.


  • Real and attractive look and design 
  • Favorable colors with moving nature
  • Effective and easy setup
  • Works for a variety of saltwater fishes 
  • Super budget value


  • A little bit of poor hook

7. BOOYAH Buzz Bass Fishing Lure


Brand Name: Booyah

Size of Lure: 1/2 oz

Color Option: Black

Material Type: Other

Piece Number: 1

Item Weight: 0.1 Pounds


Design and color: Buzzbait is made of premium which is coated paint. There has a 3D eye that looks like a real one. The material is also sturdy enough.

The color that suits me most at night is black is given there. Additionally, you have red gills you will find around the eyes. Overall, the look, color, and impression are catchy definitely.

Size: The manufacturer keeps 3 options for size. To me, ½ oz like quite large. ¼ is excellent for all. The weight is in favor which is only 0.1 pounds. Small or big bass both you can meet with this saltwater investment.

Performance: In the mechanism process here you will find an ultra hook and silicone skirt. The skirt deals with trimming. The additional blades create noise effectively and slowly call the fish. Some users were disappointed with poor spinning. If you are unlucky then you may face a problem but that’s not a big issue.

Workable Species: This topwater bait is mainly perfect for bass. Small to big bass, all you can catch with its sizes. And anglers have a positive talk about its working power. By the way, if you are lucky then you can get other species too.

Verdict: In our suggestion, the people who love to catch bass and want to plan for a night trip on saltwater then BOOYAH never go wrong with them.


  • Red 3D eyes and coated design give an attractive look
  • The ideal color for night fishing
  • Weight and size are so effective
  • Excellent hook and blades for quality service


  • Poor in blade spinning (fewer opinions)
  • Most suitable for bass only

8. Rapala X-Rap Saltwater Fishing lure

Both Day & Night
Rapala X-Rap Fishing lure


Brand Name: Rapala

Size of Lure: 4 Inches

Color Option: Multi (Blue & silver)

Material Type: Blend

Piece Number: 1

Item Weight: 0.028 Pounds


Design and Color: The design of Rapala is basically for trolling or casting. The used material is a blend that is known as durable. There give holographic eyes that are liked by the fishes. 

Blue and silver are the color and that combination works perfectly in the nighttime. The eye color is pretty amazing. So the design and outlook are cool enough for the fish.

Size: Without the hook, the lure size is 4 inches. The shape is also well. Any type of saltwater species will attract it. The total weight is 13 grams.

Performance: There have 3 hooks which are steel made. Those are sharp and strong. It is tank tested. This lure casts well in a distance. And overall the action is accurate, fast, and aggressive to hit the saltwater catches.

Workable Species: The lure is specially produced for seawater ones and almost all types of fish can love it. I once used it and got redfish and mackerel.

Verdict: Only for fishing in saltwater species during day and night, this lure isn’t a bad choice.


  • Excellent for casting or trolling
  • The blue color is suitable for dark water
  • Provide holographic eye and large casting
  • Offers aggressive strike


  • No moving and sound facility

Guides While Choosing Night Fishing Lures

There have some small but effective facts that you shouldn’t avoid when choosing saltwater lures. As it is at night, so you need to make a strategy change to pick up the perfect one. So, what guides do you need to follow? 

In fact, those guides largely depend on the species you want to catch, after that those tips will be more workable for anyone.

Color Selection

While you thinking about the lure for nighttime, their color is such one which is pretty important.

So, which colors work accurately at night? Usually, dark colors lure like black, blue, or brown have a significant capacity to attract the fish. Those colors are more applicable in the extreme dark without light. 

But if the water is lighted by moonlight or other low light sources, then slightly bright like green, red or orange do their job properly.

Maybe you think how color has an impact on it. It is because those colors provide nice vision and silhouette on the water’s surface. That brings more strikes on the lures.

Look for Shape and Size

What size lures do you need? The term in fact depends on the species you wish to catch and the tackle you will be using.

The size and shape show matter on different water and specific species too. Some fishes avoid large lures as they can’t feed well at night.

Shortly, you have to take larger sizes when you determine for catching big species like bass, pike, and so on. And to catch small or medium (crappie, sunfish, etc) you can use smaller lures for better output.

So, based on your desire go for the ideal shape and size.

Glow and Scent

The glow term isn’t fixed, it’s certain. And it works for specified fishes. Glow with the dark lures work both day and night. And it impresses fished to take more bites. So, yeah, glowing fish food work sometimes.

Now, the scent or smell basically is part of the bait. If you choose bait to catch in saltwater then the types of bait scents have an essential effect on catching. In this regard, garlic is on top to attract more.

Noisy and Moving

You know, many fishes haven’t a clear vision of the dark time. Then those fish respond to the noise and movement.

According to that theory, many manufacturers make the lure with a noise-making facility. That attracts and provides an alarm to the fish for taking the lure.

That’s how you can enhance the bites as well as a number of catching in the night fishing. So, if possible then try to confirm this character, and don’t be confused if you won’t found.

Saltwater Fishing Tips during Night

Observing the anglers and from my trip, I think there have existed some facts that you should be aware of while catching in the night. The heading will tell you about this guide.

  • Find an ideal place first. If needed then contacts the local on where and what types of fishes you can catch there.
  • Keep fishing lantern or headlight. That has great necessity on dark.
  • Check other’s gear properly before you leave.
  • For better results, it is good to try in the daytime.
  • Stay calm without doing any unnecessary sounds.
  • Be alert and observe the fish’s nature.
  • And finally, be patient, cause this can bring you the desired result.


The lure is such an essential thing that can determine how will be going to your catching rate. In your case, it is most important to know what the fish will eat at night. Hopefully, I can say, the best saltwater lures for night fishing are on your hands now.

So, pick the lures depending on your desire and get ready to boom on the sea at night.

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