The beauty and satisfaction of fishing surprisingly increase at night. That’s the reason why people nowadays are becoming attracted to night fishing. But in going night fishing, we need a bright source that can help us see the fish and in some cases, also attract the fish. The best lanterns for night fishing can do this job perfectly as an essential partner in a dark time.

I think any lights are good in dark conditions, but not all of them are ideal for fishing. So, in this article, we will list the 7 best lanterns for night fishing. We’ll also go through a buyer’s guide with the most important things you need to consider when making your pick.

7 Best Lanterns for Night Fishing

You can’t stay free from difficulties without a light source while fishing at night. From that need, let’s take a look at the top 7 best lanterns for night fishing.

1. LE LED Battery Powered Lantern


Brand: LE

Material: Metal

Lumens: 1000

Battery: D Alkaline Battery (3 pieces)

Weight: 0.89 Pounds


  • Sturdy and carryable build quality
  • Provides plenty of light with 1000 lumens and customize option
  • Decent battery life which is 12 hours in the combine
  • IPX4 offers a water-resistant facility
  • Have a hanging hook and is useable in different conditions


  • It may be too small for some
  • The battery isn’t included


The portable design and metal shade give the LE lantern a solid build quality. The color type is white. Though it’s quite small, it’s cute and effective. So, in the points of look and longevity, it will easily pass.

Now, in terms of the light that it provides, it is excellent. It comes with 4 modes for different circumstances like daylight white, super-bright, etc. So, you can customize it according to your needs. Now guess the brightness level? This lantern for night fishing has 1000 lumens to spread heavy light. Not only that but also works 360 degrees which will help make the surroundings brighter.

It uses an alkaline battery to run the system. You can attach a maximum of 3 pieces. And together with those, the light can last around 12 hours. But it can be increased or decreased depending on the mode you will be using. But the worst thing is the batteries are not included in the package. However, if I talk about weight, then it can be called lightweight. You can easily handle it in outdoor conditions.

IPX4 is one of its smartest features. Having this feature, the lantern is water resistant to remove any light rain or snow. And whenever you are on the water, this will bring extra advantages.

In terms of usability, the lantern is very easy to use. The adjustable button, power button, etc look pretty and are easy to operate.

It has the functionality of removing the cap. With the hanging system, you can use it for camping, hiking, and others at a reasonable cost.

So, if you love to fish with a small and affordable lantern with plenty of features then this option will be perfect.

2. AYL LED Battery Operated Fishing Lantern

Super Bright
AYL Battery Operated Fishing Lantern


Brand: AYL

Material: Plastic

Lumens: 1800

Battery: 3 D-batteries

Weight: ‎1.01 pounds


  • Offers light and compact design
  • 46 led bulbs and high lumens provide super brightness
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Custom and energy-saving different modes
  • Waterproof design and slip-free handle
  • Quite cheap


  • Batteries not included
  • Less lumen than indicated.


AYL introduces outdoor lovers with a compact and light design. Though it is plastic, it is sturdy enough. The outlook is good and the color of the light is white.

The brand uses a led bulb which is known as one of the most qualitative lights on the whole market. The number of led bulbs is 46 and the lumens are 1800. With this said you can expect the lantern to be very strong and provide lots of light. The lantern is excellent for giving powerful light whilst doing so efficiently and saving energy. It is well capable to remove the darkness around you. The glare level is also very limited. But some say the lumen isn’t as strong in reality as specified. Whatever that is, I think the amount of light you will get from this lantern is more than enough.

Furthermore, to run according to your wish, there are 4 different modes of lighting. Switching from one dimmable mode to another is quite easy. And those options will not only help in customization but also help save energy.

To function, it needs 3 D batteries. I find a pretty powerful backup in there which is sufficient for any outdoor trip. The total weight of the product is 1.01 pounds. So, carrying it won’t be a problem at all. But it would be better if the battery wasn’t offered separately.

According to the fishing requirements, it has a waterproof nature too. So, you don’t need to worry if the lantern gets in contact with a little water. The handle comes with a slip-resistance design. And also has the option to hang.

So, for fishing or any other activities, you can rely on this brand which gives plenty of performance at a low price.

3. Coleman 1000 Lumens LED Lantern

Battery Saver
Coleman LED Lantern for Night Fishing


Brand: Coleman

Material: ABS

Lumens: 1000

Battery: 4 D-batteries

Weight: 1.19 Pounds


  • It is super ideal in size
  • Gives great brightness within long distance
  • Excellent powerful and drain-free battery life with BatteryGuard
  • Have the modes of light decrease or increasing
  • IPX4 to protect from water


  • Plastic build quality
  • No battery included


This Coleman 1000 is another quality creation of outdoor light. The body is sturdy because of ABS material. The size is perfect. Not too small or too large. Though many users don’t like plastic constructions, I think is too okay to use for fishing.

The brightness in terms of lumens is 1000. And this is sufficient light to explore any outdoor trip. The spreading distance is about 16 meters. By the way, from high to low, there are 4 different stages. You can use it as a flashlight too.

The focus feature of this item is the battery. The battery guard system is there to deal with saving battery from drainage which is around 25 percent. The 4 D batteries bear the capability to last for more than 14 hours in high mode which is quite good. The downside is, you have to purchase the battery separately as they are not included.

The lantern is built with a waterproof body which is important when fishing. The IPX4 works for up to 2 meters.

In the customer service, the brand is pretty satisfying. The brand claims that you never have to replace the LEDs. And the price, I think reasonable.

So, when you should go for this fishing lanern? If you want strong battery facilities with great specs then you can select this model.

4. EZORKAS 2 Pack Rechargeable Lanterns

EZORKAS Rechargeable Lantern



Material: Metal

Lumens: 1000

Battery: 3*AA batteries

Weight: ‎ 1.54 Pounds


  • Durable and portable design 
  • 360 degrees of super bright light
  • Powerful battery and rechargeable options allow long time use
  • Collision-proof and water-resistant build quality
  • Comes with various functions and purpose


  • A little bit glary because of its ultra-bright light
  • Non-removable main battery


The first thing I liked here is its durable body. It is made with a smaller and lightweight design but is capable of offering excellent strength. Shocks or harsh environments, his lantern will handle all of those easily. Metal is the material used for the shade. Moreover, the magnet base design will provide smart service in many situations.

Advanced technology is used in the bulbs which are COB. For that, you will get a huge amount of light that can cover a 360 degrees angle. The number of lumens is 1000. So, it can be said that there will be no shortage of light. Again, to adjust the brightness level, the manufacturer gives 4 options. But in the lighting sector, I found a few errors and it is glaring.

Anyways, in the power source, it is an all-rounder. Battery and rechargeable are both facilities you can get there. The 18650 built-in battery is quite powerful and effective. There are light notifications to understand the charging stages. And yeah, the charger cables are included in the box. Anyways, as a backup or extra, you can use 3D batteries. So, it has various ways to keep the bright light on without turning it off.

Now, back to the design again, because of ABS and COB features, your lantern will be able to survive different water conditions thanks to its water-resistant properties. The functions and buttons are also easy to use. 

The multifunctional and multipurpose natures are significant reasons to make it popular. You can run it in a standing position, with a flashlight, a hanging light, and other ways. And it is super portable and practical for camping, fishing, hiking, or any other emergencies.

The bottom line is that the price is very affordable. There are 2+2 lanterns and a USB cable with 24 months of customer care support.

So, it will be a great deal if you look for a multi-functional lantern for getting long use and more lighting power in the night.

5. Coleman Twin LED Lantern

Vintage Style
Coleman Twin Fishing Lantern


Brand: Coleman

Material: Plastic

Lumens: 390 

Battery: 8D batteries

Weight: 2.8 Pounds


  • Old and appealing vintage design
  • Two LEDs provide sufficient brightness at a good distance
  • Have high and low setting option
  • Can last for many hours
  • Water-protecting advantage


  • No battery in the package
  • Not lightweight


This lantern has a nice and interesting vintage design. There is nothing negative about its design and it is also very reliable. The weight is, however, quite high compared to the other ones.

However, in terms of light, it can shine extremely brightly. Don’t always trust the lumen number. Because of its 390 lumens in a high setting, it is very capable of lighting up your surrounding. There are two LEDs on the inside. The user can adjust the level of brightness so that it shines from 19 to 32 feet.

It needs 8D batteries to operate. The source power is quite high and can survive many hours. If we talk about the manufacturer’s specifications, then it is indicated to be 15 to 150 hours depending on the mode you will use. And this is very impressive. Remember, however, that you will need to purchase the power source separately.

As is necessary for a lantern for fishing, the construction makes it water-resistant. It can handle rain, wet, or any type of splash.

More pleasingly, the brand offers 5 years warranty, and with that said, you already know how durable it will be.

In verdict, you can’t go wrong with fishing with this vintage-style lantern that provides enough light and battery.

6. Coleman CPX 6 Rugged XL Lantern

Cool and Glare Free
Coleman CPX 6 Rugged XL Lantern


Brand: Coleman

Material: Synthetic

Lumens: 700

Battery: 4 D-batteries

Weight: 2.6 Pounds


  • Nice looking design with a big handle
  • Sufficient brightness with no glare
  • Rechargeable and battery-operated running sources
  • Strong charging capacity
  • Water-proof and heat-free service


  • A little bit heavy compared to the rest
  • No battery or USB is included


For lightning, is decent I think. You will find two settings for brightness. The low one is 140 lumens and the high is 700. The company claims that it can provide light up to around 40 feet. The LED is quite strong and hardly needs a replacement. It provides comfortable lighting without glare.

Coleman CPX 6 comes with quite a large design. The material type is Synthetic. The weight is heavy too. But the look and color are very pleasant. But if you love light gear, then it will be pretty decent.

For the battery, you have to use 4D and also have the rechargeable option. Those power sources are pretty good. 8 to 60 hours is the range of the lifetime based on low and high modes. The 120v charging capacity will complete the process fast. And it shows a green signal when the charge is completed. The bad things are there will be no USB and battery pack.

Like the above, this one is also a water-resistant and rugged design. So, you won’t face a problem bringing it on the fishing tour. To carry or move the lantern easily, there is a big handle. It seems quite helpful to me.

So, if you want to purchase a good-looking lantern for fishing with excellent charging features at an average price then I will recommend this one.

7. Zippo Rugged Lantern

High Quality
Zippo Rugged Outdoor Lantern


Brand: Zippo

Material: Plastic

Lumens: 500

Battery: (4) AA

Weight: 2.06 Pounds


  • Rubber over-mold and handle provide excellent grip and drop-resistance
  • 500 lumens and 17 bulbs bring super lighting
  • Have 3 bright adjustable options and a flashing mode
  • IPX8 offers floatable and fully water resistance
  • Comes with various functionality


  • Irritating power button
  • Batteries aren’t included


Zippo is the popular name for a night fishing lantern among those fishermen who love to fish in dark. It bears some quality features that are so essential for fishing.

It comes in two variants, one is 350 lumens and the other is 500. The design is quite satisfactory with smart construction. Though the material is plastic, the handle and over-mold are covered with rubber. For this, it is protected against collisions or falling from up to 15 feet. And the rubber handlebar ensures an easy and grippy way to hold it.

In the 500 lumens version, there are 17 white LEDs that provide excellent output. The angle of shining is 360 degrees which everyone desires. Moreover, you can control the brightness level with the four different settings. Among those are an SOS is flashlight mode. So, from high to low and lantern to flash, you can utilize the item in several different ways.

The light is powered by 3D batteries which last long. But if you choose the 350 version then it will be 4D AA batteries. For various modes, it exists 25 to 800 hours. The weight of those items isn’t that heavy.

The IPX8 surprised me. The lantern can withstand around 5 meters underwater. Furthermore, it can float too. So, in and around the water, it will get top marks. And it is built with excellent hooks to use upside down, side up, or standing. So, multifunctionality is available there.

But I don’t like the power button because it isn’t really user-friendly. On, off, or high to medium, whatever you want to do, you need to wait 2 seconds by holding it. This is not a major deal at all, but some may feel irritated.

In the end, I suggest you this one, if your requirements are waterproof, drop-resistant, multi-usable lantern at a premium price.

4 Things to Look for While Purchasing Fishing Lantern

The capability of providing lighting alone can’t be an ideal lantern, there are other requirements too. And with the combo of those, you can determine its quality. Okay, let’s have a look at the most important things when considering a lantern for fishing.

Long-Lasting Battery

In my thought, the battery is a big issue. As lighting has a significant role at night, failure of battery life early will definitely interrupt your fishing. 

You may find a variety of lanterns where some offer super brightness but have a very short battery life. At the same time, some hold sufficient light with long running times.

Rechargeable, battery-operated, etc., different types of outdoor lanterns are available on the market. Among those, which types of batteries do you need?

Well, look for the types that provide long life that exceed your fishing time. Notice how much the power is and how long it will last. And compare it with the duration of your fishing trip. Again, if it has a backup facility then it will be ideal.

So, I don’t tell you to go for the biggest or most powerful, just make sure that you don’t end up in the dark because of short battery life.

Brightness and Lumen Rating

First, decide about the light you mainly require. The brightness levels differ in water clarity, attracting fish, and so on. So, depending on your requirements, you have to select the lighting level.

And the amount of light you will get from the lantern depends on the lumen rating. The more the lumen number and rating, the brighter the lamp will be. A brighter light gives more brightness as well impresses the fish at a large distance. 

Another vital point you should look for is the light transmission angle. And the 360 degrees spreading is preferable here.

As the brightness is more priority at night, I think one should pay more importance to it.

Good Durability and Water Friendly

Drops or collisions with other objects aren’t completely uncommon. And, if your fishing light can’t withstand such types of pressure, then what’s the point to purchase? That’s why design and build quality are also important factors. Usually, metal materials are more durable than others. Strong body, long-lasting, easy repair, etc are features you have in a lantern for fishing. Color is also a crucial fact if your main intention is fish-attracting or underwater lighting.

As catching is water recreation, your items should come with water-resistant properties. The bulbs, the inside, etc need water protection. So, searching water resistant capacity is required. Along with that, make sure the product is dust-free too.

Less Weighty

Perhaps everyone likes lightweight items unless it is gold. Just kidding. But in terms of the outdoor trip, I would advise lightweight lanterns.

Do you accept if the fishing lantern gives more weight and kills space? I’m sure you will feel irritated handling a heavy lantern during your fishing trip.

So, for easy carrying, easy handling, and space-saving, it is a good idea to choose the option with the least weight.

Few Reminders for Fishing with Lantern

As usual, I like to present some facts that will help you get a peaceful and satisfactory fishing experience at night.

Night Fishing with Boat and Lantern
  • Many spots don’t permit fishing with lights. So, before you go, make sure it is allowed to use a night lantern in the area.
  • Lumen is a crucial thing at night which determines the brightness level. So, keep notice that the item has more than 200 lumens. And of course, go with LED as it provides more light as well as stays cool.
  • If your main intention is to attract the fish with light then blue and green will be a perfect choice.
  • Sea or fresh, both types of water have different wavelengths of light. So, based on your type you should choose the right one.
  • Find a suitable place to keep the lantern, hanging or standing, whichever you prefer.
  • And finally, stay calm. As you know at night time, there is less traffic and more fish movement. You just take that advantage to increase the catching by staying silent and waiting patiently.

Do you need a lantern for night fishing?

A lantern can be useful for night fishing as it can provide light for tying hooks, baiting, and seeing where you’re casting. However, a lantern is not strictly necessary for night fishing, and there are several other options available that can provide light.

One alternative to a lantern is a flashlight. A flashlight can be handheld or mounted on a headlamp, and it can be used to illuminate your fishing area, your fishing gear, and any fish you catch. Flashlights can be especially useful when fishing from a boat, as they allow you to see where you’re casting and provide light for baiting.

Another option is to use a lantern attachment on your phone. There are several apps available that allow you to use your phone as a lantern and provide a very bright and powerful light.

Additionally, some of the newer fishing rods come equipped with built-in LED lights that can be used to illuminate your fishing area.

It really depends on the angler and what they are comfortable with. Some anglers prefer a lantern as it provides a bigger light source, while others might prefer the convenience of a flashlight. Ultimately the best option for you will depend on the conditions of your fishing spot, your personal preferences, and your specific needs.


What light attracts fish the most?

Light attracts fish in the same way that it attracts other animals, though the type of light they respond to can vary depending on the species.

Generally, fish are attracted to bright lights, but this doesn’t mean that they’ll be attracted to any light source. In fact, certain types of light may even scare off some species. The type of light that attracts fish the most is blue light, as this is the color that many species of fish can see.

This type of light works best when it is bright and consistently on, as fish may become scared if the light suddenly goes out. Blue light acts as a beacon to fish, allowing them to locate food, mates, and hiding spots in the ocean.

In addition to blue light, fish can also be attracted to green light, which is less intense than blue light but still visible to many species. This type of light is often used in ponds and aquariums, as it is less disruptive to the natural environment.

When using artificial light to attract fish, it is important to ensure that it is bright and consistent. Additionally, the light should be positioned in a way that will not disrupt the natural habitat of the fish. Doing this will ensure that the light is not only attractive to fish but also beneficial to their environment.

What is the best type of lamp for fishing?

The best type of lamp for fishing typically depends on the type of fishing you plan to do. Generally, anglers need a lamp which is bright enough to light up the water and any potential targets, while also not being too bright and scaring off the fish.

For night fishing, a green or white LED lamp is usually the best choice. LEDs provide bright light without being harsh, and the green or white light allows you to see any potential targets, while also not spooking the fish. LEDs are also energy efficient, so you don’t have to worry about your batteries dying quickly. For ice fishing, a headlamp is a great choice.

Headlamps provide hands-free lighting and are adjustable, so you can set them to the brightness you need. Some headlamps also offer a red light setting, which is useful for night fishing. If you’re fishing from a boat, a spotlight is a good choice.

Spotlights are powerful and can easily light up the water around you, allowing you to see any potential targets. However, they can also be quite bright, so you should be careful not to shine the light directly into the water.

Finally, if you’re fishing in a shallow stream or pond, a lantern is a great choice. Lanterns provide an even light and can be hung from a tree or placed on shore. They’re also relatively inexpensive and can easily be moved around as needed. Ultimately, the best type of lamp for fishing depends on the type of fishing you plan to do and the conditions you’ll be fishing in. A combination of the different types of lamps mentioned above is usually the best way to ensure you have the right lighting for your needs.

Do lights scare away fish?

Lights do have the potential to scare away fish, however the extent of the effect varies depending on the type of fish, the environment, and the type of lighting. In some cases, lights may act as a deterrent and cause fish to flee the area.

Bright lights, especially those that are constantly moving, can startle the fish and cause them to flee in fear. Fish may also be scared away by the shadows and reflections that lights create in the water. Additionally, some fish may be naturally more sensitive to light and react more strongly to it than others. In other cases, depending on the environment and type of fish, lights can actually have the opposite effect and attract fish to the area.

For example, in deep, dark waters, fish may be drawn to the light as it can help them find food or spawning grounds. Many types of anglerfish, which are deep-sea fish, use bioluminescence to attract prey. Additionally, some fish, such as nocturnal species, may be more active at night, and the light may help them find food or mates.

Overall, the effect of lights on fish depends on the type of fish, the environment, and the type of lighting. While lights may scare away some types of fish, they can also attract others. Understanding the behavior of the fish, the environment, and the type of light being used can help in determining whether lights can be used to attract or deter fish.

What are the benefits of using a lantern when fishing?

The use of a lantern when fishing is beneficial for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, a lantern helps to provide light and visibility in dark, low-light conditions. This is especially important when fishing from a boat at night or during dusk, dawn, or overcast days.

With a lantern, anglers can see their lines and lures, as well as the water’s surface, which can help them better spot and target fish. In addition to visibility, a lantern can also help attract fish to the area. Fish are attracted to light, and some species are more likely to be drawn to the light from a lantern than to other sources of light.

This is especially true for larger, predatory fish, such as bass and walleye, which may be more likely to be attracted to the light and then be caught by an angler. A lantern can also help an angler find their way to and from their fishing spot.

This can be especially important at night when it can be difficult to find the right location without the aid of light. Furthermore, a lantern can help keep an angler safe by helping them to avoid obstacles, such as rocks and debris, that could otherwise be difficult to spot. In addition to being beneficial for fishing, a lantern can also provide comfort and convenience to anglers.

A lantern can help to create a pleasant atmosphere, allowing anglers to relax and enjoy their time spent on the water. It can also provide a source of heat and light, enabling anglers to spend more time outside in colder temperatures or at night. Overall, the use of a lantern when fishing can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. It can help to improve visibility and attract fish, as well as provide safety, comfort, and convenience to anglers.

How many lumens do you need in a lantern for fishing?

When choosing a lantern for fishing, the lumen output is important to consider. Lumens measure the amount of light produced by a light source. The higher the lumen output, the brighter the light. A lower lumen output may provide adequate light for close-up tasks, but will not be sufficient to light up a large area.

For general fishing, a lantern with a lumen output of 200-400 is usually sufficient for most tasks. This will provide enough light for baiting up and setting up your tackle box, as well as allowing you to see what you are doing in the dark. It should also be bright enough to light up a small area, such as a pier or boat deck.

For night fishing, a lantern with a lumen output of 500-1000 is recommended. This will ensure that you have enough light to see clearly what you are doing in the dark. It will also provide enough light to be able to see around you and ensure that you are aware of your surroundings.

For deep-sea fishing, a lantern with a lumen output of 1000-1500 is recommended. This will provide you with enough light to see clearly in the dark, as well as being able to identify the bait, the target fish and any obstacles in the water.

The exact lumen output you need for your fishing lantern will depend on the type of fishing you are doing and the environment you are in. However, as a general rule, a lumen output of 200-1500 should provide enough light for most fishing tasks.

Last Words

Night fishing will be great fun if you utilize the way properly. And the lantern is one of those leading factors.

And now, you know the most important factors to finding the best lantern for night fishing. Personally, I love LE and Coleman brands the most. But, you can surely pick an option from the list as none of them will disappoint you.

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