The obvious thing is, whenever you think about catching steelhead, the Spey technique is the more accurate and appropriate name on there. And where Spey rod is a crucial equipment branch, that adds perfection to steelhead trout catching. But you know, getting the best Spey rod for steelhead is not only difficult but also expensive too.

Though this fly fishing technique is effective so far, you need to know the proper tricks and facts for dominating there. So, what’s the path to bring out the perfect one without wasting bucks in the wrong place?

Alright, don’t take a headache. We are here for knowing you both the way and destination.

7 Best Spey Rods for Steelhead Fishing

Considering fundamental features and measuring the angler’s need, the review of those rods never goes negative on Spey fishing. Well, now it’s time to reveal the details review for choosing according to one’s desire.

1. MAXIMUMCATCH Two-Handed Spey Fly Rods


Materials: Carbon Fiber 

Color Option: 2

Length: 11 to 15 feet

WT: 3 to 10 wt

Action Type: Medium-Fast


  • Powerful construction with carbon fiber.
  • Easier, effortless, and accurate casting benefits
  • Provides various lengths and weight ranges for use in specific conditions.
  • Medium-fast action and covering longer distance
  • Provide guides, and excellent customer services


  • Not very light


Maxcatch introduces the angler with a quality two-handed rod that comes with power construction. It is made with blank technology where carbon fiber is used. The mixture of 7 layers of carbon not only enhanced the strength but also increased the castability by nearly 25 percent. On the handle, AAA+ Cork is presented for a smooth grip and better casting. Also, the real seat is made of aluminum. Overall, the item is so lightweight but that doesn’t mean it is weak in showing power. Anyways, two options are existed to choose the color.

In most parts, length, and casting, it offers different and accurate options. From 11 feet to 15 feet, 5-length categories are available there. For that, small to big rivers or fish in both terms can serve the best performance. Besides, the weight ranges are from 3 to 10 wt. Less or more pounds fishes doesn’t matter, you can win for catching steelhead, salmon, brown trout, coho and so many species with different wt ranges.

Now talking about its performance, it never compromises. When you will use it, I am sure you will find a super accurate, smooth, and cast-friendly performance. In the time of big file cast, it will introduce the angler with effortless and easier service. You don’t need extra room for a back cast. Moreover, very little false casting and stripping are found there. Want to do a roll cast? No worry, it is also good in that situation too.

One of the needy features is, that you will find medium action nature on there which is perfect for both beginners and pros. Cause, it ensures easy handling and smooth casting at a larger distance. Also, allows you to control the line properly.

With that, you will get saltwater and stripping guides which are beneficial in different conditions. However, that brand will provide 2 years warranty with lifetime servicing that indicates the product quality too. And, also in the price section, the brand offers a cheaper range than the others.

2. Redington Dually Fly Fishing Rod


Materials: Aluminum

Color Option: 1

Length: 10.6 to 13.6 feet

WT: 3 to 8 wt

Action Type: Moderate-Fast


  • Stabile and durable construction with aluminum.
  • Have different styles, lengths, and weights
  • Offers moderate-fast action
  • Comfy and desire controlling EVA grip
  • Gives Whole life warranty


  • The price seems more for beginners


Redington comes with a premium design rod that is made of aluminum. Durability and power both existed there. The reel seat also provides excellent strength because of aluminum. The rod weight is depended on the type you will choose, but it is obvious that all of those aren’t heavy. The color is also variable.

The long length and weight have come with several options. 10.6-13.6 feet is the size range. But if you want to use bigger than 14 then it shows limitations. The weight range is from 3 to 8 wt. So, you can apply for different sizes fishes and water. Another good thing is, that it not only offers Spey but also switch and trout styles available too. So, in the style, size, and weight, there is nothing serious to complain about.

Likely the user will get moderately fast action on there. So, it makes it so simple and perfect casting for all. The EVA pinch grip works on two sides, one for providing softness and another for effortless line control. In a word, you a stable, lightweight, and well performance you will be going to get on this rod.

But, a beginner or angler with a tight budget can be disappointed by its high price. If so, then you can avoid this price section just by remembering its lifetime guarantee service.

3. KCA Double-Handed Spey Rod


Materials: Carbon Fiber

Color Option: 1

Length: 13 feet

WT: 6 to 9 wt

Action Type: Medium-Fast


  • High-quality and strong construction
  • Soft and effective handle and fighting butt
  • Medium-quick nature of the action
  • Accurate and user-friendly casting
  • Has excellent safety hook keeper and security lock features
  • Offers fast-releasing power and loading technology.


  • Only one size is available
  • Limited weight option


First of all, in the design, the rod is well durable as well as comfortable. As usual, there has graphite construction. The IM10 adds here excellent quality. To ensure your comfort, the manufacturer gives the fighting butt and AA-grade handle. Again, the aluminum-made reel seat serves precious service on locking.

The rod isn’t heavy and offers simple operating that attracts the beginner more. By the way, the weakest point is, that this model has only one size and that is 13. On the weight, it is less too, the range is 6 to 9 wt. Though, that weights and lengths are known as all-rounder Spey specifications, if you require a small or bigger range, it has a super drawback.

The rod performs well for steelhead and salmon. It makes the casting super easy and precise. And, there has more desire for medium-fast action. This item is basically well fit in big flies and sink tips. It provides the users with sufficient energy and faster performance in a different way.

Furthermore, the hook keeper does its job perfectly in keeping the fly out of way. For making the section connection much easier, the manufacturer adds alignment dots. For smooth and error-less line activities, you can surely rely on the stripping and titanium snake guides.

Now, talking about the package, there have one Spey rod, sock, and carrying tube. And all of those features and items one can get at a decent price.

4. Aventik Z IM10 Spey Rods


Materials: Cotton

Color Option: 3

Length: 12.6 to 14.8 feet

WT: 8 to 10 wt

Action Type: Fast


  • Smart technology in build quality brings light and strength experience
  • Casting is accurate and easier
  • Comes with fast action
  • Friction-less and peaceful longer casting
  • Has dual lockers technology


  • Hasn’t a suitable range of weight for different catches


Aventik appears with a carbon fiber construction which is a combination of 30T and 40T. The multi-graphite system makes the rod more light as well as more powerful. If you search for the handle component then it is cork. On color, the brand keeps 3.

This gear is mainly poorly fitted in small water and small catches. And you can understand it if look at the size and weight section. The length starts at 12.6 feet and ends at 13.6. And the weight number is 8,9,10 and 10. So, those are basically ideal to fight with the fish having more pounds.

Now in action, it is very fast unlike the previous. And that is capable to supply enough power at the time of casting with good accuracy. Actually, this will be well worked with the pro anglers mostly. The advanced addition of the ring and stripping guides surely can gift a smooth and corrosion-free mechanism. Also, you will see expert service from it in terms of large-distance shooting. Furthermore, it has double lockers on the reel seat. 

And the cost is in the average stage for this two-handed fly rod.

5. Fenwick AETOS Fly Fishing Rod


Materials: Carbon Fiber

Color Option: 1

Length: 6 to 15 feet

WT: 3 to 11 wt

Action Type: Fast


  • Nano Composite system on construction
  • Several levers are available for weight and length
  • Run in fast action
  • Accurate and easy control casting
  • Al seat and soft handle


  • Some complaints about poor customer service 


Like others, this one also comes with CF material which is pretty strong. Nano Composite, known as smart technology is added here to serve on blank construction. The weight of that model is lightweight. So, one needn’t face any problem with carrying or maintaining.

The brand is available with new and old models. And there has plenty of sorting options to choose from as one’s wishes. 6-15 feet lengths are made by the manufacturer and there has specific addition for Spey casting. The weight also appears with several points and that is 3 to 11. From those data, I think it is now clear to you that, from small to big rivers and for big to small catches, this rod offers all-rounder service.

The action is also fast and perfect. I hope the angler won’t find any complaints in terms of casting. It will provide them with a simple, effective, and smooth casting from various perspectives. You won’t face any trouble on the matter of controlling. Back to the design section again, the reel seat is built of aluminum and has a carbon spacer. And, as usual, the cork handles are ready for good grips with comfort.

In the last, for the carrying purpose, the brand provides a rod bag. Also, the cost is in a decent range I think. But, some users don’t satisfy with the way they give customer service.

6. Maxcatch 4-Piece Carbon Spey Rod


Materials: Cotton

Color Option: 1

Length: 12.6 to 14 feet

WT: 7 to 10 wt

Action Type: Fast


  • Blank system build quality looks premium
  • Smooth, stable, and long-lasting experience up to 100ft
  • Offers specific style for travelers or backpackers
  • All-rounder reel seat and soft griping
  • Fast action, easy use, and good customer serving


  • No more upper length than 14.


This model actually looks like a twin brother of the previous one. But there have some little differences that forced us to add them to our list.

However, the blank technology construction adds to their premium feelings. 24T mixed with 30T C fiber and 7 layers of C together work for giving a durable and enhancing cast. No worry, there has a cork handle for extra comfort. The quality reel seats also contribute to good servicing. Those seats are so much more capable in both saltwater and freshwater.

Now, the feature that will definitely impress heavy travelers is the specific travel category for them. Three different specifications will see for the travelers. Anyways, the range of size is 12.6-14 feet which is pretty good in various situations. Along with the lengths, there is also has good combination of the weight and those are in 7-10 ranges. So, you needn’t fear big fish in big water.

This fly rod has fast action that shows excellent power and accuracy. The casting here will seem very simple and smooth to anyone. Anglers can easily reach around 80-100 feet distance. The presence of an oversized tip loop allows one to cast smoothly at a wider distance. So, if you have to wish to cast larger then it won’t forbid you.

Again, striping and snake guides also added quality to the rod. Like the previous, here also has a two-year warranty and lifetime servicing at a low price. So, overall it can be a good choice.

7. Saion 14′ Spey Fly Fishing Rod


Materials: Carbon Fiber

Color Option: 1

Length: 14 feet

WT: 9/10 wt

Action Type: Fast


  • Good quality and ultralight design
  • Comfortable and double handle
  • Good in action and castability
  • Perfect for both fresh and saltwater
  • Very affordable price


  • Has only one size in length
  • Average performance


Saion introduces the anglers with a budget-friendly Spey rod. The rod is made with CF material. There has a double cork component on the handle which ensures a comfortable grip. And, likely the reel seat has come with aluminum. This is quite light in weight than others and that is nearly 237 grams. 

The single rod length and weight can be a negative point to many ones. Yeah, this item comes in only one size and which is 14 feet. Though it is perfect from all angles, searching for more big or small you haven’t the option. With that length, the brand offers 9/10 wt. And I think it’s a nice combination.

This flexible rod offers well casting. There you will find faster action. The Carbon blanks technology is pretty strong and powerful in its job. Saltwater or freshwater whatever you want can get the facility on this rod.

On the last, the offering price is pretty surprising and impressive. It comes at a very thin price.

How to Choose Steelhead Spey Rods for Fishing?

I personally think, drawing extra attention to the choosing factors is more important. Because Spey casting is an advanced and costly process. And where no mistakes aren’t acceptable. So, what points you should consider while going for Spey rods?

1. Depending on the Geography

In the very beginning, the area where you want to fish has an impact on rod selection.

The size and weight both are variables depending on the geography. Like in Pacific Northwest or BC, both have different requirements while going for Spey fishing. Different areas are unique in different species and techniques. The small river, big river, lake, or whatever you tell there have approximate ranges of rods to choose from. Cause there is a hidden success between the water types and rods.

That’s why the first task is to determine where and which water you want to go to perform.

2. Ensure Appropriate Length

The length plays another vital role when you desire Spey casting.

Basically, 11.5’-15’ is the most accurate and popular length for fishing with a two-handed fly rod.

Depending on water types and areas, the size can be varied. Like, in terms of a small river, 11.5’-12’ is a perfect choice. And there you will get a limited room for casting. Many anglers like bigger size rods (15’) in the big river. Because this helps them in the long range. But, for beginner anglers, this one isn’t recommended.

Again if you want to know about specific regions like Pacific Northwest and BC then they are serially 12.6’ to 13’ and 13.6’-14’ in range. 

But, a perfect all-rounder and versatile Spey rod length are 13.6’. Water type, catching size, and casting, in these different angles and lengths work accurately.

So, measuring the facts pick the right size for you.

3. Be Perfect on Weight Selection

The rod weight basically determines the strength of heavy lines and casting big flies. And, obviously, it is an important factor to consider.

If you look, then it may be found that 6 to 10 wt is the most common range among different anglers. 

In the case of tiny catches, 6wt will be a good pick. And, 8wt works great whenever you will search for big catches (big steelhead, salmon) and long-distance casting. Fighting with 20lbs+ is smoothly done by the 8wt. 

Season also plays a tiny act there. In summer the steelhead is quite small compared to the winter. Hence, here 6wt will be okay. But as winter has bigger species, 7-8wt will be workable.

However, it is true the 7wt is suitable at all angles. Want to fight with the fish that have 20 pounds? No worries, this one is enough strong to win. Additionally, extremely versatile, casting with a weighty line and big file, you can trust it. Furthermore, for accurate line control and longer casting, I couldn’t find any error on the 7wt.

So, choose the range that you require. To me, 7 weight is far better in all-around performance.

4. Decide the Action Level

The action range of the rod creates a difference between the starter and pro anglers as well as on fishing too.

In most cases, rods come with medium to fast casting. Experts say that neither too slow nor super fast is appropriate for the fresher. The reason is, that it brings difficulty and asks for more skill for beginners.

In this situation, a medium or medium-fast action rod is a super fit for beginners. Those are known as versatile and allow the new anglers to apply various and difficult-free techniques. On the other hand, if you have plenty of experience and know the mechanism well, then there is no forbid to go faster. Though it is quite tough, you can get accurate service in different sorts of fly fishing.

Now, in the end, it is up to the anglers on which level they want to ride.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Spey Rod

Probably you know the benefits of this type of fly casting and that’s the reason for searching. But the drawbacks may be unknown to you. 

However, both points we are going to discuss there for the users’ benefit. 

So, first of all, for what reasons one should choose these types of rods? The advantages are-

  • The rod allows the casting so easier and more accurate. The anglers hardly need the backcasting room. And there requires very little effort as it operates with two hands and for those any age of people can use it.
  • There is no problem with fishing near the brush or trees.
  • There is no false casting required as it changes the approach with ease.
  • Provides the chance to cover more water within very little time.
  • Gives the opportunity to throw plenty of lines, a longer range, and accurate line control.

In our eyes, we found some weak points too. And those disadvantages are-

  • Fishes landing can be difficult while you stay near banks or trees.
  • There is little poor transporting in a specific circumstance.
  • Sometimes, the fight with fish can be inaccurate with a longer rod.

Spey Fishing Tips for Steelhead

According to our trip, we can put there some reminders that may be helpful on your upcoming trip.

  • Be more careful to ensure desired equipment. Cause Spey fishing success depends on the right gear.
  • Knowing the season and region you should choose the rod too.
  • Spey setup is also required and that’s why you need to learn before the journey.
  • Pay more attention to swing instead of casting.
  • Apply water-type knowledge and tricks well.
  • Be patient, calm, and confidence

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a spey rod for steelhead?

You do not necessarily need a spey rod for steelhead fishing. Steelhead can be caught using a variety of rod types, including single-handed rods, switch rods, and spey rods.

The choice of rod type depends on several factors, including the angler’s personal preferences, casting style, fishing conditions, and the size and strength of the fish being targeted.

Single-handed rods are versatile and can be used for a variety of fishing techniques, including dry fly fishing, nymphing, and streamer fishing. They are typically easier to cast and control than spey rods, making them a good choice for beginners.

Spey rods, on the other hand, are designed for two-handed casting and are often used for fishing larger rivers and for making longer casts. They are especially useful for fishing in strong currents and for fishing deeper, faster water.

For steelhead fishing, a switch rod or a single-handed rod with a weight-forward floating line is a good starting point for most anglers. As you gain experience and become more proficient, you may want to try a spey rod if you prefer two-handed casting or if the fishing conditions demand it.

Why are steelhead rods so long?
Steelhead rods are typically long to provide the angler with increased leverage and better control over the line. The length helps in making longer and smoother casts, allowing the angler to cover more water and reach further out into the river. Additionally, the length of the rod can also help absorb the powerful runs of a large steelhead, reducing the likelihood of breaking the line.

What is the best steelhead rod length?
The best length for a steelhead rod depends on a number of factors, including the angler’s personal preference, fishing style, and the type of water being fished. In general, 9-10 feet is a popular length for steelhead fishing as it provides a good balance of control and versatility. However, some anglers prefer longer rods (10-11 feet) for maximum line control, while others prefer shorter rods (8-9 feet) for ease of casting and maneuvering in tight spaces. Ultimately, the best steelhead rod length is one that allows the angler to effectively cast, fight and land fish in their chosen fishing environment.

Why are the steelhead not biting?

There could be many reasons why steelhead is not biting. Some common factors that can impact fishing success include:

  1. Water conditions: Steelhead is sensitive to changes in water temperature, clarity, and flow. If the water conditions are not ideal, they may not be as active or feed as readily.
  2. Time of day: Steelheads can be more active and feed more readily during certain times of the day, such as early morning or late evening.
  3. Bait or lure selection: Steelhead can be selective feeders, and the type of bait or lure being used may not be appealing to them in the current fishing conditions.
  4. Location: Steelhead can be found in different areas of a river at different times of the year. It’s important to have a good understanding of where the fish are likely to be and to target those areas.
  5. Pressure from fishing: Steelhead can become wary and stop biting if they are being heavily pressured by anglers.

These are just a few of the many factors that can impact steelhead biting. It’s important to be aware of the current fishing conditions and to adjust your tactics as needed in order to increase your chances of success.


Fly fishing isn’t an easy thing to gain success. Techniques and gear choices are more important factors there. That’s the reason why you should care about selecting the best Spey rod for steelhead fishing.

Through rarity and difficulty, ensuring essential qualities the above ones are a really good pick for both pro and beginner Spey casting. I prefer MAXIMUMCATCH for all-rounder service. But as a beginner and having a low budget, your eyes on the Saion can’t be a bad choice.

So, make a purchase as your wish from these 7 and count down your days to get the perfect application on the spot.

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