As a fishing attractor, I think you know well how handheld GPS can boost your catching weight. You may think about using a phone GPS instead of a handheld. But practically that doesn’t offer you the expected and effective result. To hit the great fishing spot and not lose direction, you need to deal with the best handheld GPS for offshore fishing. And I believe it from my fishing journey, without the handheld GPS, no one can determine himself as an actual fishing lover or good catcher.

To make your offshore fishing easier and safer, our research here presented to reveal the perfect GPS for marine life. And this one will act as a true company on your fishing offshore.

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What is a Handheld GPS?

In simple words, a handheld GPS is an electronic device that uses to track direction or location while you are fishing, hiking, or other outdoors. For offshore or deep saltwater fishing those GPS have advantages and many fishing lovers use them as trusty gear.

Why Handheld GPS is Essential for Offshore Fishing?

Once I faced a terrible experience on my saltwater fishing in Florida without any GPS. I thought, “why I need to carry a fishing GPS as I have the GPS function on my cell phone?” But I was wrong. It didn’t work properly and I couldn’t save the actual coordinate. Furthermore, there was an issue of limited charge on my phone. So, we didn’t find any good spots and couldn’t enter the deeper sea as we had fear of direction missing (as we had no tracking option).

an offshore fishing boat with handheld GPS

So, of course, you need to carry this to get some core advantages, especially for deep saltwater catching. Let’s know the possible benefits you can get from that.

  • Have a tracing facility in the situation of a storm or a path missing. Work as good emergency gear.
  • You can save plenty of catching spots by setting the coordinates for your further trip. So, finding and saving good fishing spots will help you a lot.
  • You can get directions easily in any area of the sea.
  • Have an idea of the water environment.

Considering Facts while Purchasing GPS for Marine

For the offshore fishing trip, having a marine GPS isn’t enough, you need to consider some important facts or features to shop for the right one. So, what things you should look for to find the expected one are discussed in that write.

Has a water-Resistant feature?

Imagine how important electronic devices like GPS should have waterproof features especially when you will on fishing in saltwater or else. You need a water-resistant device to play in the water.

Do you think you can save it from water? No way. Offshore, you always have to deal with huge waves or water floating. The device can fall at any time from your hand. How careful you are doesn’t matter. Again storms, rain, or any wet weather can enter at any time on your boat, and then you of course can’t protect your handheld tracking device from collusion with water. So, if it isn’t a water protector then what’s the reason to carry it? Waterproof design not only protects from wetness but is also useful for long-term uses.

So, checking the water-resistant design is a must. Many devices have a floating feature along with a water protector. And having both of them is much better.

How Suitable is the Display and Its Color?

The display is another major fact that you can’t ignore for a saltwater fishing handheld GPS. How big the screen, what’s the color, how readable the display is, etc should have in your concern.

The color display is good enough as they are very much capable of visibility in outdoor conditions. Make sure the text size and display setting are simple to read.

Most of those come with 2.5 to 3 inches display. Display sizes can play a vital role because it is those from which you are required to read. So, check the display as your eye requires. The good readability and easy read by seeing at a glance should have on your priority list.

So, make your decision by justifying the better display or interface.

Does ensure enough satellites with Accuracy?

Usually, GPS has 12 satellites with that for navigation. But you can’t get maximum accuracy from it. As it is known to all, the more satellites, the more accuracy you can get. And that is very much required during deep-water fishing. 24 sate. the feature is good enough to bring awesome results.

So, try to keep the balance for your GPS’s satellite number.

Capable for Good Battery Life?

As the device runs with a battery, so isn’t it require to pay attention to the battery life? The battery life varies with many facts like the brands, display, etc. the color display finishes the battery more quickly. Good quality GPS has approximately 14-28 hours of battery life. There is also found a researchable battery. And of course, charge your gear fully before starting the journey.

So, for huge water fishing, you need to keep a handheld location tracer with a good battery backup.

Memory and Connectivity Facilities Present?

Without having those facilities, the fishing device looks like a head with no brain. 

To keep storing the data like maps, waypoints, checkpoints, and so on, your device needs to have memory capacity. For further trips or if you are a hard fishing lover then definitely an external or internal memory is a must things.

Along with memory, connectivity or sharing is also an essential part. You save the information but there is no way to connect them to your computer or can’t share it with other fellows. Then what’s the actual benefit you get? 

So sharing and connecting is equally needed to speed up your fishing experience.

Provides the Mapping Feature?

Think, you purchase a handheld fishing tracking device and go fishing in Sebastian. But the sorrowful thing is, you don’t have any map of that fishing area. Then is it valuable? 

Adding a mapping system is an essential part of it. Also look for, how easily you can understand the mapping system. Make confirm, it bears an easy mapping feature. Another important thing you should ask the manufacturer is “how is the update process in the map”. If the map doesn’t update properly, then the change in land direction can take you the wrong way.

So, all facilities about mapping system you should care about before choosing.

Provides Essential Safety features?

Safety is more and more important than all. Your tiny fishing device isn’t separated from that.

Some safety systems that most fishing GPS must have. They are-

  • Alarm for arrival and collision
  • Track navigation
  • Channels for signal
  • Reminder for low battery

So, by confirming those features, you should take the right choice.

8 Best Handheld GPS for Offshore Fishing

Having a handheld GPS isn’t the final solution, you should also confirm its perfectness as it will be better for your fishing or not. From that concern, the research list below will be able to win you in finding the value-for-money option.

1. Garmin GPSMAP 64 Worldwide with High-Sensitivity GPS

Garmin GPSMAP 64 Worldwide is a perfect choice for sea exploring. Quality or performance whatever you want, both have stayed here at a reasonable cost.


Available Style: Four

Color Variant: Standard

Size of Display: 2.6 Inches

Device Dimensions: 1.4 (L) ´ 4.2 (W) ´ 6.3 (H) inches

Weight: 230g

Type of Map: Topographical

Features We Like

Good Display and Usability: The first thing you need to look for is the display and the good news is the item provides you with a good bright and colorful display. The display is 2.6 inches in size and is the type of transflective. Color TFT is about 65k and that’s pretty awesome. 

No need to worry about the sunlight as the display is capable enough to beat the sun and ensure your easy readability. It has the ability of water resistance and makes the color screen weatherproof. We didn’t hear any complaints about the usability. This is because of its lag-free performance or navigation.

Excellent Mapping and Navigation System: The most and main part of a GPS is its map and navigation performance. GPSMAP 64 is pro in that term. It comes with a built-in worldwide mapping facility in a way of simple readability. So, if you want to fish never need to go back for the map. Another nailed option is, it contains 25000 geocaches to access the photographs.

The GLONASS and quad helix antenna technology deal with the smart GPS power by turning the navigation option. It has 31 satellites for extreme accuracy and covering. So, tracking with super sensitivity via its GPS will make your work smarter.

Expandable Memory and Dual Battery: Don’t satisfied with the pre-loaded map? Isn’t it the updated version map? Relax, there waits a 4GB internal memory and there is the option of expandable. So, if you want, feel free to download any kind of map and connect it to your device. TOPO 24k, Bluechart(g2), Navi N2, etc are the map that can easily be supported here. There is a cool option, “the BirdsEye Satellite”. To load and connect satellite imagery that technology works properly.

For battery, you have 2. One is AA and the other is the rechargeable battery pack. Both options can be used. The approximate battery life is 16 hours and I think that’s enough. For extreme uses, you can charge the battery pack as there have many ways, and that works as the backup.

Things We Don’t like

Absence of Wireless Connection: Though it’s not so necessary in sea fishing, it can be needed in many ways to make things easier. In here, you can’t use the facilities of wireless connection via mobile or other devices. But, in the upper variant, you will get that. So, if the wireless feature is on your priority list, then go for the upper style.

Our Verdict

If your eye is on a reasonable price with a smooth navigation experience on your medium offshore fishing trip then the item is highly recommended.

2. Garmin in Reach Explorer+, Handheld Satellite Communicator

To get premium quality and premium performance devices, you need to pay more bucks while you will talk about Garmin in Reach Explorer+.


Available Style: Four

Color Variant: Redish

Size of Display: 2.3 Inches

Device Dimensions: 1.5 (L) ´ 2.7 (W) ´ 6.5 (H) inches

Weight: 227g

Type of Map: North America

Features We Like

Strong GPS Tracking: The device doesn’t compromise if your want a strong and smooth GPS performance. It will provide you global iridium satellite that is very accurate in coverage or navigation works. You can get the benefits of route or map sharing with others. For doing a job on tracking it works great. As the item has a web-based tracking facility, you can perfectly be done your job by using that like trip planning, location identifies, or others else.

2-Way Text Messaging: practically, the feature looks very useful and smart to me. They do the job of sharing text between two persons via a satellite messaging system. The maximum text length must be 160 characters. Just think, if your phone battery is dead and you are out of social life, then how the device will help you in case of emergency contact? Especially for your long sea fishing, you may face any danger, then you can sit and relax as you have a handheld two-way texting option. In case of a serious emergency activating the SOS option may be worked well. Earthmate app offers you a smarter messaging interface.

Weather Alert and Cloud Storage: For deep fishing or outdoor trip, the weather is a major factor. How it will be if your tracking device is giving you hourly weather information like wind speed, cloud alert, temperature, etc bad weather forecasts? Yes, that premium one offers you that safety feature.

And there is also available storage which is cloud and you can use it for your trip planning or adding maps.

Sensors Options for Navigation: The tracker comes with a few navigation sensor facilities. Those have some good uses in different circumstances. 

Accelerometer, compass, and barometric are significant among them. Those are quite accurate in their way. Don’t worry about the lithium-ion battery as it performs well and stands for about a few days.

Things We Don’t Like

Quite Expensive and Limitation in Eathemate: The price of the product is quite high compared to other GPS. Some users claimed dissatisfaction with that price segment. But I think that’s not a con of an item. Further, if you use the earth mate app via a smartphone then in some situations you may understand it bears limited TOPO mapping.

Our Verdict

According to our verdict, if you have a fat budget for quality features GPS that isn’t let you down in the time of emergency then you may choose it.

3. Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 with Transducer

Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 with Transducer is the best option for money for value as it offers many excellent features with a fish-finder at an adorable price.


Available Style: Five

Color Variant: Black

Size of Display: 3.5 Inches

Device Dimensions: 3.6 (L) ´ 1.6 (W) ´ 5.9 (H) inches

Weight: 230g

Type of Map: Unknown

Features We Like

Big and protective Display: The display builds with such size and protection that can earn your good viewability and long-lasting use. It holds 3.5 inches that have pixels of 480 ´ 320. The brightness and color are good enough for easy reading. The overall interface is satisfying to the users.

For waterproofing, it has an IPX7 feature to protect lightweight water from entering.

Excellent as FishFinder: Actually, Garmin Striker 4 is well known as an excellent fishfinder. It bears quality features and does a proper job in terms of fishing in the sea. The finder has dual frequency capacity and those are 50/200 kHz and 77/200 kHz (Chirp Sonar). Additionally, comes with a dual-beam transducer. From those advanced technologies, you can get the existence of fish or other objects with images. The depth is approximately 750 ft for saltwater. That also comes with a flasher. So, GPS with a quality fish finder is never a bad one.

Accurate GPS: And the GPS you are looking for for your offshore journey. The GPS is accurate in its work and is known as a high-sensitivity internal one. Tracking, speed shows, waypoints marking, spots bookmarking, etc are the benefits you can get from that cool one. For waypoints, it is about 5000 that can you saved. So, it will ensure your navigation works and emergency alert properly.

Great Value: Finally, the price. Surely, the item is the best in its price segment. The quality fishfinder with awesome GPS doesn’t seem like an excellent combo. Very rarely you will find those offers such features on a budget. So, overall quality and features researching, it can be said, “This one is excellent as a budget-friendly”.

Things We Don’t Like

No Micro SD and Unknown Mapping: In the cons section, there is no option for a micro sd card. So, if you need more data to load then it will say sorry. And the mapping system is unknown. How to update the map, how much area it will cover, what’s the mapping type, etc are missing or unknown here. So, those factors you may consider.

Our verdict

If your thought is to get GPS plus fish finder on a small budget then your waiting is over as the product is highly suited to you.

4. Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS

Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide is another top one having satisfied specifications in your price range. And it is popular as an entry-level device.


Available Style: One

Color Variant: Black and Yellow

Size of Display: 2.2 Inches

Device Dimensions: 1.3 (L) ´ 4 (W) ´ 2.1 (H) inches

Weight: 142g

Type of Map: Australia

Features We Like

Simple and Easy Design: The simple and easy operating is making that more usable. It comes with a 2.2” display and the weight of the item is about 142g. The clear monochrome display and the easy setting are never felt beginners into a trap. The mapping system, tracking option, and other options are as simple as you expect. Though it is covered by plastic, it is thick enough to be long later. Another awesome feature is, the display is water-resistant. That means, from rain or other water showers, the screen can be easily protected by the features.

Faster GPS with Geocaching: The adorable GPS is presented here to serve you the fast and best experience in times of tracking or other navigation. Quick and accurate location track is possible by it. A satellite facility is also offered by that. And all of those are possible because of the technology of GLONASS and HotFix. 

Because of the navigation, it’s awesome. It has all the essential features that may help with navigation during your fishing. The device builds with a worldwide map and the map type in Australia. The map is mainly pre-installed. There is the option of automatic routing. It will give you the facility of 10000 waypoints and 300 for saves track. And another appreciated feature is geocaching. It comes with paperless geocaching and is accurate in its service.

Quality Battery: The battery option is quite pleasing. It enters with 2 powerful AA batteries. The life of a fully charged battery is about 25 hours. And I think that’s enough for any long trip. Because of its display and build quality, it will lose its battery life very slowly. So, in that price segment, the battery performance deserves a thumbs up.

Things We Don’t Like

Poor Display and Lack of Memory: As the display isn’t colorful and the size is only 2.2, so it can be a drawback point to many ones. The small display seems unclear visibility to many users. Another weak point is, the device has not any option for expandable memory. Even the manufacturer isn’t mentioned the amount of internal storage too.

Our Verdict

If you are a beginner and want an easy operating Handheld GPS having a quality performance at a tight price then that option is our recommendation for you.

5. Garmin eTrex 30x Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin eTrex 30x GPS is a midrange king option offering variant features and a tracking experience. And that is the improved version of the previous one.


Available Style: One

Color Variant: Black and Ash

Size of Display: 2.2 Inches

Device Dimensions: 2.1 (L) ´  4 (W) ´  1.3 (H) inches

Weight: 141.7g

Type of Map: City Tour

Features We Like

Improve Display and Lightweight Design: Ultimately the display of 30x is the improved version of 10. Though the display is the same as 2.2 in, it has a color screen. The pixels are also upgraded to the previous. The transflective display with 65k color never stands against the easy readability. The screen is accurately visible from a little distance or by wearing glass. 

Overall the device is very lightweight. It contains about 142 grams. That doesn’t mean it is less durable. Strong design with water-proofing technology is made it more valuable on your catching trip. 

Good Navigation with Strong Battery: GPS tracking or navigation, whatever you want, the item is very much capable of both conditions. WAAS works for fast position tracking. Furthermore, the GLONASS feature will permit using a satellite connection. Routing planning, automatic route, location tracking, waypoints marking, etc all types of GPS tasks you can easily do with that. Specifically, there are about 200 routes, 1000 and 200 ways, and save points are offered by the brand. Another important option, geocaching is also supported in the device.

And to perform and support those tasks, your device comes with two AA batteries. And that stands up to 24 hours on a single charge.

Excellent Storage and Mapping: To fill the lack of the previous version, it comes with 3.7GB internal memory with the facility of using a micro SD card as expandable. Which is nearly 32 GB. So, there is no fear to finish the storage capacity. 

Also, the mapping system is good. It comes with a worldwide-based map and the type is a city tour. You will get a preloaded map with the device. Furthermore, considering your need, you can use a custom map by downloading it. HuntView, BlueChart g2, TOPO 24k, etc you can use by purchasing the subscription.

Has Sensors and Wireless Connectivity: The model offers some essential sensor options that may work for your need. Compass and barometric altimeters are such options. From the electronic compass, you can understand the positioning mean. And the altimeter may help you in pressure-related terms.

And wireless is an advanced and smart feature that nowadays desires by all. Fortunately, the device provides you with that opportunity. You can easily share your map, waypoints, routes, or others with people via wireless connectivity. Additionally, you can also connect with other Garmin devices with that.

Things We Don’t Like

Limitation on Base Map: Though the brand provides the pre-installed map, it isn’t enough for anyone. Sometimes, the map doesn’t bear an updated one. So, you may trouble by following the old one. Again, for upgrading the map you need to purchase a subscription. So, it is true, there is a little limitation on the default map.

Poor Battery for Longer Use: there is no doubt about the quality and stand time of the battery. It will give you the desired satisfaction level. But if you want to use them for so long or for huge uses, it may be poor in terms of the battery. For extended uses, you may need to replace the battery. Don’t mean, the battery will damage after the year. I meant that cons for hard fishermen.

Our Verdict

Being a pro or a beginner, it doesn’t matter. The option is best for those who want a mid-range quality GPS with essential facilities. And then there is no doubt to go for this handheld GPS in your offshore fishing journey.

6. Garmin eTrex 20x Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin eTrex 20x is another Garmin option offering adorable performance with great money value. And this is also the latest version of eTrex 10.


Available Style: One

Color Variant: Black and orange

Size of Display: 2.2 Inches

Device Dimensions: 2.1 (L) ´  4 (W) ´  1.3 (H) inches

Weight: 141.7g

Type of Map: City Tour

Features We Like

Simple and Easy to Operate: You don’t need to know so many things to operate the device as it builds with so simple design and easy functions to use. Following the previous version, that model also comes with 2.2 inches display. But the plus point is, it is a color display (65k color) and provides better resolution than others. You never tried to see the clear display. It will able to visible in any tough situation. As usual, the device has IPX7 for water-resistant.

To use it, you never experience any trouble issues. The functions and options are so simple to use easily. So, that option offers you an easy operating system.

Pleasing Navigation: For navigation or location tracking, the brand has some updated technology to give a smoother user experience. The GPS is high sensitivity and provides the WAAS with a great job. GLONASS and HotFix are the addition here to give you opportunities for global connectivity even with satellite networks. And its work is very accurate and fast. In circumstances, it can do the tracking job smoothly. Like other Garmin models, it also supports geocaching.

The route and track log are also quite the same as the previous one. 10000 points and 200 for saving, 200 routes, automatic routing, etc are common here.

Good memory and Battery: Like 30x, 20x also introduces you to its 3.7GB internal storage and which is enough for light uses. The map is worldwide based and is installed by default. Want to add more custom maps? Don’t take stress, there is also the option to use an external SD card. By downloading the maps you can connect with that. Unfortunately, you can’t get the benefit of wireless sharing.

And, on the matter of battery, the same option is given there following the old. Two AA batteries are ready here to stay with you for about 25 hours on a full charge.

Things We Don’t Like

The drawback on Map: Like the previous model, here the default base map isn’t satisfying. It bears some limitations and for this, you need to upgrade it.

Absence of Barometer altimeter and Compass: Two important sensors barometer and compass are absent in there. Initially, you can’t use that and actually, without it you won’t face any problems. But in some situations, they may need and can be worked better for your welfare.

Our verdict

At an adorable price, if you are looking for a simple and well-performed GPS device for your short offshore tour, then the Garmin 20x isn’t a bad option for you.

7. Garmin eTrex 22x Rugged Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin eTrex 22x Rugged Handheld is known as another Garmin best choice to make your fishing tour easier and safer. And that model is the latest in the market.


Available Style: Six

Color Variant: Navy, Black

Size of Display: 2.2 Inches

Device Dimensions: 4 (L) ´  2.1 (W) ´  1.3 (H) inches

Weight: 142g

Type of Map: Topographical

Features We Like

Lightweight and Good looking: The product builds with a lightweight design. It is only 142g. The 2.2” display is small but good for reading. The resolution is also okay. The screen has little water protection and is durable too. The design seems durable and less heavy.

The GPS is also looking cool. It is made in the color navy and black. So, in terms of design and looking, it’s awesome.

Accurate GPS and mapping: Strong GPS and GLONASS satellites make things easier for tracking or navigating. The brand ensures fast tasking with easy use. paperless geocaching is also presented there. So, fishing or hiking whatever adventure you perform, in terms of tracking or waypoints exploring that option will work as the best fishing handheld GPS.

The pre-loaded TOPO map will make your way easier. From it, you can know the updated surrounding and your routes. The map type is topographical and from the viewpoint of the mapping system, it isn’t bad.

More Storage and Satisfying Battery Life: Another good thing about the product is it has 8 GB of internal storage for you. Not only that you can extend your storage by including an SD card. So, for more map adding you needn’t worry about the memory.

From the battery corner, as usual, it is built with an AA battery (two) and can fight for approximately 25 hours at 100% charged. And I think that is enough as your expectation. 

Things We Don’t Like

Small Screen: Researching some users, it was got out from their word that this device wasn’t enough to catch an eye easily. So sometimes they faced trouble reading the display. From those users’ corners, a small screen may be a con point.

Our Verdict

If your requirements are a simple and lightweight device with good storage and performance then you can go for that at a reasonable price.

8. Garmin GPSMAP 64sx Handheld GPS

Garmin GPSMAP 64sx is becoming popular among sea fisher lovers nowadays because of its build quality and excellent service. 


Available Style: Three

Color Variant: Tan and Black

Size of Display: 2.6 Inches

Device Dimensions: 6.3 (L) ´ 2.4 (W) ´ 1.4 (H) inches

Weight: 217 g

Type of Map: Topographical

Features We Like

Strong Build Quality: For the screen or overall body, that device is strong enough in its design. 2.6 inches large display with quality resolution make it more readable in any bad condition. Of course, the display is colored. The body is quite durable and stable. The overall look is also awesome. And the body bears the water-resistant feature as usual.

More Navigation Options: The major types of features that you need to navigate or track have existed there. High-sensitivity GPS makes the device more correct and fast. GNSS, Galileo, quad helix antenna, etc, smart supportive options never fail your navigation journey on saltwater. Geocaching isn’t out of that. So, to do any GPS tasks you can easily deal with it very fastly and accurately.

Enough storage and Wireless facility: That unit comes with enough storage and it is 8GB. The base map is given there by default. You have the option for further maps added by downloading them there. Don’t think about the storage as you also have the option of external memory.

For an easy and fast system, wireless connectivity (Bluetooth) is also presented. So, sharing or transferring isn’t a hard thing in there. So, with friends or others, simply you can share your desired data quickly without connecting it to the computer.

Things We Don’t Like

Medium Battery Performance: Reviewing about battery sector, it’s quiet down. 16 hours is the approximate battery life. Also, the battery doesn’t come with a rechargeable option. So, for a long journey in the ocean, it doesn’t fit with you.

Our Verdict

In our verdict, that one is perfect for people who want a short sea trip for fishing having a handheld GPS with advanced features and quality.

FAQs About Handheld Fishing GPS

How to use a handheld fishing GPS?

Using a handheld fishing device isn’t such a tough thing to be feared. You need to learn just a few simple steps. From the short flow chart below, you can follow to operate your GPS.

Power on your device > Add the desired maps > Set the route of your fishing area > Checking for the signal > Remembering your path > Marks good spots > Keep storing for the next game.

Is GPS with a fish finder preferable?

For sure, GPS with having fish finder feature is best as well as preferable. That can be a perfect combo in one. But usually, those are more expensive. So, if you have enough budget to invest here for getting extra benefits then we recommend you.

How can I load the map into it?

Probably, most devices bear auto-mapping features I mean built-in loaded. So, search for your visiting area and set it. In the case of with mapping feature, first, you need to download the map and then connect the device to your laptop or computer to load your selected area map. That’s it.

What is the best handheld GPS for ice fishing?

For ice fishing, Garmin eTrex 30x is the perfect one. In that condition, those selected items will offer you more advantages than others. The device is good in quality and has a pleasant review from users.

Handheld vs Smartphone GPS: Which one is preferable?

Smartphones or handheld, whatever you talking about, both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. 

But in the expert’s opinion, a handheld is better than your phone’s GPS. Mobile can let you down in many terms as battery issues, waterproofing, little accuracy, fewer safety features, and so on. Handheld is quite ahead in this term. So, H.H. GPS is more recommendable over the facilities of the smartphone. 

How to maintain it for long-lasting?

Proper maintenance is a matter that can boot your gear’s living days. That fishing item should maintain properly to make it useable for long days. Using a protector for the display, properly charging, a good carrying bag, etc are the facts you should care about most.

To survive safely, you need to update yourself with the changing world in all sectors wherever you are fishing or else. Tracking or GPS is such a thing that you daren’t deny. Choosing the best one may seem tough and confusing. But if you are tricky enough and can be fixed your requirements then it would be an easy task for you. And I think you are now conscious enough about that by reading the whole write.

So, that’s the overall story about a GPS device on your fishing tour. Now, “what is the best handheld GPS for offshore fishing” and “what are the benefits of using it” aren’t unknown terms to you I guess. So, be prepared to spend some bucks to have a perfect one, and explore your best catching trip ever safely and joyfully. 

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