During my Florida days, I visited Sebastian Inlet state park for fishing twice. The first time, I went just for the experience. But why did I make the second visit? It was to go fishing and it was during this time that I got some amazing catches which are common there” And from then, I won’t hesitate to say Sebastian Inlet fishing is one of the finest fishing spots in Florida.

From my recent visit, I have created a complete guide in this article about the best spots for fishing as well as some valuable tips & advice.


Sebastian Inlet state park (4400+ Google reviews) is located in Florida. Both sides of Sebastian Inlet are surrounded by Sebastian Inlet state park. The park has Melbourne Beach in the south and Vero Beach in the north.

Address: 9700 S Hwy A1A, Melbourne B, Florida 32951, United States

Best time to visit S. Inlet

Fishing is your main priority in Sebastian Inlet-right? For that purpose, spring-summer is the best time for you to catch fish. 

You know, fishing reports here are updated weekly. From there you will get a good idea about the best months to catch specific fish, the best bait, and so much information that can be valuable for your fishing trip. Usually, each month has different attributes for fishing.

Again, the tide change at night is the best time to catch fish. To protect yourself from the summer heat, I recommended fishing at night if possible for you. If not, then for the day fishing you need to have proper clothes and other summer protection gear.

Offshore Fishing

There are plenty of offshore fishing options at Sebastian Inlet Fishing. Freshwater and saltwater are both are available there. And those are open both for the amateur fisherman and the avid fishing professional. Freshwater spots like the East coast and jetty are good places to fish species such as redfish, bluefish, snook, flounder, grouper, sheepshead, snapper, and also sharks.

In terms of sportfishing and deep-sea catching, the Atlantic Ocean east of Sebastian Inlet is the best offshore spot. And the spot can welcome you with huge catches like tuna, snapper, wahoo, kingfish, and many other battling species.

So What’s your choice? Deep-sea fishing or freshwater offshore– which one is your attraction? Let us know.

Inshore Fishing

Sebastian’s Inlet fishing area also offers many stunning inshore fishing spots. Around 13,000 acres are famous for specific fishing. The Sebastian Inlet area and the Indian River are the best in Florida. The diversity of the lagoon offers many inshore fishing opportunities. Sea trout, red drum, tarpon, and snook are the special ones.

Common Catches in Sebastian Inlet

Where do you want to fish in Sebastian Inlet? Freshwater, offshore or inshore- Whatever you want, the place offers different types of options. And the common species can blow your mind. Well, now let’s explore the top catches in Sebastian Inlet.

1. Snook

The name that is most associated with Sebastian’s Inlet fishing is Snook. Fat, tarpon, and sword-spine Snooks are to be found in Florida. They are identified by their different body color like yellow, silver, and so on. The size of the species can be quite big.

Where to find: From north to South Carolina, the snooks are usually found. They are found both offshore and inshore. Commonly they are found in coastal and brackish waters, and shorelines of Sebastian Inlet, Indian River.

Best Baits: The baits for snook at Sebastian Inlet are variable depending on the seasons. The common and best baits are- live baits (pinfish, pigfish, shrimps, etc) and artificial baits (tube jigs, bucktails).

Peak months of fishing: snooks are found all around the year at Sebastian Inlet. But because of environmental conditions, they can disappear. Averagely the peak months are divided into two categories- April to May and September to October.

Snook in Sebastian Inlet Fishing

2. Redfish

Redfish that comes with different names (red drum, channel bass) is one of the popular catches in Sebastian Inlet. This inshore fish has a wide range in Florida and in terms of size, it can be huge. As they are quite strong and huge, a big fight can occur if you catch one.

Where to find: Usually the common places are in the inlet’s jetties, The Indian River, Sebastian river.

Best Baits: To catch redfish, all types of baits like artificial, live, or dead, and freshwater baits work well. Live or dead baits such as mojarras, mullets, and pinfish are the best ones.

Peak months of fishing: Redfish are moving all around the year at Sebastian in Florida. Fall is the perfect month for these catches. The two months- Sep and Oct are known as peak months.

3. Kingfish

Kingfish is another species roaming around Florida. King Mackerel it’s another name. The fishing pier in Venice is also good for mackerel catch. Greenish to black, the irregular golden spot is giving the fish a unique and impressive look. The species has sharp teeth and is quite smart. So, a thrilling game can be held during your fishing.

Where to find: Offshore or onshore- both of those have plenty of kingfish. Pier fishermen in Sebastian inlet and Inlet’s jetty are the most popular spots and are known as the “home of kingfish”.

Best Baits: Small artificial and small live baits are known as the best baits. For artificial, small jigs are more successful baits. Small fish, shrimp, etc on the other hand are good as live bait.

Peak months of fishing: Don’t worry. All of the months are suitable to catch this fish. But if you search for the perfect time, then June is the peak month to catch kingfish. Also, summer and fall are good seasons.

4. Bluefish

Want to meet a sharp-teeth beauty? Then bluefish will be waiting for you. Though it’s too hardy, the silver or greenish-blue body color of this fish has a very attractive look. The size of the fish varies with the season.

Where to find it: As it is distributed irregularly, the perfect place to catch more is sometimes hard to tell. Indian River, Sebastian inlet area, etc are worthy spots.

Best Baits: All kinds of live or dead baits and artificial are worthy to use. Mojarras, pilchards, and shrimp are good as live baits.

Peak months of fishing: February and March are known as the best time for bluefish at Sebastian Inlet. Oct and Sep are also good times for bluefish fishing.

5. Others

Mahi Mahi, tarpon, Pompano, trout, etc are also found largely there. Mahi Mahi is known as monster fish. If you are lucky then catching it can be a real experience West of Sebastian Inlet is the home place of this species.

Pompano also is a good one. And nice to see. February is the best month for hunting this one. Clams and Sandfleas are the best working baits.

Tarpon and trout are good catching in there. And those are worthy to catch.

So from the above presentation, are those enough reasons to go there for fishing? Isn’t it?

Ways of Fishing in Sebastian Inlet

You can follow three ways of fishing that are popular as well as worthy of catching here. So here we go:

Fishing in Charter Boat 

Charter fishing is the one from where your fishing trip at Sebastian Inlet would become a fishing experience out of the ordinary. On the shore there, you can find many local charter boats with captains. By boat, you can go for the Indian River, Sebastian Inlet River, or jetty, whichever you want. In order to hunt big fish, you need a strong saltwater fishing reel and other gear. The experienced guide will guide you. The way is practically very effective and very thrilling to get the most out of your fishing in this place.

By kayak or canoe

Kayaking is another good option to catch fish. The Indian River Lagoon is the best spot for anglers. You can meet with the river’s beauty as well as plenty of fish. This is a very cool way.

By Foot

One thing I don’t want to miss is fishing around Sebastian Inlet on foot. It’s more than a great experience.

With jetties that are on the park’s eastern side, you can get a great way of foot fishing and the catches are redfish, snook, and more.

Also, on the western side of the park, the Indian River is a fine spot. The water of the spot will be giving you cool opportunities to explore foot fishing.

Cost Ideas

Alright, it should be in your concern about what are the costs are for these factors. Let’s see what you need to pay:

Charter Boat: If you want to hire a charter boat for one day, then it costs about $300-$500. Those are ideal for 2, 4, or 6 people.

Staying Cost: In terms of staying there, there are many nearby camps and other accommodations where you can stay.

State Park Fee: There are multiple fees to go to the state park. It depends on what you want to do.

Fishing Cost: To buy fishing gear, fishing baits, etc. the cost completely depends on what you buy.

Other Things to Do in Sebastian Inlet

What’s your plan? Want to stay more days or explore other things after fishing? Don’t worry, the place is giving you plenty of options to do other activities like Navarre Beach Fishing Pier. So let’s start the discussion about popular things to do near Sebastian.

1. Surfing

For an adventure lover, surfing can be a great one to explore at Sebastian. The places will offer you big waves to give you more thrill. Usually, north jetty is the perfect area to perform your surfing.

2. Camping

To enjoy the outdoors, sunset, or night, camping at Sebastian can be awesome. Tents and RVs can be used. And those campsites have amazing opportunities. I even saw people staying at the camp that were there for fishing.

3. Swimming

The cove offers visitors to enjoy a relaxing swim. As there are warning marks and restricted areas, you need to be careful. I don’t recommend swimming alone.

4. Diving

Driving means Scuba and Snorkeling. Those driving do not only give you the adventure feel but also offer a good way of exploring underwater sea life. Skydive is also available there.

5. Mel Fisher Treasure Museum

The location of the Mel Fisher Treasure Museum is at 1322 US. It can be good to visit the museum to know the history and gather some knowledge. So don’t miss the chance to see this historical beauty.

6. River-view Park

It’s a good one for a music lover. Free concerts are held on the Riverview side. So enjoying the music through the natural view can be a great thing.

7. Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge

Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge is a cool option to meet with both fish and wildlife. It is the area of the Indian River lagoon. Beautiful sun activity and real wildlife will give you a natural feel.

8. Fishing Museum

The fishing museum is located in Sebastian InIet State Park. The museum reflects the fishing history of Sebastian. So, is it to fulfill your fishing trip without visiting the fishing museum?

Rules and Safety issues

You have to deal with some fishing rules and safety issues to ensure a good and safe trip. A shortlist is described below:

First of all, know all types of local information about fishing.

A charter boat license is an essential one. As there are entry many outside boats and bad guys boats, authority is alerted. And for that license is a must.

Saltwater or freshwater-whatever you want to go, you must buy a license.

Know the rules about which fish are forbidden to catch, what’s the closing month etc.

Be aware of a natural storm before going.

Always keep first aid kits for an emergency.

Wear fishing favorable clothes. Take a look cloth list as fishing tips.

Extra care and preparation should need if you want to fish at night.

TIMES AND TIDES has an important role in fishing at Sebastian Inlet. So you have to stay up to date with that.


1. How deep is the Sebastian Inlet?

The depth of Sebastian Inlet varies with the tide, but the inlet generally ranges from a depth of 4 to 6 feet at low tide to around 10 to 12 feet at high tide.

The inlet is relatively shallow and has a sandy bottom with a gradual slope, making it a great spot for swimming and other recreational activities. The inlet also has a channel that is frequently dredged to keep it navigable. The depths of the inlet can also be affected by storms and other natural events, such as hurricanes.

During extreme weather events, the inlet can experience significant changes in water level and can become much deeper than normal. In times of strong winds and high waves, the inlet can become up to 20 feet deep. Sebastian Inlet is also an important spawning ground for various fish species, including snook, tarpon, redfish, and flounder. These fish feed off the small baitfish that are attracted to the inlet, and the shallow water depth makes it an ideal spot for fishing.

Overall, the depth of Sebastian Inlet can vary significantly depending on the tide, the season, and other natural events. Despite its shallow depth, the inlet is an important recreational area and a great spot for fishing.

2. Is Sebastian safe for fishing?

Yeah it’s generally safe. But sometimes, it can be dangerous. Deception is very common here. On the Atlanta seaboard, it can be the worst thing.

3. Are there any sharks and dolphins in the Indian River?

A white shark (cobot) was discovered inside the Indian River. So, it is possible to meet with a shark. And there are many dolphins in the river.

4. What are the top three fish in there?

Usually, snook, kingfish, and redfish are well-known species.

5. Is visiting Sebastian expensive?

Yeah, it’s quite expensive in many terms if you compared it to other places in Florida.

6. What is the best time to fish Sebastian Inlet?

The best time to fish at Sebastian Inlet is typically around mid-morning when the sun is just beginning to peak over the horizon. The tide is usually in its most optimal state around this time, allowing for the most active fish and the best catch rates.

This is due to the fact that the incoming tide naturally brings more baitfish into the inlet, which in turn attracts more game fish like redfish, snook, trout, tarpon, and sharks. Additionally, the incoming tide also helps to keep the waters clear, making it easier to see the fish.

Mid-morning is also ideal for anglers as the calm water conditions provide for a more comfortable fishing experience. It is usually a bit cooler than later in the day, which can help to keep anglers from becoming too hot and uncomfortable.

Plus, the bright sunlight of the morning is perfect for spotting fish and spotting the tell-tale signs of feeding activity. Finally, the morning is usually a bit less crowded than later on in the day, as many anglers prefer to wait until the afternoon to hit the water. This can help to ensure that an angler has a better chance of catching the fish they are targeting, since there won’t be as much competition.

Overall, the best time to fish Sebastian Inlet is typically around mid-morning when the sun is just beginning to rise. The incoming tide brings more baitfish and game fish, the water is calmer and clearer, and there are usually fewer anglers competing for the same fish. This makes it the perfect time to head out and enjoy a successful day of fishing.

8. Is Sebastian Inlet rough water?

The inlet is usually fairly calm and the waves are usually small and slow-moving, making it an ideal spot for beginner surfers. The inlet is also great for fishing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. However, Sebastian Inlet can experience rough water when strong winds and storms are present.

The inlet is located directly in the path of the Atlantic Ocean, so when strong winds and storms come in from the ocean, the water can become choppy and dangerous. During these times, the waves can become large and powerful, and the surf can become extremely dangerous. It is important for surfers and other water-goers to be aware of the changing conditions at the inlet.

If the winds and storms are coming in from the ocean, it is best to stay out of the water. If the winds are strong and the water is choppy, it is best to wait until the conditions improve or go to a different spot. Additionally, if the ocean is rough, it is important for surfers to be aware of their surroundings and exercise caution.

Overall, Sebastian Inlet can experience rough water when strong winds and storms are present. It is important for surfers and other water-goers to be aware of the changing conditions and exercise caution when the ocean is rough.

What is Sebastian Inlet?

Sebastian Inlet is a state park located on the central east coast of Florida. It is located at the mouth of the Sebastian River, near the cities of Sebastian and Melbourne. The park is known for its beautiful beaches, excellent fishing, and varied recreational opportunities. It is a popular destination for swimming, surfing, boating, and birdwatching, and it is home to a number of rare and endangered species. The park is also home to several historical and cultural sites, including the McLarty Treasure Museum, which is dedicated to the story of the famous 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet.

So that’s all about Sebastian’s Inlet fishing. What’s your point of view- is it worth it or not? And if you are already experienced then let us know any tips or tricks that I skipped.

Keep safe and explore your trip. Good luck!

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