Back pain can be a defect only, but it can’t defeat you going camping. I think everyone desires a memorable camping trip safely. And yes you can control that wish if you consider some facts about painful camping. Here are the tips to avoid back pain while camping would be an effective syllabus for hitting your successful camping exam.

Reasons and Symptoms of back pain camping

In camping, doing a few mistakes you can face with your back hurts like ankle pain while hiking. It is quite normal. Again some people have had bad pain before and it can be worst by going faultful camping.

So what are the main reasons that you may meet with back hurts?  In short, if “footwear”, “sleeping gear” and “basic camping tricks”, it is there happen wrong with those three then you may get the possibility of a painful camping experience.

And how the symptoms will have appeared? Well, if it happened then you will feel pain in your lower and upper back. It starts with muscle aching to the shooting. And the pain may be increased by doing a normal job like walking, lifting, etc.

8 Tips to Avoid Back Pain While Camping

Avoiding back problems in camping isn’t a difficult mission. Just follow the simple tasks to keep more distance from the pain.

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1. Choose the Perfect Footwear and Backpack

To minimize the problem, the first requirement is you have to right footwear and backpack while camping. Footwear is one that gives excellent support for your ankle or arch as well as for your lower back. And it bears those loads during walking, running, or camping and ensures your safety. Another side, the right backpack does the job of weight distribution and carries the loads in your important body areas. So, hope you are aware of the importance to select the right gear to save your back.

2. Take more water and Keep Yourself Hydrated

Can’t find the relation between staying hydrated and back pain? Okay, let me try to explain. Drinking more water to stay hydrated bears so many benefits whether you are camping or doing other outdoor activities. Taking lots of water does the job of healthy blood circulation and muscle relaxation. It keeps your back far away from pain as it allows your tissues to become more strong and avoid soreness in the back. It also avoids heat stroke. So, not only for painkilling but also to get other benefits you need to bear more drinking water with you beyond your needs.

3. Find a Clean and Equal Sleeping Ground

To stay the night outdoors, the sleeping surface is more important. Search for an area that is clean, not flat, and free from stones or other hard materials. If you can’t do it properly then your back may face pain as well as disturbing sleeping.

4. Lightweight Packing

For any outdoor trip, loading the backpack as lightly as possible is a good thing. As early mentioned, the backpack bears the load of your upper back and allows you comfortable lift and movement. So, carrying heavy weight can be a threat to your upper. So, try to keep your backpack lightweight.

5. Be Careful During Bending and Lifting

When you are on a trip, to do the job of bend and lifting are almost required. But there is a huge possibility of occur back hurt if you don’t do the job perfectly. It is better to keep a distance from a heavy load. During lifting, your back should be in a straight position, and keeping the objects close to you is required to avoid the problem.

6. Use a Comfortable Air Mattress

Sleeping plays the most vital job while you are camping and won’t expect back pain. Many freshers don’t pay attention to their sleeping gear on camping. But if your sleeping bed isn’t back-supporting then the worst sleep and back pain you can expect. So, to avoid back hurts you need a comfortable, quality, and support air mattress or bed. Many popular brands offer air foam, air mattresses, cots, etc at a reasonable price. Thrust me, using it is a super worth to save you from sleeping pain.

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7. Stretching Yourself

Before involving any camping activities, stretching or warming up yourself may help you in many ways. To boost your body process you need to warm up. You can do walking, swinging, or any warming-up jobs that helps for good blood flow, shoulder loosening, etc. Avoid muscle tightening, you can do various stretching exercises like knee, calf, back, etc stretching. All of those ensure your healthy body process and also keep you away from getting back problems.

8. Kit Preparation for Huge pain

If you have huge back pain and can’t rely on the above tips then you can take the pain kits before arriving campsite.  Like Cream, ice patches, portable tens units, etc to decrease your backside hurt. You can take a camping chair to support your back.


So, do you still think that back pain can spoil your camping holiday? I can’t hear the sound like that. I expect you got proper tips to avoid your back pain while camping. So what’s the delay? Go ahead to make a plan to enjoy your coolest camping ever.

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