Frequent saying from different persons those you might hear, like “Air mattress is best for camping or outdoor”, “Air mattress has a harmful effect”, “It’s not ideal for long uses”. Like that there are many controversies about sleeping on an air mattress where people can’t find a final destination. So, what’re the benefits of sleeping on an air mattress? And is it disadvantages too? Well, as I tasted the experience of using an air mattress both indoor and outdoor, from my understanding view I will try to explain what pros you can get from it or what the limitation you may face.

What is an Air mattress?

An air mattress or air bed is a sleeping material that is inflatable and usually made of plastic, rubber, or PVC. It is designed to remember indoor and outdoor uses.

Benefits of Sleeping on Air Mattress While Camping

Air mattress is beneficial in many aspects. Let’s know the benefits of sleeping on that smart one.

a tent in forest with benefits of air mattress sleeping

1. Ultra Comfortable

The most common benefit of an air mattress is, that it is built with comfortable material and is flexible. Some mattress offers extra softness for your peaceful night. Especially, when you will be camping, comfortable sleep is very much required. But, it is sometimes hard to manage a soft bed manually. In that condition, the softness of an air mattress can be an easy solution for you. So, the neediest thing that can bed could have is comfort level and the air mattress does it properly.

2. Back Pain Relief

Whenever it comes to sleeping in bed, back support is a vital part there. An air mattress is perfect in that field. Almost all types of air mattresses come with the facilities of back support. Camping or indoor, whatever areas you want to use, it works as a good pain protector of your back. Just buy the right one, adjust the right firmness, and go for a peaceful sleep. Your back pain is automatically safe here. Some claim that those aren’t good for a bad back. And this can happen when you go for a cheap and low-quality item.

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3. Desire Firmness

To keep all the user’s own desires, it offers one of the coolest features and that is custom firmness. Does it seem too high? Want to reduce the level? Not big. It’s in your hand just press the pump option. For more softness, all you need to decrease some air. So it looks like a remote control bed that anyone can easily operate. That adjustable firmness would be more effective when you get guests using it as different people have different preferences. So they can adjust the bed the way they need. In terms of camping, the feature is useful too.

4. More Shareable Space

Shareable space means you can get enough space there to share with your partner, family, or friends. Camping or home, for both uses you will get the benefit of more space. Most air bed builds with more weight capacity. And that means you needn’t worry if you require to share your bed with other members. Camping with more members with cots or sleeping bags may be created a spacing problem to sleep. In that situation, air beds can play a super role as they are capable to ensure a large sleeping space.

5. Out of Sag

Out of sag means you won’t experience surface slowly down after long use. Sagging isn’t a problem when your purpose is camping. But in terms of indoors, you need to be aware of it. In most cases, spring, foam bed, etc tend to be down at the area you will be sleeping for years. And that area of depression may have occurred other problems like hard feelings, uncomfortable, get-up issues, etc. In this case, the benefit of an air mattress is it stands strict to be sagged because of its durable materials and build quality.

6. Stable and Durable

Following the mentioned above, it comes with the character of stability and durability. The PVC and other high materials together made that mattress so durable. And that durability can fight against any leak and make it good for long-lasting. Additionally, many mattresses have the facilities of waterproof upper. So, camping or at home, you can get the advantages of little water-resistant. Again suede flock works as slip-free and holds the mattress in its fixed area. That means it has good stability. So, on a budget, a long-lasting sleeping bed you can get.

7. Easy to Operate

Who wants an easy and smart operating job? And here is the item that can fulfill those requirements. First of all, if you talk about storage and carrying then it is easy to carry and store. There provides a bag for easy transfer. Now, to deflate and inflate it takes only a few minutes. The process is very simple that is operated by a powerful built-in or rechargeable pump. The perfect inflation keeps the mattress firm for a long time. As a starter camping, those beds are quite effective as it saves both time and hard work. Furthermore, the mattress is easy if you want to clean it. This is because of the material. So, in the operating and maintaining sector, using it is a real worth.

8. Free from Odor

What do you expect from a new bed about odor? Surely most of those have a chemical smell in the first setup. But how it can be if that smell doesn’t disappear even after a long time of use? Many sleeping beds do the same job. For example, a memory foam mattress. But when you are with an air mattress then it won’t happen. Those items are made with PVC material and for that, you never face any nasty smell from it.

9. Low Spacer

What do you normally think about the so-called bed? Fixed a large space, unbox it, and then set it up. More storage space and time are required. But the picture is totally different when it turns toward the air mat. It doesn’t require much storage and setting process. On a camping trip, carrying isn’t a problem to have it because it is lightweight and easy to carry. Also in the tent, it fits well. So, it can tell an effective storage killer, can’t it?

10. Cool Feeling

In hot conditions, if you searching for a sleeping solution to keep yourself cool then using an air mattress may have the ability to do this. It will allow your body to take its cool temperature and ensure a cool feeling at night. When I was at Kentucky Horse Park for camping, my air bed did a great job in that hot season. So, on a low budget, you will have a tiny AC. Though it seems funny it’s largely true.

11. Adorable Price

And the last pleasing thing is it is available at a budget-friendly price. What about a normal bed or a foam bed? Yeah, those aren’t so much in price but the air mattress is even very cheaper than the others. It starts from $35 to $200 which is stronger in quality and well-known brands. You get different sizes for different prices. Under the 100 dollars bed, they are blasted ones. The brands offer a warranty too. So, who doesn’t give an upvote to it in the price segment as that smart bed offers many benefits in one?

Are There Any Disadvantages of Air Mattress?

Disadvantage or limitation is a common one to all things in the universe. Following that, air mattresses’s pros and cons both existed.

In the cons sector, air mattress has few breathed issues as it made of synthetic materials. Again in winter, using it can gift you a cool temperature that doesn’t desire. Some cheap products, aren’t so durable and have a chance to be leaked.

And those are the possible limitation you can be faced using it as a sleeping bed.


So, what are you think now? Are they usable for both camping and home? I hope your thinking is positive now. Don’t take stress about the little limitation, it can be minimized. Hope you are clear about the benefits of sleeping on an air mattress. Wish you a peaceful sleeping experience and say goodbye.

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