Nothing is better to get relieved from your humdrum life than camping. You can have a little space to think about something that you don’t get time for in your regular busy schedule. You can get a little closer to the beautiful nature .some people go in the deep jungle and some go near to the ocean for camping. If you are living somewhere near the United States, the Kentucky horse park campground is highly recommended for you.

Kentucky horse park is the only parkin north America park which is dedicated to an animal, the horse. Established in 1978 the park is the leading horse park attraction in the world where you can get up close and personal with these animals. Either you camp alone or camp with family or friends, Kentucky horse park campground is highly recommended for you.


4089 Iron Works Pike, Lexington, KY 40511, United States

Its only 20 minutes drive from Lexington to the Kentucky horse park campground.

The Campground

View of kentucky horse park

The campground is one of the parts of the Kentucky horse park. It has about 260 campsites which are broken up into two sections. The roads are very clean and they have shading trees everywhere. You have options to choose how you will camp. You can bring your camper with your car if you are camping with your family, but you have to park your vehicle on the side, in the grass. In summer, Cool tent camping without electricity is possible here.

Another option is you can just bring a tent and set it to the campground. They have places for a campfire. The campground is quite family-friendly. There is a lot to do for the kids. They have pools, basketball courts, tennis courts and kid playgrounds. They have a place where people can bring their own horses and run them. The campground has a general store along with it.

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Things to Do

The Kentucky horse park is a working horse farm stretches about 1200 acres. There is a lot to do in the park. We will make sure how you can enjoy the most of your visit.

  • Visitor Centre: Here you will find people happy to answer your questions or make suggestions. Be sure to check out the events and film screens in both Wrigley media group theatres. Then take a moment to notice the official Kentucky horse park gift shop, it’s the perfect last stop for the horse theme home décor, artwork, clothing, toys, and more.
  • Museum of The Horse: It is the biggest and best Horse Museum in the world. As a Smithsonian affiliate, it features exhibitions that highlight the history and lore of the special bond between horses and humans. Do not miss the unparalleled collection of equine artifacts and some special exhibitions. In the building, you will find unique Al-Mara Arabian horse galleries. A multimedia interactive exhibit designed with young people in mind. They will love the black stallion experience. Featuring the legendary Arabian horses from books and the movies.
  • The Kid’s Barn: If you are here with your family, your children will want to head out to the barn right outside the museum’s northern door, because that’s the kid’s barn. Check into the park’s scheduled activities like horse grooming, scavenger hunts, and a jump course just for youngsters, or take a self-guided tour.
  • Trolley Ride: if you need to rest your legs, trolley rides leave twice a day from the station between the kid’s barn and the mounted police barn, pulled by two beautiful draft horses. This informative ten-minute tour provides a chance to learn more about the feature, history, and current events of the Kentucky horse park.
  • Mounted Police Barn: You can also visit the mounted police barn to catch a glimpse of the horses and officers who’d keep the park safe.
  • The Breeds Barn: The kid’s barn and the trolley stop are both handy to the breeds barn; a little further into the park. On your way there stop and have a look at some vintage horse-drawn equipment and look in at the farrier and tack shop. Once you arrive at the breed barn, you will soon see why it’s one of the horse park’s best-loved attractions. Rarely you will have a chance to see so many different breeds under one roof. During the summer season, from April through early November, The Park staged two parades of breeds shows every day. Every show includes an opportunity for you to come ringside to take photos, pet the equine performers, and chat with the riders. You are welcome to stop at the breed barn any time, but the morning is your best chance to see the horses get bathed, groomed, and trained for that day shows.
  • Big Barns: At the big barn you meet one of their draft horses during a demonstration that happens every day from April to early November. They have an extraordinary carriage collection.
  • Hall Of Champions: At the hall of champions, you will meet living legends in thoroughbred and standardbred history. You can see them in a family-friendly multimedia experience that is presented twice a day during the summer season.
  • Horseback and Pony Rides: You can experience the park on horseback. Trail rides and pony rides leave from here on cigar lane just past the playground. It’s a first-come-first-serve experience and there’s an additional charge. Tickets can be purchased at the visitor center. Be sure to get these early as rides are limited.
  • American Saddlebred Museum: Saddlebred fans will want to make time for the award-winning movies and unique interactive exhibits in the American saddlebred museum.
  • Iron Works Cafe: The cafe is right next to the visitor center. This casual and quick-serve cafe features freshly made soup, salads, and sandwiches as well as daily chef specials. For lighter fare, there are snacks and drinks from the gift shop.
horse park Kentucky entry views

Attractions Nearby

While you are in Lexington, there are a lot of places nearby that you won’t want to miss. We will go through some of them.

  • Red River Gorge Zipline: Its only 50 minutes drive from downtown Lexington to reach the red river gorge zipline. If your heart is not that weak, you must try the zipline 300feet above the forest floor at about a mile per minute.  It feels like you have wings.
  • The Arboretum: It’s a state botanical garden placed in the University of Kentucky. It’s a 100 acres garden and opens 24/7 for the public.
  • Aviation Museum: The museum is located in bluegrass airport in Lexington. It has promoted aviation, aviation facilities, aviation safety, aerospace education for the past 15 years. It has occupied about 2000feet Indore and Outdoor exhibits.
  • Downtown Arts Center: You can spend some time in the Arts. The Art center provides concert, Drama, Dance, and exhibits that will charm you up.
  • Headley-Whitney museum: The museum is a kind of exhibition of the works of George Headley III. You will be amazed by the visual of good taste. It’s an exhibition of the amazing pieces of jewelry, textiles, ceramics, and furniture designed by George Headley.

Annual Events

Events, Kentucky

  • The Campground kicks off the summer with the festival of Memorial day campout event. The event is held between 22 May to 27 May. Festival of the Bluegrass- June 5-9.
  • Then they have a 5-day holiday celebration which Is called the Fourth of July celebration which occurs between July 2 to July 6.
  • From August 27 to August 29 the Bourbon Country Burn event is organized.
  • They have a two parted Halloween campout event. The first part is from October 8 to 12 October and the second part is October 15 October 19.

Best Time to visit

Considering the weather and the annual events, summer is the best time to visit the park and the campground. From late May to early November is the perfect time to camp here. Nature starts to show the color then. But for winter camping you should know about how to insulate a tent. And most of the events in the campground and the park are arranged in the summer.

Group Visit:

It has so many great places for traveling. There is much agency that offers you to travel to a grope. You can experience epic travel within a group. The agency offers a lot of facilities for the traveler. Kentucky provides an experience of a bounty of scenery and activities that spring from rural regions.

The tour operators ask for a mix of activities, culture, wildlife so you can get a little bit of everything. They also offer a range of dedicated tours for those who want to focus on a particular activity this includes walking, family discovery, wildlife, rail journey, etc.

Resoun for group travel with an agency-

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Tickets and Pricing

The park and the campground are full of events and holidays. The costs are depended on the date and holidays. You will get complete tickets and pricing, the privacy policy and the contact information on their website. We have provided you with the link below.

Visitors Review

As Kentucky horse park campground is one of the popular parks among all the parks near Kentucky, all around the year it is busy with huge visitors from a different region. And they share their personal travel experience by giving a short review. So what they are talking about the campground-

So, there you have it. You have now enough reasons to plan to go to the Kentucky horse park campground for your next Camping plan. We assure you that you won’t have any regret about going there.