There are two monsoons in the Philippines, winter monsoon and summer monsoon. And it has two seasons. The dry seasons start from December to May and the rainy season from June to November. El Nido doesn’t experience typhoons like the rest of the archipelago. specifically, there is no best time to visit El Nido as every month has its advantages and disadvantages.

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El Nido experiences a very nice climate throughout the year, with an average minimum temperature of 22 ° C, an average high temperature of 33 ° C, and mostly sunny weather. The lowest temperatures are in January while the hottest months are in April and May. Let us review the weather month by month and see which month you should travel to El Nido.


In January the nights are quite cold but the days are warmer. The average temperature in January is 28ºC and the average rainfall is 27mm. 


The weather and the temperature are quite similar compared to January. But February is generally drier than January.


March is the driest month of the year. The daily temperature is quiet hot then But the nights are mild. The average temperature in days is 32ºC and in nights its 25ºC. The average rainfall is around 16mm.


The humidity is quite high in April. And the average temperature is between 25-33ºC.


It starts to change the weather in May. The temperature goes to 29ºC and it rains 6days in the month on average.


The humidity increases and becomes High in this month. The temperature remains quite comfortable though. It rains around 10days in this month on average and rains about 235mm. 


It rains about every other day in July In El Nido. Thus July is the rainiest month of the year in El Nido. The temperature drops a bit 27.2ºC is the average temperature in this month. 


August is very similar to July in El Nido. The air is hot and rains about every day. The temperature is also lower than some other months of the year.


The southeast monsoon season starts to end from this month. Still, it’s a very rainy month in El Nido. And the temperatures are around 27ºC.


It rains less than September and the weather feels quite pleasant. It rains only 8day on average and the temperatures stay between 24º to 31Cº. 


The average temperature in this month is 28ºC. and the average rainfall is 84mm.


December is very similar to November. It rains less and the Dry season seems to begin. 

So here you go. You have the necessary data about the weather of El Nido. And also has the knowledge of difficulties month in getting to El Nido. So now you can decide when will be the perfect time for you to visit El Nido.

As for our suggestion, it is better to visit El Nido from December to May. The weather is dry and hot. The hottest months are March, April, and May. Temperatures reach about 41ºC in the hottest days. The water is also warm and pleasant in these months. So it is ideal for the divers also. 

So, if you are not uncomfortable in hot weather then March to May is the perfect time for you to visit El Nido.

Expect, you got your point. The best time varies with your personal preference and also what things you will do in El Nido. For any query, your comment will be much pleasure for us.