El Nido, creating its position as one of the amazing tourist destinations in the Philippines. The question of how to get to El Nido in Palawan 2020 has an excellent solution in this article.

Most people thought flight is the only way, and there are no other mediums to reach there. This concept doesn’t seem right. Based on our people’s visiting experience, we classified five possible ways to visit El N at the best time.

1.   By Flight- the fastest one

2.   By Van- the usual one

3.   By Bus- the cheapest one

4.   By Car- the personal one

5.   By Boat- the slowest one

All of those 5 have the different attributes. So, it’s your preference on which way you want to travel. We are just here to help you by reflecting on those fives character in depth.

road and transport for getting to El Nido

1. By Flight- the fastest one

To reach El N, flights are the easiest and fastest way. The flight would be most effective for a person having fatty money.

There are so many flights running to El Nido from Manila, Coron, and other Philippines city. The company named Air Swift offers those luxury flights.

Manila to El N. by air is the fastest way. Four direct flights are available daily. It takes around one and a half hours to reach Lio airport which is 4km away from the town. Get midtown from the airport; It takes approximately 20 minutes. In the cost term, Manila to Lio airport costs $70 and the airport to the city $5. So around $75/76 budget, you need to spend.

Another airway is first from Manila to Puerto Princessa by flight then from there to el n. by van. Manila to Puerto Princessa is around 1.5 hours required, and that costs $25. To reach your destination, you still have 220km to finish. And it can be done by van from Puerto Princessa. Van charges start from $11. So approximately, the second way needs $36 (1745 PHP).

From other places like Cebu and Coron, it is also possible to reach by flight.

2. By Van- the usual one

If you wanted to start your journey from Puerto Princessa to E. Nido, then a van is the easiest and most popular way. So how to get to El Nido from Puerto Princessa?

As we mentioned previously, there is a 220 km distance between those two places. At the terminal, you would notice different types of van companies waiting off at your destination. Lexxus Shuttle and DaytripperPalawan are two well-known companies to provide a safe and luxurious journey. It takes nearly 5-6 hours to reach E.N. Usually, those vans take $11-$12 (around 580 PHP) for your destination.

Online booking is available to most travelers not to prefer it.

3. By Bus- the cheapest one

The bus is another choosy option to travel from Puerto Princesa. It’s comfortable and also the cheapest to compare with the previous two.

Busway has some advantages like the cheapest journey with a comfortable bus, more spaces for more luggage, possibility to close with the locals.

To start your trip, first, go to the San Jose Bus Terminal, which is about 4km far from the airport. Take a tricycle to reach there, which costs around $3.

From there, take a bus off to your leading destination. There are low numbers of buses available, so you need to go there in time.

We recommend two bus companies, Cherry Bus and RoRo Bus, which are well known for their service. As the bus stopped several stoppages to in and out of passengers, more time might be needed. Averagely 6.5 to 7.5 hours are required. Then from there, you can go to your desired hotel where you can stay. And around $7 to $11 are cut off by each bus trip. So it can be the cheapest way.

4. By Car- the personal one

A car or motorbike is another option to travel in your own way.

It will be a good option when you want to explore the roadside view of your desired way and also good at driving. It would be your concern that you need to move 230km+ long way.

There are different types of rental cars available from Puerto Princessa. The cost and require time are dependent on you. It is not acceptable to travel at night.  So rent a car and enjoy your journey via beautiful villages and countryside.

5. By Boat- the slowest one

If your destination starts from Manila to El Nido by ferry, then it will be going to the slowest one.

First, you need to go to Coron by ferry, which takes almost 11 hours to reach Coron. There is only one trip 2Go in a week. It costs around $38 to get there. From there, take another ferry to your final destination. Manila to E. Nido by ferry isn’t such a good option but still one possible way.

If you are searching for how to get to El Nido from Coron, then this way may be useful for you. From Coron, it’s a straightforward and effective way. 2 Ferries (Montenegro and Phimal) daily depart at midnight. It takes only 3.5-4 hours. From E. Nido, the departure time is at 6 am. The fare of each trip is in the range of $36 to $38 (around 1840 PHP).

So, above those are the possible ways how to get to El N. Some other tough ways can be found, but those aren’t appropriate.

Getting Around El N.

So after reaching out to explore the town, it is essential to know about getting around to ensure your pace and safe journey. Being a small town, it offers many small vehicles to travel around. Alright, now take a look at the available options.


A motorbike is the most used vehicle for getting around. It’s suitable for land tours. You can enjoy your destination by a motorbike driven by locals. But rental is also possible if you are good at driving. It’s good to not rent a scooter. Depending on some factors, the cost for a one-day motorbike rental is between $8-$15.


Renting a car is also in your hand. Take a car and explore the beautiful destination in a self-way.


Tricycle in the Philippines is regarded as the cheapest and easiest way to get around for short distances. It’s a good option for small groups. Tricycle rental for a day is also available.


It is another medium to get around in El N. They are also cheap. The colorful decoration and painting quickly impressed one to feel its travel experience.


If you are traveling with a big group and want a luxury trip, then a van is highly recommended for you. It’s relatively high but able to worth your trip. For this, you just need to rent a private van.


Others mean ferry, bus, or flights. Those options are only applicable for a long way or one to another city.

Now it can tell E. Nido gives travelers so many traveling options to meet her beauty and wondering things to do.

I hope you got the solution to the question of how to get to El Nido. So stay safe and explore this Philippine’s beauty.

Let us know if you enjoy our travel guide through this article. For any queries feel free to share with us.

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