El Nido in Palawan

El Nido in Palawan is simply a travel paradise in the Philippines. With 465 s. kilometers of mainland Palawa it is located in Bacuit Bay. Around 45 islands and islets are standing with El Nido with their unique beauty.

If you don’t go there or just thinking about the visit, then take a look at its photographs. I’m sure you will be desperate to travel there.

many islands with blue water in El Nido in Palawan

Alright, Based on the recent visit, we represented a structure of how you will go there, what things you can do, the best travel time, the places for staying, etc are deeply discussed to make a stunning vacation on this beautiful land. You may like that.

So we expect you got your essential guide to visit El Nido in Palawan worthy. Keep safe, and start preparing, wishing you the best memories.

FAQ About El Nido

1. Visiting El Nido safe or not?

     – It’s safe to visit. No violent activities have not yet happened.

2. How many days need to explore its popular spots?

     – Almost four days you have to spend.

3. How about electricity?

    – You have to suffer from as there is an electrical problem, especially at night.

4. What about the internet connection?

    – Not so much satisfying as you expect. But light browsing works can do.

5. Any ATM exists or not?

    – There are several ATMs in E. Nido.

6. Can the locals know English?

    – They know a little bit of English, but anyone can understand.

7. Are there any good hospitals nearby?

   – Unfortunately, no. You can find a private doctor and a health clinic.

8. Are there any whale sharks?

   – Whale sharks are found all around the month in Palawan, Philippines.

9. What about food and restaurants?

   – Seafood, local foods, and top restaurants are available there.

10. Is traveling in el Nido in Palawan expensive?

   – No, it’s relatively cheap. But it can be expensive for one’s preference.

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