To establish a peaceful, fresh, and relaxing lying in nature, hammock camping is the most popular choice nowadays for outdoor recreation. By taking such a belief in my mind, I did a hammock trip too. But on the spot, I felt like my body was stuck on a hanging net that could fall at any time. And that time, my uncomfortable body and mind just waited for the end of the trip. So, is H camping fake? Definitely not, it’s me who did a wrong in selecting the best camping hammock for big guys.

Being tall, I didn’t aware of the size I need to have. After experiencing a tit-for-tat, now I have good care about how the big height camper should be concerned to choose the right hammock to gain its maximum taste.

At A Glance

Extra Big: Gold Armour Extra Large Camping Hammock

Best Overall: Legit Double Camping Hammock

Premium Pick: Easthills Outdoors Camp Hammock with Mosquito Net

All-Rounder: Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Camping Double

Budget Friendly: WINNER OUTFITTERS Nylon Parachute Camping Hammock

Excellent Combo: Kinfayv Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net & Rain Fly

Brand value: Kootek Portable Camping Hammock

Ultra Capacity: MalloMe Double & Single Portable Hammock

Considering Things to Pick Up Right Hammock as a Big Guy

“As I’m tall and big, so maybe the one which is longer than my height will be suitable for me”. Wrong, that can’t be the right way to choose the best camping hammock for big guys. Several factors are associated with it and those are discussed in this section.

A Guy Lays On Camping Hammock for Big Guy

What Dimension do You Need?

If you search then you may find a variant dimensional hammock. But the question is “which length and height are ideal for taller people?”

For length, you have to look for one which is more than 9 feet or more. Don’t go for a size that is slightly bigger than your size. The reason is it will be seemed quite small to you. So, make you’re your selected option bears 110 inches plus in size.

Now, if you think about the width, then 6 feet or more will be comfortable for the big. Furthermore, if you intend to share the hammock with more than one then you may concern about the large width. However, as a single person, won’t go for such a large where you discover yourself as claustrophobic. So, on average the width of a big camper should be more than 72 inches.

Capable of Hold Your Weight?

150 to 1000 pounds, various ranges of weight holding capacity you will find on the market. So, what’s the range you need to follow?

Actually, it depends on your size and weight. And perhaps choosing your hammock capacity is one of the most vital parts there. 

For bigger people, more than 400 pounds is a safe zone. But in terms of more weighty people, try to ensure the one has more than 500 pounds capacity. Again, for a couple sleeping, make sure your item bears enough capability to handle both of your weights.

So, for relaxing and secure hanging, pay more attention to that point following the manufacturer’s claim.

Build with Quality Material?

Depending on the weather, durability, and comfort, you have to determine how quality types of material you need to deal with. Look for a durable and long-lasting hammock that will protect against any tear or fraying.

Now, in the case of summer camping, the nylon materials are perfect where you will get a breathable, comfortable, and lightweight feeling. And for winter, try those which will give you the facility of insulation and softness to keep yourself warm.

So, measuring those facts material quality needs to confirm.

Bears Good Suspension System?

A suspension System means a way to hang it with the trees or others. Like straps, hooks, etc. Though all of the hammocks come with hooks, there exist some things you should look for.

The first thing is the strong and long strap. Cause that will give you much support and make your setup process easier. It is a plus point if your hanging bed has several hook options. However, don’t forget to look for the tree and its environment-friendly character.

For the big people, I don’t recommend a strap that is made of nylon. Because that will bring more stretching and will create a change to fall. So, those matters should have in your picking time.

How Portable it is?

Finally, it’s time to check for the portable option. Considering the above subjects, now pay attention to how portable it is to travel with you. For that, check the weight of the product. As light as it will be, the easier it will be to carry.

If you are a beginner then try to pick up the option that will offer you an easy setup.

So, overall, choose one that will provide you with easy and simple operation.

8 Best Camping Hammocks for Big Guys

Now, our user’s experienced selection that will be given in below is most capable to handle you with your long height and weight. Well then go forwards to meet you with your sleeping partner.

1. Gold Armour Extra Large Camping Hammock

Key Specs

Material Type: Nylon

Colors: Gray & Sky blue

Size (L X W): 125 X 79 inches

Capacity: 500 lbs

Gold Armour is one of the ideal choices for tall people having good features and packaging.

The model was designed with the 125 X 79 inches size which means it provides you 10.4 feet in length and 6.6 feet in width. And the measurement is enough I think for people of big height.

This item is made of 210T nylon which is strong and comfortable enough. Though some consumers complained about the thin fabric and its poor breathability, it’s not a major issue for all. According to the manufacturer, it can max 500 pounds of weight. And that is perfect for the guy with more weight and a long height. Moreover, you can use it as a couple or for two people. Because there exists enough room and strength capability for the two-person.

The default sky is blue and gray. But the brand keeps a wide range of color options thinking about people’s personal preferences. By the way, you may be disappointed if you expect the exact color given in the pictures. I think it’s normal to have a slight color difference between the picture and reality.  

Now, the exceptional and high breaking point straps are given there where the breaking strength (1000 lbs) is far from other brands. Those are quite long and 10 ´ 1 feet in size. So, you don’t need to take so much stress tying it up with the trees. Moreover, it also behaves friendly to the trees. Additionally, here you will get 16 attachment loops that make the setup process so easier and quicker. 

Likely, it has triple stitching to serve the hammock campers super support and low stretch. For the weight, it is 2.1 pounds only which is light and excellent portable. For backpacking travelers, this can sound good. And finally, on the price tag, I think it is too okay.

So, my recommendation is for those who are looking for a larger size and high capacity lightweight hammock that is easily operated then they blindly check that item.


  • Perfect for so big people or couples as it has a huge size and weight-holding capability
  • Several color options where you never miss your desired one
  • Not heavy and good at portability
  • Very much appreciated on packaging as it gives several things on the box
  • Good for beginners as it provides a strong, easy, and quick set-up


  • Thinner and low-breathable material may disappoint someone
  • It has a few complaints about not exact match color

2. Legit Double Camping Hammock

Best Overall
Legit Double Camping Hammock for Big Guys

Key Specs

Material Type: Nylon

Colors: Sea Green

Size (L X W): 120 X 72 inches

Capacity: 500 lbs

Legit is a quality name for a hammock that serves excellent camping performance, especially for the tall.

If we talk about the dimension then it is 120 inches in length and 72 inches in width. In that size, it can cover your whole body. Again, if you want to share sleeping with someone else then the hammock won’t bother you because of its plenty of space. As it’s a large design, it comes with a huge capacity which is about 500 pounds. So, I think those two features are enough to play friendly with the big.

The manufacturer builds it with a high material. The 210T nylon works to provide a durable, comfortable, and soft laying experience. The thankful thing is its 75D which makes the material breathe and keeps cool airflow. The triple-stitched is given there to enhance durability and zero stretchings. Pleasingly it doesn’t take too much in weight and ensures great compact.

Nylon-made straps are added there for excellent support and easy tieing. According to the brand, it can bear up to 1000 lbs of strength. Additionally, it has Steel Carabiners. But there is an error with the strap which is quite short for many users. But those hooks have tree-friendly behavior and simple and fast hanging that is pleasing matter to everyone, especially for the starter.

Like the previous number, that has also plenty of colors. You can select your favorite one among those. Another smart facility that maybe everyone needs is a stuff sack. So, what does sack stands for? It attaches to the hammock like a pocket to keep a key, mobile, or something like that. And all those quality packages you can get at a very thin price with lifetime service.

So, who would be the actual consumer of it? Well, in my suggestion, if your requirements are a quality material hammock with a large size and strength at an affordable cost then you may go for it.


  • Durable and breathable as it has high-performing materials
  • Large size and strength capacity to use as tall or double
  • Different color options
  • Good for fresher as it offers lightweight compactable, and easy setup
  • The price and user service are quite satisfactory


  • The short straps can be disliked by you

3. Easthills Outdoors Camp Hammock with Mosquito Net

Premium Pick
Easthills Outdoors Camp Hammock

Key Specs

Material Type: Nylon

Colors: Red

Size (L X W): 118 X 79 inches

Capacity: 700 lbs

The Easthills Outdoors looks like an “all in one” option with premium features and output.

Here the dimension is pretty good for large people. 9.8 X 6.6 feet never feel the lack of space. Moreover, if you want you can use it for two average people or three kids. Don’t worry about the fall. The company said, it can hold around 700 pounds weight. And that confirms your secure sleeping whether you are large or double.

This heavy-duty hammock builds with the 210T Taffeta. Which is not only strong and soft but also acts well on breathing. The integrated SBS works hard on the pressure-bearing areas and keeps your bed safe from tearing. Because of its triple stitch seams, you can sleep in a durable and insect-free hanging bed.

Again, the mesh that is 2500 hole square/inches does a better job to protect against any insects or pests. The included net is quiet and also the removal and easy to operate. But few users experienced the net as poor at mosquito protection.

The simple hanging system will provide you with sufficient items and facilities to complete the process so fast and simply. Tree straps, loops, carabiners, net ropes, stakes, guyline, etc work great on their position and make your way so effortless and time-saving. The more advantageous thing is the rainfly that definitely stops you from worrying about the weather. Rainy or wet, whatever the situation is, just placed the tarp in its place and make yourself waterproof.

Like a needy thing, the manufacturer gives two pockets in there as tiny storage for your wallet, mobile, or else. In the color section, only two, blue and red are available. And overall, the weight isn’t so heavy and in amount, it is 4 lbs. Though the price is higher than others, in that range with those premium features and included items it is awesome.

So, if your budget is okay and searches for an option that comes with a full package and massive performance, then Easthills Outdoors is yours.


  • Good fitted and support two people or large guy because of the extra length
  • Very sturdy and can be capable of up to 700 pounds.
  • A comfortable, durable, and breathable experience by its quality elements
  • Provides bug net and insect-free fabric design
  • Excellent in suspension with its strong and several set-up items
  • The brand provides a weather-proof rainfly and a little pocket for storage


  • Users aren’t satisfied with the output of the bug net
  • Beginners may feel difficulty because of lacking directions

4. Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Camping Double

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock

Key Specs

Material Type: Nylon

Colors: Navy and Light Blue

Size (L X W): 120 X 78 inches

Capacity: 500 lbs

Wise Owl Outfitters is a reliable camping brand and that one is one of the quality longer hammocks is a piece of them.

In that large size, the design is mainly for a big person or two. The length and width are 10 and 6.5 inches. The weight holding capacity is also pretty high and that is nearly 500 pounds. So, you don’t need to worry about covering your body or weight.

The fabric that is used here is durable and comfortable enough to ensure your restless sleep. The heavy-duty 210T is called breathable and lightweight too. That’s why the portability is at a suitable level. However, Some buyers aren’t happy with the thin fabric as they found tearing without going long. Now, on the color variant, the brands introduce many.

As expected the carabiners and straps are given with the package. The straps are long and good to tie with the trees easily without harm. With the help of separated loops, you can customize the height level as you want. And all of those setup systems don’t take too much time as well as energy.

If you want to know the extra features then a stuff sack can be a one-stuff sack where you get the facility to store tiny goods. 

So, when you should go for it? In the search for a popular brand with good service to support the large guy, that option will be suitable.


  • Light and comfortable experience with 210T fabric
  • It provides large space and strength for double or tall people
  • This one has little storage and multiple colors
  • Has a good portable character and quick setup


  • The straps and thin fabric could be enhanced

5. WINNER OUTFITTERS Nylon Parachute Camping Hammock

Budget Friendly
WINNER OUTFITTERS Nylon Parachute Hammock

Key Specs

Material Type: Nylon

Colors: Dark Green

Size (L X W): 118 X 78 inches

Capacity: 500 lbs

WINNER OUTFITTERS is a popular large hammock because of its excellent action at a very budget-friendly cost.

Here the ratio of length and width is 9.8:6.5. From the size, now it is clear to you how capable it is to keep any long body or double person in comfortably. Along with that, you will get up to 500 pounds of weight-holding capacity. That indicates its awesome durability with extreme weight-bearing with safety. So, long or large capability, from which point you want to search, the product is an all-rounder from both angles.

The using fabric is 210T nylon which is durable and smooth as previously told. To feel cool in summer, the breathable quality is added there. Overall, from a material point, the brand offers a sturdy, long-lasting, and peaceful laying. Though some found poor fabric quality that tears easily, I think that may be happened for not paying much care to it. But one point to be noted that is it is quite stretchy. However, It keeps some nice options for color.

Now if we back to the setup, then it will make relaxation your mind. The equipment that you need to do the hanging task, all are given there. The long tree strap, carabiners, etc you will find there. Those are very adjustable and stay friendly with the trees. And that process takes nearly a few minutes to fully complete

 From the transporting angle, it is suitable with the lightweight design. So, you can take the one in different circumstances like on the beach, hiking, or else. The most pleasing thing that makes me more attracted to it is the price section. Perhaps, it is one of the cheapest big camping hammocks that offer great service.

In verdict, it will be a good choice for those big men, who want a cheap option to relax with a good strength hammock.


  • It has perfect width, length, and weight power for using tall or two
  • Offers a smooth airflow fabric experience
  • You can set it up easily and fast with included items
  • Provides easy carrying for camping, beach, or any outdoor trip
  • It offers great value


  • The laying can be a little bit stretchy

6. Kinfayv Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net & Rain Fly

Excellent Combo
Kinfayv Big camping Hammock

Key Specs

Material Type: Nylon

Colors: Red and Black

Size (L X W): 118 X 78 inches

Capacity: 600 lbs

The Kinfayv Camping Hammock is one of the high-quality choices that offer a superb combo that is required. It also looks like a hammock tent.

The weight capacity and large dimensions are made it a double hammock. You will get up to 600 lbs of strength. For your long height and width, it provides 9.8 and 6.5 feet. So, there is no lacking of space and you can lay securely and peacefully.

To ensure a light design and durable hammock, the brand uses a 210T parachute here. To make a way of airflow, the fabric has a breathable character too. So, overall a strong and portable hammock you will get there. However, in the color option, you may be upset, as it comes with only black and red color.

The most pleasant and attractive matter is its package. It offers almost all the necessary items that you badly need on the hammock. The straps (3) look so strong and long. Also has 13 loops. Again, steel carabiners, net ropes, guylines, stakes, etc are included there. It has no stretching because of stitched seam. And all those essential setup things and quality confirm a fast and adjustable suspension way.

Rainfly and mosquito nets, those that have great uses in many conditions are given there. The tarp or rainfly has a 120 ´ 120 which is much capable to protect you from sun heat along with keeping you dry from rain or wet condition. Whether the net is designed with two lopes for an easy tie or removal. As you know, wildlife is full of bugs or insects. So, to make you free of those, the net performs well.

Wait, it’s not over about the packaging. More needy things like a pillow, bracelet, eye musk, instruction for setup, etc are provided by the brand. Isn’t feel pleasant? Again, like others, it also has a built-in stuff sack, and this pocket you can use as keeping your items or even can be packed into the hammock too. So, all of those included goods and quality truly make it a premium and exceptional one the other.

In the final word, if you are a big guy and looking for a decent hammock having a great combo that requires in the spot, then no doubt, Kinfayv will be the awesome choice for you.


  • The Kinfayv has sufficient length and width to comfortably cover the taller or double body
  • It can bear up to 600 lbs weight without any stress
  • Included a tarp and net to protect from insects and the sun
  • That one has a very simple and effective suspension way
  • It offers plenty of goods on the package that all have great use on the trip


  • There is only one color variant
  • The side seems higher to someone

7. Kootek Portable Camping Hammock

Brand value
Kootek Portable Camping Hammock

Key Specs

Material Type: Nylon

Colors: Black and Gray

Size (L X W): 118 X 78 inches

Capacity: 500 lbs

Great performance with great value is muchly associated with the favorite hammock brand named Kootek for the tall man.

The large size comes with 118 (L) X 78 (W) dimensions. And that’s, as usual, ideal for the long guy or the two medium people. The weight-bearing capacity is also beyond your level. The brand claims that it behaves okay with around 500 pounds. So, you do not need to worry to fall or sleep with your partner.

210T parachute nylon has existed there which is pretty premium and offers super durability and breathability. That confirms the strong protection against fraying or tearing. The item has low weight too which helps the backpacker much. Moreover, it provides many colorful options to choose one’s favorite.

Adjustable and environment-friendly straps are given there. Those are two in number and are about 10 feet long. And has loops also. By the way, some people found poor straps and expect quite good. However, you will find enough warping options with that large strap. With the quality carabiner, the durability and capacity during hanging increase largely. So, overall, an easy way will get there to install and explore.

Another good thing is, here the manufacturer provides the storage bag which is made with a drawstring design. And its job is to provide an easy way to attach to your backpack for easy transport. Furthermore, a sack pocket is also presented there as your light storage. Unlike other brands, it has the build quality that can protect against dirt, has quick washing, and can keep your hammock super clean. And all of those facilities you will get at a very thin cost.

So, for whom do we recommend that product? Well, if you are interested in a trusted camping hammock brand that provides excellent service and advanced features in an affordable range then Kootek is that name.


  • Large size provides enough area and capacity for the large man, couple, or with kids
  • The fabric is too durable and dirt-free
  • It offers simple installation with an excellent carabiner and customized straps
  • It builds with a drawstring bag and lightweight design for smart attaching and carrying
  • The brand is popular, trustable, and cheap


  • Users aren’t satisfied with the quality of the straps

8. MalloMe Double & Single Portable Hammock

Ultra Capacity
MalloMe Double & Single Hammock

Key Specs

Material Type: Nylon

Colors: Black and Blue

Size (L X W): 118 X 78 inches

Capacity: 1000 lbs

MalloMe Hammock is such a larger option where you will find the pounds capacity at an ultra level.

Its 6.5 feet width and 9.8 feet length create a comfortable and roomy way to laying perfectly on it. The most unbelievable part is its weight-holding capacity. Which is almost nearly 1000 pounds. Again, it comes with parachute nylon to increase durability. So, it will happily allow you to use it as a couple, large body, family, or whatever you want because of its good space and holding capability.

The default color is black and blue. Though there is no heating issue with black color, you can purchase any color as here given nearly 20 options. The material is average and there is bad talk about long durability.

Now, if we return to the hanging task, then it has high-making straps, a strong carabiner, and ropes that complete a simple and fast setting. 

It is known as an ultralight hammock and is also as compactable. It is less than 2 pounds. Luckily, it has an attached pocket I mean a sack, which is helpful for easy packing and carrying. For that ultralight and portability, it can be worked in several circumstances like backpacking hammock,  hiking, kayaking, beach, and so on options.

Now, if you wish for hammock sleeping but have a fear because of your huge weight then you can rely on this suitable camping hammock for big guys.


  • Huge weight capacity which is 1000 lbs
  • It deals with good equipment and less time for setting up
  • It has a stuff sack for storage for the hammock or else
  • This one is lightweight and usable in various outdoor activities


  • There found less durability for long uses and poor airflow

Is hammock Camping Cause Back Pain?

Though a hammock is fun and comfortable laying, some people are still have confusion about the risk of back pain. For that reason, they frequently search whether it is good or not for their back. Well, let’s discuss it.

Practically, the hammock isn’t a bad one for bringing bad problems at all. Oppositely, it has many health and other benefits to inspire one to taste the relaxing feel. But there is a chance of back pain in some circumstances. So, what’re those?

A man who got previously a bad back or has a problem with spinal or scoliosis can be faced pain on that trip. So if you have pre-issues on your back, then you may stay in the risk zone. But that doesn’t mean all of them surely face back pain. A very little percentage of bad back people will mainly go through that. So, to avoid the risk you can talk with the doctor before hitting the trip.

Furthermore, if your hammock setting won’t be done correctly and then you will sleep in the wrong position, then it may also bring pain to your backside.

So, in the last step, we can say, the hammock itself isn’t a bad factor in causing lower back pain.


Being big isn’t bringing any problem to camping, it’s a matter of choosing the wrong gear that creates suffering. And we hope, you have now enough suitable options to pick from. So, in your verdict, which one is the winner as the best camping hammock for big guys? If you ask me, then I tell everyone is the winner by measuring their variant capability.

So, don’t be worried, pick up your required options and stay pretty sure that it won’t upset you at all. In the end, Stay big, explore big and be safe.

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