Being tall doesn’t always carry a blessing sometimes it may bring a feckless situation. And I experienced it as an eyewitness when I camped with my friend Eric who is 6.5 feet tall. He was trapped in such a situation using the wrong sleeping bag that he couldn’t cover his full body and looked uncomfortable tight with him. Moreover, that was a winter night and he suffered from the worst sleep with uneasiness. Though we made fun with him in that situation, it was clearly visible to us how much the best sleeping bag for a tall man is required.

So, if you are big enough to cross the normal sleeping bag, then you need to be tricky to find the perfect one. On this page, an explanation of facts you should consider while choosing and a list of suitable items are presented well so that you can rely on your camping trip.

Quick Overview

Best Winter Quality: Coleman Big Basin 15 Tall Sleeping Bag

39 x 92 inch, 7.98 lbs, for 6.6 ft+ height

Editor’s Pick: TETON Sports Celsius XXL S. Bag

90 x 39 inch, 7.05 lbs, for 6.5 ft+ height

Excellent Overall: Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag

87 x 32 inch, 2.8 lbs, for 6-7 ft height

Three season: Tough Outdoors All Season XL Sleeping Bag

88 x 34 inches, 2.8 lbs, for 6.6 ft+ height

Ultralight & Summer: Tough Outdoors Mummy Sleeping Bag

86 x 32 inch, 2.05 lbs, for 6.6 ft+ height             

Good Features: Kelty Tuck 22F Degrees Long Sleeping Bag

84 x 64 inch, 3.3 lbs, for 6.6 ft+ height

Big & Car Camping: TETON Sports Mammoth Queen-Size Double S. Bag

94 x 62 inch, 16.5 lbs, for Big height                                                        

Average Pick: Coleman 40°F Big Biscayne Sleeping Bag

39 x 81 inch, 5 lbs, for 6.4 ft+ height

8 Best Sleeping Bags for Tall Man

Now, it’s time to reveal the larger sleeping bag list containing 8 elements based on user experience. Let’s unbox it.

1. Coleman Big Basin 15 Tall Sleeping Bag

Best Winter Quality
Coleman Big Basin Taller Bag


Size: 39″ x 92″

Material Type: Polyester

Type of Shape: Semi-rectangular

Dimensions: 15 (L) x 10.25 (W) x 10.25 (H) inches

Closure: Zipper

Weight: 7.98 pounds


Coleman is a popular and reliable brand and here Big Basin 15 is it’s another quality long sleeping bag on a great budget.

For the tall, it’s a great item where the measurement of the size is 39 x 92 inches. And the good news is, it can support up to 6.6 feet in height. The diemsion is in favor. And here you will get body fitted design and also a moveable space for the foot (have wide bottom). Approximately 7.98 pounds is the weight measurement.

Now, it’s time to talk about the shape and here it is semi-rectangular. There is a hood added there. In the material or fabric section, it has a quality one. It bears a polyester shell that is breathable and comfortable with your height. That Ripstop polyester also ensures durability.

Having insulation polyester fabric, your bag can hold the heat perfectly. Also, you will find the ventilation and warming facilities with the hood. For temperature rating, it is less than 15 degrees F. So, keep you in warm condition, it’s very effective.

ZipPlow system is a pleasing feature for zip system where you will get snag-free and easy operating service. Don’t worry about the heat loss through the zip as there exists the Thermolock draft to prevent it. Things have to mention that the bag will allow you to clean it using a washing machine.

So, in verdict, if you are searching for a big and tall sleeping bag to perfectly spend a warm sleep outdoors at a low price then Basin 15 will suit you more.


  1. Large size with foot space
  2. Good for heat holding
  3. Warm and comfortable
  4. Machine wash supported
  5. Low in cost


  1. Quite heavy for packing and carrying

2. TETON Sports Celsius XXL S. Bag

Editor’s Pick
TETON Sports XXL Sleeping Bag


Size: 90 x 39 Inches

Material Type: Poly Taffeta

Type of Shape: Rectangular

Dimensions: 89.96 (L) x 38.98 (W) x 3.94 (H) inches

Closure: Zipper

Weight: 7.05 pounds


TETON Sports Celsius XXL is one of the popular sleeping bags on our list for the tall guy.

For the guys who’re height is more than 6 feet and up, TETON introduced them with a camping bag that is 90 x 39 inches in size. The size is enough to cover your full body ensuring leg or body stretching. 7.05 pounds seem a little bit heavy but that’s not a major issue. The default color is green.

The shape is rectangular and there adds a desire hood. The hood works for some needy purpose. Like it provides good head support and also stays away from your pillow dirty. Heat-trapping is also get favored by that. And it is known as a three-season bag for camping.

The given material is SuperLoft Elite for the filling purpose. But the shell is Poly Taffeta. And that’s good for many reasons. It will provide the camper with a warm and peaceful experience. Draft tubes and double-layer construction suit here most to keep you warm in cold conditions. Good to hear, it is super durable and has a lifetime warranty.

One of the cool features is, you can fully unzip it. This also provides anti-snag zip and that’s pretty cool. Having both side zips, it works well as an air flower.

Again, the bag is designed with an awesome compression sack. That means you will get the chance for easy storing and carrying. Moreover, the interior pocket option allows you to keep your keys, wallets, or any tiny parts in it.

In our recommendation, it will be good for those tall campers who want a durable bag having excellent features and warmness at a reasonable cost.


  1. Extra large size
  2. Durable build quality
  3. ​Draft tubes and double layer from excellent warm
  4. Easy store and ​Interior pocket
  5. Good price with a lifetime warranty


  1. Few users have complained about the poor zipper

3. Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag

Excellent Overall
Winner Outfitters Tall Man Sleeping Bag


Size: 87 x 32 inches

Material Type: Polyester

Type of Shape: Mummy

Dimensions: 87 (L) x 32 (W) x 4 (H) inches

Closure: Zipper

Weight: 2.8 Pounds


Winner Outfitters is a name of lightweight sleeping bag for the big man with three or four-season usability.

87 x 32 inches size is given there which is enough for a height of 7 feet. To me, the lightweight feature is more impressive. Because of weight, it is only 2.8 pounds which is more suitable for camping or backpacking. The review color is orange but there are available 4 colors in total.

Good to know that it builds with the mummy shape which is more popular for their service. Again, the polyester fabric made the shell soft, comfortable, and also warm. The relaxable feature is, it has waterproof fabric as it featured with 350T rip-stop.

If you are a frequent camper then it feels pleasing to you that this bag is designed for use 3/4 season. The temperature rating is near 40-35 degrees F. So, in warm conditions, it will offer you the expected comfort. The item also bears heat-trapping power. In a sentence, that bag allows you to control the temp according to your wish. So, summer, spring, or winter, in all seasons will protect you as a true lover.

Wait, it’s not over. There are also more features to tell. For zipping, it’s best work. The reason is, it has SBS double zipper which is excellent in quality and is anti-snag.

As usual, a compression sack is also present there. Important thing is, it’s environmentally friendly and keeps it far from an allergic problem. And don’t panic about cleaning it as it will permit you to wash it with the machine. Good to mention that, the brands will provide a nice carrying bag with the main.

So, why do you need that bag? If your requirements are big size, lightweight and al rounder sleeping in a budget then you should go for the winner.


  1. Large and Super lightweight
  2. All seasons usable
  3. Soft, comfortable, and waterproof
  4. Excellent in zipping
  5. Easy cleaning and environment friendly
  6. Great price


  1. Not suitable in extreme cold

4. Tough Outdoors All Season XL Sleeping Bag

Three season
Tough Outdoors All Season


Size: 88 x 34 inches

Material Type: Polyester

Type of Shape: Rectangular

Dimensions: 16.3 (L) x 7.3 (W) x 6 (H) inches

Closure: Zipper

Weight: 2.8 Pounds


Tough Outdoors is a three-season taller sleeping bag specially designed for high-height people.

88 x 34 inches is the length and wide size. And the size is pretty big to use 6.6 feet or more. Don’t worry, being big, you have more space to move into that XL-size bag. For weight, it is favorable for all outdoor activities as the item is only 2.8 pounds. 

The brand uses Loft Polyfill as the fill material. The outer one is polyester. And this fabric can offer you a comfortable night and also have a water-resistant capacity.

The bag is more suitable for those people who camped all around the year. Three-season design is the reason behind it. If you want to know the temperature range then it is between 40 to 60 degrees F. So, the design is overall satisfying for all seasons. But if it is so cold, then it may be disappointed you.

In the matter of clean and carry concern, it will seem very adorable to you. Because of its low weight, there will be no problem carrying it in a backpack. Moreover, it ensures an easy way to clean it. 

To save you from silly disturbing, the bag has a pocket for small storage like your phone, key, or else.

The product will be recommended for those buyers who are much longer in height and looking for a quality sleeping bag for three seasons, especially in summer.


  1. Quite big and lightweight
  2. Good in three season
  3. Trouble-free cleaning and carry
  4. Pocket for small storage


  1. Not for super low temp
  2. Have complained about poor zip

5. Tough Outdoors Mummy Sleeping Bag

Ultralight & Summer
Tough Mummy Outdoor Bag


Size: 86 x 32 inches

Material Type: Polyester

Type of Shape: Mummy

Dimensions: N/A

Closure: Zipper

Weight: 2.05 Pounds


Tough Outdoors Mummy bag is a cheap budget option for warm weather camping, hiking, or else.

Campers that have more than 6.6 feet size can be an easy fit with that bag. The bag size is about to 86 x 32 in. For large wide and lengths, you can also get available space to light move. The exciting specs are it’s super lightweight. Because of its 2.05 pounds, many backpackers like it most.

The using material is polyester, which can capable to provide softness feeling. The mummy shape keeps you fit on it and also offers a hood for the head. Furthermore, the fabric is waterproof. 

Basically, this item is well-workable in summer conditions. The rating of temperature is up to 60 degrees F. So, in summer, this will stay with you like a true partner. The zipper is a reinforcement type. For packing, you can chill without taking so much stress. Again, it comes with the mechanic cleaning option.

So, surely, this 8 number will be perfect for the big buddy who wants a super lightweight sleeping B. at a very low cost for their summer tripping.


  1. Ultra-light in weight
  2. Warmest weather protector
  3. Simple packing tasks and easy transport
  4. Super low in price


  1. Bad in extremely cold weather
  2. Bad zipper complain

6. Kelty Tuck 22F Degrees Long Sleeping Bag

Good Features
Kelty Tuck Long S. Bag


Size: 84 x 64 inches

Material Type: Polyester

Type of Shape: Mummy

Dimensions: 84 (L) x 64 (W) x 0 (H) inches

Closure: Zipper

Weight: 3.3 pounds


Kelty Tuck 22F enters the market with its lightweight and three-season design to take care of the taller traveler.

The bag size is about 84 x 64 inches. Here, with your 6.6ft+ height, you can comfortably fit with it. Another advantage is its lightweight design never makes your backpack more weighty. And the number is 3.3 pounds only. The Dark Slate color adds here a cool look.

Like a quality S. bag, it is made with polyester as the outer material. Offset construction is given there to increase durability. And more desirable, the mummy shape is presented. The thermal hood is quite good to give support and softness to your head.

The filling system is ThermaPro insulation which ensures the warm provider. The fabric and design are for 3 seasons. The lower temp is 22 degrees F whereas the up is near 40 to 65. That means you can sleep it in different conditions.  

One of the smart features is its footer zip. Maybe you will need to take off your feet out of the bag in warm condition then you can easily do it by unzipping the footer one. Additionally, the zipper has a draft tube that bears an anti-snag system.

Furthermore, it has a pocket system where you can keep your essential item like a phone, charger, etc.  

Now, look for the verdict. Alright. If big, lightweight, any season, and smart features are your main requirements then it’s not bad for you.


  1. Lightweight and long-lasting design
  2. Warm or cold protector
  3. Footer zip and anti-snag
  4. Little storage (pocket)


  1. Cheap zipper (according to few consumers)

7. TETON Sports Mammoth Queen-Size Double S. Bag

Big & Car Camping
TETON Double Sleeping Bag


Size: Double

Material Type: Taffeta

Type of Shape: Double-wide

Dimensions: 94 (L) x 62 (W) x 3 (H) inches

Closure: Zipper

Weight: 16.5 Pounds


TETON Sports Mammoth is ideal for the big height and big weight people to cover themselves warmly while on the outside.

To cover your big body, the bag builds with a huge size and that is 94 x 62 inches. It is double actually. So this one of course can be capable of your body size and also provides additional space for your movements. Wider or longer whatever you search for, this one won’t upset you.

The plus point is, being a normal guy, you can use it as a family sleeping bag with your kids or partner. But as a backpacker, you can’t attach the bag with your backpack, because of its 16.5 pounds weight. 

For shape and look, it is double-wide and orange in color. The Taffeta shell provides you with great warmth as well as comfortable. The fabric will give you a super soft experience.

The draft tubes and quality zipper work effectively to offer the desired warmness. Here, Offset Seams also work for cold removal by trapping the warm air into the bag. The temperature rating is 0°F. That indicates its capability in cold conditions.

Appreciated things are, it has well featured to roll very easily, and there exist three zippers that will allow you to easily enter.

Now, who will be its actual consumer? Well, if you have more height and want a car camping with your partner or kids in a quality and large sleeping bag then TETON Mammoth is your option.


  1. Huge in size
  2. Good for a small family
  3. Warm supporting fabric and features
  4. Quality and several zippers
  5. Easy operating


  1. Too heavy
  2. Price also high

8. Coleman 40°F Big Biscayne Sleeping Bag

Average Pick
Coleman Big Biscayne


Size: 39 x 81 inches

Material Type: Polyester

Type of Shape: Rectangular

Dimensions: 10.2 (L) x 19.9 (W) x 10.2 (H) inches

Closure: Zipper

Weight: 5 Pounds


Coleman 40°F Big Biscayne is another budget king and is good for big people in warm weather.

The model has 39 x 81 inches in size and the manufacturer claims that it is well-fitted for people of more than 6.4 feet. And actually, it is perfect for them. The weight isn’t so heavy and that is about 5 pounds. Black and grey are the colors used here.

As usual, it is rectangular. In the material section, it builds with full polyester in an out shell. The ultra-softness of the fabric ensures your comfortable sleep outdoors. Breathability is also founded there. And for its durable character, you can use it for a long time. 

Mainly, the bag is good for mild temperatures like below or up the 40 degrees F. The ventilation process can make you feel better. So, ultimately, the bag will serve you better in warm weather. Don’t worry, in terms of low temp, it carries the capability to trap the heat inside and provides you with a warm feeling.

The ZipPlow system also adds a premium feature here by offering snag-free zipping tasks. Additionally, you will find the roll control and quick cord. That means you can easily roll or pack jobs.

So, if you want to hear our verdict, then we recommend that product for those who are looking for a lightweight and budget-saving sleeping bag for a warm condition to sleep comfortably.


  1. Big size and lightweight
  2. Soft and comfortable
  3. Excellent in 40 to 60 degrees F
  4. Snag-free and simple rolling


  1. Disturbing fabric liner to few

Things Look for While Choosing Large Sleeping Bags

Maybe you people think that a big sleeping bag means the ideal one for the big guys. But actually, it’s a silly thought as the taller should consider some major facts with the big size. So let’s start the discussion on choosing the outdoor sleeping item for the long.

Blue Sleeping Bag Choosing factors

Fix the Desire Size and Shape

As a tall, first, you need to look at the size. Check the length or dimension and compare it with your height for ideal suiting. Normally, more height needs more big size. 

Now, there are mainly three shapes of the bag for camping and here you need to fix the type that you require.

The first one is a mummy bag where you experience being well-fitted with your body and there exists no space for air or your movements. And it is best when you search for warmness and lightweight.

Rectangular is another type where you will find a sufficient area to move your parts. It is enough wide and comfortable too. Definitely, it’s a good option for big campers. But here you may feel a heavy bag.

And lastly, the Semi-Rectangular or barrel looks like the previous design. Here you find both comfort and warmth. Also, there presents enough space to move. Suitable for both camper and backpacker both.

So, according to your preference, fixed the shape where you want to sleep.

Ensure Quality Materials

Another must-do task is to check the outside materials of the bag. Different brands come with different fabrics such as dry loft, nylon, polyester, ripstop, and so on.

Dryloft is mainly known as a four-season bag where you will get comfortable and breathable facilities. Not only that but also water-resistant is ensured by it.

But nylon and polyester are the quality material that works best. Here the campers will get breathable shell materials. They are good at waterproofing and offer you long-time uses if you are a hard camper. Ripstop is also a similar kind of fabric. And all those quality materials are mainly found in mummy shape bags.

So, go for the shell fabric where you will take the maximum benefits on your outdoor sleeping. However, you can use an air mattress as an alternative. Those camping mattresses have many advantages to sleeping comfortably.

Keep Notice of Weight

Maybe it won’t seem not heavy to a normal eye. But whenever you go out backpacking or camping then you might experience the weight of the sleeping b. So, it is wise to look for lightweight. Also can pay attention to easy carrying and packing.

Usually, Rectangular comes with bulky weight. So, it is better to avoid it. But in terms of car camping, it’s not a problem. So, for lightweight camping or backpacking, barrel or mummy will be a perfect choice.

Temp Rating and Insulation Types

The rating of temp and insulation is also an important factor for choosing a normal sleeping bag as well as the taller one.

These ratings determine the conditions of how much warm or cool you will get. Maximum brands provide 10 to 50 degrees F. if your camping time is in summer then find the option where the rate is up to 32 degrees For winter, less than 10 is enough to feel great warm.

In the view of the all-months camper, you have a great option and that is a three or four-season bag instead of individual uses on different conditions. Those bags build at 10 to 32 degrees F and are much capable to protect you in all seasons.

And the insulation bag means the warm level in different climate conditions. Among different types, down insulation is one that builds by feathers of bird-like ducks or others. For that, those are very lightweight and ensure maximum warmth with comfort. Having the great power of the insulation in winter, the manufacturer takes more cost than others. By the way, if you want to insulate your tent in easy ways then you can read our simple tent insulating ways.

Synthetic is another name that comes with excellent capacity in dry conditions. They can absorb water very quickly and works for an insulation provider. So, check those features especially if you want a winter trip.

Good Zipping and Pockets

Without the above checking, some additional features are good to ensure. Zip and pockets are two among those.

The zipping system is more desirable and pleasing to everyone. Try to purchase the bag having anti snagger zip to drink extra special benefits. In terms of two sharers, search for the right or left side zipper.

It is also special if your bag bears pillow and slash pockets. Because they can serve you in many different conditions. 

So, above those are the major factors that you should keep in your mind while buying a big guy sleeping bag or also for normal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does A Sleeping Bag Have Any Disadvantages?

Yeah, on the opposite, a sleeping bag has a few disadvantages too. Though it is great for many terms in outdoor conditions, you have to accept some of its cons points. The main limitation is most of those bear quite heavyweight and large for carrying on backpacking or camping. Additionally, those are quite expensive.

Is It Possible to Clean the Sleeping Bag in a Washing Machine?

The thing depends on the brand and material. Many brands permit you to wash it into the machine whereas many forbid you to enter the bag into the machine. This is because of using materials. But maximum bags are washable with suitable soap but not in too much.

How Do I Determine the Suitable Size According to My Long Height?

The measurement is pretty easy. No matter how tall you are, just select a size equal to or nearly your height. That means, 6.2 feet tall = 6.2 feet or nearly bag size. Many think the same size can cause overfit and uncomfortable. But, practically that won’t happen as the manufacturer’s measurement is 6-7 inches more than the actual.


Almost everything has its downside but that doesn’t indicate defeat in that circumstance without doing anything. Big height may feel you in trouble with outdoor sleep and of course, there is plenty of possible ways by which you can solve the error.

Despite being average, I can also feel the trouble that taller face in camping or other. And I hope that article on the best sleeping bag for the tall man has already trained properly to choose the right one. The listed items are perfect in their different condition but the same in terms of big.  

And I’m sure, you will find your desired bag from the above list. Just think about your requirements, compare in above and go for that. Have a peaceful and fun camping trip.

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