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Let me guess, you want to hike with sandals because you don’t like the hassle of boots or shoes in the trail condition and want a lighter option. No? Okay then, you may be wanted to keep your feet super cool in summer or your hiking areas have a water path to cross. Then you will go in sandals but it gifts the worst experience. Reason? Probably, you deal with the hiking sandal but not with the best hiking sandals for wide feet.

So, if you have a wider foot then obviously you should be concerned about your sandal selection. Sometimes, it’s quite a struggle to find the right one, but the guides and reviews on there will make your job too easier.

How to Know That You Need Wide Sandal

Like other differences in the human body, wide feet are varied to each different person. So, what are the possible causes of wider feet? Let’s see a few points down.


  • Health and foot errors like heart problems, diabetes, deformities, etc have a powerful effect to increase the wide the foot.
  • The time of pregnancy and even after, research showed that women get larger feet than normal.
  • And most importantly, genetics play a big role in this. If your previous member got it, then through the genetic process it can be found in you.

Well, now you may think, what is the symptom with that you can determine, you have wide feet and you need wider hiking sandals? The following cases will give an answer to do you have a wide foot or not.

Step 1: Measuring Time: As you have already known the effect of swelling on the foot. It increases the feet’ size after the day. So, it is the best idea to find out the size after the evening.

Step 2: Measurement Guides: Now in this stage, collect the materials that you need in the measuring process like paper, pencil, stick, or else. Now start it by standing on the paper and note down the numbers according to the trace on the paper. If you used to wear socks then try socks too. And remember, don’t go for one foot only, because many ones have one big foot than the other one. So, you make sure what types you have.

Step 3: Conclusion: Now, it’s time to review and declare whether it is wide or not. For that, compare the experimental data with the shoes and see how to behave it is. The calculation will tell you whether it is wide feet or not. However, you can know the details about wide feet shoes in Vionicshoes.

So, what are the benefits of using wide sandals for wider feet in hiking? Comfort, good fitting, less friction, extra room, and more necessity advantages you can get from there.

7 Best Hiking Sandals for Wide Feet

Not only depending on the brands but measuring our wearing experience and actual user’s opinions, we enlist here 7 items. And we believe those are perfect for terrain or hiking condition for wide feet.

Quick Recommendations

Best Choice: Chaco Men’s Z1 Classic Sandal

Women's Choice: Teva Women’s Unisex-Adult Sport Sandal

Premium: KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal

Soft & Flexible: DREAM PAIRS Women’s Adventurous Sandals

Good Looking: GRITION Women’s Hiking Sandals Wide

Multipurpose: CAMEL CROWN Arch Support Hiking Sandals

Cheap: ATIKA Men’s Outdoor Hiking Sandals

1. Chaco Men’s Z1 Classic Sandal

Best Choice
Chaco Hiking Sandals For Wide Feet


Brand: Chaco

Color: Black

Material: Rubber and Polyester

Size: 7 to 15

Weight: 1 Pound


Chaco is the name of a leading brand in the outdoor sandal industry because of its quality and comfortable service.

Z1 Classic appears in the market with rubber soles and polyester upper. There is no doubt about the durability of this Chaco hiking sandal. Here the strap’s adjustability will allow you to make it fit according to your wish. Though the straps are a little long, they will be comfortable and fit with the wide foot.

The design and look are eye-catching as well as fashionable. Multiple colors and designs the brand offers to choose from as one’s wishes.

Almost all types of foot sizes are available there and those are from 7 to 15. Not only that, but it also has specific sizes for the wide one. So, you can easily grab the size as your requirement. The 1-pound weight is okay enough, but if your hiking period is long days then it may be caused a bulky feeling.

Now, in support and traction, Chaco isn’t in a down position. Arch, toes, etc will get enough security wearing those. The presence of the LUVSEAT midsole here does the supporting task properly. But it takes a little time to break in. However, for a good grip, the combination of a 3.5mm lug and rubber outsole is more effective. Moreover, the sandal will keep your feet away from getting wet by quick drying.

Unlike others, the brand has an antimicrobial system that basically works for odor protesting. Finally, the in price matter it is quite high. And why it wouldn’t be! Cause it offers premium satisfaction.

I will suggest this one for those who love premium brands with quality features to hike surely with sandals. Anyways, for the women’s version, you can check Women’s Zx2 Classic Sandal.


  • Premium quality brand and construction
  • Custom sizes for wide feet
  • Comfortable and protective walk
  • Excellent features to provide grip
  • Odor killing facility


  • High price
  • Comparatively heavy

2. Teva Women’s Unisex-Adult Sport Sandal

Women’s Choice
Teva Women's Sport Sandal


Brand: Teva

Color: Celtic Aqua

Material: Rubber

Size: 5 to 11

Weight: 0.56 Pounds


Teva is a popular brand providing premium hiking footwear and here the model is designed for big feet.

The product is imported and textile. In the sole section, the material is rubber and provides a strong service. The outlook seems good and there have two options for color.

The adjustable and well-made straps are given there as you expected. Recycled and polyester components are together reached at an ultra level. Fast absorbing, easy and quick wearing, desire fit level, etc benefits will be found on this. By the way, According to a few users, the straps were hard and irritated.

Based on women’s feet, 5-11 inches sizes are found there. And of course, each size bears the extra width. The weight part shocks me more. Because it is only 0.56 Pounds and proves itself as a super light.

Now, can you wear them to walk through the water? Yes, you can and the straps are smart enough to remove the wet condition. It will offer you safe exploring on the spots and the reason is its supportive and grippy design. Wet or dry, in both situations traction will be worked well. The Nylon shank works to provide support and stability where the rubber outsole for sufficient traction. Though the sandal is good for arch support if you have any serious foot problems and search for extreme support then I won’t recommend it.

And the last thing that I liked most is its zero break-in time. From the very beginning, it will behave friendly with your feet.

So, in the end, if you think what are the points for that you can select it, then I will say, those are a popular brands, high-quality products, comfy and, advanced designs and features.


  • Ultralight and durable build quality
  • Fitted and quick-drying straps fabric
  • Provides good support and stability
  • Excellent outsole to provide grip in different conditions
  • Doesn’t require the break-in period


  • The straps aren’t soft
  • Not ideal for the foot to errors

3. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal


Brand: KEEN

Color: Black

Material: Rubber and Polyester

Size: 5 to 17

Weight: 0.87 Pounds


Whenever I thought hike with sandals, Keen is one of my favorite brands that I keep in my mind.

Here, Newport H2 is a quality name for Keen. It builds with full polyester. The sole material is rubber. There has a lacing system. As no straps are found the adjustable level will be a little bit poor than others. But the overall design is quite fit and comfy. Anyways, can you guess the number of color options? Surprisingly, more than 30 options are stocked there.

Like the colors, the sizes are plenty. From 5 to 17, all different sizes are available to give your feet the perfect fit. According to the manufacturer, half a size bigger than your actual size will be perfected. The packaging weight is nearly 0.87 pounds.

The outsoles are capable enough to provide grip while walking on a tough surface. Wet, muddy, or hard on different ground, it will be ready to serve excellent stability and traction.

Moreover, the material is not only comfortable and soft, but it also dries itself very quickly. And, don’t worry about the support. It will protect your feet by ensuring good support.

Wait, now I will tell you two things those are extra benefits you can get from there. First is, it has less break-in time and second is the permission to clean the sandals on a machine.

In verdict, if you have a good budget and want premium-level hiking sandals having essential features then this option won’t go wrong.


  • Super comfy and early drying material
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Offers sufficient traction on the trail
  • Has less stretching period
  • Easy cleaning with washing machine


  • Quite poor in adjustability
  • Medium durable service

4. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Adventurous Sandals

Soft & Flexible
DREAM PAIRS Women's Adventurous Sandals



Color: Dark Grey

Material: Rubber

Size: 5 to 11

Weight: N/A


DREAM PAIRS introduces adventurous outdoor sandals for wide feet women.

This imported shoe has rubber outsoles as usual. It provides a durable and strong design. To give your feet soft and comfortable, it comes with EVA cushioning. The elastic lacing design offers super flexibility and also the option of adjustable. If you love easy and simple on-off then it will welcome you with the convenient strap. Anyways, it will make your trip more colorful with its Attractive types of colors.

5 inches to 11 inches are the range of sizes the brand brings on the market. And those meet all types of feet size, especially for extra wide. One thing I’m not satisfied with it and is its bulkiness.

The materials are worked super anti-slip and collision-resistant. Whenever you need traction, it will provide the best. And of course, stays as a good wall to protect the sharp objects. Though it can dry, but not so good in water conditions. Lastly, those r supportive too but don’t expect too much.

And the price! Yeah, it is on the level that everyone can afford.

Now, want to hear the verdict? Okay, wider, soft, and affordable prices are key parts to going for it.


  • Soft and durable build quality
  • Flexible and easy-operating lace and strap
  • Slip and collusion-resistant sole
  • Provide extra room for toes
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • Comparatively bulky than other sandals
  • Not good in the waterway

5. GRITION Women Hiking Sandals Wide

Good Looking
GRITION Women's Hiking Sandals for Wide Feet



Color: Pink and Grey

Material: Rubber

Size: 5.5 to 9.5

Weight: 1.9 Pounds


I’ll keep the GRITION sandal in the top position whenever as a woman you got wide feet.

What sole you’ll expect from an outdoor sandal? Yes, it is a rubber sole that survives in the trail perfectly and strongly. The design is fashionable and sturdy.

The straps are adjustable with a cross-tie. It serves simple effort to off or on the facility. Proper fit and comfort, are the combo you’ll find there. But some have complained about the loose fit. I think it is them who have small feet. However, there are 5 colors and those are women’s attractors.

The sandals especially come with a larger width which means it is a superb choice for the lady with those types of feet. Possibly all required sizes are available there and the range is from 5.5 to 9.5 inches. It comes with only 1.9 pounds. So, it will offer easy and peaceful moving with a light design. And who doesn’t like the lightweight zone?

In rainy or water-bearing hiking, what you will search for on your footwear? Probably those are water-resistant, quick water removal, and else. The item has those features too. You can easily cross the water walk and also don’t need to wait much time for the drying process.

Traction is another necessary thing that also offers by that sandal. With the phylon and rubber outsole, the best traction you can get there.

So, will it be an ideal choice for you? Well, if you search for a women’s hiking sandal for wide feet and fashion that has the quality of a trail runner at an average price, then yeah it is a perfect fit.


  • Lightweight and comfortable wearing
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Good fit with wider feet
  • Has water walking and fast-drying nature
  • Provides enough traction with a quality outsole


  • Straps may be loose for small feet

6. CAMEL CROWN Arch Support Hiking Sandals

CAMEL CROWN Arch Support Sandals



Color: Black

Material: Rubber

Size: 6 to 11

Weight: 0.89 Pounds


Camel is another trustworthy brand that provides excellent outdoor sandals.

The model here is made with durable materials. The in and outsoles are well designed for their job. The custom-fitted straps exist with soft components which enhance the comfy level of your foot. Along with that, blisters also can’t occur. Furthermore, the simple and effective strap will allow you easy wear and quickly. But straps seem a little bit big to some users. However, if you don’t like the black color then there have several options.

From the size chart, it is shown that the measurement starts at 6 and ends at 11. The weight is an average level.

Now, back to the soles, you will get some advantages from there. So, what’re those? The midsole will protect from ground shock and slipperiness. It also works as a water remover by drying fast. The outsole deals with water and dirt. Moreover, its strength can protest any sharp obstacles. And I think those qualities are much required on the trail walking.

Do you search for support? Pleasingly this Ergonomic body has come with arch and foot support. Offering stability the wear protects from an accident. But if you want more in this section, then I think it’s not the right one.

More likely the sandal has other uses too. It’s not limited to hiking only. You can use it on the beach, sidewalks, street walk, rain walk, and so on purposes. So, those waterproof footwear works okay while you will talking about functionality. And another thing that will surprise you will its cheap price tag compare to others.

So, last, I will suggest it for those who are mainly looking for cheap and wider sandals to use for hiking and other purposes too.


  • Soft straps are comfortable, easy handling and prevent blisters
  • Works well on slip and shock-resistant
  • Waterproof and fast wet removing
  • Can be used for others’ purpose too
  • Relatively low in price


  • Slightly big strap
  • Medium-level arch support

7. ATIKA Men’s Outdoor Hiking Sandals


Brand: ATIKA

Color: Wave Brown

Material: Rubber

Size: 6 to 13

Weight: 0.75 Pounds


ATIKA stands for arch-supporting hiking sandals with a stylish design.

As usual, the sole is rubber. The outlook is pretty cute. The quick adjustable and drying straps add here support comfy and fit. So, it can be said durable and comfortable. To enhance your style, it comes in different colors.

The shoe size is true and 6-13 inches are the size options. The materials that are used here make the sandal too light. So, on the trail, it feels like you are super lightweight with walking sandals.

Padded inner and EVA midsole together join to ensure softness and protection for the foot. So, any type of foot protection you can get there. Also, those are helping to deal with ground shocking. So, the midsole stays like a strength wall for support.

The non-slip rubber outsole offers excellent traction on any surface you want to walk. Even though the water can’t upset you. Furthermore, it will help from the damage of sharp items. And pleasingly, you can keep it to explore various purposes like camping, kayaking, beach, and more. In a word, it’s versatile.

The cost of this sandal is quite satisfying for those who love the budget-friendly product.

So, if you want lightweight, versatile, supportive outdoor sandals that fit well with wide feet then this brand will be a good choice.


  • Soft and durable materials
  • Lightweight design
  • Great built quality to provide grip and foot protection
  • Usable for different outdoor activities
  • Offer a thin price


  • Fabric quality isn’t liked by a few users

How to Choose Wider Hiking Sandals?

So, which points you should note in your mind before purchasing the sandals? 

First, compare the sandal’s measurements with your foot size and justify whether will it be applicable to your larger width or not. Don’t look for only the width also check the length and other criteria to get a fitted one. If you by chance get the loose one, then it may bring friction, blister, and so on.

Secondly, look for material and its durability. Because, in the trial, it’s hard to deal with normal sandals. The quality material and design character can determine its capability for hiking. Look extra care on the quality of soles.

Thirdly, make sure that it is too much capable of walking through water conditions as a water shoe. Not only that but also the quick-drying facility is also an essential thing to have. Otherwise, wet feet can cause irritating blisters.

Fourth, support and protection which have a crucial role while hiking should on your concern. So, what protective things do you search for? Well, with the extra width, it is necessary to check for toe protection. And if you have any arch or foot problems, then you need special types of sandals which offer great ankle support. Anyways, to explore on the trail, all ways you should deal with which will give super security to your foot.

The fifth and last is the excellent comfortable and fit. Yeah, the soft material and desired fit can ensure your super peace. However, to hike with sandals, lacing or adjustable straps ensure custom fit as well as support. So, it is a must to consider facts also.

Few Reminders While Hiking with Sandal as Beginners

Wide or narrow doesn’t matter, you have to maintain some notes for hiking wearing sandals. Those points are noted down.

Wearing Hiking Sandals As Beginners
  • Before leaving for the trip, you have to finish the break-in period of the sandals. Many sandals have zero periods and if you get such then it’s a plus point.
  • If you require more arch support than having the arch-supporting sandal it is required to know the proper fit that will keep your feet secure.
  • Don’t go on so long trip while you hike with sandals for the first time and choose the sandal that has less weight.
  • For a person who got a wide foot and is used to wearing socks, for them it is essential to make a walking test as if fits comfortably or not.
  • In terms of water crossing, friction, and for others your feet may suffer from the blister. For prevention, fast-drying fabrics and athletic tape can be decreased the hurt.


Do you have any idea how a little bit of error sizing sandals can be brought many difficulties on the trail? And when it is a matter of wider feet, one requires super alert to find the perfect pair.

And in this regard, our research on the best hiking sandals for wide feet won’t face any trouble finding an effective pair. On my mind, Chaco and Teva are always favorites. The mentioned rest are also great that can meet your requirements definitely.

So, go for your ideal one, wear those in your next hiking and tell us the story as it is worth it or not.

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