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Compression Sock has a crucial use when you are on hiking especially on a long hike. People make it is a controversial thing as it has both negative and positive opinions. But from my experience, these compression socks for hiking are capable to give some benefits and you can trust them. Before going for a pair of socks, there have some choosing factors and limitations that one should know.

Well, here I will try to cover the choosing and drawback points as well as presents the best ones from the huge. So, clear the confusion as using it will be worthy or not, and wake up the eyes to meet your desire one.

Compression Sock and Its Types

For what the compression basically stands for? It is actually different types of the sock where stretchy fabric is used to stay tightly with the leg. The socks are mainly designed to keep the blood circulation well and ensuring leg protection.

Those socks are plenty in a variety where some are good for medical treatments, some are for sports, or some for working hours. Among the different types of com socks, the following ones are significant.

  • Anti-embolism
  • Knee High Socks
  • Graduated Compression
  • Thigh High Compression
  • nonmedical supportive

and more.

Purpose of Using Compression Sock during Hiking

One of the most awaited topics on compression socks is their capability. What are the benefits one can get from it or why do hikers need to wear this?

Well, the answer and confusion of these questions may be gone if you look at below the key purposes of using hiking socks.

  • Healthy Blood Flowing: Hiking, basically a term of foot exercise where a long way needs to walk. And when you will walk for long period, the blood flow suffers from difficulty to reach towards the heart. It is very normal to happen when you are on a long hike. But the compression sock on the leg works a super job to avoid this incident and provide fresh blood circulation to the heart and other sensitive parts.
  • Blister Protector: If you ask to know the very common problem in hiking, then I will tell it is a blister. Blisters can happen because of lots of reasons like friction, unfit wear, wet wear and so more. And these socks fit properly with the legs as well as have great capability to stay dry. That means it will be worked excellently as a blisters reducer.
  • Ankle and Swelling Protector: On any trail, it sometimes challenging for many people to provide a secure and comfortable footstep. Lack of support, many foot problems like Plantar Fasciitis, tendonitis, etc. And those errors largely happen because of the nature of swelling. In this regard, those socks protest the fluid accumulating on the swelling areas. As a result, you can relieve those error pains. So, to support and protect your lower leg, it works great.
  • Comfort and Irritation Free Walk: As those socks are super in fitting and soft in fabric, they can surely able to ensure comfortable walking. Again, because of their long size, you may be free from wild insects, sharp trees, and others. Additionally, in the winter, it also works as a small source of warmness.

Those are the core advantages you can get from this sock. So, I think, the question on why you need to wear compression socks has a clear vision now. 

A girl wear Hiking Compression Sock

Reviews of Compression Socks for Hiking

Measuring the user’s experience and needy specs, the reviews of 7 compression stockings are so much friendly with hiking.

Quick Recommendations

Title Materials  Com. Rating
1. Wanderlust Merino Wool Compression Socks Merino wool 10-30mmHg
2. MudGear Premium Compression Socks Nylon, Polyester, Spandex 15-20mmHg
3. Sockwell Men’s Graduated Compression Sock Nylon, Wool, Rayon, Spandex 15-20mmHg
4. NEWMARK Graduated Compression Stockings Nylon and Spandex 20-30mmHg
5. Copper Hiking Compression Socks (6 Pairs ) Nylon and Polyester 10-30mmHg
6. SB SOX Compression Socks for Men & Women Nylon and Spandex 20-30mmHg
7. Injinji Women’s Ultra Compression OTC Sock Nylon and Lycra N/A

1. Wanderlust Merino Wool Compression Socks

Best Overall
Wanderlust Merino Wool Compression Socks


Brand: Wanderlust

Materials: Merino wool

Color: Charcoal

C Rating: 10-30mmHg

Weight: 3.99 Ounces


  • Builds with large and medium-size to the proper fit
  • Comfortable and quick moisture removing materials
  • Have ideal pressuring rating for specific areas
  • Cushioning and leg protective design
  • Usable on multiple occasions
  • Offer very thin cost


  • Not so much durable
  • Not in knee-high level for big guys


Wanderlust comes with a quality compression sock both for men and women. The design and look are pleasing. This Knee-High is in the desire size range for different legs. There have medium and high sizes where the calf circumference is from 11 to 17.5 inches. So, you can get enough length to cover sensitive areas.

As we know materials play the biggest role there, the brand paid extra attention to it. Here, synthetic and natural like nylon, wool both are used. For that, there is no doubt about its comfort and quality. Moreover, the fabrics are super air-flowing and moisture-wicking. Also good at controlling the body temperature. So, you don’t need to worry about hot and will get a chance to say the sweat goodbye. 

But, if you love to use it for long days with excellent durability, then I will say, “No, it’s not in such level to desire for that”. 

Anyways, in the pressure-giving matter, it gets my full points. For different parts like ankle, calf, and knee it offers a variety of compression pressure. That means it will provide such pressure that the area requires. And this compression rating starts from 10 and ends in 30 mmHg. From where you will definitely get a granulated fit and proper pressuring wear.

For support or serve the injured legs this one isn’t bad. Ankle, plantar fascia, or arch support whatever you tell, it won’t fall you in danger. The build quality and material are well enough to relieve one from swelling or feet pains. Additionally there adds soft padding that works both for comfort, warmth, and support. And those will definitely keep you favorable on the trail.

Now, don’t think it is only ideals for hiking. You can also wear it on different occasions like air traveling, soccer, running, cycling, and even for medical purposes too. And at the bottom, it impresses me on the price section too.

So, I recommend it for those hikers who want various purpose compression socks having proper compression pressure at a low cost.

2. MudGear Premium Compression Socks


Brand: MudGear

Materials: Nylon, Polyester, and Spandex

Color: Black/Gray

C Rating: 15-20mmHg

Weight: 1.59 Ounces 


  • Comfy, moisture remover and warm materials
  • Comes in three sizes for good fit
  • Excellent compression rating on ankle, knee, and foot.
  • Have various color options
  • Extra cushion and protective construction for injury and pain.


  • Medium in long-lasting
  • Not best for summer


MudGear introduces the hikers with strong and good performance suppression socks. It constructs in the USA, especially for outdoor conditions. The sock is durable and tough at such a level that you require. But if you expect more durability, then it can’t provide.

Anyways, it will get you out of the worry about fitness. There available three sizes which fit perfectly with small to large one. Unlike others, it has 5 colors options. So, you can choose it as you like.

Here the using elements are polyester, nylon, and spandex. Comfortable, cool, quick-dry, etc are the output one can get from there. Though it is quite warm for summer, it stands excellently in the winter. Moreover, the proprietary yarn blend makes the socks for comfy and moisture-wicking capability. The good thing is it can even be free from dirt. Again, the extra tough fabric protects from abrasion during the activity.

To provide a secure and comfy experience on your lower leg, it builds with a moderate pressure level. And the rate range is 15-20mmHg, which is ideal for blood flowing, pain-relieving, and keeping healthy walking. Based on the hiking mechanism it lowers the pressure on the knee and makes it higher on the ankle. 

Race, workout, medical treatment, or any heavy-duty activities, it behaves friendly. Support to comfortable, all you can get. Pain, swelling, fatigue, etc harm terms the sock deals with perfectly. The extra padded-on calf area makes the purpose easier.

So, in your upcoming winter hike, if you are ready to spend a decent price to have trail-friendly socks then the option is yours.

3. Sockwell Men’s Graduated Compression Sock

Sockwell Men's Hiking Compression Sock


Brand: Sockwell

Materials: Nylon, Wool, Rayon, and Spandex

Color: Black Solid

C Rating: 15-20mmHg

Weight: 3.84 Ounces


  • Quality construction with the mixing of various materials
  • The fabric absorbs the moisture quickly
  • Padded and odor-resisting 
  • Fit and protective for moderated four zones
  • Works in different fields


  • A little error in sizing (runs small)


Sockwell Graduated Sock is basically standing for men’s compression socks for hiking and the manufacturer is from the US. This black color sock is perfect in construction. Large and medium both sizes available there and which is designed to fit all. The length is over the calf and stays at the perfect fitness level. However, there have been sizing issues and for avoiding that it is recommended to pick one size up.

Alright, you will be fully satisfied with its using materials. The combination of nylon, wool, spandex, and rayon makes it super-premium. Comfort, thermoregulation and odor-resisting nature one will get in there. More expectingly, the excellent moisture-wicking capability will see on there. So, overall a durable and smart features you will be going to have in these socks.

That smart one makes it more smart having 4 zones of graduated compression which are moderated. And, the range of this rating is15 to 20 mmHg. So, what does that rating actually do? Well, the most common problem in hiking, fatigue, and swelling is largely reduced for this addition. Furthermore, it will help your legs in various situations and keep them safe and pain-free.

There also have a cushioned sole which perfectly deals with comfort as well as helps for arch support. The Accu-fit Technology, seamless toe closure, graduated, etc features enhance its performance at all angles.

Like the previous it also has multifunctionality. One can use the sock in exercise, working, recovery, and so on sectors.  

In verdict, this option will be better for those men who need quality material that giving service in both comfort and protection.

4. NEWMARK Graduated Compression Stockings



Materials: Nylon and Spandex

Color: Blue and Black

C Rating: 20-30 mmHg

Weight: 3.21 Ounces


  • Smart look and durable construction
  • Materials offer good airflow, moisture ruining, and extra comfort
  • 20-30 mmHg pressure point ensures proper fit and blood circulation
  • Good for recovery and feet protection
  • Easy to wear
  • Super low price


  • The material should be thicker
  • It may be small for extra-large people


For hiking and other purposes, NEWMARK comes with a good-looking and performance compression sock. This remarkable design has advanced technology to serve the best performance. The sock is so fit and stays up well to the leg. No worries about the size as there have small to big options. The brand keeps several categories on colors that are surely loved by all.

In the material race, it isn’t in down. Nylon and Spandex are together enough to serve whatever you require on the activities. Soft, durable, and good air flowing are the top characters of it. For support and softness, there have cushioning on the area of the toe and heel. Again, it deals with fast drying and protects against blisters. 

Moreover, the Lycra Fabric adds extra durability to it. Confuse about the wash? No way, it will allow you an easy and error-less washing advantage. And yes the product is light in weight too. However, it is thinner compare to others and which may disappoint someones.

Well, now on a pressure point, it is not too tight but perfect enough for comfort and support. With 20-30 mmHg graduated compression, your ankle, calf, or knee will get adequate pressure and protection. The oxygen and blood flowing also continues perfectly through it. So, swelling, pain reduction, feet protection whatever you think for can overcome wearing the socks.

Additionally, if you suffer from a previous foot problem or injury like Plantar Fasciitis or else, this pair will be a super fit for you. Especially in medical recovery and protection, it works well. Along with cycling, running, nurse or any other athletic tasks one can utilize the advantages of NEWMARK socks.

Expectedly, it never disturbs you ensuring easy putting. And all of those benefits you will get on this sock within a very low budget compare to others.

In verdict point, if you have a cheap, good outlook and essential power requirement able compression sock on your mind for medical recovery or protect your feet during hiking, then the point will never go wrong.

5. Copper Hiking Compression Socks (6 Pairs)


Brand: Copper

Materials: Nylon and Polyester

Color: B-assorted7

C Rating: 10-30 mmHg

Weight: 14.39 Ounces (for 6)


  • Colorful and fashionable appearance
  • Comfort and excellent breathability
  • Usable in both cold and hot weather because of temperature maintain
  • Compressed require pressure in right place for keeping the healthy and supportive process
  • Offer 6 pairs at an unbelievable price


  • Builds a bit small in size


Copper introduces us to a colorful and stylish design base contraction socks for hard activities. This product is imported and machine wash. The construction is so strong to run in long time activities. There have two points for sizes. And it is fitted with the legs easily. Some consumers said it runs smaller, if so then large as your need. Now, in the color section, it gives several options to choose from.

Nylon and polyester are the materials that increased the quality of these socks. The combination offers you a comfortable, breathable, and healthy experience. Moreover, keep your foot blister-free as it does well in moist removal.

The pleasant advantage is, it has a great sense to control the desire moisture and temperature. That’s means whether it is cold or hot, the socks will keep your leg in ideal conditions measuring the weather. Also, the components provide durability and super flexibility with its 360 degrees stretching capacity.

According to the manufacture, the socks compress pressure between 10-30 mmHg. It automatically will exert sufficient pressure whether it is required. The fit and pressure level is accurate in that it helps to run proper blood circulation. The fibers also attract the electricity from the body that helps in painkilling. Together this strong blood circulation works for several errors fixing like swelling, soreness, reduce fatigue, and so on support.

And of course, this sock is ideal for use in long period works. In Cycling, running, travels, nurses and on so more fields you can make it your leg partner without confusion. Additionally, this one will secure you from the irritation of getting on as it offers easiness.

Finally, the most impressive word is, in one package you have to be given 6 pairs of socks which are super cheap in price also. 

So, if you want to several pairs on one package at an inexpensive price for wearing on different activities then I will suggest you this one.

6. SB SOX Compression Socks for Men & Women

Multiple Colors
SB SOX Outdoor Compression Socks


Brand: SB SOX

Materials: Nylon and Spandex

Color: Black and Blue

C Rating: 20-30mmHg

Weight: N/A


  • Offer different sizes for all feet
  • Appears in several colors
  • Breathable and dry-able construction
  • Have desire fitting and pressure point
  • Supportive and prevent different leg errors
  • Cheap at price


  • Poor in wash-ability


SB SOX is a cheaper but quality option as a unisex compression sock. The lightweight and premium construction adds here different advantages. 

This sock enters in four different sizes and those are small, medium, large, and extra-large. So, according to your feet and shoe size, you can easily pick one that will fit perfectly. The overall design is so light where hardly seems to wear something in the leg. Like the variety in size, you will be given more than 15 options for colors. So, there is no chance to miss your favorite color.

The given material is nylon and spandex that is enough durable and has quality. With that, you will be going to have comfy, breathable, and moisture-absorbing hiking socks. Water, rain, or snow in every situation can protest well to keep your leg and feet dry. Moreover, the sweating also can’t wet your wear and can’t occur blisters. But in the washing matter, I am not satisfied with it.

This graduated sock runs with 20-30mmHg ranged which is suggested by the trainers and doctors. It fits well and exerts sufficient pressure on specific areas. And don’t disturb you by slip into its place. The overall design and material together work for increasing healthy blood circulation.

The extra padding is also helpful for giving comfort and support. To secure yourself from plantar fasciitis, muscle fatigue, blisters, ankle support, or other injuries, it works superbly. And this one is ideal to use in tough outdoor activities or any kind of sports.

And in the last, the cost amazed me more as it offers an extremely low price that is very much affordable to all.

So, if you are searching for budget-friendly compressive hiking socks with different colors and average quality then this number never goes wrong with you.

7. Injinji Women’s Ultra Compression OTC Sock


Brand: Injinji 

Materials: Nylon and Lycra

Color: Jade

C Rating: N/A

Weight: 4.8 Ounces


  • Stylish in color and design
  • Breathable and comfy wear experience
  • Lightweight and sturdy needles
  • Have reflective strips and maximum foot utilizing the facility
  • Provide comfort and leg protection in various circumstances


  • Sizes run a little bit large
  • Only one color


Injinji Ultra introduces high-quality hiking compression socs for women both for outdoor and recovery purposes.

It comes with a stylish and sturdy design. The item is made in such a way where you can utilize your full feet on performing time. It bears a five-toe patented design which mainly deals with secure hotpots and keeps away from blisters. Additionally, the reflective strips are given there for visible and safety reasons.

In sizing, there has large, medium, and small categories. So, you can pick the one that will most fit with your leg. By the way, unexpectedly the product appears with too big. So, for a better fit, you should order smaller on based on your requirement. Now, you might be disappointed in one color option, but trust me this one is fashionable and premium so far.

Well, let’s talk about the components. 8:2 is the ratio of nylon and Lycra with those the sock that is made. The mesh top is well enough to provide a breathable as well as easy ventilation way. Besides, the materials are comfy too. There also have thicker cushioning too. You know, unlike others, here you will find 200 needles that are not only durable but also lightweight.

The brand doesn’t specify the compression rating, but it is sure that the graduated compression here is ready to ensure support from the ankle to the shin. So, healthy circulation or protection can be confirmed. Arch support, muscle soreness, etc problems you can overcome having those socks. Even it does the job properly for fast recovery. And finally, that one you can wear for walking, running, sport or any other activities.

As a woman, if you look for a premium one which offers quality features with great performance then you can choose it.

How to Choose Best Compression Socks

In the previous section, there tells that there are several types of compression socks in different situations. So, how do you find the specific one for hiking? Well, there exist some requirements from where you can tell whether it is well fitted or not during hiking.

1. Proper Sizing

First though, how many are long socks does one need to wear during hiking?

For a hiker, I highly recommend the compression sock that is around or over the calf. As it can cover the calf, you won’t face any problem getting sufficient circulation and also ankle protection.

Its ideal and fixed position ensures great traction and keeps it away from blistering.

So, for outdoor activity purposes, choose the item that can cover your calf.

2. Quality Materials

Material selection is another vital fact to consider in this regard. The right material or fabric choosing socks are capable to change the game in many aspects.

On material selection, you should keep some points in mind. They are-

  • Comfortable 
  • Fast Drying
  • Breathable
  • Long-lasting

I mainly put more attention on synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester. Those materials have strength, moisture-free, odor-free, and comfortable characters. Even, they are easily washable.

Furthermore, merino wool is also a good choice to get more comfort and quick-drying facility. 

So, whatever type you choose make sure that it will the essential qualities of good material.

3. Rating of the Compression

One of the core mechanisms of this sock is the level of exerting pressure on the user’s leg.

There are different rating levels, but which category wins for hiking? It can be classified into three types, high (25 mmHg+), moderate (15 – 25 mmHg), and low (15 mmHg-).

Mainly, high range socks are used for medial related or for serious injuries treatment. Where the lowest one is used for light and normal activities. 

As hiking needs support and stability, the moderate one will be the perfect combination on it. It will provide you sufficient tight level as well as ensuring excellent support.

So, look for the one where the compression rating is moderated.

4. Wick Ability

Wicking ability means how quickly the water transfer and evaporated from this wear.

On the outdoor activities, water is very common to meet. And it’s important to protect your wears from getting wet, as they occur various problems. Again, sweating is another reason to make your wear wet.

This is why you need to find out such socks that are pretty effective to wick perfectly. Usually, wool is quite better in there and provides excellent wicking. And this one will be more good if you hike in winter and search for warmness.

5. Fit and Cushioning

Lastly, fitting and cushion are the things that have an impact on hiking.

If it is in bad fitting level, then you can’t go comfortable with it and feel like wearing a useless sock. So, check as it is enough pressure exerting and in desire fit level.

Cushioning is more important in cold temperatures and for extra protection. The soft and thick build quality offers a warm experience. And if ones have a serious ankle, arch, or leg problem and want to keep their part secure then a cushion will of course helpful for them.

So, justifying your requirements, deal with those features.

What Are the Limitations of Compression Sock?

Now, let’s move on to the mirror side of the compression socks. Having excellent uses, there also presents some drawbacks that tell many ones not to go for it. So, what are points where can meet with the negative part of those socks? The term is there.

  • As these socks adhere tightly with legs, it may be caused many people uncomfortable and uneasy feelings because of excess pressure.
  • At very hot temperatures, the wear has limitations. Then it will feel you warm. As a result, sweating can be happed. Though many materials are good at quick-drying, the sweat term is normally irritating.
  • The hikers who have skin related problem like allergy, for them it would hard to walk with those socks. Sometimes, it can’t stay friends with your skin and occur disgusting skin problems. But this case is for fewer.

Final Words

I think you will surely regret not adding compression socks on your outdoor trip as it offers needy advantages along with foot security. So, in the last, if you again ask me, are compression socks good for hiking? My answer is still positive as it’s me who went through it several times.

And yeah, after that, the whole write about compression socks introduction, purpose, reviews and guide never keep any confusion on it now. 

Basically, I love to hike with different socks brands to feel the taste. And I mostly rely on Wanderlust and MudGear on my winter hiking trip and, Sockwell and Copper for all-rounder use. But, don’t hesitate to pick any option from the 7 as both are like kings from different wisdom.

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