A growing kid like 5 years old is the ideal age to debut hiking on their self way. To make your little ones adventurous or enjoy themselves in nature you may be thinking to introduce them to backpacks. Well, it’s pretty good. But it’s quite difficult for to find the perfect kid’s backpack, especially a hiking backpack for 5 years old. Cause, unlike the adult smaller hikers, need some special features on their backpacks. Otherwise, it will be turned into struggle and pain instead of adventure.

And to avoid those errors, our good research-based backpacks with essential characteristics will match the age you wanted. So, let’s explore those in detail with buying factors.

How to Choose a 5-Year-Old Kid’s Backpack for Hiking?

No, the things that you applied to purchase adult backpacks are not matched in terms of kids’ backpacks. Children’s bags require some unique characteristics and extra care. Well, the features and the choosing way both are explained there.

A Little Boy with Small Hiking Backpack

1. Perfection on Volume or Sizing

The point where the maximum does mistake is the size and volume. They normally search for big vol and a bit larger sizes. But that doesn’t work whenever you will talk about the kid like five years.

You should hit the ideal dimensions, not too big or small. And you can measure it according to your children’s backs. Yeah, a slightly big one won’t problem for growing children. But it should notice that the size won’t interfere with the present condition.

Now, the volume is much crucial in this matter. Depending on the age and essential kinds of stuff, one should choose the volume. More people think, larger vol allows more space. But I think over-packing is unnecessary and tempting. So, in this case, I will suggest a less than 20-liter backpack and, I hope it would be perfect and pleasing.

2. Minimize the Weight

As you know hiking itself is a harder physical activity where the overweight adds extra hardness on there. Even adults also face difficulty and lose energy while hiking with a heavier backpack. Now, think about the children and how it could be!

That’s why a lightweight backpack is badly required here. Also notice that it carries no unnecessary equipment. Otherwise, it will present difficulties instead of enjoying the hike. Again, if the weight distribution doesn’t perfect then it can bring instability, injuries, or foot pain on hiking.

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So, to keep your kid’s way easier and faster you need to import extra attention to ensuring a lightweight feature.

3. Look for Adjustability

Adjustability is another key fact that has to have existed in a smaller backpack. It’s such a feature that allows custom sizing as well as coping with the growing number of hikers.

So, an adjustable harness is needed to be confirmed there. From there, your kid easily fits it based on their height. And as you know kids grow fast and randomly. So, if the bag has torso length then it will forbid you to go for the new one by adjusting with your kids perfectly.

4. Ensure Kid-Friendly Features

Without the above, there have few facts that are loved by kids as well as bring advantages for them. Some of those are mentioned below.

Padded Shoulder Strap: In the point of muscles and shoulder blades, those straps bring benefits. To support and get excess comfort, those padding straps help the little hikers. Like the hiking knee brace, those straps are capable to act as supportive and comfortable.

Padding Hip Belt: Hip, is another sensitive point that requires extra cushioning. And there a padding belt can ensure so such a facility.

Hydration Reservoir system: It’s very usual that kids will become tired fast during hiking and will ask for water. So, if the backpack has a hydration pack system then it will be very easy and effective for them.

Various Pocket: You know, kids love multiple pockets on the side, hip, or else. And pockets are also beneficial to keep tiny or essential items. So, for taking advantage and making your baby happy, a backpack with a variety of pockets is desirable.

Colorful Design: What do you expect from a 5-year-old hiker if you ask about backpack choosing? Obviously, a well decorating and gorgeous color one they will choose. So, keep this requirement in your mind too.

5. Cost-Friendly

Being budget-friendly doesn’t mean you have to go for a cheaper one without qualities. It means picking up the ideal one without losing more cost.

Adult or kid whatever you say in terms of backpacks those are quite expensive. The mature guy can manage the hike with one backpack for years. But, kids who are growing gradually require a new one. So, my point is not to invest so much, just look for a decent one with essential factors. And, I say again, reducing the budget isn’t applicable if it hasn’t sufficient qualities to be a kid’s backpack.

Best Hiking Backpacks for 5-Year-Old

TitleDimensions (inch)Weight 
1. Deuter Kikki Kid’s Backpack for Hiking14 x 8 x 6300g
2. Sunhiker Small Cycling Hiking Backpack15.8 x 9.4 x 5.9349g
3. CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E. Kids Hydration Backpack14 x 7.5 x 7.7210g
4. Miniture Waterproof Kids Outdoor Backpack12.6 x 8.3 x 5.9224g
5. Osprey Daylite Kid’s Backpack13 x 7 x 7260g
6. Deuter Schmusebar Kid’s Backpack13 x 10 x 5290g
7. Osprey Moki 1.5 Kid’s Hydration Backpack12 x 8 x 4198g

Well, now I will show you the top 7 with a short review and those will be a great fit with five years of little hikers having essential features. Even some can be utilized in terms of slightly older or smaller. So, let’s move on to see who gets a place there.

1. Deuter Kikki Kid’s Backpack for Hiking

Key Specs


Colors: Green

Dimensions14” x 8” x 6”

Volume: 8L



Deuter will surely work whenever you want to make your baby fall in love with the cutest backpack both for hiking and school.

Really, you can’t deny its cutest look and design. The material is not only padded but also provides softness. The Airstripe’s back features make the item well capable to breathe well. That means it will offer healthy circulation. In the question of durability, it will go long.

The relaxing thing is that the product has only 300g that won’t hurt or struggle during walking on the trail. Furthermore, having 600D PES, you can get a robust output from there. 

Well, the measurements from all angles are quite ideal for the toddler. 14 x 8 x 6 inches suits perfectly with the hiker of ages 3 to 5. The volume is 8L which is considered okay. This one is indeed small, but surprisingly there has an extra room that can easily hold the kid’s hiking equipment. Want to attach something else to it? Yeah, you can do such as the bag has several loops.

More desirably, there have adjustable straps on the chest and shoulder. And from where you can easily customize the size. Looking for pockets? Yes, there has an inner stretch and two side pockets. To focus your child easily, the reflecting glance is also given there. Additionally, multiple brighter color options are available to choose from as one’s wishes. So, what more kid features you will expect from this backpack? 

Lastly, another impressive piece of info is, it builds with such technology where it reduces both the manufacturer’s resources and bad impact on the environment. So, almost at every point, this option will conquer the buyer’s mind.


  • kid’s loving cute designs lightweight and well-circulated
  • Provides softness and robust service
  • Have several pockets and adjustable straps
  • Brighter and more colorful look to spot easily
  • So much environment-friendly


  • A bit small
  • Not ideal for a 6-year-old plus

2. Sunhiker Small Cycling Hiking Backpack

Sunhiker Small Hiking Backpack

Key Specs


Colors: Pink

Dimensions‎15.8” x 9.4” x 5.9”

Volume: 20-25 L



For purpose of killing two birds with one bullet like using as your light hiking as well as your kid’s hiking, Sunhiker is the premium choice.

First of all, I was impressed so much with the construction. What else is absent there? Nothing. Stronger nylon material serves there pretty well. Durable, skin-friendly, or comfy, whatever you ask both have in it. More likely it offers a water-resisting service. Also, it protects itself well in terms of any tear and scratch. And yeah, it doesn’t hold much weight or feel the children heavy.

It comes in a bit larger size based on kids. That means this backpack is usable both for day hikers and babies over three years. The volume is at a medium level which is 20/25L. And also based on their requirements, the company brings out plenty of color variants. 

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To make your way comfortable and stable, several straps are given there. Pleasing those are breathable those are capable to decrease stress on key points. But to me, the strap material looks a bit cheap. Anyways, like a normal thing, both sides have mesh pockets to store things systemically. 

Furthermore, there is an option to use the front buckle to lock the thing in the right place. Again, the quality of the zipper is premium and smoother to use. Both boys and girls can use this one for many purposes like camping, cycling, traveling or like this. And, you just need a decent amount to make it yours.


  • Premium and long-lasting construction
  • Stronger resistant in terms of water, scratch, or tear
  • Multifunctional in pockets and straps
  • About 15 color variant
  • The zipper condition is pretty well and smooth
  • Versatile, both kids and adults can use


  • Strap material isn’t desired
  • Not ideal for below 3 years

3. CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E. Kids Hydration Backpack

Best Hydration Backpack
CamelBak Mini Kids Hydration Backpack

Key Specs


ColorsNavy Blazer

Dimensions: 14” x 7.5” x 7.7”

Volume: 1.5L



No one regrets if they go for a CamelBak hydration backpack for their growing kids, mainly 4 to 6 years old for hiking.

It has a perfect size for the little hiker. The dimension fits excellently at all angles. As you expect this one is very light and will allow your kids to hike happily. It holds only 310g. Yeah, it can be small, but not in terms of space. There has found bike tools and overflow pockets. You can find enough space to store essential things and also make the junior happy with functional pockets.

With quality materials, it also shows us the thick padding design. So, the hiker won’t feel a shortage of comfort and warmth. Wait, don’t think about the summer, the breathable mesh in the upper position keeps proper airflow and makes the thing cool.

Now, let’s talk about some kid-friendly additions. To remember the hiker’s needs, it comes with low capacity. There has a 1.5L Crux reservoir that fits well with the bladder. Refilling or high blowing, in both cases it will hardly lose. But, some say it is a bit hard to refill as a kid. However, the appreciative fact is, that the manufacturer gives so easier system for on and off from where the age doesn’t matter to operate. From the sternum strap, the proper pack stays are confirmed.

There has another point of view from where I liked it most. The backpack has an emergency whistle to indicate any signal and reflective accents for pointing to your kids clearly whatever the condition is.

Additionally, here your children will find plenty of colors to choose the one they like most. And, the price for this grown-up featuring backpack with needy qualities won’t able to hurt you.


  • The perfect dimension fits kids
  • Padded, light, and breathable materials
  • Provides multiple color options
  • An excellent system of a hydration reservoir
  • Easier operating and has plenty of pockets
  • Reflecting and whistle features for emergency cases


  • Less capacity
  • Sometimes seem hard to refill

4. Miniture Waterproof Kids Outdoor Backpack

Miniture Waterproof Kids Outdoor Backpack

Key Specs


Colors: Black

Dimensions12.6” x 8.3” x 5.9”

Volume: 10L



Miniture is another little creation of a hiking backpack for your kiddos.

In build quality, it has the best as much as possible. Because the main material is nylon which won’t back you while requesting durability. And of course, the water-resisting facility one will get there. To keep the bag extra safe, one type of coating is used here which will protest any abrasion or tearing. And, look at its weight, it is super light (only 260g) as everyone wishes.

The size is small. But it’s not a matter to worry, about because it fits properly with kiddos from 3 to 6 ages. And the space isn’t insufficient to load needy items. The capacity which is 10L goes okay with the smaller hiker. The default one is black color. But there have almost 10 variations of color to make your child super delighted.

Mesh pockets, front pockets, etc multiply what your small guy will find whenever a search for pockets. Along with those the elastic cord also contributes to storing items. Talk about the zippers, it’s good but some found it harder on/off in there. So, a little care you need to pay while zipping.

Now, with the several adjustable straps, your children will get customize options as well as support too. Pleasingly, the straps are made with padded materials. Not only on straps but also in the back there has sponge material to enhance comfort and it allows well breathing too. Like others, to identify in critical situations there are given reflective strips.

So, that’s all about this backpack which is applicable for different outdoor activities. And of course, the price section will give you an impressive surprise.


  • Long-lasting and lightweight construction
  • Extra padded in shoulder and back for comfy
  • Has a multiplicity of colors and pockets
  • Breathable and adjustable straps
  • Has storing capable cord 
  • So much affordable 


  • Small for teenage kids
  • Some experience harder zipping

5. Osprey Daylite Kid’s Backpack

Key Specs


Colors: Cosmic Red

Dimensions‎13” x 7” x 7”

Volume: 10L



Osprey adds another name as a quality backpack for little travelers. 

As the main component, you will find polyester on this carrier. In durability or construction, there are no complaints. But on the padding system compared to the previous, it offers the least. No worries, it is comfortable enough and has ventilating power on the back to keep the hiker easy and cool. 

The sizing is ideal to fit up to 6-year-old kiddos. And it will be small in size if you want to use it for a few years as your kids grow up. But it serves, without doubt, an excellent lightweight hike as the item has only 260g.

Well, as expected the volume measurement is 10L. Though there is no hydration pack, having an interior sleeve you won’t feel any missing. The reservoir limit is up to 1.5L. However, mesh pockets on two sides will allow one to place the bottle or like else. And the chest, as well as the shoulder straps, are super adjustable which ensures extra comfort and a supportive walk.

Taking about the tiny features, you will find there is a key clip in the front zip and a name tag inside which I think is needy in many cases. In the end, the red color is loveable by children as well as works perfectly to spot easily. The accent color is blue there. But in one case, you need to sacrifice no color will be found except red.


  • Comfy and ventilated materials
  • Ideal dimensions and volume for little kids
  • Hydration facility with a versatile interior sleeve
  • Have multiple pockets and straps
  • Provides key clip and name tag advantages


  • Comes with only red
  • Medium padding

6. Deuter Schmusebar Kid’s Backpack

Key Specs

Materials: N/A

Colors: Kiwi-arctic

Dimensions13” x 10” x 5”




This one is the second one from Deuter and as usual, there have hardly any competitors to beat that children’s hiking backpack.

Let’s first know about its construction and design. The using component has an excellent impact on long-lasting and softness. To make the hiker super comfortable padded things are found on the back. Moreover, the 3D air mesh presented there does the work of ventilation accurately. Even the straps come with a desired shape and softness to add more comfort. Now, you don’t need to worry more to carry a heavy one. This crafting backpack is the best in terms of less weighty and robust.

Anyways, I can say it undoubtedly that it has one of the premium adjustability on chest straps. All of these features make the hiker stable and can distribute the weight properly while walking on the trail.

The dimensions are 13 x 10 x 5 inches and my thought is there will be no trouble at all if you use it for children from 4 to 8. For your kind information, it has an 8L H. volume. Along With the size, three adorable color options surely fit kids. And of course, the manufacturer makes the option for safety which is the reflective print.

Well, it doesn’t stay behind while you will ask for a pocket system. Outer, side, or optimal all of them have existed there. And from there you will get more space to keep things in the proper organization. The zipper is also pretty good in both quality and operation. Appreciating, the brand adds another child-friendly facility in drawcord and buckle. And this kid’s adventurous hiking equipment charges a reasonable price but a bit more than the rest.


  • Soft and comfy padded in back
  • Has 3D air mesh for healthy ventilation
  • Lightweight but durable construction
  • Offers a super adjustable strap
  • Provide safety print and kid’s favoring buckle
  • Enough room and side storage with different pockets


  • Fewer color options
  • Price a bit higher to fewer

7. Osprey Moki 1.5 Kid’s Hydration Backpack

Super Lightweight
Osprey Moki Smaller Hydration Backpack

Key Specs


ColorsSparrow Blue

Dimensions12” x 8” x 4”




Osprey Moki is another smaller hiking partner for your younger kid.

This imported item is made of polyester. It is one of the lightest backpacks at 5 years old. Despite its little design and small weight, this one maintains its durability. Overall, it enhances the comfort level.

The size will be very much okay, doesn’t matter if the ages move slightly less or more. This hydration pack comes with a 1.5L reservoir which is enough for your kids and also easily accessible by them. The blue color is eye-catching and doesn’t fail to attract the child. Another one is red. Unlike others, there has a blinker light which brings benefits at night or dark time. Another point that makes it slightly different from others having poor straps.

And obviously, you can find various types of pockets on there. Also, the zipper quality isn’t much to call bad. Again, the breathable air mesh in the back panel along with the harness do the job to feel easy and stable.


  • Comes with the lightest design
  • Sufficient volume and effortless reservoir access
  • Has blinker light in low light purpose
  • Zippers and pockets both are desired
  • Breathing and comfy construction


  • Has limitations on straps

Hiking Backpacks for Children: Choosing the Right One

Hiking with children can be an enjoyable experience for the whole family, but it’s important to ensure that everyone is equipped with the right gear, especially when it comes to backpacks. Hiking backpacks for children need to be comfortable, durable, and properly fitted to ensure that they can carry their own weight without getting tired or injured. In this article, we will discuss the key features to look for when choosing a hiking backpack for your child.

Size and Capacity

When choosing a hiking backpack for your child, it’s important to consider the size and capacity of the pack. You don’t want a pack that is too big or too small, as both can be uncomfortable and lead to injury. Look for a pack that is appropriately sized for your child’s height and weight, and that has enough capacity to carry their essentials, such as water, snacks, a raincoat, and a first aid kit. Generally, a pack with a capacity of around 10-15 liters is suitable for younger children, while older children may need a pack with a capacity of 20 liters or more.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort and fit are crucial when it comes to hiking backpacks for children. A poorly fitting backpack can cause discomfort, fatigue, and even injury. Look for a backpack that has adjustable straps, so that you can adjust the fit to your child’s body. The shoulder straps should be padded and wide enough to distribute the weight evenly, and the back panel should be ventilated to prevent overheating. A waist strap can also be helpful to distribute the weight more evenly and take some of the pressure off the shoulders.

Durability and Materials

Hiking backpacks for children need to be durable enough to withstand the rigors of the outdoors. Look for a pack that is made from high-quality materials, such as ripstop nylon or polyester, that are abrasion-resistant and water-resistant. A reinforced bottom can also add durability to the pack, as can double stitching and strong zippers.

Additional Features

Additional features can make a hiking backpack for children more versatile and functional. Look for a pack that has exterior pockets for easy access to essentials, such as water bottles or snacks. A hydration system can also be helpful, as it allows your child to drink water without having to stop and take off their backpack. Also, you can check the water bottle size to make sure it meets your backpack essentials. Some backpacks also come with a whistle built into the chest strap, which can be useful in case of an emergency.

Frequently asked questions

What age can you use hiking backpack?

There is no set age for when a child can start using a hiking backpack, as it largely depends on their size, strength, and experience. However, generally speaking, most children can start using a small hiking backpack around the age of 5 or 6. At this age, they are usually able to carry their own water, snacks, and a light jacket or raincoat.

It’s important to choose a backpack that is appropriately sized and fitted for your child, and to start with a lighter load and shorter hikes until they build up their strength and endurance. As they grow and gain more experience, you can gradually increase the weight and distance of the hikes.

It’s also important to supervise children when they are using a hiking backpack, and to ensure that they stay hydrated and take breaks as needed. By introducing your child to hiking and backpacking at a young age, you can help them develop a lifelong love of the outdoors and a sense of adventure.

What is the ideal backpack size for kids?

The ideal backpack size for kids largely depends on their age, size, and the duration of the hike. A general guideline is that a child’s backpack should have a capacity of around 10-15 liters for younger children, and up to 20 liters or more for older children.

For children under 10 years old, a backpack with a capacity of around 10-12 liters is typically sufficient for short hikes or day trips. This size is suitable for carrying essentials such as water, snacks, a jacket or raincoat, and a first aid kit.

For older children and teenagers, a backpack with a capacity of around 20-30 liters is suitable for longer hikes or overnight trips. This size allows for carrying additional gear such as a sleeping bag, tent, and extra clothing.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the ideal backpack size for kids can vary based on their individual needs and abilities. It’s always best to choose a backpack that is appropriately sized for your child’s height and weight, and to ensure that the backpack is properly fitted to their body for optimal comfort and support.

Can you take a 4 year old hiking?

Yes, it is possible to take a 4-year-old hiking, but it’s important to keep in mind their limitations and abilities. A child of this age may not be able to hike long distances or carry their own backpack, so it’s important to plan the hike accordingly.

It’s best to start with short and easy hikes, such as nature trails or local parks, to allow your child to get accustomed to hiking and the outdoors. Consider choosing a route with interesting features, such as streams or wildlife, to keep your child engaged and interested.

It’s also important to ensure that your child is properly dressed for the hike, with comfortable and sturdy shoes, appropriate clothing, and protection from the sun, bugs, and other outdoor elements. Be sure to pack plenty of water, snacks, and other essentials, such as a jacket or raincoat, and a first aid kit.

When hiking with a 4-year-old, it’s important to keep their safety in mind and to provide them with plenty of encouragement and support. Consider bringing a carrier or a wagon in case your child gets tired or needs a break. With proper planning and preparation, hiking with a 4-year-old can be a fun and rewarding experience for the whole family.

How long can 5 year old hike?

The length of time a 5-year-old can hike largely depends on their physical abilities, experience, and the difficulty of the trail. However, as a general guideline, a 5-year-old can typically hike for around 1-2 hours on easy to moderate terrain.

It’s important to keep in mind that children of this age may tire easily and need frequent breaks to rest and refuel. It’s best to plan the hike accordingly and choose a route that is appropriate for your child’s abilities and endurance level. You may also want to consider packing snacks and water to help keep your child energized and hydrated throughout the hike.

As your child gains more experience and builds up their strength and endurance, they may be able to hike for longer periods of time and tackle more challenging trails. It’s important to encourage your child to take breaks as needed and to listen to their body if they are feeling tired or uncomfortable.

Overall, hiking with a 5-year-old can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it’s important to keep their safety and comfort in mind. By choosing the right trail and being prepared with plenty of water, snacks, and other essentials, you can help your child develop a love of the outdoors and a sense of adventure.

Last Words

That’s all about the best hiking backpack for a five-year-old hiker. All of those are well-filtered kid’s backpacks from the sea of huge models on the market. And, the reviews will surely save you from involving difficulties to find out the perfect one.

Normally, 7 out of 7 are capable to make your children’s adventure secure, and comfortable. But I have an extra softness for Deuter Kikki.

Whatever, in the end, I will say, be conscious about buying factors and choose the true one for your love and would be a little hiker.

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