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There was a time when hikers struggled much to find out a solution to hike by the barefoot or lightweight way. Five Fingers is such the change that allows you light-moving hiking with style and comfort. And there Vibram is the top as the creation of these shoes. I bet it’ll be so tough to leave those, once you deal with the best Vibram five fingers for hiking.

I heard many odd questions about using these on the trail. Like as always I stand positively on it (though there have some facts). Alright, in my today’s writing, I’m not only going to present the perfect chart but also show you the way to discover the right one and mention the points where it’s good to avoid those five fingers.

7 Best Vibram Five Fingers for Hiking

I went through several Vibram, but many are all not possible to experiment with. So, how do find the ideal one? Well, based on the users and our experiment with ensuring essential qualities here the reviews of 7 are given.

1. Vibram Men’s s V-Trek Hiking Shoe


Size Range: 8 to 12.5

Color Options: 4

Material Types: Rubber and polyurethane

Item Weight: 0.40 pounds


I will keep Vibram Men’s s V-Trek on the top as it impressed me more than I expected.

The construction is far better than any other shoes. Here, the midsole is made with polyurethane and a sole with rubber. So, look for strength and comfort. Those components will truly surprise you on those terms.

Again, you can get the desire stretching from this synthetic component. I was worried about the support and after the use, I discovered that there is an extra thickness on the midsole which deals with the supportive matter. And it’s much comfortable as you expect. 

Moreover, the 4mm rubber on the outsole also adds quality there. No matter what the surfaces are, they will allow you to walk through them easily. So, in a word, you will be going to have a comfy, durable, and protective output from it.

Fit is a must-needed requirement while wearing shoes. For this, this model arrives in plenty of sizes to adhere perfectly on different feet. From 8 to 12.5 is the available measurements. But, the users say for the wide foot one should go with a size up. Anyways, the weight of them is also so much acceptable.

Four different colors are given there to attract the fashion lover. You know the design and look are unique and fashionable from the normal barefoot wears. So, there is no more concern about its appearance and style.

Honestly, on different surface conditions (wet, water, rock, or others), I didn’t feel any shortage of traction. It provided me with enough grip whenever I needed it. Also, the manufacturer mentions that the Megagrip outsole never meets you with slippery experience. 

Just not for hiking, it will permit you to wear on trekking, sport, climbing or else too. Finally, to get that awesome one you need to be ready to pay an expensive amount.


  • The color and design are stylish to look
  • Comfortable and stretchy component
  • Durable and supportive soles
  • Excellent traction because of mega-grip rubber
  • Can be used for other purposes too
  • Comes with several options for size


  • The price isn’t cheap
  • The wide footer needs one size up

2. Vibram Women’s V-Trek Trail Running Shoe

Women’s Best
Vibram Women's V-Trek Trail Shoe


Size Range: 6.5 to 10

Color Options: 6

Material Types: Polyurethane and Rubber

Item Weight: 0.30 pounds


Vibram Women’s V-Trek is just the same category as previously. But this one is suitable for ladies and also there exists some difference.

The outsole is built with rubber. This material is quite durable and works great by providing an excellent grip. Doesn’t matter how slippery the surfaces are, they will effortlessly do their job by ensuring sufficient traction between the ground and your foot. In the search for flexibility, it gives more.

On the inside, the polyurethane midsole enhances the comfy level as well as the support. Excessive thickness does this job more easily.

Like as previously the sizes have plenty of options. According to your foot measurements go with the perfect size. But some users say, it runs smaller than normal. So, my suggestion will be, if you would like to wear socks and wants a fit shoe, then order a size bigger.

On the colors, there have found 6 with different styles. And that creates a pleasant thing for those who like to stay fashionable. Another thing that differs from the previous is its more lightweight design. It was only 0.30 pounds. So, carrying and wearing those on the terrain won’t be a hassle anymore.

Now, if you worry about the ankle support then I will tell you to hold. Its construction, grippy material, and other qualities make it enough strong to give protection. Any wet or tough situations you can overcome with those fantastic shoes. More likely, it comes with an easy washing facility. And, last, the price is a bit lower than the previous one.


  • Ultra-light and durable built
  • Flexible and comfortable to wear
  • Different sizes and colors have existed
  • Good grippy in wet or any slippery conditions
  • Works great for leg protection
  • Quite easy in terms of washing


  • Run slightly small ( recommend for a size up)
  • Not affordable price to someone

3. Vibram Five Fingers Men’s KSO Hiking Shoe

Vibram Five Fingers for Hiking


Size Range: 6.5 to 13

Color Options: 1

Material Types: Rubber and Synthetic

Item Weight: 0.50 pounds


Men’s KSO is one of the most popular footwear if you hike barefoot.

The construction has more quality with different types of materials. The main components are synthetic and textile which is sturdy and comfy. The breathable capacity makes it a quick dryer. So, it can put up little water spraying. But in extreme wet conditions, it shows limitations.

However, like as always, the soles are made with rubber and there has Polyamide, Hypalon too. The rubber measurement is 3.5mm. Anyways, having those build quality, you will never disappoint for not getting flexible and supportive outputs. 

Now, it is available in 6.5 to 13 ranges of size and I’m sure any type of foot will find its match in there. But if you don’t like black then I’m sorry. It only has one color. Talking about the weight, it’s lightweight in its nature and the number is 0.50 pounds.

Wet or slippery whatever you think, the traction into the shoes is high enough to overcome with great stability. Moreover, these five fingers are reduced leg injuries as well as run pains. So, in terms of safety and support, I just love it. One thing that irritated me there is the stuckness of waterlogged grass sometimes. But that doesn’t happen always and it can be easily minimized. You can wash the shoes too.

Well, wait for the price. Yeah, there is a little bit of good news and that is, the cost is slightly less than the previous two.


  • Breathable and fast-drying upper materials
  • Flexible and sturdy rubber soles
  • Has various points for sizes
  • Good at slip-resistant
  • Super capability to provide foot protection


  • Only one color
  • Dirt can be stacked under the sole (hardly)

4. Vibram Five Fingers Men’s V-Alpha Hiking Shoe

For Big Foot
Vibram Five Fingers V-Alpha Hiking Shoe


Size Range: 7.5 to 14

Color Options: 4

Material Types: Rubber and Synthetic

Item Weight: 0. 37 pounds


V-Alpha holds sufficient features to walk on the trail barefoot.

The shoe is full of textiles. The wool and polyester materials are quite sturdy as well as comfortable. And the sole is synthetic which ensures the desire for flexible and quality services. It can breathe well and will keep your feet dry and healthy.

Additionally, there has 2mm foam on the insole which enhances the comfort level. With that, your feet can easily avoid the tiny collision of stones, rocks, or less So, in the build section, it can be called decent.

From 7.5 to 14 are the categories of sizes. Small to big, different types of sizes are built by the manufacturer. Those will fit well with any foot. But, to void the sizing problem, it is recommended to use an upper size. Now, the weight is also as light as you expect. And yeah, you can choose as yourself from the four variant colors.

On the traction, the rubber provides super grip. So, without a doubt, you can trust it during walking on the slippery ground. The item is supportive too, but if you have a serious ankle problem and require super protection then it won’t ideal for you. 

Don’t worry about the cleaning process cause it allows easiness in there. Moreover, wearing is also quite simple. So, overall it’s an average combo with a reasonable price.


  • Well breathing and lightweight components
  • Soles have the quality to give flexibility
  • 2mm foam increase the comfort
  • Megagrip technology for terrain or trail traction
  • Easy to put and wash


  • Size runs small
  • Medium level of support

5. Vibram Women’s V 2.0 Trail Running Shoe

Good Looking
Vibram Women's V 2.0 Trail Running Shoe


Size Range: 6 to 10.5

Color Options: 3

Material Types: Mesh and Synthetic

Item Weight: 0.61 pounds


V 2.0 introduces good looking but barefoot walking experience on the trail.

Unlike others, it builds with mesh and Synthetic materials. This latest construction doesn’t deprive you of getting comfortable and durable services. Here you will find the 3D Cocoon Technology which enhances qualities from many angles. From the contribution of those, you can surely expect a flexible and stable wearing from it.

Various sizes are made by the manufacturer remembering different requirements. The 6.5 size bears nearly 0.61 pounds which is comparative light. Black, yellow, and blue-green are the variants one can choose from their taste.

Now, in terms of walking protection, the 3.7 mm Megagrip helps superbly to give traction in any dry, wet, or tough conditions. It’s a new and developed version of the previous one about water repelling capacity. f

Now searching after its cons, I found two. First, it takes a little bit of a period to break in. But that won’t take long that may worry you more. And the other one is its comparatively expensive price.


  • Nice looking design and colors
  • Long-lasting and comfortable
  • Flexible and stable output from quality construction
  • 3.7 mm Megagrip provides super grip on different situations
  • Upper material repels water fast than previously


  • Require break-in period
  • Can’t be called budget-friendly

6. Vibram Women’s V-Alpha Black Hiking Shoe

Vibram Women's V-Alpha Black Hiking Shoe


Size Range: 6 to 9.5

Color Options: 4

Material Types: Rubber and Synthetic

Item Weight: 0.31 pounds


Women’s V-Alpha has come with the usual features as the previous Vibram.

These imported shoes are made with full textile. The mixture of synthetic and rubber materials creates great improvement in the design section. The upper part is extremely well aired flowing which helps with quick-drying and odor resisting.

In terms of the insole, there has 2 mm foam for excellent comfort. No leaking is found on the matter of durability and flexibility too.

This wear is true in size, but some complain about its small running. So, for better fitting, follow the measurements of the manufacturer. And yeah, there gives 4 types of colors. The most impressive matter is, it holds only 0.31 pounds. So, on the trail, it will give you super lightweight movements.

As always, the brand adds grippy soles. From which you can securely walk through any wet, rainy, or like these conditions. Again, on the matter of stability and ankle support, it runs smoothly.

And, talking about the price, I think it’s average.


  • Provides durable and comfy service
  • The breathable material keeps away bad odor
  • Appears in various colors
  • Enough grip in any tough situations


  • Maybe running slight smaller (not for all)

7. Vibram Five Fingers Women’s Trek Insulated Shoe


Size Range: 6.5 to 9

Color Options: 3

Material Types: Rubber and Polyester

Item Weight: 0.48 pounds


Women’s Trek Ascent will be the best-fitted barefoot hiking shoes when it’s winter.

The construction is 100 percent fabric. The polyester material contributes to breathability, comfort, and warmth. The shoes build with such components that offer a warm feeling in cold weather. So, how low the temp will be doesn’t affect your foot.

The rubber sole is so soft and durable at a time. The ICETREK technology adds here fantastic grip while you are on the icy surface or cold areas. So, you can stay tension-free because of its slip-resisting result.

The small size is 6.5 and the last one is 9. Though there has enough size variation, not at such level that previous ones have. So, in terms of extra bigfoot, it’s not able to provide. Again, there is another little limitation on size and that is it runs small. And you require to order a size longer. The weight of the product is at the desired level. And, in colors, it bears three.

Overall, the support and traction on there don’t think you. Comparative, the price is also low.


  • Comfy and durable design
  • Insulate construction for cold temperature
  • Have three pretty colors
  • Great grip on ICY, cold or slippery grounds


  • Require one size larger for proper fit
  • No sizes for very large foot

What to Look for While Buying Vibram Hiking Five Fingers

As usual, I can’t avoid telling the ways how we dig out the suitable one from the many. So, in this term, what we considered to pick the best five fingers is explained.

Five Facts to Buy Vibram Five Fingers

1. Is It Flexible and durable?

The fact that I notice first is how durable and flexible the service is.

The flexible nature not only allows easy movement but also keeps you safe from getting injuries. The ideal size and shape are required in this term. So, for the protective and desired motion, you have to search for flexibility.

On a tough hiking trail or mountain, durability is another requirement that needs to have on shoes. As we need to cross so many hard situations on there, the strength of your shoes will be a major issue. So, look for the material about how capable it is to provide long-lasting and durable service.

2. Comfort to Wear or Not?

After the quality, just look at the level of comfort. Doesn’t matter how premium it is, if you aren’t going through comfort then it definitely is a useless one.

To be sure about that, check for the material and design. How the cushioning and firmness, is the component breathable, does the size fit to the foot, etc questions you should ask yourself while buying a pair of those barefoot shoes. Moreover, you can do a test walk to ensure the easiness.

That’s how the comfy should be considered.

3. Does It Provide Traction?

Though there is a rumor that five fingers aren’t good for providing traction, it’s not actually. But you can’t see such a result that boots or shoes can show.

On the hike, in every step grip is so much required. The grip not only offers stability but is also good for safety. So, look at the manufacturer’s words as there exists any word for traction.

4. Has Lower Weight?

Lightweight is another crucial thing to be had on those wear.

What can be so pleasant over hiking with less weighty shoes? It gives you super-smooth, balanced, and comfortable walking. 

Unlike other footwear, five-fingers are built with a lightweight design to perform well on the trail. And it is one of the reasons behind the ongoing popularity of these shoes.

So, don’t be lazy to notice the weight of the product.

5. Can Be Stayed Water-friendly?

Versatile walking is another purpose of using 5 fingers.

It means the shoes can able to run through various conditions like on beach, water or like these. And you know, hiking won’t offer you the same path always. So, depending on the trail and your requirements, you may need to deal with such wear which is good water-friendly, quick-drying, and multifunctional.

Good and Bad Sides of Hiking with Five Fingers

It’s common nature to have negative sides along with the positive whatever the product is. And here, I will be going to let you know the advantages and disadvantages of these barefoot shoes.

Good Sides

Surely, there have some crucial benefits you can get from there while hiking. Those are-

  • It’s a unique and new taste in hiking fashion.
  • Wearing those, your foot and body both positioning will change. Because of its thin sole, the midfoot will be more land than the heel. 
  • As it is super-light in weight, on the trail you hardly feel there is any footwear. That’s not possible in so-called hiking boots.
  • Those barefoot wear also improves the balance while walking on the trail.
  • It can be capable to face versatile situations like water, on the beach, or else.

Bad Sides

So, at which angle the hiker shouldn’t go with those shoes? Well, the disadvantages of finger wear are placed below.

  • If you need more ankle support then this wear isn’t suitable for you. It provides less support than boots
  • Because of their light design and thin material, one has to be more careful not to collude their toe with rocks.
  • Their different look can be seemed unfashionable to someone.


Footwear is a challenging thing during hiking and where barefoot shoes can able to ensure relaxing walking. And our reviews on the best Vibram five fingers for hiking will surely reach you at that destination.

Normally, I’m a crazy fan of Vibram whenever I want to hike barefoot. In there, Men’s s V-Trek creates a soft corner with its impressive works. By the way, there will be no wrong if you choose others. Cause all of those are the perfect filter among the whole.

So, grab your desired number and observe how it can fall you in love during the hiking.

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