Whenever you think about a tough outdoor activity like hiking, footwear is a common word that automatically appears there. For what? Cause appropriate wear boots, shoes, or sandals whatever you tell has a great impact on the hike. From this concern, people get confused about are combat boots good for hiking or not.

Though combat boots are super durable and support, I hardly found comfort when I was on the trail. Oppositely, many hikers get excellent advantages wearing them on hiking. How? Getting more confused? 

Stay cool and slowly go in down to know the pros and cons of these boots, and also find the answer when it will good or bad choice for hiking.

Combat Boot Introduction and Its Type

Simply, combat boots are military boots that are mainly used for soldier purposes like on their parade, activities, or duties. These are designed for heavy activities.

You also notice variations in the types of combat boots. Depending on the situation and weather types are noticeable. From army to navy, there have differences in boots.

Some are suitable for hot weather while some are for cold. Again, to walk through the jungle, water or trail there presents a variety of categories.

So, if you try to figure out military boot’s type, it will take you to the ocean.

Wearing Combat Boot on Hiking Trail

Pros and Cons of Combat Boots

Well, here we will bring out those positive and negative points of combat boot from where it will be super easy for someone to understand its suit level with them.

So, let’s start with the advantages first.


1. Great in Durability

To take the fame of its name, military boots are designed to provide strength and tough experience.

So, the first thing that every combat boot holds more is its heavy durable character.

The using materials and overall construction are pretty high to serve durability in different conditions whatever the toughness is. You don’t get any worn easily. Long-lasting, collusion proof, or any hard situation it will be faced comfortably. That’s why on your hiking, military work, or any other activities you can surely find durable quality there.

2. Super Supportive and Protective

The second nature that I found in military wear is the supportive character.

These boots come with such construction that is capable to ensure excellent support whenever you need them. Hiking, climbing, running and more tasks you can perform supportively wearing those. As the military need to carry a weighty backpack with several items through touch areas, so the boots are made reminding supportive nature.

Again, in terms of foot protection or injuries, it has good uses. For different kinds of foot injuries or protect you from falling danger, the boot will provide sufficient protection.

So, in the matter of safety and support, we will get more advantages from them.

3. Provide Essential Traction

Mainly the rubber sole works better when you talk about traction.

In order to serve enough traction and stability, those combat boots have the feature of non-slip.

That’s the reason why you won’t slip in tough terrain conditions and continue your walk with great stability.

So, traction is another positive point of choosing the combat boot.

4. Good Breathability and Water Resisting

Proper airflow along with dryness is one of the needy features in the boot. And expectedly, military boot bears those qualities.

The material and build quality never fail to allow the air to flow perfectly and will keep your feet cool. It will breathe well and ensure your healthy feet.

Again, most of them come with waterproof features. Though there has a specific water-protecting combat boot, a normal one also has sufficient power to protest against water. So, it will save your feet from getting wet and maintain the tasks to keep the feet dry. 


1. Not Lightweight

The first disadvantage I noticed of this boot is the heavyweight. Though boots are naturally heavy than other footwear, this one has more weight comparing others.

And, because of much weight, you have to prepare to walk with weighty items as well as lose more energy.

So, the wish of wearing an ultralight boot won’t be fulfilled if you go with this one.

2. Poor Comfort Level

From the early discussion now it is known to you how strong and hard the boot is.

To give much on durability and support, the manufacturer forgot about the comfy. Yeah, this type of footwear is quite medium in comfort level. You hardly find cushioning and comfort design in there. As a civilian, it can be tough to use that. Again, the heaviness can be another reason for uncomfortable.

So, if your main priority is to get an extra soft and comfortable boot then it will say you sorry.

3. Take Time to Get Ideal Shape

Being boot and because of their construction, they take a bit long time to break in.

In this case, it won’t be friends with you at the very first use. In the beginning, it offers poor flexibility. You need to give it a few times and operate a couple of walking tests to be ready for the final destination.

Break-in, I think will seem a problem to many ones in there.

4. May Be Bring Blister

The point isn’t constant as all of the users couldn’t find such errors. After that, as a reminder, it is good to tell.

The boot is able to meet you with blisters. Perhaps, it is because of the heavyweight, poor water-resistant, and hard construction material. Or, maybe you aren’t used to such boots properly. And all of these come in one result and which is the blister.

Though it’s not damn sure, it can appear with the blister.

Is Combat Boot Good for Hiking or Not?

Now, it’s your turn to know whether the awaited question of the military is good or bad for hiking. Well, before entering into the matter, let’s take a discussion about the requirements of boots that have to become hiking-friendly.

So, which factors tell whether the footwear is ideal for hiking? Well, to be suitable hiking wear, the item has to contain the following characteristics.

  • Comfortable: Comfort is the first requirement whatever the wear is. And in trail walking, it is a must.
  • Lightweight: As hiking is a hard workout, you need to save your energy in any way you will get. A light boot can offer this benefit.
  • Feet-Support: Ankle, knee, or whole leg, whatever you tell, on your outdoor journey it is crucial to protect them. An ideal hiking boot keeps it in his mind too.
  • Breathability: To keep one’s feet dry and sweat-free, the boot materials need to be breathable. So, good air-flowing footwear is required on a hike for wet-free and healthy feet.

Now, in the normal sense, I will say negative about going hiking with combat boots. On the trail, the most important part is a comfortable walk with recharging energy. But these military boots don’t allow to do such. So, the heaviness and uncomfy footwear definitely fail to be a perfect hiking partner.

Wait, I have another explanation too. If you ask me, is it impossible to hike with combat? Absolutely not, you can hike with it too. So, when military boots can be perfect for outdoor exploring?

If you are used to these boots then the weighty and discomfort can’t bother on hiking. More importantly, for hikers who need extra ankle protection, and a long-lasting hiking boot, this combat won’t go wrong.

4 Ideal Combat Hiking Boots 

Well, if you find benefits in military boots on hiking for your own purpose or decide to hike with them then we have some suggestions on suitable outdoor boots. Here are those-

A Man Holding Military Boot for Hiking
  • FREE SOLDIER Men’s Combat Boots: Those are a great option for men where you will get a fashionable, super durable, air flowing, and protective pair of boots.
  • Athlefit Women’s Hiking Combat Boots: For Women, who are looking for durable, slip-less, and waterproof hiking boots, this one is suited them.
  • PAVEHAWK Men’s 8-inch Military Boots: Strong design, soft and comfortable material, lightweight, and fit features largely go with PAVEHAWK.
  • DREAM PAIRS Women’s Combat Boots: In winter, as women, you can trust them for great ankle support, fashion, and strength quality.

Suggestions before Hike with Combat Boot

Once you determine to hike with those boots, then some tips you need to maintain for a better experience.

  • Lightweight, supportive, traction, and durable characters you should keep in your head before purchasing.
  • Before wearing, first, complete the break-in period. It is a good and must task to stay away from blisters.
  • Always keep your feet dry before entering into the boots.
  • In cold weather, you can use two pairs of socks. That will help you to stay warm as well as friction-free.
  • If possible then place some comfy and soft soles under the feet. Cause it has great benefits on long walking and comfortable feeling.
  • As much as possible, don’t take closer your boots with water. Though it is waterproof, sometimes the water can enter and, give you wet and irritated feelings.


As hiking needs perfection, one should be conscious of choosing both small to big things. 

On this page, it is now concluded on are combat boots good for hiking or not. You already see, besides some stunning features, there are also some negative points of a military boot. 

If you desire comfortable, energy-saving, light, and less blistering boots for hiking, then of course I won’t recommend pick-up combat.

But, for getting traction, extreme support, and durable boots, there is no shortage of those boots during the hike.

So, good or bad isn’t a certain matter in there. You need to take the right pick at right time.

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