Hiking without suitable boots looks like going on a painful trip. I think very few have existed who don’t know the importance of boots or shoes on a hike. From that concern, there is a question that arises “are duck boots good for hiking?” Though duck boots are good for many reasons if you want to know the strict answer then I will tell you “No, they aren’t good for hiking”.

So, what are the reasons behind it or when those can be worth and all about duck boots are covered up here to give a trick sense in terms of hiking boots selection? So, let it scroll and know those facts.

What are Duck Boots?

Duck boots are such kinds of boots that are designed with a combination of leather and rubber. Especially those that are ideal as rain and work boots. Those boots are largely known as bean boots.

Leon Leonwood Bean, the man of America first invented the duck boots. And he is the owner of L.L. Bean. There is a history behind the creation. As he was an outdoor hunting lover, most of the hunting time he suffered from feet wetting and less comfort. Then, to get out of his problems, he thought to build a boot that can offer him comfort as well as waterproof feet. And from his spirit, finally, he succeeded to create the duck boots. After him, many brought different duck boots but Bean is the first person for bringing those boots.

Reasons for Calling It “Duck Boots”

Those boots are created on the base of the lower rubber and upper leather. The lower part protects from wetting and the other one for comfort.

Now tell me, “why did L.L. Bean create the duck boots?” As I mentioned previously that he loved hunting and for this, he made the boot. And yes, those boots are ideal for hunting mainly duck or other wild hunting. As duck hunting is done through mud, water, or those types of situations, so to deal with it there was essential to create such a boot. And from this purpose and concept, those boots are known as duck boots. And now the boots have become popular among outdoor and travel lovers people around the world.

Good and Bad Sides of Duck Boots

So, what are the pros and cons of duck boots? Does it relate to hiking? Well, for purpose of hiking use, you need to know the good and bad sides of it. So, let’s begin.


1. Satisfying Comfort

The first thing I never compromise to tell about is the great comfort of duck boots to wear. The leather part builds to protect your feet from dirt, wetness, and other things. And this makes your feet clean and also ensures a comfortable walk. Rain, snow, ice, or in whatever way you are, those boots always ready to work for your comfort.

You might think, that is a great option in terms of comfort. Unfortunately, no. Actually, duck boots are perfect for a very short hike. But when you will go for long or mountain hiking, then those boots will welcome you with some bad experiences.

So, in view of short hiking, those are okay to wear for a comfortable step.

2. Waterproof

“Waterproof” actually is the first requirement of duck boots. To explore hiking or hunting activities in mud or wet condition, those boots were created the waterproof characteristic. So, you don’t need to worry to walk around the snow, rain, or mud situation, as the boot will work as a water protector to save your feet. And that’s one of the decent reasons to love wearing this boot.

3. Not Heavy

Though it looks heavy, practically it’s lightweight. “Easy to wear” and “easy to bear” that combination makes the boot great. So, if you are worried about heavyweight issues, then duck b. can largely help you.

4. Simple to Clean

As those boots ride in a dirty condition, there must arise a concern about their cleaning. Don’t worry. Duck boots never let you down at this point. It’s quite simple and doesn’t require much time to clean the boot. So, those boots deserve a thumbs up, as they decrease the work of cleaning.


1. Poor Traction

Lacking traction is a major problem in using duck boots for hiking. Of course, those boots have traction but not the level of go for hiking.

The boot is created for mud, wet, or rain circumstance. So it’s okay if you wear this for your short hike on simple trails. But in terms of hard hikers or mountain, rocky or other areas those duck boots definitely are a bad choice. In a word, you can’t get enough traction using this one, and can’t protect yourself from slipping.

2. Poor Breathability

Because of the waterproof characteristics, it is impossible to get the benefit of breathability. And that’s one of the key drawbacks of these boots.

As they are poor breathability, wearing this the air trapped inside the boot and that comes with sweat and a hot feeling. Not only sweat but there is also a big chance of blisters. So, that’s definitely hurting your feet as well as giving you uncomfortable feelings. So, poor breathability can stand against using duck boots.

3. Poor Ankle Support

If you cut off the above two then what about “poor ankle support”? Yes, they offer a poor job in terms of ankle supporting hiking boots. Though they confirm you are comfortable but is it better over the chance of your injuries? I don’t think so. During your long hike or hiking in rocky and mountain areas, those legs wear are failed to protect your ankle and can occur plantar fascia, Achilles pain, and so on foot injuries. So, if you want to avoid the high injuries of an ankle then those boots surely wouldn’t exist on your hiking list.

4. More Spacious

Did you ever think that point could be a bad one? Yeah, more spacious boots can bring some vital problems. And duck boots have that factor. 

Inside the boots, there is more space to keep your feet. But too spacious means there is a chance of friction that brings blisters. Also, sweat can occur here and make your feet uncomfortable. So, that’s one of the bad sides you have to face during your hiking by wearing those ones.

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Are Duck Boots Good for Hiking or Not?

Before establishing a strict answer and explaining the reasons about duck boots are good for hiking or not, first, let me know the factors that are required for good hiking boots or shoes.

So, let’s take a look at key factors to be good hiking boots characteristics.

  • Breathability
  • Traction
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Fit

As we early discussed the good and bad things about these wear, so those boots have some similarities and some dissimilar factors compared to ideal hiking boots.

So from the above discussion and factors, we can say, duck boots aren’t good for hiking. Are they? Two main points, “Breathability and Traction” are absent in duck boots. And the absence of these points will make your feet uncomfortable and even bring injuries. You surely know, if you aren’t comfortable with your feet walking then that hiking activity can’t bring anything good without giving bad memories.

So, though the duck boot has quite good sides, still it’s a bad choice when you will talk about serious hiking.

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When Duck Boots Can Be Good for Hiking?

Don’t think duck boots totally are useless. They can be good in limited circumstances. 

When your preference is a short hike like walking within a few miles on an easy trail then you can use them. Not only this, but on the cold or rainy season or on wet ground, duck boots definitely are perfect as they are built-in waterproof, and comfortable. By the way, in terms of beginner hiking, try to avoid those boots.

Brands of Duck Boots

Though L.L.B is the founder of duck boots, by times there are arrived a few brands. Let’s talk and mention a few of them.

1. L.L.B

If you are searching for original and first duck boots bean boots are at the top. They are making the best quality and most popular boots at an adorable price since the starter.

2. Sperry

Sperry is another popular brand that offers classy and various models of duck boots for hiking and adventure lover people. They are a trustworthy brand as they offer water resistance and easy-wearing boots.

3. London Fog

You know, people nowadays want to look trendy and stylish whatever they go. In this need, London Fog introduced the market with such types of duck boots that look good and stylish along with outdoor facilities. So that can be an easy pick for outdoor and fashion lovers.

4. LaCrosse

The name LaCrosse is another popular brand that comes with a variety of duck boots. They have practically manufactured the boots for use in sports or ice/snow areas. Comfortable and durable both have existed in those types of boots.

On my hiking in Georgia trail, I have worn this one and yeah the experience was quite good. So, understanding your situation you can use them in a right place.

3 Best Hiking Duck Boots

Alright, if you find the need for duck boots on your hiking trip, we will suggest you top 3 duck boots in there. So, what are those?

1. Men’s Avenue Duck Boot: That Sperry boot comes with rubber soles and leather construction. And has great power in waterproofing and durability. Comfort is also present there. Overall a quality combo it is.

2. Women’s Duck Bean Boots: These bean boots are designed for women. The design is fashionable as well as comfortable. The main features like robber soles, water resistance, anti-slip, etc, are combined perfectly there.

3. LaCrosse Men’s Trekker Boot: Likely, it has built with leather and rubber. And there is an oily design. Together all of those provide excellent water resistance. Moreover, to hike on terrain there is no storage of traction in LaCrosse.

Good Substitute for Duck Boots

From the above discussion, you have already known that duck or bean boots aren’t good for hard hiking. So, is there any alternative to duck boots? Yeah, a few options can be substituted for the duck boots having traction and breathable characteristic.

Alright, now let me mention the best two boots that can be a good substitute.

Zamberlan Vioz GTX Boots: If you are looking for a boot that looks like duck boots and is good for hiking then the Zamberlan Vioz GTX hiking boot will be the right choice for you. Breathability, durability, waterproofing, comfortable, traction, etc you can find on this boot. So, on an adorable budget, it is a top option.

Columbia Bugaboot Plus: These boots are ideal for those who want to extreme hike in snow or cold areas. The boot is designed on the basis of warming, traction, lightweight, and so on facilities in cold weather (nearly 31-32 degrees C). And the boots also looked trendy comparatively. So, it does not look ugly to get a Columbia Bugaboot Plus on your snow hiking.

FAQ about “Duck Boots for hiking”

1. Are duck boots Okay for walking?

It depends. If your hiking will be just for a few miles or for a short distance then those are okay to wear in terms of walking. They are comfortable and wet-resistant but unable to do their job in advanced hiking or trekking.

2. Is duck boot in style or not?

If we are talking about recent duck boots then yes, they can be in style. Some people don’t like to wear this as it seems ugly to them. But trust me, wearing duck boots can easily go with your outfits and give you a cool look. A cozy dress and scarf with boots and good socks don’t take you down in terms of fashion.

3. Is feet warm possible with those boots?

As those boots are built in the condition of the snow, cold, or rain, it’s very much possible to warm your feet by wearing those. They keep your feet dry in wet conditions and make you comfortable.

4. What are the main purposes of duck boots?

The key or main purpose of duck boots is hunting. Hunting in the wild wildlife mud, wet and slippery conditions those boots perform well.

5. Are those boots good for wearing the whole year?

Mainly they are winter wear but it is okay to use them all around the year. But in extreme heat, it’s good to avoid.

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6. Are duck boots slip resistance?

As we early mentioned, those boots are created by using rubber, so they are enough in terms of slip resistance. Sperry also makes one of the best duck boots concerning slip-resistant.

7. Are duck boots good for rain or snow?

Duck boots can be a good option for both rain and light snow. They are typically made of water-resistant materials, such as rubber or waterproof leather, which can help keep your feet dry in wet conditions. Additionally, duck boots often have a rubber sole with good traction, which can help you maintain your footing on wet or slippery surfaces.

That being said, duck boots are not designed for heavy snow or extreme cold temperatures. While they can keep your feet dry in light snow, they are not insulated and may not provide enough warmth in colder conditions. In these situations, it’s generally better to opt for boots specifically designed for snow and winter weather.

Overall, duck boots can be a versatile and practical option for wet weather, particularly in milder climates or for activities like hiking or walking where you need good traction and protection from moisture.


Finally, what’s on your mind? Are duck or bean boots good for hiking? There we discussed all the facts about the boot. Now it depends on you to decide about is good or not.

Honestly, they aren’t a good choice for hiking. But if you want to use it for light hiking then we can say it’s okay. But in actual hiking, we don’t recommend wearing that.

One thing to tell you is, bad for hiking doesn’t mean bad for all situations. Those boots are still perfect for many outdoor activities as well as fashionable.

Hope you got your desired answer. If you have any confusion or any tips for this write then don’t do late to share with us. Stay good and boom with your adventure.

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