Hiking Tips For Beginners in 2020

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Hiking is a one kind of adventure to walk a long way with natural environment that have a combo pack of physical and mental benefits. Hiking is a source of recreation,decreasing mental stress,a test for fitness and so on. As a beginner, there is no reason to fear about it. No special training or technique is required for it. You just need a small planning and a little preparation to make a successful hiking. Here we make an experience base hiking tips for beginners that helps you to give the actual feel of hiking. The following hiking tips should be kept on your mind to make your first journey successful.

1.Select Your Hiking Partner

As a beginner this is obviously not a wise decision to go alone for hiking. There are some bad factors when you will go alone. First,safety is more important factor in here. You badly feel the help of a person if you fall any type of danger. Second,it is always boring if you can’t talk to someone or can’t share your feeling while walking especially in such hiking trails. So first of all you should decide your partner. That can be your close friends or your family or any hiking community or any experience person. It’s totally up to you by whose you will stay comfortable.


2. Find A Perfect Trail

You should give proper attention to find a perfect trail for hiking. Any mistake at this step can ruin all of your plans. You can take help from trail guide. The following matters you should concern to select a hiking trail.

  • Short distance from your place
  • Natural view
  • Not so long to climb
  • Your fitness condition
  • Month
  • Weather of the trail

By taking those in mind you can fixed where you will go. You can talk to your friends or any hiking organization for selecting your hiking place. Also you can research in internet about trail-guide. This can be helpful for you.


3. Checkout Before The Journey

You should checkout the weather before starting.  Depending on the weatheryou should take your dicision. Weather also indicates you what types of dress you should wear or what extra gears you need that favoure the weather. If the weather is totally against your desire place then it is better not to go.

Again, it is also needed to check  your fitness on that day. Physical and mental pleasure is the best thing. So you should need proper sleep,food and driking water before the morning.


4. Favourable Dress

A favourable dress is confirmed to a pleasure hiking. So you should aware about your dresses. You can follow these tips to cope you with the hiking trails.

  • Try to avoid cotton
  • Jeans also forbidden
  • Wear long sleeve shirt
  • Comfortable pant to easily move
  • T-shirt on warm weather
  • Jacket on cold weather
  • Rainy jacket(if rain)
  • A hat

You need to stay dry during hiking. For this you should try to avoid cotton. The way of trail is not straight. So you should notice about your dress that you can walk freely.


5. Be Aware About Shoes And Socks

Yeah, shoes also considered important factor for hiking. A pair of good shoe can give a relaxation in your hiking journey. As a beginner, you must have hiking shoes. Check the point below.

  • Use light-weight shoes
  • Not so much tight
  • Use boot in rainy condition
  • Also use in heavy gases and plants

A painful foot can ruin your hiking. So be aware about shoes

Socks are also important as well as shoes. It will prevent your foot from blisters and wicks moisture. Here you can choose the socks by this steps-

  • Use wool or liner socks instead of cotton
  • Use long socks during rain or where more gases
  • Be sure about the fitness of your socks


6. Essential Accessories

How long your list would be that is depend on how much time or you will spend in hiking. Usually a full day is perfect for hiking. I give a list that you must needed for super adventure. You can change the amount depending on your situation.

  • Backpack: A bag is obviously needed for carrying your goods. It should be light.
  • Map: Print out the map of the area that you want to go. That can give you a guide about the trails.
  • Water Bottle: Can you imagine your hiking without any drinking water! It’s not possible. Fill your bottle with a good amount of water. You can also take extra water. Keep purification tablet on your list as a backup.
  • Sunglass and Sunscreen:  It’s very necessary to protect your screen and eye from the heat of the sun. They act as a great backup to keep you relax.
  • Food: It’s depending on you how much time you want to spend there. Usually for a day, you can take your favourite snacks and some fruits. Fruits can restore your energy. Nuts are also  recommended.
  • Flashlight: It can be useful at any situation on the trail.
  • Lighter: That can be use for making fire.
  • Knife: It is good to keep a knife during hiking.
  • Extra cloths: You should take extra cloths as a backup. It is necessary when you go there more than a day.
  • GPS Device: Though GPS is available in smartphone , this can’t be a great backup. So an extra device you need to keep.
  • First Aid Kit: A first aid kid is a box of equipment that is used for primary medical treatment. When you go for hiking, you should always care about your safety. A well-stocked first aid kit is very necessary at the time of minor accidents and injuries.
  • Headlight: If you want to walk night.

So this is the perfect list of equipment for a successful hiking as a beginners. Don’t try to overpack. You will be suffered at the time of hiking.


7. Telling Someone About Your Hiking

After finishing your primary preparation you should tell someone about your journey so that he can know where you are. Or you can checkout in social-media when starting the journey. It is because of your safety. 127 hours stories again happened that we don’t want.


8. Be Positive On Trail

At last when you reach your destination, you should draw a positive attitude in your mind. Don’t fear. Walking like a happy guy. Breathe properly. Hiking is not a race. So don’t run just walk slowly.


9. Walking Technique

There’s some walking technique that you need to follow on trail.

For walking uphill these step should be followed:

  • Be peaceful
  • Walk with regular foot step
  • Take break to restore energy and control heartbeat

For walking downhill:

  • Tight up your bag
  • Tie your shoe properly
  • Use trekking poles
  • Walk slowly with constant speed

It is necessary to take break during walking on the trail. And water is needed to refresh your journey.


10. Some Fear About Hiking

People who want to hiking or already done it, there work some fear among them about hiking. As a beginner it is normal to work some fear. But really this is not actually so what you think.

  • Fear of lost yourself on the trail
  • Attack of wild animals
  • Height of the trail
  • Bathroom
  • Out of network

Take those easy and it should be very normal. But you should aware about some facts.

  • During Storm: Storm can be happened any time. So don’t fear about it. Don’t stay close to any metals. Don’t run. Sit down on your bag and wait.
  • Don’t feed the wild animals.
  • Be careful from harmful insects.
  • Keep emergency equipment.

11. Enjoy Your First Hiking

Enjoy your time by following these hiking tips for beginners. Breathing properly and walking with the natural beauty. Be cool with wild life. Explore the hiking adventure. Share your feelings with your partner. Capture your moment and natural beauty.


Hiking is always full of thriller like fishing, camping. It needs some preparation. Anyone can go for hiking. Hiking is not so expensive. This is a great workout also. The benefit of hiking is known to you. So if you thinking to make first hiking then this hiking tips for beginners will definitely help you to make your hike safe and fun. Get ready to immerse yourself in nature with hiking adventure.