A recent statistic showed that indoor cycling becoming trending more day by day as it has enough reasons to be that. Many people can’t go outside for cycling because of their problems and thinking about replacing cycling with indoor cycling. Is it worth actually? In this write, indoor cycling benefits and disadvantages are revealed well to stand a clear statement.

Before start, have a look at some basic terms of indoor cycling.

What is Indoor Cycling?

Indoor cycling is a form of activity or exercise which is performed on a special stationary cycle in a fitness center or at home.

Strength, weight loss, fitness, intensity, etc are the main focusing point to do indoor cycling. Sometimes it also calls spinning. Actually, it’s a good form of workout at home.

Types of Indoor cycling

Depending on some factors, different types of indoor cycles are found. For what purpose you will do this sport, where will you try this- home or centers, etc are the reasons for subdividing in. cycle. So the usual types are-

Spinning: Spinning is the main in. door cycling type which is similar to the flywheel. It’s a cult actually.

Exercise Bike: Many types of exercise bikes are found in terms of indoor exercise.

Watt-bike: It is known as the subset of exercise bikes.

Indoor Roller: Indoor roller is a type consisted of three rollers and is performed by setting up with your bike.

Track: Track cycling is the form of sport that is held indoor for tracking and recognize as an indoor activity.

Indoor Turbo Trainer: Another good form of indoor workout.

Now let’s back to the main point of indoor cycling’s benefits and disadvantages.

Indoor Cycling Benefits

Riding at home is not like outdoor cycling for sports purposes or entertainment. A rider performs it to get benefits from that. So let’s ahead to show what benefits one can be achieved from indoor cycling workouts.

1. Health Benefits

The health benefits of indoor cycling can’t be expressed by number and these health benefits are the core reason to practice indoor cyc.

First of all, losing weight with a stationary bike is a very effective way. It burns calories depending on your exercise intensity and weight. And after a time, helps you to weight loss.

As stationary riding is a kind of cardio exercise, so it can keep your heart healthy fresh.

The risk of Diabetes can be decreased by practicing it.

In terms of strength, the impact of indoor c. is great. It increases strength, builds muscles, toning the abs, joint mobility improving, and so on physical improvement is done by it. BMX is also good for strength improvement.

Indoor cycling also improves your mental health. It reduces stress and helps to boost your brain function.

2. Practically

Because of building muscles and fitness, a good workout these stationary riding can be a great practical option. You can continue your workout by yourself. So indoor cycling at home can be worked very practically for you.

3. Weather-Proof

Cycling outdoor is a great one. But sometimes the bad weather like rain, heat, snow and other storms can stand against your mood and create a problem for going outdoor. As a result, your exercise routine or workout can be hampered. But when you are at home or other fitness centers, then there are no weather issues to worry about your cycling. You can continue in your way. So the weather fact is one of the greatest advantages of indoor cycling.

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4. Privately

Privacy is another benefit of indoor cycling. You can set up your bike in your home and start cycling. During cycling, you can do it in your way like watching tv or browsing your phone, eating, or anything else. No one will be staring at you. Many people feel embarrassed while cycling outdoor. So for those, cycling and exercise both can be done privately in their places.

5. Time Saver

If you are busy or want to spend less time cycling then indoor c. is worthy for you. For outdoor, few times are lost by preparing yourself like dressing, preparing cycle, and so on. Again sometimes road traffic can waste your time very much. So there works a time factor on outdoor going. But indoor c. is free from that and you can save your valuable time.

6. Less Expensive

In. cycling is not as expensive as the outdoor is. No cycling clothes, cycling gear (helmets, gloves, or others), etc are not a wearing fact during an indoor workout. You can do whatever you want. The chance of damage to the cycle is also low. So repairing cost also less. So indoor cyc. Can be a money saver compared to the outdoor.

7. Easy Maintenance

Maintain an indoor bike is easy. You don’t need extra effort and focus during an indoor workout. No backpack, no water bottle, no snacks, etc are no need to carry with you. So indoor biking can an easy one in those views.

8. Secure

After all, safety is one of the best benefits options for indoor cycling benefits. No road accidents and no injuries will not happen like outdoor. There would be no road-riding fear on you. You won’t suffer from so much hydration. In terms of feel sick, you can take rest and medicine at home. Again indoors saves you from outside noise and traffic jams. So it is super safer than outdoor cycling.

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Indoor Cycling Disadvantages

As the nature of the world, advantages and disadvantages both exist in any things. So don’t be over-excited just showing the benefits. Indoor cycling benefits and disadvantages have existed. Indoor c. also brings some limitations. Those are pointed in down.

1. Health Warning

As being in the home, you don’t take the vitamin d from the sun. And you know the importance of vitamin d for health.

Doing spinning daily you may face back pains or lower back injuries.

Quick sweat can occur during indoor riding. So you should think about extra care about it.

Indoor c. mainly worked well for the lower body part and the upper body workout is not much effective. Again doing spinning, less weight will be lost compared to outdoor.

For build up muscles and abs, indoor is not recommended. It works very slow in these terms.

2. Space Requiring

If you are lived in a small home or apartment then the word space seems to be the problem for indoor riding. As the most stationary bike is a large size, you need to fix a space just for it.

3. Disturbing

Yeah, it’s a kind of disadvantage. The crazy sound of riding or spinning can disturb your family member and sometimes for you. A large cycle situated in your room can be an annoying fact. Another side, during your workout other sounds (ring, neighbors, family) would be the reason for your disturbance.

4. Out from Nature

This point seems to be very vital. Cycling is that activity where you enjoy and work out yourself through nature. But when you are at home, you miss the beautiful nature and sightseeing. The fresh air won’t blow you. It will seem unreal to you. You won’t feel the actual taste of cycling. Would be missed by the amazing scenery and situations. So cycling indoor doesn’t be a real one.

5. Boring

Doing the same things, again and again, you will feel boring. In stationary cycling, same spinning, same workout and it look no change actually. You can’t go from one place to another place by stationary bike. But outdoor you can be experienced many changes every day. So, day by day it will become an unattractive and lazy activity for you.

Short Tips to Have a Good Indoor Workout

Indoor workout by cycling is a pro way for health benefits. A short cycling tip list about how you can gain the most benefits from it is pointed below.

  • Take your seat in a fixed position straightly.
  • Take a comfortable saddle that can’t hurt you.
  • If possible then set up a handlebar above your seat to get upper body benefits.
  • Fixed your pedal’s height in the right position for a smooth and effective experience.
  • Maintain the resistance properly. Notice about your speed. Remember more resistances bring more strength and more calories burned.
  • Gaining confidence, yourself entertained by music or tv show during the workout.
  • Keep practicing those for 30 minutes with a break and perform it 3 or 4 times a week.

FAQ About “Indoor Cycling”

1. What is the difference between indoor cycling and treadmill?

– Treadmill exercise burns more calories than indoor c. To read the full comparison check here “ Indoor cycling and treadmill comparison“.

2. Is it safe to use an indoor bike with a large weight?

– Those bikes have a limit of weight for riding. So first make sure about the capacity of the bike.

3. Is it bad to indoor cycle daily?

– For hard workouts and quick results it seems to be ok. But daily cycling may occur back injuries.

4. Does an exercise bike tone your bum?

– Yes, it works to tone muscles and abs. To tone your bum you need strict exercises.

5. Does indoor cycling works for losing weight?

– As indoor workout burns calories, so it works for weight loss. But the process is quite slow.

In the conclusion, it should not be right to pick one from indoor and outdoor cycling. Both are king in their way. Indoor cycling benefits and disadvantages just help you to take your choice. 

Remember, the activity of cycling whatever it will be indoor or outdoor never disappointed anyone to take its wealth. So keep the confidence and ahead of your cycling journey.