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Day by day BMX is becoming introducing us to its different looks. BMX without brakes is such a version to explore the sport more thrillingly. And there exist enough points why it becomes a trend. Last year, I also followed this style and honestly became a fan of it. Then I thought why I am not writing an article on the guides and reviews of brakeless BMX bikes?

The tips, guides, rules, and reviews, whatever you will need to search to ride with no brakes are written in this article. So, without killing the time on the intro let’s begin the core.

Quick Recommendations

Best Overall: Mongoose Legion L100 Freestyle BMX Bike

20″ wheel, 26.46 pounds weight

For Kids: Mongoose Legion L20 BMX Bike

20″ wheel, 24.4 pounds weight

Best Value: Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series 720 BMX Cycle

24″ wheel, 31.09 pounds weight

All-Rounder: Mongoose Legion L60 BMX Bike

20″ wheel, 26.5 pounds weight

Why Do You Need to Ride BMX Brakeless?

Perhaps you have known the reasons for riding like that. After that, let’s know the elaborate facts behind this.

A Guy Riding BMX Bike Without Brake

So, when or why do you need to deal with a BMX bike with no brakes?

First of all, is stylish and trendy. If you perform the biking that looks so cool and trending then you can go with the no-brake bike. Moreover, cleanness can be another reason, as in the brakeless cycle you don’t face any wire parts.

Furthermore, to apply the tricks easily and smoothly, some riders go without brakes. Especially for whips, bars, and others, those bike work awesome.

For adventure-loving people, it can be a good choice. As there is no break, you need to be skillful and adventurous during your riding or at the time of stopping. Again, some cyclists say, this type of riding can make one more attentive on the spot. And yeah, that’s true indeed.

So, those are the possible features for that you can go with the brakeless experience.

Facts You Should Remember While Purchasing

To choose the right BMX with no brake, some facts you should keep in your mind. Let’s talk a little bit about it.

The first thing that you have to confirm is the removable options. Make sure it bears easy and simple brakes removing the way.

Now, check for the weight, frame quality, and size that will be ideal to apply in BMX spots. Based on your height, search for the bike that suits your body.

Tires play a crucial role in this sport. If the tire has knobs then it will be able to deal perfectly with the surface. So, ensure that the tire comes with grippy items.

If you are a beginner, then look at the instruction as it is for a starter or not. Moreover, in which places the bike can run is an important part also. The more the area it supports, the more option will get to apply. 

After that, it is essential to check the strength and high build quality of the handlebar, crank, chainring, and so on.

So, those are the primary facts that you should take into concern before buying.

4 Best Brakeless BMX Bikes

Most of the time, it’s tough to find a BMX bike without brakes. Because most of the cycling brands are made with added brakes. However, few bikes come with an easy brake-removing advantage. Here, I mentioned and reviewed the 4 best brake mounts removing bikes as well as brakeless bikes.

1. Mongoose Legion L100 Freestyle BMX Bike

Best Overall
Mongoose Legion L100 Brakeless BMX Bike


Model: L100

Color: Blue

Wheel Size: 20 Inch

Frame Component: Chromoly Steel

Speed Number: 1

Brake Types: U Brake (Removal)

Item Weight: 26.46 lbs


Quality Materials: The frame of Mongoose L100 is made with 4130 Chromoly steel which provides strong and high-quality service. The handlebar also makes that component. In the time of vibration, the using material is capable to absorb it perfectly. If you search for the wheelset, then aluminum is used here. So, overall the build material is in a satisfactory stage.

Desirable Size Measurements: This bike is 20 inches in wheel size and the ideal height for the riders is from 5.8 feet up. The size of the top tube is 21 inches. Those measurements are perfect for mentioned height both for men and women. Don’t think about the operating, advanced, or beginner, both conditions are applicable here. However, for the lower height, you can try another model as this bike isn’t fitted to the smaller.

Precious Brake and Tires: U brake is given for this model. The aluminum brake acts excellently for effective speed control. And the feature that you look at actually is its removal brake mount. For that, you can use it in both conditions. The measurement of the tire is 20” x 2. 4” which is attached to the 36H rims and also the 9T rear hub. Don’t take stress about its durability as it can capable to hold more pounds. Moreover, with its excellent tires, you will get a good grip in any hard condition.

Drivetrain Specs: The model comes with 175 mm cranks which are two-piece. The 25T aluminum is added here as the ring of the chain. Those together offer great performance on the spots. Again, the 50 mm stem also contributes. Dirt, street, or park, in any condition the bike is so much more capable.

So, in the verdict, if you want to ride BMX as an adult without a brake that offers quality and essential features at a reasonable cost then this one won’t go wrong.


  • Comes with 4130 Chromoly steel for strong and durable performance
  • Quality tires serve best on street, dirt, or any situations
  • This good controlling bike can be used without a brake
  • Suitable design for both beginner and pro


  • Not ideal for people of small height.

2. Mongoose Legion L20 BMX Bike


Model: L20

Color: Red

Wheel Size: 20 Inch

Frame Component: Steel

Speed Number: 1

Brake Types: U Brake (Removal)

Item Weight: 24.4 lbs


Durable Design: The materials that are used to make the L20 are so sturdy and durable. The frame comes with steel material that is Hi-Ten. This protects from little collusion. The wall is made of aluminum and the brake is also. So, in the question of durable or long-lasting, it won’t disappoint you.

Medium Sizing: In the size section, the wheel is 20 and the top tube is 20.25 inches. That means if your height is between 4.8 to 5.4 feet then it will be a good option for you. It is basically for kids of medium height to ride comfortably. Moreover, the cool red color makes another reason to choose it.  

Desire Wheelset: In the spec of the wheelset it is decent. You will get an awesome grip as it bears 20 x 2.3 inches tires with 145 mm mush. Furthermore, 36H rims (single) and 3/8” front hubs are also found there. Like a pro, for the rear hub, it comes with a 9T cog seal. 

Others: Now, if you want to know about the chainring and drivetrain features then there are lots of things to tell. You will see a good connection here between 170mm one-piece cranks and 25T alloy. The bracket type is American loose ball. As you want, it is an adjustable brake mount. The U brake is mainly aluminum made where you will get fast and accurate stopping control. And the stem and quality headset is presented to provide the coolest steering task.

So, in the end, what’s your thought? The bike is good enough in a different section without easy assembly. So, if you are an expert on the setup process then there is no point to ignore it.


  • Durable and sturdy build quality
  • Comfortable and cool-looking bike 
  • Provides excellent grip in a tough time
  • Accuracy and quality specs on brakes and wheelset
  • Good price range


  • Not for the big guys
  • Assembling may seem difficult to beginners

3. Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series 720 BMX Cycle


Model: Park Series 720

Color: Matte Black

Wheel Size: 24 Inch

Frame Component: Steel

Speed Number: 1

Brake Types: U Brake (Removal)

Item Weight: 31.09 lbs


Frame Size and Build Quality: Unlike most BMX bikes, it is 24 inches in size. It has 21 inches top tube. And that is ideal for tall people. Additionally, the tricks will be more fun in there as it provides sufficient room. The material also isn’t far behind. The steel frame comes with graphics and a Hawk finish. And the unique color creates it more attractive.

3-Piece Cranks and Grippy Tires: More desired it has 3-piece cranks. So, what benefits make this feature special? It will make the process of installation easier and also enhance the strength. Back to the tires, those are introduced with knobs. Those knobs around the tires ensure a strong grip on the ground. Along with that, the cycle is also able to hold up to 275 pounds with better balancing.

Technolized Alloy Seam and Brakes: Strength, control, functionality whatever you look for will find because of having a threaded handlebar. The alloy will help you fast swap stems effectively. Secondly, u brake provides accuracy riding downhill. Though you ride it brakeless, it is good to tell that it bears excellent stopping capacity.

However, one more pleasing thing is its saddle seat. Because it can be adjustable using the alloy key.

Price and Service: It is also essential to the service of the brands. Here, the company will give One year warranty for this model. The fact that looks super peaceful to me is its price. It offers such an excellent price for that good one.

So, if your conditions are a cheap and well-featured bike to ride as a tall one is pretty big then Dynacraft 720 is of course for you.


  • Larger size and well-built frame
  • Has enough room to perform BMX with fun
  • Comes with grippy tires and 3 pieces of Crank
  • Strong and useful alloy seam and U brake
  • Good seat with a custom clamp
  • Available in a budget value


  • Users have complained about poor assemble instruction
  • Some consumers got bent tires

4. Mongoose Legion L60 BMX Bike

Legion L60 BMX Bike


Model: L60

Color: Green

Wheel Size: 20 Inch

Frame Component: Hi-Ten Steel

Speed Number: 1

Brake Types: U Brake (Removal)

Item Weight: 26.5 lbs


Size and Place: Like the previous model, the L60 also builds with 20 inches wheel. The length of the top tube is nearly 20.5 inches. Kids to youth, from both who have a height of 5 to 5.6 feet, the bike fits well. More than 5.6 feet in height you can try the L80.

And if you want to know the spots where it will give great output, then in parks, dirt, or street it can be good applicable.

Steel Frame and Removable Brake: Hi-Ten steel material is added there for the frame. It provides strong and stable framing. Though it comes with an aluminum U brake, it has the easy option to remove it. It will provide you with easy control if you want to go with the brake. By the way, like the regular single speed is given there.

Tiring and steering: 20 x 2.4 tires play here an important role by providing a good bite or grip to the surface. Those tires are added with single aluminum 36H rims wall. For the front and rear hub, the things are serially 3/8” and 9T cassettes. Good to know that the rear hub is a sealed bearing. And, on the other side, to create a way for smooth steering, the threadless sealed and 50mm seam together work superbly.

Crank and Chain: For the 3 cranks, chromo hollow type is used in this bike. And those do many beneficial tasks in their way. 25T steel is the feature of the chainring. As usual, it has a mid-sealed bracket. Finally, the 26.5 lbs lightweight design compared to others may feel you better.

So, in the verdict point, I will recommend the bike for those riders who are average in height and are looking for a removable brake system bike having essential specifications for BMX.


  • Tricks can be applied suitably in variant places
  • Desire size and design for all ages of people
  • Easy and effective to use with or without brakes
  • Builds with high-quality tires and cranks
  • Have less weight comparing other models and brands


  • The customer response isn’t so much satisfaction

How to Stop BMX Bikes without Brakes?

Right gear alone can’t complete your job, you have to acquire skills too. Like here the bike choice isn’t your final task. How and in which way you should deal with are the parts of it. So, as a part of that sport, it is essential to acquire the stopping power of a BMX bike with no brakes.

Okay, then how will it be done? Some ways you can follow in this term.

Tips 1: Your leg can be a medium in this situation. Just slow the bike speed then place your foot on the ground equivalently to control the stopping. Remember, it is dangerous if you try to stop immediately while the bike runs speedily. 

Tips 2: An ideal shoe for BMX may be helpful to work as a brake. All you need to do is press the rear tire using shoes. This pressing will pause the spinning of the back tire and as a result, you will get your desired output. That works well if you apply properly as it is for the pro level.

Tips 3: With a quick flow, your back and forward pedaling will bring out the result of stopping. As a starter, that tip isn’t bad to apply.

The above 3 are the frequent playing ways to stop your brakeless cycle.

Is It Illegal to BMX with No Brake?

What’s your think about legal or illegal in such types of biking? Actually, those things are variable in different countries. Like in UK and Au, it is forbidden to go without a brake. But in the US, it is positive or negative depending on the state. 

Anyways, I will tell here clear and easy understanding rules on it. So what’s it?

A bike that will come with by default brakeless, then it is illegal. The interesting thing is almost all brands make the bike with a minimum of one brake to avoid the law.

If your bike has a brake and it is removed then it is okay to ride without breaking the law. But there is also a restriction. It will be illegal if you ride on a busy or public road, or use it as transport. In that circumstance, your private property, BMX areas, or any silent places will be safe and rules violation-free zones.


Brakeless riding doesn’t come for no reason, it bears advantages for BMX. So, among the above four brakeless BMX bikes, what’s your favorite one? It isn’t mainly a matter of choice, it basically compares your structure and skill to which meets the bike most.

As an adult, I like the Legion L100 most. Because it seems perfect from every angle.

However, I hope you now found the bike that suits you well. Additionally, is standing to prepare yourself by being aware of the facts discussed above. So, wish you a thrilling and safe ride on your next BMX journey.

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