BMX is a fun and thrilling sport that becoming trending day by day. And from the need of that, there are created many BMX tracks have in the world. Ohio isn’t far from that. Here, we will mention the 10 best BMX Tracks in Ohio.

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Top 10 BMX Tracks in Ohio

There are some stunning outdoor and indoor BMX places in Ohio. Let’s figure out the top 10 tracks where you can your adventurous game.

1. Dayton Indoor BMX

Dayton Indoor BMX is an awesome place in Ohio. For great, fast, and smooth track the place is also always on top of the racers. Additionally, it has a cool layout. The area is really fun that offers everyone exposure. Winter is the ideal time for great riding. The staffs are also nice because of their good behavior. The opening hour is varied with the month and there is also a closing day too. And the blasted thing is, the track offers frequent events every month. You can check their website to know the upcoming events.


16 Edmund St,

Dayton, OH 45404, US

Contact:  937-294-4110

2. Cleves BMX

Cleves BMX is another track having excellent riding features. It’s actually known as the dirt tracks. It is also suitable for test gearing. Not only that, but there is also a walking path, swings, and a soccer field. The place is an open airbase and has a classic style. The fact that you should know and it is, that you need to purchase entry permission. And that costs around 5 to 10 dollars. To know the upcoming schedule and opening day, you can keep in touch with their website.


Enderson Kupfer Rd,

Cleves, OH 45002, US

Contact: 513-403-8954

3. Akron BMX

Akron BMX is good for both practice and racing. 2-65 all ages of people are allowed here. For practices, before the race and some additional times are available. It’s a great place that has clean and well-maintained BMX tracks. Bike rental is also available there and that costs about 10 dollars. The place is closed in winter. But in other seasons it is opened. There are specific practicing and racing days. The racing and events are also held frequently. For all of this information, they run a website that you can check.


1000 Service Rd,

Akron, OH 44306, US

Contact: 330-784-3777

up down road at BMX tracks in Ohio

4. Kettering BMX

Kettering BMX is situated in Kettering that is capable enough for fun and adventure racing. It is a well-known Ohio BMX place. Though it is a great track area there are a few scopes to be well decorated. There has a classic style for racing and cycling. The place is suitable for dirt racing as it is situated in dirt conditions and open air. For that, on rainy days, you need to accept the mud situation. The opening day and upcoming schedules are given on their official website.



OH 45429, US

Contact: 937-271-2733

5. Heer Park BMX

Heer Park BMX is a park-based BMX place and it is located in Columbus. The tracks look cool and extremely fun. It is one of the largest ones for dirt BMX. The authority allowed for riding but the condition is it should be dried condition. There are also some facilities like a picnic, parking and also a playground. The opening is unknown but you can be monitoring their upcoming events via the website.


125 Williams Rd, Columbus,

OH 43207, US

Contact: 614-645-3300

6. Cobra BMX

Cobra BMX is well maintained and has an excellent track in Columbus. The track styles are also awesome to do and see. It’s mainly an off-road track. For high-speed performance adventurous racing it is mostly recommended. The schedule for openings and events, the authority placed on their website frequently.


125 West Williams Rd

Columbus OH 43207

Contact: 614-581-7859

7. Hamilton BMX

Hamilton BMX is an exciting BMX racing track that is open for all ages of people of both genders. 2-60 years all people are welcome here. No experience, and no dress-up is needed just have your spirit to do this fun sport. The track is very favorable for the newer ones. The registration cost of a beginner clinic is about 10 dollars. The trophy given is also available for every race. Events and opening days depend on the operator which you can know by their website.


7 Joe Nuxhall Way,

Fairfield, OH 45014, US

Contact: 513-388-6568

8. Speedway BMX

One of the premium and exciting tracks in Ohio is Speedway BMX. The track is well-shaped. It is famous as there are held many events every month. For other info, take a visit to their website.


5500 Enterprise Blvd,

Toledo, OH 43612, US

Contact: 419-450-9930

9. Marysville BMX

Marysville BMX is another thrilling racing area both for youth and family. The area is really cool to play and enjoy this exciting game. There are opportunities for beginners to practice. Also, there are held many events from month to month. Follow their website and Facebook page for details.


618 N Main St,

 Marysville, Oh 43040, US

Contact: (937) 537-1820

10. Cindy Verburg BMX

Cindy Verburg BMX is known as one of the nicest BMX places in Ohio. To practice your skill and enjoy the adventurous race you can visit there. You need to have beginner cycling and BMX technique. The place is open-air-based. The working days depending on the operator. There are many facilities for attending events and racing. To know details keep up-to-date with their media.


1102 Gateway Drive Dayton

OH 45420, US

Contact: (305) 923-9274


So, above these are the best BMX tracks in Ohio to enjoy the thrilling game. Some are best for racing and some for practice. Keep in touch with their schedule and go for the one according to your desire. But remember one thing, to perform BMX you just need to wear BMX safety goods. So, be safe and enjoy your moment in Ohio.

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