What is BMX?

The word BMX stands for bicycle motocross. It’s a cycle sport associated with stunt riding on rough ground or over an obstacle course performed on a BMX bicycle. BMX racing and freestyle have both become popular among younger nowadays. That’s the reason why upcoming BMX cyclists searching for easy BMX tricks for beginners, which is exactly what we are going to look closer at in this article.

What is BMX riding?

BMX (short for Bicycle Motocross) is a type of off-road cycling that originated in the 1970s. It involves riding a small, lightweight bike with a strong frame and sturdy wheels on dirt tracks or ramps. BMX riding can include a variety of activities, such as racing on a track, performing tricks on ramps or obstacles, or freestyle riding in a skatepark. BMX riders often wear protective gear, such as helmets, knee and elbow pads, and gloves, to reduce the risk of injury.

Equipment You Need for BMX

Adventurous BMX also needs proper equipment to perform. Before we dig in, let’s take a closer look at the equipment you need for BMX riding for for performing tricks.

1. A suitable BMX bike: Bike selection mainly depends on your preference and style. But as a starter, a freestyle BMX bike is the right choice. The best option to perform freestyle tricks is in flatland or skateparks. Choose the right size that suits your body. If you are tall, then look for BMX bikes that are suitable for tall people.

2. BMX Safety Wear: Safety is important when riding a BMX as injuries and accidents can happen. Safety wear means a helmet, comfortable clothes, shoes, gloves, etc.

Easiest BMX Tricks for Beginners

There are many tricks that you can do on a BMX. First, you should have skills in essential cycling tips. For beginners, you want to make sure you begin at the right end with the easiest tricks. Here are nine simple and comfortable tricks that anyone can perform. So let’s start learning.

BMX Trick #1: A Manual

A manual is a trick where you are on the rear wheel during riding and do not use the pedals. It is one of the basic and first recommended tricks for beginners.

cycling with front tire up

How to Learn a Manual

First of all, you need to know it’s all about balancing on your back wheel.

In the beginning, a pull is needed so that you take your front wheel off the ground. A lot of effort can be felt, but over time you can better cope with it.

Now without thinking about the traveled distance, just make yourself comfortable with pulling back on the bars. In the body position, you should hang back with the rear wheel, extend the arms on the bar, and balance with your legs. 

After you have gotten used to pulling back, you need to learn to balance the manual for a longer and longer distance.

BMX Trick #2: Bunny Hop

A bunny hop is a BMX trick that allows the rider to jump the bike off the ground and make both of the wheels leave the ground at the same time.

cycling in the air

How to Learn Bunny Hop

This will be an easy one if you got the technique. It’s an ideal BMX trick for beginners.

So first start riding at a slow speed. Now, by pulling the handlebars, try to raise the front wheel up. After that, try to lift the back wheel almost at the same time.

When you are in the air, just push the handlebars in a frontward direction. And now, back in the ground. That’s all you need to do.

BMX Trick #3: J-Hop

J-hop is similar to Bunny-hop. It is defined as the trick where you simultaneously take the front tire and then let the back tire follow.

bicycle motocross riding

How to learn J-hop

As it is similar to bunny hop, the tricks are almost the same.

So, in the beginning, you need to pull up and lean back on your bicycle. When the front fire reached your desired height, immediately push forward. That can bring the back tire up.

Now, When both wheels are in the air, pull the bike towards you and reach your full height.

This is how j-hop works.

BMX Trick #4: 180°

The 180° is a trick that is done when in the air, allowing you to turn 180°.

cycling with 180 degrees angle

How to Learn a 180°

The trick is one of the most popular BMX tricks for beginners.

Firstly, ride at an average pace and then lift the front wheel by pulling the handlebars.

Secondly, push the forward handlebars on the time of air.

Now it’s time to turn yourself, your head, and your shoulders in a rotating motion. Also, turn in 180° and firmly place your bike on the land.

That’s all about a basic 180° BMX.

BMX Trick #5: 360°

I hope you get what I mean when i say 360°. Yeah, it’s similar to 180°; just a 360 degrees rotation instead of 180°. As such, it is much

cycling with 360 degrees angle

How to Learn a 360°

Follow all the instructions like 180°, such as raising the front wheel, pushing forward, twisting your body, and the one difference is that you turn 360°.

And the 360° trick is done.

BMX Trick #6: Bar Hop

Bar Hop is an excellent technique where lifting both feet over and up the handlebars in the front fender and back them in the bars.

cycling technique by front bar

How to Learn Bar Hop

As a beginner, it looks very impressive when you perform the bar hop.

At first, fast-speed riding is needed. Then by lifting your feet from the pedals, balance your bicycle with the use of your body.

And finally, just fly your feet over the cycle handlebars.

It’s a cool trick but skill is also required to perfectly perform it.

BMX Trick #7: A Nose Manual

A nose manual is very similar to a manual BMX in the sense that it means balancing on the front wheel without using pedals – instead of balancing on the back wheel.

a man in cycle try to up cycles back tyres

How to Learn a Nose Manual

A lawn or soft ground is the ideal place to practice this trick.

First of all, you need to learn how to jump off. Like the manual, there is a point on the front wheel where you are equally balanced. Finding this point is very much tricky, but makes it much easier to perform the trick once you have figured it out.

Taking off the front wheel and balance maintaining on the dropouts can be tried. During this trick, the involvement of the entire body is required.

So thus balancing maintenance in the front wheel without pedaling a nose manual can be done.

BMX Trick #8: Disaster

Disaster is a cool BMX trick that you will be able to use to shift your weight between your bike’s front and back ends. Typically it’s a real party trick when riding a BMX.

A Guy Applies disaster bmx for beginners

How to Learn Disaster

To perform the trick, first, you need to ride up to the front of the transition.

Now do the job of j-hop and 180 ° when you are almost at the top.

At the time of landing on the ground, it should be ensured that the front tire is hopping back in and the back tire is out of the pipe. These criteria always need to be kept in mind.

Parks, small ramps, etc are the ideal place where you can easily learn this trick.

BMX Trick #9: Advance BMX

You don’t need to think about advanced tricks without applying the above simple tricks. So go for the easiest tricks first. Let’s look closer at some more BMX tricks that you can try out.

Here we go:

1. Wall Ride

The name of this trick is rather self-explanatory. It’s a cool and adventurous trick where you will ride on a vertical wall or something like that by using your cycle’s wheels. The freestyle looks really but you have to aquire the proper skills first.

2. Fakie Tailwhip

Fakie Tailwhip is another amazing and risky freestyle trick that will be done via bunny hop. To complete the trick, first of all, you have to make a jump for a bunny hop in the time riding backward and then do a strong jerk on the front frame of the bike by pressing the bars.

3. Moto Whip

Moto Whip is impressive to watch and quite hard to do. It is such a trick, where, in the riding time of vertical position you take a turn by your body (arms and legs) pressing handlebars and feel your flight in the air. And then keep the bike in the opposite position of your shoulders by hitting the front wheel at the time of landing. You can perform this trick in both the park and the dirt. At first, go for a small air and then a big one.

4. Drop-In

Drop-In is a freestyle trick where you will need a quarter pipe to drop down in. First, find a quarter pipe and ride in it, and at the position of the drop, take your slight angle with it. And then take a down drop beginning with the front wheel. Remember, you need to ride at a speed to maintain your balance.

5. Alleyoop

You need to become a pro and gain more BMX skills to perform an Alleyoop. It is certainly not the easiest trick and it requires skill and experience. To perform the Alleyoop, first, you need to ride on a quarter on an angle. Then jump out from it and land the bike out of the quarter by keeping your body straight. With this said, you probably have an idea now about how dangerous this trick can be.

6. Double Bar Spin

Double Bar Spin is another challenging, pro-level BMX trick. Here you have to do double rotations of the bars at the time of flight. You need a lot of practice and skills to perform this one.

7. 720°

We’ve discussed the 180 and 360. The 720 is on a different level in terms of difficulty. Yeah, it’s that one where you have to complete two 360-degree rotations via a single jump. It looks quite risky and interesting too.

Pros and Cons of BMX

BMX is an extreme and fun sport. It is essential to know these BMX tricks for beginners. Naturally, there are both pros and cons.


First of all, this is a super cool and thrilling sport. Amazing stunts make anyone crazy. Also, you can make lots of friends there.

In terms of health and fitness, it’s okay. BMX riding provides a perfect full-body workout. Legs and arms muscles are built. Also burns calories.

BMX cycling develops skills and sharp thinking.

The good news is that BMX bikes are comparatively cheap and easily transportable. That’s one of the reasons for the popularity of the sport.


You can’t perform it anywhere you want such as in a crowded area or a busy road. For example, there are selected BMX places like tracks in Ohio, tracks in Florida, and so on. And it is not suitable for longer riding.

Again, safety cautions are obeyed strictly. As it’s a dangerous sport, if you do any mistake you must be suffered serious injuries.

Protective gear for BMX riding is important. Comfort clothes, helmets, knee pads, light shoes, gloves, etc are required.

Safety tips when riding BMX

Accidents and injuries are both present in BMX biking. So, how can you avoid injuries?

  1. Wear a helmet: A helmet is the most important piece of safety equipment you can wear when riding a BMX bike. Make sure your helmet fits properly and is in good condition.
  2. Wear protective gear: In addition to a helmet, you should also wear protective gear such as gloves, elbow and knee pads, and a chest protector.
  3. Check your bike: Before you ride, make sure your bike is in good condition. Check the tires, brakes, and chain to ensure that everything is working properly.
  4. Obey traffic laws: If you’re riding your BMX bike on the street, be sure to obey all traffic laws and signals. This includes stopping at stop signs and red lights, and signaling before making turns.
  5. Ride defensively: Always be aware of your surroundings and stay alert for hazards. Look out for cars, pedestrians, and other obstacles that could cause you to crash.
  6. Stay in control: Make sure you have good control of your bike at all times. Avoid riding too fast or taking unnecessary risks.
  7. Know your limits: Don’t try to do tricks or stunts that are beyond your skill level. Practice new skills in a safe, controlled environment before trying them on the street or in a park.

Which are the most difficult bmx tricks?

Some of the most difficult BMX tricks include:

  1. Double backflip: This trick involves flipping the bike backwards twice in midair. It’s considered one of the most difficult BMX tricks because it requires a lot of speed, timing, and precision.
  2. Double frontflip: This trick involves flipping the bike forwards twice in midair. It’s similar to the double backflip, but even harder because it requires even more speed and precision.
  3. No-handed backflip: This trick involves flipping the bike backwards while riding no-handed. It’s difficult because it requires a lot of balance and control.
  4. One-handed backflip: This trick involves flipping the bike backwards while riding one-handed. It’s difficult because it requires a lot of balance and control, as well as the ability to keep the bike stable in midair.
  5. One-handed frontflip: This trick involves flipping the bike forwards while riding one-handed. It’s difficult because it requires a lot of speed, balance, and control, as well as the ability to keep the bike stable in midair.

These are just a few examples of difficult BMX tricks. There are many other difficult tricks that require a high level of skill and bravery. It’s important to always ride safely and within your limits, and to seek out professional instruction if you’re interested in learning these types of tricks.

Why should you learn tricks on BMX?

There are several reasons why you might want to learn tricks on a BMX bike:

  1. Improve your skills: Learning tricks can help you improve your overall riding skills, such as balance, coordination, and control. This can make you a better rider and help you feel more confident on your bike.
  2. Have fun: Doing tricks on a BMX bike can be a lot of fun. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and push your limits.
  3. Impress your friends: Showing off your BMX tricks can be a great way to impress your friends and stand out on the bike.
  4. Stay active: Riding a BMX bike and learning tricks can be a great way to stay active and fit.
  5. Explore your creativity: Tricks allow you to express yourself and your creativity on a BMX bike. You can come up with your own unique tricks or combine different tricks to create something new.

What is the easiest trick on BMX?

The bunny hop is often considered to be one of the easiest BMX tricks to learn. It is a basic trick that involves lifting the front and rear wheel off the ground at the same time by jumping upward while pedaling. This trick is a fundamental skill that is used as a building block for many other tricks. It is usually the first trick that many BMX riders learn when starting out.

It’s also worth noting that “easiest” is a relative term, different people may find different trick easier or harder depending on their own riding skill and experience.

Is BMX biking an extreme sport?

BMX (Bicycle Motocross) is considered an extreme sport due to the high level of physical demands and the potential for high-speed crashes and injuries. BMX riders perform stunts and tricks on specially designed BMX bikes, often on dirt tracks or in skateparks. The sport requires a high level of skill, fitness, and courage, as riders must be able to control their bikes while performing aerial maneuvers and other tricks at high speeds.

BMX racing is also considered an extreme sport, with riders competing on tracks that typically feature a mix of jumps, tight turns, and other obstacles, requiring quick reflexes and good bike handling. Freestyle BMX which involves doing tricks on BMX bike, is also considered as extreme sports, since it involves performing aerial and acrobatic moves which require a high degree of skill, control and physical fitness.

Overall, BMX is an action sport that encompasses multiple disciplines and appeals to a wide range of participants from amateur to professional.

20 common BMX tricks listed

  1. Bunny hop
  2. Manual
  3. Tail whip
  4. Endo
  5. 180
  6. 360
  7. Tabletop
  8. Fakie manual
  9. Decade
  10. Bar spin
  11. Tail tap
  12. Can can
  13. Turndown
  14. Ice pick
  15. Front flip
  16. Backflip
  17. Steamroller
  18. Double peg grind
  19. Truckdriver
  20. Tail whip decade


In conclusion, BMX tricks can be a fun and exciting way to challenge yourself on your bike. However, it’s important to remember that these tricks can also be dangerous if you don’t have the proper skills or equipment. If you’re just starting out with BMX tricks, be sure to start small and work your way up gradually. Practice in a safe, controlled environment, and always wear protective gear. With time and practice, you’ll be able to master the basic tricks and eventually move on to more advanced ones. Just remember to always ride responsibly and stay in control. So, these are some tips for the beginners who want to learn BMX tricks.

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