Cycling or biking not only gives recreation, but sometimes it occurs a wet butt with uncomfortable and blistering feelings. Yeah, I’m talking about biking with a wet seat. And this one is strong enough to ruin your cycling pleasure. So, for comfortable and weatherproof riding, it’s essential to protect the bike saddle from getting wet. Now, the question is, how to keep the bike seats dry in the proper ways?

Well, as there is a problem, there must have ways. So, let’s move towards those ways that can solve your biking problem.

Reasons Why Saddle Become Wet

We can stand a number of causes behind this incident. 

The first fact that comes to my mind is the rain. Riding through rain or in presence of any water with the seat can bring a wet surface.

Another one is the shelter. If you store it in an open area overnight, then naturally it will be getting wet. If the night is in winter, then the process will be more excessive.

Furthermore, sweat may be another reason to make your bike seat away from drying.

And those are the most occurrence facts that are responsible for the soggy saddle.

Guides to Keep Bike Seat Dry

Few reminders you need to follow to keep your cycle seat dry. And that’s the reason why you are here. Okay then, let’s start.

1. Look for Waterproof Bike Saddle

If the matter seems more concerning to you, then the first task I will tell you to do is choose such a water-resisting one.

Many manufacturers make the seat with such construction and materials which have an allergy to water. I mean it will work as waterproof and the material won’t allow the water to enter inside and keep it wet.

So, take deep research about which brands offer that kind of bike seat and go with that.

2. Avoid Open Shelter Storage

One of the common terms that most cyclists thought of and it is the ideal place to store the cycle. Cause maximum has no garbage to store bikes.

But, you need a perfect source from where your bike stays okay from all errors. Open shelter isn’t ideal in my think, because it will bring dust, dirt and mainly the water drop on the seat. As a result, during the ride, your back may face trouble.

So, to keep the bike saddle dry, perfect parking is a must. Even if you haven’t any, you require to build a custom area where it will be safe from water entering.

A black and Dry Bike Saddle

3. Take Advantage from Waterproof Wear

The point is applicable for the time when you want to ride in the rain without disturbing the seat.

Normally what happens? As usual, the dress absorbs the water from raindrops and after time it creates a bad effect on the part where you sit. In terms of waterproof wear like a raincoat, rain pants, etc safe you from getting wet in rain as well as make less impact on the seat part.

So, it can be said that rain riding with water protection can help for keeping the seat arid.

4. Use a Water-Resistant Seat Cover

Using a seat cover seems a pretty nice solution to me.

On a very small budget, different brands offer quality seat covers. It is not only kept secure from water but also deals dust and dirt-proof.

Many people compare seat covers with cushions. But those two are totally different. Cushioning is mainly for soft and comfortable feelings, whereas cover uses to protect bad objects.

Anyways, a good cover can keep the water drop away from the seat whatever the parking area or weather is.

And, I will strongly suggest you use a bike seat cover for easy security.

5. Think Alternatives of Cover

I previously told you again and again about the covering process. Because overnight storage has a big impact on staying dry seat.

If you guys have unwell to spend extra cost on the cover then it will good idea to search for a natural source. 

The shower bag, plastic bag, etc works okay as a saddle cover. And yeah you can rely on their capability to stay strong to keep the seat water-free while parking.

6. Taking Off the Seat

Lastly, taking off your seat can be a decent solution.

You know, many bikes come with the facility of easily saddle removing. Before parking, you can remove the seat part and keep it inside. Or, carry it in a fitted bag or in the saddlebag to avoid wet conditions.

So, if your bike bears this ability then definitely it will be workable.

What to Do to Dry the Wet Bike Seat

Okay, I suppose you got a wet seat anyhow. So, what should you do to get out of it? Okay, I will mention here some tasks to dry a bike seat.

First, if you have enough time, then give the bike a few times to dry. And yeah, keep it in such a place where it will get natural air to ventilate and away from the rain. In spite of taking time, this natural air drying works well.

Again, with the help of hair drying, you can remove the wet condition. Though it sounds weird, if you have any then will try the way and I’m sure it won’t upset you.

In a hurry time, rubbing it with a towel may be worked. Apply the towel with pressure on the seat surface and try to get out the moisture. In this way, you can’t get the desired result, but okay to apply in a short time.

However, I suggest you place the third object like a thick bag between the seat and your back. Why? The reason is it will keep your clothes protected from water absorption.

So, those are the things you should do with a dry-less saddle.


It’s very normal to face problems while biking and you have to go ahead through solving those. Like that you are now aware of how to keep bike seats dry. 

And I hope you will deal with those properly and I needn’t hear any wet saddle story next.

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