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Let’s keep the BMX seat in the side and talk about whole things. For “comfort is an only common and most desirable thing than other in any goods”. So, relaxation is one of the prime requirements that we want from a product. Maybe you are thinking to replace a seat or beginner, whatever, looking for the most comfortable BMX seat appears naturally.

Well, you may find plenty of comfortable seats by searching. But are all of them ideal for BMX or have other essential qualities? Now the matter becomes quite critical and challenging.

And here I will make things easier by providing you with a perfect list of comfortable seats without losing core features. So, let’s see the details review with buying factors.

Comparison Chart

1. Velmia Comfortable BMX SeatFoam7.36″
2. OUXI Comfort Gel Bicycle SaddleFoam & Gel6.24″
3. Asani Ultra-Comfortable Bicycle SeatFoam6.75″
4. SUNLITE MX Juvenile SaddleVinyl5.5″
5. VELO BMX Gel Bicycle SaddleGel5.40″
6. Black Ops BMX SaddlePolyvinyl C.6.5″
7. EVOKE DRIVE Unisex Soft Bike SeatFoam8.2″
8. Furdor Evetin Comfortable Bike SaddleFoam5.3″

8 Most Comfortable BMX Seats #

Now it’s time to look at such options from where you can find the most desired one for your upcoming riding. The best eight are given there.

Best Pick

1. Velmia Comfortable BMX Seat #

Velmia Comfortable BMX Seat

At A Glance

Company: Velmia

Colors: Black

Materials: Foam

Size (L X W): 10.55″ x 7.36″

Weight: N/A

Features and Output

Along with comfort, Velmia gets a place on our list because of its all-rounder performance with several smart features.

You can hardly find any errors in the design and materials. The premium quality foam enhances the softness and comfy level in double. The ideal layer creates the perfect place to sit peacefully in every ride without any pain. Smartly it offers better waterproof service by having welded seams. So, you can effortlessly beat any weather.

Another needy point is the perfect ventilation found in there. In the seat, there has a slop from where sufficient air circulation can continue. And that brings peace by avoiding sweat on your private part and also the bad smell. Furthermore, in summer it will provide a bit of coolness too. So, in those angles, this saddle is pretty suitable to give comfort.

Now, in size, it isn’t down too. It is so wider to keep any bigger or smaller back. And this width is 7.36 and the rider can sit properly on any tough or jumping surfaces. The wider option can change depending on the type of purpose. There have three different sorts of riding positions to perform in it city, touring and MTB. Some found it very useful in indoor exercises. So, we can call it an excellent choice of versatility.

Though it has only black in color, I think you don’t have any complaints about its look and class. But at one point, a few users gave a disappointing comment. According to them, this unisex saddle is a little bit bulky comparing others. That’s it. 

Positive Sides

  • Quality foam for superb soft and comfortable experienceExcellent output on water-resisting
  • Provides great air circulation to avoid sweat
  • Perfect width (7.36“) for comfort BMX
  • Versatile, for both outdoor and indoor cycling

Negative Sides

  • Slightly bulky
  • One-color only

All Rounder

2. OUXI Comfort Gel Bicycle Saddle #

OUXI Comfort Bicycle Saddle

At A Glance

Company: OUXI

Colors: Black/Red/Blue

Materials: Foam, Gel, and Faux Leather

Size (L X W): 10.39” x 6.24”

Weight: 1.2 lbs

Features and Output

OUXI is another unisex bike saddle that comes with a unique design and quality features.

Its hollow design that exists in the mid works superbly to ensure breathability. Thus your hip and private part will stay free from irritation and sweating. Mostly like, you will hardly slip from the seat surface. Reason? It comes with a non-slip pattern design. Now, the strong leather material not only resists shock but also works as a security guard because of its waterproof character. That’s the reason why you can show the middle figure in any bad weather.

In terms of comfort, I will call it one of the finest ones. Both foam and gel are used there. The fatty gel and thick foam together bring a great source of comfort. Stress-reducing, pain-free long riding or soft feeling whatever you will ask, this long-lasting one never feeds up to you.

On measurements, the length is 10.39 and the width is 6.24 inches. That looks okay adults, big butt, or kids. But if your kid is so small then it can be a bit struggle for them. However, the weight is not heavy compared to the size and it is only 1.2 lbs. And it doesn’t forget to keep extra color options.

Other talks are, the seat is simple to install, stays calm with several standard cycles, and is ideal for both men and women. But the most appreciated thing is its packing system. It provides more items on the package such as a screwdriver, waterproof saddle cover, removable tube clip, etc. And in spite of having those features and articles, this model offers a reasonable price.

Positive Sides

  • Shock-absorbing and breathable construction
  • Provides waterproof leather and included a seat cover
  • Premium comfort with gel and foam
  • Suitable size and three-color variation
  • Essential tools and systems for easier installation
  • Versatile (works in different bikes and both gender)

Negative Sides

  • Not ideal for very little riders
  • The fabric could be more good


3. Asani Ultra-Comfortable Bicycle Seat #

Asani Ultra-Comfortable Bicycle Seat

At A Glance

Company: Asani

Colors: Black

Materials: Vinyl and Foam

Size (L X W): 10.5” x 6.75”

Weight: 0.94 lbs

Features and Output

To ride on quality and stylish, Asani meets the cyclist with this seat.

It looks cool without a doubt. Also, enhance coolness in design and built. It uses vinyl as the material. So, performance in a hard situation and long-lasting matter won’t have the power to disappoint anyone. Anyways, as you want there has an excellent padding system. Because of the foam material, any pressure or tough step you can easily cross.

The dimensions are 10.5” x 6.75” which is very okay in BMX conditions. You may be thinking about the fitting, the good news is it behaves very friendly almost all types of bikes. The weight of the seat is also favorable. But you will become a bit sad in terms of colors lover.

It’s another strong point is the stainless steel rails. Having this you can surely expect a long-running service from the product. However, for lazy people and starters, it offers excellent advantages. And that is a simple and easy setup. With the tools and hardware, you can shortly be fixed the installation just only applying the instruction.

Though this is mostly designed for men, it will superbly work for women too. There have a middle cut-out, desired shape, and cushioning to ride as women perfectly. Most of the impressive fact is, whatever your position type is, it supports maximum postures. 

Just not only on Bicycle Motocross, but you can also run it on MTB, road, exercise bike, etc cases too. And for that, you only need to spend very little money.

Positive Sides

  • Looks so stylish and sturdy
  • Decent padding system
  • Support different types of posture
  • Versatility nature and uses as unisex
  • Have essentials tools and instructions for easy connection
  • Very affordable 

Negative Sides

  • No other colors
  • Not for fat

4. SUNLITE MX Juvenile Saddle #


At A Glance

Company: SUNLITE

Colors: Black/Purple/White

Materials: Vinyl

Size (L X W): 9″ x 5.5″

Weight: 0.7 lb

Features and Output

If you are becoming tired to find out a quality and soft BMX seat for your kid at an adorable price, then SUNLITE will seem to you like a piece of gold.

The manufacturer adds excellent construction there. The premium vinyl material is sturdy and long-lasting, and it is also able to support the rider’s back in a very comfortable way. Whenever you look for a padding zone is quite satisfying to the riders. However, the component can resist water as well as the cover too. So, you don’t require to take the extra step to waterproof.

The dimensions are 9 X 5.5 inches which fit perfectly with different types of kids or adult bikes. The width, shape, or overall size whatever you can call it, doesn’t disturb the cyclist. Consequently, there are available three solid colors from which your children can filter their desired ones. 

In the rails, there have steel rails along with a removal clamp. The measurement of the clamp for Seatposts is 7/8 inches. Moreover, you can find other necessary parts too to adjust the seat. And the setup is so simple that your kids can also do it within minutes. In the end, its cheap price won’t fail to attract you to it.

Positive Sides

  • Sturdy and good padding construction
  • Water-resisting vinyl cover 
  • Can fit with several bikes
  • Three impressive colors
  • Easier setup and cheap in cost

Negative Sides

  • Doesn’t fit with a larger bike
  • standard

5. VELO BMX Gel Bicycle Saddle #

VELO BMX Gel Bicycle Seat

At A Glance

Company: VELO

Colors: Black

Materials: Gel

Size (L X W): 9.72″ x 5.40″

Weight: 0.75 lb

Features and Output

VELO brings this standard saddle, especially for BMX purposes.

The design and material both are favorable to ride comfort way. To offer extra softness and comfy there have gel materials. So, in jumping or any extreme tricks, your back doesn’t feel any difficulties. There has a dual-material cover. Overall the material is durable and has excellent cushioning. And yeah, the look is also pleasant with one black color.

On size, the width measurement is nearly 5.40 inches. That looks okay in different sizes of the bike. But in the case of overweight and big guys, it can be small. But one part is good that it is not heavy. In my thinking, if you have a plan for long cycling then better to avoid this one.

This replacement seat comes with a simple installation process. So, for beginners or time savers this can be good to hear. And lastly, the brand gives a quite decent price.

Positive Sides

  • Good to look
  • Gel material provides super cushioning
  • Durable upper leather
  • Comfy in different angles
  • Simple installation

Negative Sides

  • Small for big people
  • Not best for a long way

6. Black Ops BMX Saddle #

Black Ops BMX Saddle

At A Glance

Company: Black Ops

Colors: Black

Materials: Polyvinyl Chloride

Size (L X W): 12.1” x 6.5”

Weight: 1.23 lbs

Features and Output

Black Ops is a decent option in this list with sufficient characteristics.

Unlike others, it bears Polyvinyl Chloride as the used component. And that is strong and tender enough to apply to the BMX games. The cover is also good enough in such conditions.

In size, it is quite big in length and okay in width. So, you can easily fit your back comfortable way. But if you have a larger botty, then I’m sorry here. Anyways the overall size is perfectly suited to various types of bikes. And the weight isn’t heavy to take tension. But it is poor in color options.

As you can see from the look, it is railed and made of steel. But some found a bending problem on there. However, the seat provides grips to protect from unwanted slips. And the price is also reasonable in my opinion.

Positive Sides

  • Strong Polyvinyl Chloride component
  • Soft in the upper
  • Has good grip
  • A suitable range of width

Negative Sides

  • Poor rail (bending according to some users)

7. EVOKE DRIVE Unisex Soft Bike Seat #

EVOKE DRIVE Unisex Bike Seat

At A Glance


Colors: Black

Materials: Foam, Rubber, and Leather

Size (L X W): 9.75” x 8.2”

Weight: 2.7 lbs

Features and Output

EVOKE DRIVE is another trustworthy option both for men and women when you look for a comfy saddle.

In construction, I will say it all in one. Why? It is made with three components such as rubber, leather, and foam. First, two contribute to quality and durability, and the last one is to comfort. 

From its 2-inch foam how much softness you can get I think you imagine. Like as expected, the surface is okay to resist water. Again, its elasticity nature protects the seat from distorts and keeps it like new.

Now the length and width both are accurate. 8.2”, a bit wider helps while you are on tough shots. Additionally, for the women or big back the design has an advantage. But the fact is, it is heavy and can be unlike many riders. Also, it will disappoint such people who love variable colors as it has only one.

The brand deserves thanks while we will talk about the installation. Tools that are needed for a proper setup have been contained there. Open-end wrench, L-wrench, extra clamp, etc. you will get to connect the seat in an effortless and perfect way. And, don’t worry about fitting, it suits most bikes.

Even you can use it for your indoor spinning bike. So, a multifunctionality behavior existed on it. And the lovely price will surely bring out a smile of relaxation on anyone’s face.

Positive Sides

  • Waterproof and strong materials
  • 2 inches thick super soft foam
  • Distort-free and seamless design
  • 8.2 inches in width
  • Provides all tools for install
  • Have multi-uses
  • Offers low cost

Negative Sides

  • Not lightweight
  • No options for color

8. Furdor Evetin Comfortable Bike Saddle #

Furdor Evetin Comfortable Bike Saddle

At A Glance

Company: Furdor

Colors: Black/White/Dark Blue

Materials: Foam and PU Leather

Size (L X W): 10.6” x 5.3”

Weight: 0.6 lbs

Features and Output

In the last, I keep the Furdor Even for those who are a fan of the most compatible and comfy one in a budget-friendly range.

To tackle the hard situation it builds a strong design. The using materials are PU leather, steel, foam, and so on. Where leather and steep support become durable and long-running, and foam exists as sufficient thickness to provide comfort. So, from there it is expected to get a shock-proof and abrasion-resisting saddle. Additionally, it breaths well to keep you away from heat or sweating.

The size is quite okay to make a connection with several sorts of bikes. But for adults or fat guys this one is less wide and doesn’t match well. So, you need to consider this point. Whatever, because of its lightweight and compact body you can’t ignore it. It holds only 0.6 lbs. Unlike maximum, there have more options (3) for color.

As you want, it has an easier setup. Along with BMX, you can connect it with other bikes too like MTB, folding, road, or else. In the end, these regular-type seats come with an impressive price.

Positive Sides

  • Strong and abrasion-resisting construction
  • Excellent padding with foam material
  • Provides breathability
  • Compatible and good fit with maximum bikes
  • Simple installation process

Negative Sides

  • Not much wide for big riders

What Features Make A BMX Bike Seat Comfortable? #

As a starter or cycling lover, it is important to know the factors that can make the seat so comfortable where you ride. We all know that seat is a crucial factor, but the thing gets extra importance whenever it’s a matter of long-riding and BMX. So, without arising more talk let’s be introduced the characters.

1. Desire Seat Types #

In the very beginning, the thing you should think to determine is the type of saddle. 

If you research then it may be found that there have several categories of BMX saddles. Some of them are mentioned below.

Standard: Those standard saddles have a metal pipe which is most applicable on lower value and traditional BMX.

Integrated: The integrated saddle is such a type where the seat and seat-post exist as non-separated. And freestyle, dirt, street, race, etc conditions behave friendly with that but require desired frame ranges of diameter. 25.4 MM seems perfect in there.

Railed: micro-adjust Seatpost is another name for rail. There have two rails similar to the road or MTB.

Pivotal and Tripod: These two are more standard types in recent times having their different characteristics.

So, which one you should pick? All of them bear different attributes in different conditions. For that, the best things to choose them are to remember two points. First, think about your requirements and, the second one is to measure the type that will stay calm and comfortable with you. I mean your riding preference. From there you can easily ensure a point in the race of searching peaceful seat.

2. Design and Shape #

Your comfort zone also lies in the design or shape of the seats.

Various designs are found in terms of it. Where ones are wider, some are longer or some have empty in middle. And these natures are essential to riding in a comfy way. The saddle nose position also brings facts. Too far or too close, both distances aren’t ideal for BMXing. So, you have to determine which position will be perfect.

Normally, the shape makes a variation in gender. Because the female requires a bit wider seat than the male. Moreover, in terms of extreme conditions, the seat size and shape have a great impact.

And the Cutouts type will be pleasing when you have a plan for a long ride where one needs a healthy blood flow.

3. Right Width #

Yeah, the size or width whatever you tell has a contribution to making your riding comfortable. And like the types, there have several seats with several widths. No worries, I will present some sort of wide option from where you can easily identify your type.

Slim-Width: As there has hardly a matter of brush or snag, a slim one will be ideal for those who love races.

Middle-Width: For street and freestyle BMX riders, mid is a trustable option. And plus point is, you can get there an advantage of both fat and mid.

Fat-Width: Fat is for extreme riders I mean for jump riders where grip and comfort can be attainable with a larger surface.

So, among those three make your choice to ride peacefully.

4. Quality Materials and Cushioning #

Now one of the major factors is the material and cushion. Synthetic, cotton, leather, etc categories are found.

Leather and cotton are good in many aspects. But I will pick synthetic at this time. And of course, there have several reasons behind this choice. Synthetic perfectly stands for comfort, durable and lightweight points. It has less maintenance and almost zero break-in time. So, for the long or intense rides, I will prefer this. By the way, if you want extra durability, then leather which is quite expensive can be your option.

The other one is the cushion. It is also a great addition to keep your back good. Mainly, foam and gel, two types are mostly used. Both are experts to provide excellent cushioning where the gel gives a bit more. But with a gel saddle, there occurs a speed issue. So, in my opinion, the foam will be a wise choice.

5. Saddle Cover, Rails, and Others #

You need to confirm comfort and quality cover too. Cover can keep your seat clean, water-free, and also a soft feeling. Rails have enough responsibility on a cycle. So, you must put extra attention to ensure the best quality. Titanium and Chromoly are two strong names in this matter.

For an integrated seat, it is perfect to have a 22.4 MM diameter.

So, these are all the points ensuring you can get the desired seat.

Some Quick Tips to Take Care Bike Seat #

Though it is just a seat, it will serve you in whatever way you treat. So, there is a need to look after it. So then, let’s know some suggestions that can do anybody simply.

  • Try to keep it neat and clean after long rides. Dirt, sweat, or else can attack it easily.
  • In cleaning, water and soap are the best media. I don’t recommend using oil, creams, or like that. And also the chemicals.
  • The drying process should be accurate.
  • It’s good to minimize the impact on the top side of the seat.
  • Rain, snow, or whatever else, pay notice to keep the saddle in dry condition.
  • Don’t keep the saddle in sun heat for a long time.
  • In case of noise creation, essential steps should be taken like lubricating, cleaning, and so on.
  • The installation tasks need to be accurate and perfect.

Final Thinking #

Finding a perfect BMX saddle largely depends on the rider’s preference and comfort zone. And in this write, I represent different types along with such requirements. So, hopefully, you don’t have any headaches choosing your most comfortable BMX seat.

As usual, if you want to hear my recommendation then I will suggest Velmia justifying several factors. And if you look for a comfort zone in a cheap way then Asani will be great.

Whatever, it’s only my preference and there is no problem if it can be different from person to person. So, choose your desired one from there and make the game enjoyable.

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