Light storage on your bike surely brings easier and more effective output during riding. And here saddle bag has a good utilize on this regard. Also, it shows various upsides to using it comfortably. But there is a side where many riders feel difficulty, though actually, it is not. And the matter is, how to attach saddle bag to bike?

Yeah, off-field it may look hard, but when you will know the proper ways then it will seem easier to you.

Anyways, in this article, I will present the practical methods and tips from where you won’t have to suffer to install the bike saddlebag.

Purpose of Using Saddle Bag

Mainly seat or saddlebag is a small type of bag that is connected under the seat in the bike.

Now, you may think, what’s the use of that? Well, it holds a few necessary purposes.

It mainly stands as excellent tiny storage. And it will require most when you are on a long ride.

Parts failure during cycling is so common. So, what you will do if the bike gets problems on the spot? For that, the repairing tool and kits, additional parts, etc you can keep in this small bag. And utilize those properly during your tough time.

If you take safety as the priority then obviously you want to keep first-aid kits during this sport. And where this seat bag may be helped you.

Furthermore, to stay weatherproof rider, you can store the rainwear in it. Not only that but also you have the option to take the food and drinks on it.

So, as we see, being a little bag has pretty useful advantages.

How to Attach Saddle Bag to Bike: 2 Easy Methods

There have various systems to tie the seat bag with the bike, but if you look for proper and effective ways, then I have two to explain. 

One is “Click in Dock” and another is “Velcro Straps”. Alright, now let’s see those in detail.

1. Velcro Strap Way

For the people who love the effortless way, the Velcro system will be perfect for them. The way is a quite easy and affordable strapping system. Additionally, if you have multiple bikes then this method will be a plus point for you. So, how to install this popular method to your cycle?

Mainly, depending on the number of straps, the bag will be attached to the bike rails and post. The process is given in below.

First Task: With the larger strap, bike rails need to attach. Remember that, the attaching process should begin from the left to right side.

Second Task: Then it requires to enter into the D ring and make sure it is fitted or lighted well. Otherwise, you can’t expect a strong installation.

Third Task: Now, it’s time to attach the shorter strap. And in this time, it needs to connect with the bike seat post. Now, for strength and secure installation, the tight task should be done perfectly.

Fourth Task: Now, measure the output with your hand about how accurate it is. And then go for a short ride to understand whether it will be worked or not.

2. Click in Dock Way

Click in Dock is an advanced and well-looking system. Though it is quite expensive comparatively but can give excellent output. This works great with one bike. For riding various bikes, the process isn’t recommended.

Anyways, the required steps are mentioned below.

First Task: Collect the materials that are required there. Those are mount hardware, seat bag, and Allen wrench (5mm).

Second Task: To enter the process, you need to locate the mounting hardware into the saddle’s rails. Notice that the 3 pronged clips are facing towards the rear wheel.

Third task: After correctly positioning the mount to clamp, now it’s the turn to use 5mm bolts. Using two bolts, you should do the tighten process properly at a time on both sides of the rails. And make sure that it is at a good level and straight.

Fourth Task: perfect doing the tighten task, go to the bag clips, and slide them towards the prongs. If everything is okay then it will create a sound-like click.

Fifth Task: And, it’s the stage of testing. Do the loading process, check the installment and then take a short tour. Those will determine the perfectness of saddlebag attachment.

Reminder Tips While Installing a Saddle Bag on Bike

Though attaching a system isn’t so difficult, there needs some awareness to get the most from it.

This heading is designed only with those additional facts that you need to remember to put a saddle bag on the bike.

  • At first, during the purchasing time, you should choose a perfect one which isn’t big. You may be thought big means more advantages. But practically, it bears weight, risky and uncomfortable riding.
  • The tight job always has to be done carefully and accurately. Because, under a strong attachment, you will get the desirable benefits.
  • During the installation, notice that it won’t able to cause rubbing. In this term, the click system serves best.
  • It is obvious to tie the bag higher. For what? A loose or lower setup can cause your back or thighs uncomfortable as well as rubbing. Again, the straps can create the chance to fail the brakes. So, to stay in a safe and comfort zone, one should hang it in a high position.
  • And in the end, try to pack as light as possible. Just keep those items that seem essential to you. Extra items won’t bring more benefits. So, it is forbidden to load heavily.

Last Words

A little space like the seat bag surely can gift you a worry-free and pleasing cycling trip. And as a cycler, it is wise to acquire the skill that needs for riding.

To gain this, the above steps and guides are so effective I think. Both two aren’t hard, just requiring some practice.

So, to attach a saddle bag to the bike, which methods do you like? Go for such a way which looks easier and meets your requirements most. And finally, don’t forget to share your first experience with us.

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