The word cycling mostly goes with sport and pleasure. How it will be if you get six-pack abs just practicing this sport? So, is cycling good for abs? what does science say? Well, all those terms are revealed in this article.
Before entering our main topic, let’s know some basic talking about abs.

Definition and Types of Abs

To be common word abs is the hard and defined form of abdominal muscles through abdominal exercise. You probably hear about six-packs, eight-packs, and so on and those are a form of it.

Different types of abs are noticed. They are-

Transverse Abdominis: TVA is the short form of transverse Abdominis which is in the front and side Abdominis to help core activity. And it’s built abs.

Rectus Abdominis: In the region of the anterior abdominal wall, the view of the defined long-way abs is known as Rectus Abdominis.

External Obliques: External Obliques is one that is located on both sides of the abdomen and it is in the outer land of the abdomen.

Internal Obliques: The oblique muscles which are stayed on the upper side of the Transverse Abdominis and the lower side of the External Obliques are tropically known as internal obliques.

How to Form Abs?

Why and how the abs are formed? Science has a clear explanation in this regard.

Abs are formed because of covering the muscles with fibrous tendons. It is formed with the help of four types of abs activity. Spine flex and rotating are done by The external obliques. The internal obliques are also working together with the external ones for rotating. TVA does the job of core stability. And finally, the rectus Abdominis is the actual form of six/eight packs abs. That’s how the defined abs formed in the abdomens.

What Muscles Are Worked during Cycling?

As cycling is a good workout, the working of muscles is engaged there surely. With the help of the upper and lower body, cycling is done. Now, let’s see, which and how muscles are involved with cycling.

The core: Working for stabilizing the body.

Hamstrings: It helps to pump the paddle and force into the joint.

Glutes: Do the job of hip rotation and pelvis stability.

Quadriceps: providing the power of paddling and movement for the straight leg position.

Biceps: Worked for body supporting and changing direction.

Chest: Maintaining the balancing power and providing energy for forwarding movement.

Calf: Used for paddling power and taking the foot in the right position.

Typically those are the major muscles working on cycling and help to reveal defined body shape and strength.

Directions Where Muscles Are Worked during Cycling

How Does Cycling Work for Abs?

Now it is known to us that the core plays a great impact during riding according to the previous topic.

So the waiting question is, is cycling good for abs, or is it possible to get abs by cycling? Largely the answer is yes.

New science said that cycling active the strength of core muscles burns more calories, and helps to build up abs. For this, you need to apply some riding techniques and a proper diet.

But it is quite impossible to get abs by just doing basic cycling.

To fix the cyclist’s body upright, maintenance of cycle position, standing on the cycle, uphill riding, etc did the job of increasing core strength. And by practicing, abs are visible as the result of a strong core. Along with you have to maintain your food habit for better results.

So indirectly it is possible to get abs by riding.

8 Cycling Exercises for Abs and Muscle

Cycling can be worthy of that aspect when you gain both entertainment and health benefits from it. Some techniques can boost your body’s strength and structure. The exercises that can help you gain abs and muscle are revealed below.

1. Standing Up

Stand up when you are riding which is a simple and effective abs exercise. While you will stand up, a huge muscle work on the stomach will be done to maintain you in the right position. Keep your stomach parallel to the ground by leaning over the bars and continue paddling in a standing position. That helps more to gain abs as well as muscle.

2. Uphill Riding

Choose an uphill way to ride. When you ride uphill, the hard exercise on the stomach has happened. And it helps for defining the abdominal.

3. Lift-off Practice

This is the hardest one but very effective for the core and abs. First, you need to lift off from the saddle during paddling. After that, again come back to the upper saddle. Then continue the process of up and back movement. 

4. Straight Riding

Take a road tour as usual. Sitting straight on the saddle and paddling continuously. This is basic cycling but valuable for leg muscles, back muscles, and body shape.

5. Muscles Contraction

While you are riding, take a deep breath and hold up your muscles tightly for some seconds then release. By repeating the process health benefits can be earned.

6. BMX Exercises

First of all, it’s not for beginner cyclists. BMX tricks apply to the advanced rider. BMX is good for a workout. It increases strength, burns calories, and makes one fit for a defined body structure.

7. Training Exercises

There are some training exercises for a cyclist to increase their strength for cycling. Single-Leg Crunch, Planks, Skipping rope, Power Bridge, Barbell lifts, etc are the exercise that can fit you for riding and are also beneficial for your abs and muscle building. So those work as “One stone = two birds killing”.

8. Food Exercise

The point sounds funny but it has a powerful significance. No matter what cycling exercise you do, no output will come if you don’t look after your food habit. 

A proper diet should be strictly maintained. Contains a diet shake that can help to weight loss. Drink water during riding for energy gain. If you go for a long ride then have some snacks. 

And maintain the food item in your meal. If the losing calories are again grained by your eating then what’s the meaning? So remember, without dieting all your effort could be valueless.

So those are the effective cycling exercises that work for abs and muscle building. Does it seem too hard for you? Don’t panic. You don’t need to practice those in your all regular ride. Just focus on your cycling and do this exercise by taking a break. The result will see you soon.

Abs on A Stationary Bike

Many can’t go outdoor cycling because of some facts. For those this question may be worthful “ is it possible to get abs on a stationary bike/indoor cycling?” And yes, it sounds good that a stationary bike has the capability of building abs indoors.

Indoor cycling has the power to build a strong core of the backside, arms, legs, and stomach too. So how is that work actually? Well, almost similar exercises can be applied here to take full benefits. But first, you need to learn basic indoor cycling tips.

Tightening abs with deep breathing, standing up on a bike during indoor riding, Crunches, sitting straightly on the saddle, etc are the same techniques or exercises that are applied to indoor cyc. compare to outdoor. And those help more to increase core stability.

After that, you can also try some other core strength exercises (floor exercises) along with indoor cycling. As it is indoor cycling, so no problems will be faced with performing other basic exercises. And this combo (cycling + floor exercise) gives you the desired result very fast.

So “Does stationary bike work abs” has a positive answer for building a strong core.

FAQ About “Abs by Cycling”

Many questions have arrived in fitness lovers in terms of cycling. The most important and common ones are bellowed.

Does cycling tone arms?

As there is a great workout of arms during riding, so cycling helps to tone the arms.

Does cycling strengthen the legs?

Legs are mostly used during cycling. So obviously legs must be strengthened by cycling.

Running or cycling- best for calorie burn?

Running is the best one in terms of calory burning as more muscles working are associated with running.

Is it possible to get 6-packs abs by only cycling?

Unfortunately no. You have to maintain other factors along with riding.

How much weight do I need to lose for visible abs?

It is quite uncertain as some factors are dependent. But in terms of BMI, BMI of 25 for men and 28 for women are ideal to show their abs.

Is biking or running better for abs?

Both biking and running are great cardiovascular exercises that can help you burn calories and reduce body fat, including in your abdominal area. However, if you’re specifically looking to develop your abs, neither activity is particularly effective on its own.

To build visible abs, you need to combine cardio with targeted strength training exercises that engage the muscles of your core. Some effective exercises for building abdominal strength include planks, crunches, bicycle crunches, Russian twists, and leg raises.

That being said, both biking and running can be good additions to an overall fitness routine that includes strength training exercises for your abs. They can help you burn calories and reduce body fat, which can help your abs become more visible. Additionally, both activities engage your core muscles to some extent, so they can help strengthen your abs as well.

Does cycling reduce belly fat?

Cycling can be an effective way to burn calories and reduce overall body fat, including belly fat. When you cycle, your body uses energy from stored fat to power your workout, which can lead to a reduction in body fat over time.

In order to see a reduction in belly fat specifically, you will need to combine cycling with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Losing belly fat requires a combination of calorie-burning exercises, like cycling, and a reduction in calorie intake.

Additionally, to see the most benefit in terms of belly fat reduction, you may want to focus on high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that alternate short bursts of intense effort with periods of rest or lower-intensity effort. HIIT workouts have been shown to be particularly effective for reducing belly fat, while also improving cardiovascular fitness.

It’s important to remember that spot reduction of fat is not possible, so while cycling can help you burn calories and reduce overall body fat, it won’t necessarily target fat specifically in your belly area. Instead, it’s important to focus on overall weight loss and body fat reduction in order to see a reduction in belly fat over time.


So, from the whole discussion what do you think? Is cycling good for abs or does cycling work for abs? We are sure your answer doesn’t go against cycling. “Cycling is a good alternative to the gym” practically the sentence is worth saying.

Alright, hope you enjoy our article. So start your journey and we are here to countdown the days to see your abs.

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