Everyone knows how exciting the recreational activity of cycling is. And you have sufficient paths to make it more thrilling and colorful. Wearing sunglasses during your riding is one of them. It looks like “hunting many birds with one bullet” reason if you wear the glass for sun protection then stylish, clear visibility, dust-free, etc words will be automatically added to the output. So, to make you a great hunter in an inexpensive way, the best cycling sunglasses under 100 will undoubtedly work.

However, don’t think negatively about spending a thin budget for glass whether you are on occasion or a sun-free weather cyclist. Using it is worth enough for many tasks. So, let’s go ahead to enter the topic.

Quick Recommendations

Best Overall Torege Polarized Interchangeable Sports Sunglasses

All-Rounder Tifosi Alliant Sunglasses

Excellent Quality BNUS Sunglasses for Men & Women

Adorable Cheap and Fashion RIVBOS Polarized Sports Glasses

Premium Pick Nike Skylon Ace P Sunglasses

Fashionable and Daylight Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 Non-Polarized Sunglasses

Both Outdoor and Indoor ROCK BROS Photochromic Glasses

Large Coverage X-TIGER Polarized Cycling Sunglasses

8 Best Cycling Sunglasses Under 100

In practical research, it is easy to find sunglasses but tough to find out suitable sunglasses for cycling having essential specifications. On that page, we picked the top 9 glasses researching all factors that will fulfill all the requirements you need on road. And those are of course below 100 dollars and for both men and women. So, let’s move on to your upcoming eye partner.

1. Torege Polarized Interchangeable Sports Sunglasses

Best Overall
Torege Sports Sunglasses

Torege Polarized Sunglasses are a great option having quality features both for men and women on outdoor cycling.

For lens, it is a polarized and Polycarbonate lens. The polarization character is given there to ensure excellent reduction of reflection and glare. The three interchangeable lens options make it more special. From there, you will find full protection for UVB and UVA rays as those lenses have a UV-400 protection coating. Also, they are effective in many ways to protect your eyes from bad elements.

The frame which is a Rimless jacket can ensure clear vision. It is lightweight and has an impressive style. Don’t worry about its durability. The reason is, it has a polycarbonate element that provides a scratch-proof, break-free, and overall durable design.

Another satisfying thing is its various color options. And both colors come with different characters. The main yellow and blue colors are cool at night exploring, whereas the black is ready to serve your eyes on cycling. Good to hear, all the colors provide true and clear vision, which makes you easy and protected. There is no fogging issue with the glass.

In view of comfortable and customer service, it is unbeatable. Here, you will get a pair of rubber nose-pad, which are soft and comfortable as well as will be fitted with your face. Thankful thing is, with the sunglass, the brand provides an awesome carrying case and cleaner for the lens. Besides, the company offers great service in terms of broken or any issues.

So, if you won’t spend so much and wants a polarized lens having quality performance and customer service then those inexpensive cycling sunglasses are recommended for you.


  1. Polarized and interchangeable lens
  2. UV and dust protection
  3. Durable and stylish design
  4. Variable color option
  5. The soft and well-fitted nosepiece
  6. Excellent in price and servicing


  1. Lens changing seems difficult to someone
  2. Not suitable to wear over prescription glasses.

2. Tifosi Alliant Sunglasses

Tifosi Alliant Sunglasses under 100

Tifosi Alliant is the best choice name for eye protection whenever you are on road.

The model bears a PC lens which is non-pol. Don’t give up on the absence, as it comes with an interchangeable lens. And more likely there you will get the photometric lens which is an all-rounder in any conditions. Those lenses are trained well to keep safe your eyes from 100% UV or other bad elements. As a good one, it has the feature of being shatterproof without scratching. Again, glare loser and strain-less eye activity on the trip time.

With a light design and adding Grilamid TR-90, its frame is made. Basically, the build quality is plastic. But when you are talking about durability then it’s enough. It has a good body to stay safe from unwanted damage. The glass is lightweight and has great coverage capacity.

All essential types of colors are found here. The grey one is photochromic. There are superb options of colors for purpose of changing. And those are crystal clear and strict on their solid job and suit as unisex.  

Like other excellent brands, this glass also has an adjustable ear and nose pad. That ensures your desired fitness level and comfort. And of course, those are made of hydrophilic rubber. Also, ensure the needy grip while you will sweat. Noted that the manufacturer will provide a nice case for carrying.

In the last, the people who are interested in spending a pretty buck to purchase a good photochromic glass for outdoor protection, then that point will be ideal for them.


  1. Good photochromic lens
  2. Interchangeable option in different light conditions
  3. Excellent clarity and coverage
  4. Fit and adjustable nose pad/earpad
  5. No scratch and shatterproof


  1. The nose pad seems big to someone while the eye moving.

3. BNUS Sunglasses for Men & Women

Excellent Quality
BNUS Sunglasses for Cycling

BNUS is an excellent quality Sunglasses for outdoor activities and is known as a perfect alternative to expensive brands on a budget.

Having mirror coating the lens is polarized type. Instead of plastic, the lens is made of glass and that ensures awesome clarity and a scratch-proof experience. Not only that but also the multi-layer coating works as a glare remover and is easy to clean. The visual light absorption is about 45% and can be capable to block blue light. Further, the glass is of course ultra violate protector in bright conditions and can provide you with strain-free eyes.

The framing section, it offers good durability. The material is made of TR-90 which is nylon-based. The brand adds here flexibility also. Even, it will powerful in terms of cold or heat-resisting.

For colors, there are enough options to choose from as the requirement. Both colors play different transmissions and roles in a variant situations that you can check on their instruction page. Their colors and frames are cool enough to carry a good look and fit both women and men.

The model has temple arms along with a Co-molded rubber nose pad. That means anti-slip and fitted eyewear. Besides, their coating can protect raindrops and fog from the lens and gift a clear front.

So, in the last stage, if you want premium quality and performance glass for protection on riding under 70, then BNUS is far better.


  1. Premium Glass lens
  2. Great clarity and scratch-less
  3. Good glare reducer
  4. UV, rain, and fog protector
  5. Have many colors 


  1. Have a few complaints about the poor frame

4. RIVBOS Polarized Sports Glasses

Adorable Cheap and Fashion
RIVBOS Polarized Glasses

Whenever you are thinking about cheap and fashionable sunglasses for your outdoor sports, RIVBOS is a brand that will stay top of the list.

As usual our top pick, RIVBOS is also bearing the lens which is Polycarbonate or polarizes. TAC is a material that is used here to play a good optical character. As a must, this cycling glass also works better to protect from bad UV rays. Furthermore, the lens offers you the expected vision by blocking the excess wind, dust, or else.

The durable frame is built with TR90. And there you will discover flexible and stretch-resisting framing facilities. Pleasingly those are very lightweight to wear. So, your riding will be super cool having a sturdy frame that is hardly broken.

Following the above, this item also comes with many options in color. The lens through the color can show you a clear and effective view in different conditions. The exciting line is, if you are a fashion lover then you don’t need to kill your style. Fashionable with sports performance design is the reason behind it.

Don’t take stress about fitness with your face. It is fitted with a different shape. For the bridge, it is 30 millimeters. The most pleasing factor is its packaging. Cause in it, the brand will give a lot of accessories like a case, cleaning material, strap, instruction paper, and so on. Additionally, you will have a good facility in terms of guarantee and warranty.

So, for cyclists who are looking for inexpensive sunglass within 50 dollars that have both quality and style, RIVBOS is a top choice.


  1. Lightweight design
  2. Extremely fashionable
  3. Variable colors for different scenes
  4. Good packaging elements and servicing
  5. Super cheap sunglasses


  1. Quite a poor frame
  2. Few users were disappointed with the extra fit

5. Nike Skylon Ace P Sunglasses

Premium Pick
Nike Skylon Sunglasses

A popular brand and high-quality sunglass, both have existed on Nike Skylon Ace for sports purposes.

The lens color is gray max and the lens type is polarized. The presence of protection coating indicates the absence of entering UV into the glass that can harm it. So, it’s a good choice for UV protection. The premium facility is excellent visual information and the view is from all angles. Besides, Nike keeps the option of interchange to cope with various light conditions.

The frame is shiny black and made of plastic. But the material is high and durable to stay longer with your riding journey. The width, arm, and bridge, it is serially 69, 125, and 10 mm. Don’t think negatively about the coverage. The glass’s frame and lens design are quite strong to offer sufficient coverage with perfect clarity. So, the overall outlook and design are much more satisfying.

Like needy specs, it bears a comfortable nose bridge which is a vented lens type. Also has the warp temple. So, you won’t suffer from fog disturbing.

So, finally, if you are searching for protective eyewear for riding which has quality, popularity, and style, then Nike is waiting for you.


  1. Polarized and have UV protective coating
  2. Excellent viewpoint from all angles
  3. Interchangeable lenses and Pough
  4. Classy color and look
  5. ventilated nose-bridge
  6. Lightweight and strain-free wearing


  1. Medium frame quality

6. Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 Non-Polarized Sunglasses

Fashioable and Daylight
Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 Daylight Glass

Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 is outstanding quality and stylish sunglasses for cycling below 100.

Polycarbonate is the name here for the lens. The lens is effective in its way. Note that it has a coating for UV protection. Unlikely, it is Non-Polarized. Moreover, it carries the capacity to prevent fog on the glass. Like a quality one, it is shatterproof.

The frame is made of Grilamid TR-90 which is quite light and durable. It works well in resisting chemical or other harmful damages. Don’t be confused as it will fit perfectly with different shapes. If you are interested to know the length, height and bridge then they are 68, 40, and 15 millimeters. There are available some colors and all of those are decent in their job. And lastly, there is no lacking to decreasing your look or fashion.

To stay in a fixed place on your face, it builds with an adjustable nosepiece. And the material is hydrophilic rubber which is smart enough to provide the required grip and stay fit in place. So, sweating can’t disturb you on the spot. Additionally, the adjustable earpiece is also presented here to boost your performance during activity.

The packaging is also quite good which couldn’t disappoint you.

Now, Quality design, smart features, expected protection, and medium-budget cycling glass is the characteristics of this product. If those seem similar to your want then go for it.


  1. Excellent design
  2. Fashionable and strong frame
  3. Harm protecting lens
  4. Adjustable ear and nosepiece
  5. Desire fit level for variable face shape


  1. Non-Polarized
  2. Bad at night

7. ROCK BROS Photochromic Glasses

Both Outdoor and Indoor
ROCK BROS Photochromic Cycling Glass

ROCK BROS Photochromic is a truly al rounder safety wear at a very reasonable cost for outdoor adventures.

Most wanted the photochromatic lens is used here. For that, you don’t need to change the glass or lens without caring for any condition. It is because of the auto transition according to the intensity of life. So, if it’s so dark or bright, don’t worry just rely on the lens. The dangerous rays like UVA, B, C, etc will be fully protected by it. And this is up to 400 nm. So, surely it will be your good partner whenever you need help with your eyes.

TR90 is the name of use for the frame and the material is thermoplastic rubber. This has less weight and ensures the user a comfortable and durable service. The good talk is, that the framing design is built in such a way that you won’t face any coverage issues to enjoy the clear outdoors.

The only color is black which is look like the hero in all lighting situations. In terms of style, it’s not so bad for all gender.

Not only in safety glass but also has a fitted and comfortable character too. To give you soft and right wear, it offers an auto-setting pad for the nose to remember all types of face shapes. The rubber coating material also provides a decent grip in any condition.

Appreciated thing is, the company will give you a 1-month guarantee if you find any errors or just mind change.

In our verdict, these cycling safety sunglasses are perfect for those hard riders who want to use both indoor and outdoor conditions on a cool budget.


  1. Photochromic Design
  2. Durable and comfortable frame
  3. Great protection from UV
  4. Excellent grip and fitted with all faces
  5. For all outdoor conditions and even indoor too


  1. Not give expected dark (few users opinion) 

8. X-TIGER Polarized Cycling Sunglasses

Large Coverage
X-TIGER Polarized Eye Wear

X-TIGER is another quality brand name whenever you are searching for cheap cycling sunglasses.

More likely, the brand comes with a polarized lens. And it is so much capable of safe your eyes from harmful UV rays and making sure the way to view them properly. Additionally, the company gives you the option to interchange the lenses by providing 3 or 5 lenses.

TR90 is the quality material used on the frame. That indicates a durable and scratch-less wearing experience. The weight of the frame is only 19.2 grams and where you will be free from heavy feeling. Here, you will find a large coverage that’s pretty enough to protect from sun, dust, or wind. Moreover, this super flexible frame never lets you down while you are thinking about the look and style. Need to tell you, that you can easily change the frame.

Like others, it is also available in many colors. The main one is green and you will get three different colors. Those can ensure the perfect job according to the scenes. Bad thing is, only the black will bear polarized material, and is quite good for night riding also.

To give you super peace and fit, the robber nose-pad stay in your place comfortably. And the included accessories in the package can be exciting to many ones. Because the box will gift you more and those are the three lenses, a cleaning cloth for glass, a bag, a testing card, an EVA case, and frames. 

In verdict, if your requirements are good interchangeable glass, quality frame, big coverage, and protection at an affordable price then this number will be fitted with you.


  1. 3 quality lenses
  2. A durable and lightweight frame
  3. Good protection with large coverage
  4. Soft and fit grip
  5. Good in included items


  1. Only one has polarized (black)
  2. Poor in foggy condition

Guides to Choose Suitable Cycling Sunglasses

Like a usual guy, you may also think “does it a matter to follow a guide just for purchasing a sports glass?” Unexpectedly, yeah, you have to consider some things that you couldn’t know before. Now, let’s move on to the concern of those.

A Girl chose the best Cycling sunglass under 100

Select the Type of Lens You Need

For buying the glass for cycling, the first duty is to conclude the desired lens type. Depending on UV (ultra violate) protection, polycarbonate, weather condition, visibility, etc there presents different lenses in the market. Below, the main three types of lenses are given to make it easy to choose for you.

  • Polarized Lens: This lens comes with hidden chemistry where you will find a chemical filter. And its main job is to protest entering the excess light due to reflection. Polarized lens mainly helps you in sunny outdoors to experience great visibility, be eyestrain free, reducing glare glass wearing. The important thing to know is that you can’t find all polarized lenses with UV protection. So, go for the one which has both.
  • Photochromic lens: Photochromic glass is mainly an adjustable or transition lens where it can change its mechanism with weather variation. That means, in terms of brightening light it darkens the exposure to ensure clear vision with protection from Ultra violates. And when it’s too dark or shadow, it is automatically enhanced lighting for visibility. It’s a cool move, isn’t it? 
  • Hydrophobic Lens: Hydrophobic are those glasses where that are perfect to use on a rainy day to save raindrops. Because the lens has the power to remove it from the surface and give you a clear look.

There are also oleophobic, Progressive (prescription lens), and so on the lens for different perspectives. So, first, decide through what lens you want to go.

Check the Frame

The frame can determine the stylish look as well as comfortable wearing. If you are searching then you will find full or half and even frameless glasses too. The choice is totally up to your preference. But there need some factors to be confirmed.

Make sure that the frame is durable enough with lightweight. Also, avoid the silly Scratching frame. Moreover, check the coverage of the eye also and confirm a clear vision without blocking any part by the frame.

Be Tricky on Color Choosing

Though there is a Little bite difference exist among the lens colors, that variation should also keep in your mind during picking. Usually, yellow and orange are the color where the lack of light can be faced perfectly. In a word, those color lens works better in low light. Red (ac) is a good choice for all-rounder uses. On another side, green, brown, smoke, etc work superbly in a bright light situation.

Know the Light Transmission Percentages

The terms exactly determine the amount of light absorption. And from the light transmission range, it can know in which condition you should use them.

Those are mainly divided into 0 to 4 categories. Where category 0 is for indoor wear, category 1 and 2 are for cloudy and sunny days. And category 3 is mainly useable for water or snow condition. Lastly, category 4 isn’t recommended for normal uses as it is for highly intense conditions. An absorption table is given below for better concern.

Light Absorption Chart For Sunglass

Confirm the Adjustable Nose Piece and Rubber Grip

To keep fit your cycling glass with your face without falling off, you have to search for excellent firmness. And pick the one which fits well. Another essential feature is the nose bridge. It’s super good to ensure the adjustable nosepiece. As humans have different nose shapes from each other, here the interchangeable nose pieces show their power to fit suitably with all.

And look for the rubber nose grip for better service. It controls the glasses not to fall even when is on huge sweat. In those tough situations, it will provide the glass with an excellent grip and fit with your face nicely.

Finally, Measure the Comfortness

Considering all the above factors, finally, you need to decide by testing the fitting and comfort level.

Those two terms are so crucial to have and there are related few points with them.

In the beginning, calculate the weight of those outdoor sunglasses to suit you. Heavy glasses give you irritation as well as uncomfortable riding. 

Pay attention to the style also. The reasons are it will provide you cool look as well as confidence cycling.

In short, words, thinking about the desired features will bring you comfort and fit output.

FAQs About Cycling Sunglasses

What are the pros and cons of using cycling glasses?

If you first want to hear the pros part, then using the glasses bears quite good points. Shortly, by wearing this during your riding you can keep safe your eyes from dust, UV rays, sun heat, and the worst weather (rainy or dark). Besides, it enhances your better look and works as fashion.

And on the cons side, it’s very little which is avoidable. Like, in terms of unfit, it can fall or feel discomfort. In foggy weather, those glasses aren’t suitable. Additionally, by choosing the wrong lens, you can get the opposite benefits from it.

Which one is better as a cycling lens: Polarized or photometric?

Among the main category, photometric and polarize are the awesome two. Both of them are superb in different circumstances.

Polarized is a winner when you are in bright condition and search for reflection and glare reducer for a clear lens view.

And if you want a lens that can auto change its visibility depending on the weather and ensure a clear look whether it’s so dark or bright, then transition or photometric sunglasses are for you.

So, measuring your requirements, it is decidable which one is better.

Is sunglass workable during cycling in rain?

No, all the sunglasses aren’t useful in rainy conditions. The glass that bears a hydrophobic coating lens is largely capable to allow you to ride if it’s raining. The lens will ensure your vision by kicking out the raindrop from their place. 

So, if you have a wish or fall on rainy condition riding, then purchase the glass that builds with a hydrophobic lens.

What color is suitable for cycling in bright weather?

Colors play different roles in different conditions. When you are bright outdoors for purpose of cycling then probably green color will be an ideal option for you. Cause, it will provide you with glare-reducing and well-performed service. On the other hand, amber or brown is another good option to use in extreme light conditions.


Experienced or expert doesn’t matter, sometimes the absence of a small accessory is enough to make you struggle on riding. From that understanding point, you are here to know what are the best cycling sunglasses under 100. And, already it has been crystal clear to you what ultimately suits you most, isn’t it?

Revealing the top cycling sunglasses list is quite done. Now, you just pick the perfect one from the perfect list. And I think, you are now smart enough to choose the well-fitted one for you to justify the requirements.

So, let us know via the comment box, what’s your favorite pick. Then go ahead to make a deep connection with that on your upcoming cycling schedule.

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