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An enjoyable bike ride needs the perfect combination of equipment. The term will be more crucial when it is for big or overweight women. And here the bike seat is one of the essential factors to ride with extra weight. Wider size isn’t the only requirement, Support and comfort are also equally required. Otherwise, you will surely meet several problems and easily ruin your cycling day. So, it shows us clearly the importance and challenge to deal with the best bike seat for overweight females.

As a fat or overweight lady, which bike saddles will be served you greatly are reviewed here experimentally. Along with that, the choosing factors and other guides are also explained properly for a better experience. So, keep going and start to overtake your problems.

Why Individual Bike Saddle Is Necessary for Fat Women?

Think, holding extra weight, what’s saddle service you will require to ride peacefully? Of course, durable, large size, supportive and comfortable character should remain on your seat.

Okay, now back to a normal bike, the seat isn’t too wide and powerful to bear excess lbs. Even the big bike also failed to fulfill the needs.

And if you go for a ride with such a seat, then the number of errors you have to face is many. Friction, chafing, back problem, saddle sore, insecurity, etc will have appeared.

That’s why a separate bike seat can remove those errors and gift you success to ride overweight.

Still, you aren’t aware of the importance to have specific seats for fat! I think you are conscious now.

Fat lady Sit on a Seperate Bike Seat

Best Bike Seat for Overweight Female (Top 9)

Researching the fat users and confirming essential features, we make 10 perfect options for a bike saddle. And of course, those are effective and loving material for the weighty female.

TitleSize (L´W)Pad
1. YLG Oversized Comfortable Bike Seat16.5 x 12.5Foam & Gel
2. TONBUX Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat12.01 x 10.70Gel
3. Giddy Up Extra Wide Bike Seat12.4 x 11.93Foam
4. Bikeroo Extra Wide Comfortable Bike Seat10.5 x 10.5Foam
5. Xmifer Oversized Bike Saddle10.0 x 8.0Foam
6. DAWAY C40 Oversized Comfort Bike Seat10.2 x 10.7Foam
7. Litetugo Extra Large Bike Seat10.75 x 10.75Foam
8. Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Cruiser Saddle10.5 x 10.5Foam & Gel
9. Gincleey Comfortable and Wide Bike Seat10.24 x 10.63Foam & Gel

1. YLG Oversized Comfortable Bike Seat

Key Specs

Color Type: Black

Material Type: PVC Leather

Cushioning: Foam and Gel

Dimensions: 16.54” x 12.52” x 8.9”

Item Weight: 3.7 lbs


  • Comes in a wider size to provide enough space
  • Comfortable and super support with an excellent padding system
  • Great noiseless suspension way to protect from shock
  • Leather material is water, scratch, and slip-proof
  • Easier installation with included tools and manual


  • The extra bounce of spring may be disliked by one
  • Pad can be thinner for heavy and long uses


YLG is an ideal choice for overweight women. But it is useable for men too.

The construction and design hold enough features to call it durable and effective. The PVC leather works as waterproof and also wear-resisting. Furthermore, with the great grip, it will serve scratch-free riding for long use.

A more wanted feature for the heavy female is comfort also available there. To provide the most comfortable service there has a foam and gel padding system. Those quality materials deal with super-elasticity and softness. But a point I don’t like is the over-bounce of the spring.

According to the requirement of more backspace, this one builds with oversize. The seat is sufficiently wide to stay fit and comfortable with a big back. So, support or pressure protection whatever you need is provided by this one.

As required, there has an excellent suspension system. The dual rubber spring balls are given to receive strong shock-proof and stable riding as output. And because of it, the security will increase more. By the way, don’t think about the spring noise cause it won’t be able to make a sound.

Now, in the installation process, the good news is you don’t need to be so expert. The manufacturer gives an easy way to do it. It provides other kits and also simple manual instructions from where anyone can set up it. And more likely, it will fit with multiple bikes.

Anyways, the seat is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cycling. Also, the brand offers 90 days return option which is an appreciated thing.

So, as an overweight woman, if you look for a good option that offers all-sufficient features and works as best then YLG is such a name.

2. TONBUX Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat

Key Specs

Color Type: Black and Red

Material Type: PU Leather

Cushioning: Gel Pad

Dimensions: 12.01” x 10.75” x 4.53”

Item Weight: 1.55 lbs


  • Durable and weather-resistance build quality
  • Ultra-comfortable cushioning material
  • Shock-proof suspension without noise
  • Have air flowing facility to stay cool
  • Good mounting advantages
  • Reflective band for secure night riding
  • Comes in various colors and low price


  • Can’t be fitted with all
  • Quality could be better


Excellent Comfort and support, when you want both of those then TONBUX appears automatically.

The artificial leather construction makes it more durable and ideal for any bad weather. Though the upper is smooth, it is well made to protect from scratch. 

The highlight point is its ultra-comfort. The gel pad is so thick and soft. From sitting there, your butt doesn’t feel any pain cause it has an excellent comfort level. Moreover, in the middle, it works as ventilation. The air circulation process works well here and keeps your back heat-free. So, to ride in a long way with safety and pleasure, won’t upset you.

The dimensions are pretty favorable for the big riders. And it will fit with them excellently. The seat weight is also quite lightweight. However, the manufacturer keeps four options in terms of color choices. 

The dual spring ball exists there to show its real character like flexibility, toughness, elasticity, etc. Bumpy road or tough terrain, whatever you go, the seat never gives the bad experience of shock. Cause the suspension is pretty premium to absorb all the shocks and stay quiet.

According to the brand, those saddles are fitted universally. But some users found unfit with their bikes. However, for effortless installation, it has a decent Mounting system. And with the help of those tools, it seems pretty easier to set up. 

Wait, there is a cute thing to tell and it is the red band on the backside. It reflects on the night which ensures riding visibility and is cool looking. And, all of those features in that saddle you will get at a thin cost.

So, low cost, super padded and protective features make it an ideal choice for the female.

3. Giddy Up Extra Wide Bike Seat

Key Specs

Color Type: Black

Material Type: PU Leather

Cushioning: Foam memory

Dimensions: 12.4” x 11.93” x 6.85”

Item Weight: 2.93 lbs


  • Enough wide and long for heavy women
  • Waterproof and smooth upper
  • Dual spring easily conquers the shocking fear
  • Fit and quite simple to setup
  • Useable in various types of cycling


  • Can be squeaky
  • Flimsy construction ( fewer opinions)


Giddy Up is a well-known zone for big women as it offers a wider and quality cycle seat for them.

On the design, it is made of PU leather. This artificial material is perfect for different types of cycling providing comfort and weatherproof service. As fat one requires extra softness to support their back, the item is filled with foam memory. So, you can easily ride smoothly without hurting your booty.

One of the needy parts for the big cyclist is the big seat. Following the requirement here we found that is quite larger than others. And there will be no problem keeping your bottoms. The nose is also in the desirable range for the female. So, if you love desire fit level, it can give.

Have fear about tough or bumpy roads? To overcome the problem, the two springs are tricky enough to save your ride from shock and gift you a secure experience. Maybe it occurs sounds sometimes, but this is absolutely avoidable. And, the saddle construction is favorable to ride a long way. With that seat, you won’t have to face different riding sectors.

The company will provide the installment tools with the seat package. And it is so simple for any cyclist to properly setup. Customer service is also pleasing in times of need.

Now, what you should do with that? If your requirements are larger seats with easy installation then it’s your option.

4. Bikeroo Extra Wide Comfortable Bike Seat

Key Specs

Color Type: Black

Material Type: Vegan Leather

Cushioning: Foam

Dimensions: 10.5” x 10.5” x 7”

Item Weight: 2.2 lbs


  • Comfy and wider construction
  • Steel spring-bearing suspension
  • Shock and weather resistance design
  • Provides a good seat cover
  • Fantastic mounting tools and process


  • The steel part may be noisy


Biker is one of the high-quality outdoor bicycle saddles in heavy condition.

The vegan leather here deals with strong and waterproof advantages. For extra comfort, there are given foam pads. This softer material will never be fed up with giving comfort on the spot. So, back support will be available there well.

Not only softer but also has a wider design. For that, you have enough area to sit peacefully. There is also decent suspension. Here, the steel-made spring shows its power to absorb the shock on the worst road. And that confirms the safety of your larger back. But it has a drawback. Because of the metal part, it may make sounds. If you can’t avoid that, then make silicon spray on the metal surface.

Good thing is, the saddle is a universal fit. So, it can easily fit with your bike no worries. The brand will give saddle adapters, mounting instruments, instruction books, and others to ensure so easy and effective attachment. Unlike others, it additionally provides a waterproof seat cover with the box.

Finally, if you search for a wider and more comfortable seat option that offers pleasant installation then it is for you.

5. Xmifer Oversized Bike Saddle

Key Specs

Color Type: Red and Black

Material Type: Artificial Leather

Cushioning: Foam

Dimensions: 10”x8”x4”

Item Weight: 1.2 lbs


  • Comes with a larger design
  • Wear and water-resistant PU leather construction
  • Anti-shock and air-flowing suspension facility
  • Have mounting tools for easy attachment
  • Night riding advantages
  • Available at a very low price


  • Fabric is medium durable
  • Some experienced noisy nature


Xmifer bicycle seat is mainly built with PU leather. As you know, leather material is waterproof and has no scratch nature. This one isn’t also different from those. With this wearable seat, you can ride smoothly and peacefully, but I think the construction could be better.

However, it comes with foam memory which provides excellent padding room to make your butt happy. 

So, pain-free with essential support you are going to get in there.

Like the title, the saddle size is quite large. That means it will be a perfect fit for women having fat and large back. Though the nose size is a little bit longer, it can’t affect your riding.

There you will find two spring balls made of rubber as a suspension. The feature indicates that it is ready to go through any bad roads by absorbing the shock properly. Additionally, the breathable vent will keep your seat dry and give you a cool feeling.

Exercise, road, or mounting, in all sectors works as multifunctional. Even, if you want to ride at night, then no worries. Because there have light straps which reflect in dark.

For a simple setup, two mounting tools are included in the packages. So, you needn’t face any difficulties with that. And the seat behaves friendly with different types of cycles. 

And the surprising thing is its super cheapness.

So, searching for an affordable saddle with supportive and wider nature you can’t go the opposite with this option.

6. DAWAY C40 Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

Key Specs

Color Type: Black

Material Type: Leather

Cushioning: Foam

Dimensions: 10.2” X 10.7”

Item Weight: 2.49 lbs


  • Wider and weatherproof build quality
  • Latest and thick padded material 
  • Fitted and supportive output for butts
  • Dual springs provide knock-free and strong service
  • Safe and peaceful option for long rides


  • Saddle attachment isn’t so easy


Whenever there is a matter of the best bike seat for fat women, C40 is one of the pleasant names.

The upper surface is leather-made. And which is capable enough to save it from the water like snow, rain, or else. This elastic saddle can’t fail to protect from stains. Also, there is no shortage of comfort.

It comes with foam padding which is the latest. This thick design will provide support and protect you from butt or spine pain. According to the riders, it feels like a sofa to them. And the level of fitness is perfect with one’s hip. 

The size of this item is wide enough to keep your butt properly. There have two springs and it is elastic and medal made. Whenever you have to cross bumpy roads, it will gift you shock-less and safe riding. Expectedly, it is super weight-bearing (around 550 lbs) and hard. To ride long-distance securely and comfortably, it has excellent suspension benefits that are essential for big riders.

This ergonomic seat has mounting advantages too. It will provide you with tools and instructions on how to install it. The process seems a bit harder than others, but no need to be called an expert. By the way, in the box, there are more items that are needy. The dust and water-resisting cover, and saddle clamp are included there. 

Indoor or outdoor, in different circumstances, you can utilize it. And if you found any error then the brand keeps a 1-year option to deal with such a problem.

In verdict, what you should choose it? Wider design, impressive shock-bearing, and good packaging can be the key factors to buying it.

7. Litetugo Extra Large Bike Seat

Key Specs

Color Type: Black

Material Type: Plastic and Leather

Cushioning: Foam

Dimensions: 10.75” x 10.75” x 5.2”

Item Weight: 3.15 lbs


  • Extra wider design for a big back
  • Very thick and soft padding for ultra-comfy
  • Pressure bearing and waterproof body
  • Secure and pain-free riding with dual rubber spring
  • Provides essential things to connect quickly and easily


  • Stability problems arise if you aren’t overweight


Litetugo introduces the heavy cyclist with a simple but effective saddle design. Its upper materials are plastic and leather. As per others, it is also rideable in snow or rain. 

The foam pad construction works superbly here. It is super thick, soft, and comfortable. The level of thickness easily served the back bottom without pain or discomfort. How heavy you are doesn’t matter, this high density will seat keep your back protective by distributing the pressure in the whole area. 

Unlike a normal bike, it builds with an extra-large design. That indicates enough space to keep your butt peaceful. 10.75 x 10.75 inches are the measurement of both sides and this will be a good fit for a fat cyclist. And ensure the feeling like you are on a soft sofa.

As previously, this one also has a dual spring to absorb the shocks perfectly. The hardness suspension easily bears a high amount of weight. And definitely, it can protect you from bumpy roads as it does a good job of shock absorption. Hence, you won’t face any trouble going a long distance.

Now, have a fear about installation? Adapter, mounting tools, and smart instructions will provide on the box, and from where setup task will be super fast and easy. And it designs well for fitting various kinds of bikes.

In verdict, I will suggest purchasing it for those women who are looking for an ultra-thick and extra-wide seat to support their back.

8. Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Cruiser Saddle

Key Specs

Color Type: Black

Material Type: Vinyl

Cushioning: Foam and Gel

Dimensions: 10.5″ x 10.5″

Item Weight: 1 lb


  • Builds largely in both Length and wide
  • Foam and gel padding ensure super soft and comfortable sit
  • Coil springs perfectly deal with shocks
  • Can fit with different bikes
  • Look seems pretty pleasing


  • Sometimes cause squeaking
  • Poor water-resistant


Sunlite appears with quality design and features to serve overweight ladies during their biking. 

Unlike others, it bears vinyl material which is quite strong and can ensure serious comfort. But there is no confirmation, of whether it is waterproof or not.

Anyways, the seat impresses me more in the cushioning sector. The reason is its gel and foam both padding. This dual-density padded system allows you the opportunity to ride softly and smoothly.

The seat measurement is at a satisfying level in both long and wide when you talk about the big back. And it is 10.5 (L) x 10.5 (W) in inches. So, I think you don’t need to feel the lack of space.

Now, talking about the suspension, it bears a chrome coil spring. As we know, this feature has crucial uses when we ride through a tough road. It will keep your ride safe and enjoyable by protesting against shock. Anyways, though it is minor problem, good to tell. And it is the squeak. Yeah, if you are unlucky then maybe meet with squeaky (not loud).

And in the end, the saddle can well connect with almost any kind of seat post. 

Well, I will recommend it for those women who want large, soft, and more pressure-bearing seats to ride in bright weather.

9. Gincleey Comfortable and Wide Bike Seat

Key Specs

Color Type: Black

Material Type: Plastic and Leather

Cushioning: Foam and Gel

Dimensions: 10.24” x 10.63” x 5.31”

Item Weight: 2.69 lbs


  • Oversized design for extra butt space
  • Great comfort with the combination of Gel and foam 
  • Water and shock-proof construction
  • Good for back support, nerve and blood circulation
  • Good package of mounting for fast install


  • Creates little squeaks at times (not all seats)


Gincleey brings an exceptional wider and nice design saddle for the overweight female.

Both PVC leather and plastic materials make it strong and quality. If you want to ride in the rain or snow then no problem. Cause it is super water-protecting. Again, you can surely rely on it with your extra weight, its hardness and strength are capable to deal with that condition.

Size is a crucial fact while you biking overweight. To fulfill the space shortage, this seat comes with enough room. So, you don’t need to worry about your big butt.

Now, confusion about the comfort level? It gives you the best construction in the cushioning system. There have both gel and foam pads to ensure the comfiest. Those high-quality components never feel you any lack of support and peace. Besides, it slows the nerves and blood vessels which is desired during riding. Again, as the seat is so thicker, it can easily fit with the rider’s hip.

As we know, all roads aren’t so well to go smoothly. As a result, shock, back pain, soreness, etc happening is normal things. And to fight with those, there have dual springs which perfectly eat the shocks and make your cycling safer. And you can ride through it how many distances you want without a doubt. Anyways, if you have a problem with any little noise, then it has a drawback here. It creates little squeaking sometimes, but not at all times.

And in the connecting process, you will have mounting kits, clamps, and instructions for effortless setup. The installation is also fitted with a variety of bikes.

So, it will behave so friendly whenever you look for an excellent cushion, shock-resistant, and big size for your large body.

Factors to Look for While Choosing Overweight Women’s Bike Seat

In normal eyes, it seems difficult to determine the ideal seat for heavy people. But, some features are common on the overweight saddle, and from where you can easily identify how quality it is. Well, let’s know those terms in detail to apply during buying.

Shape and Base Width

As a large person, the place where you should look first is the ideal shape and saddle width.

It’s common sense that being big, you need more space than others. Also, women have larger backs than men. 

So, look for a perfect shape that will fit you. Usually, a round shape goes well with heavy females.

Now, for the base’s width selection, you require to compare your back with the saddle width. The larger size definitely gives you the advantages of support, comfort, and weight-bearing. On the opposite, if you take extra big than you require, then friction and discomfort can occur.

So, my verdict is to choose a width that is comparatively larger surface than normal, and where the seat nose isn’t so wide.

Cushioning or Padding

The cushion is another important factor that also needs to maintain for heavy riders.

For your weighty butt, with a supportive and sore-free cushioning you have to deal with it.

Usually, padding works excellently providing comfort, support, and pressure bearing. For women, I prefer gel cushioning. Because it can able to reduce shock and offer a comfortable and butt-protecting service. It is best as compactness.

The foam is also better, whenever you will search for extra comfort and support. But, don’t try the super soft one as it will bring discomfort oppositely.

Actually, a medium-hard one is good for support and a long ride. And soft is ideal for a short trip.

Lastly, in my opinion, gel-type is perfect in angle with overweight riders.

Cover and Nose of the Seat

The saddle cover determines the breathing, comfort, and durable nature that you require with a bigger body.

Leather and cotton are the two best options on my mind. Leather provides comfort, water-resistant, and weight-bearing strength. On the other part, cotton deals with the most comfortable, flexible, and pressure-holding capacity.

Being fat, you can’t ignore the nose of the saddle. Cause you have very little distance between your thighs. With that, when you go for long riding, it meets with painful rubbing. And they’re an ideal nose that offers frictionless and safe riding.

A narrow nose is a good choice in this regard. But keep noticing that, the base won’t so narrow. So, you have to consider an option that has a narrow nose and sufficient base to seat comfortably.


The suspension system is a technology on the bike which absorbs the impact, bears bumpy roads, and protects the back of the rider.

So, don’t you understand how necessary it is for people with excess weight?

Whenever you ride on bad roads, good suspension impacts your body and reduces the pressure of the back as well as safe spine force.   

Hence, to overcome the shock, back pain, and bumpy roads, you need to ensure the cycle seat has excellent suspension.


For what mounting actually stands as purchasing factor? Well, seat mounting is such a facility that ignores unnecessary installation and money safe as well as time.

Especially on online buys, you don’t determine which saddle will be a perfect fit for your bike. And in this gap, bike mounts can remove your stress.

So, for the fat lady, it is important to have a fit and seamless experience seat by ensuring the mount appearance.


The installation process is an evergreen requirement for all types of riders.

An easy and time-saving installment is a desire for all. Many brands offer kits and instructions from where you can easily do the job. Don’t choose the saddle that requires an expert to complete the setup.

So, in the end, look for an easy setup and simple handling bike seat.

Basic Steps to Install a Bike Seat

As you see above maximum brands provide essential tools and guide book to install the seat with the bike post. Moreover, it takes only a few minutes. So, why do you need to call for an expert? 

I feel I should share some basic tips from where one can simply gather the task to connect the saddle yourself. The steps are-

Step 1: Collect all items that are required in the set process. Like the new seat, mounting kits, etc.

Step 2: Now, to remove the previous saddle lose the screw of the clamps. Keep an eye that the screw isn’t removed fully. After losing, by lifting and turning the top, separate the saddle from the bike and clean the surface.

Step 3: In this stage, connect the new seat rails with bike clamps. Now, make sure that it stays in the ideal position. Then tighten the bolts of the clamp to confirm a hold.

Step 4: Notice that the seat height is at the desired level that you want. If not then set it as your wish. 

Step 5: Now, go for a test ride. And, in the final stage, if all are okay, tight the screw again with an Allen wrench at a perfect level.

That’s the simple task you have to do. If it still seems harder, then you should need the help of the experts.

Final Thoughts

Being overweight is just a word only, it hasn’t the power to stop you from riding.

The right Bike saddle is one of the weapons for successful cycling. And I’m sure you have now no doubt to tell the above ones as the best bike seat for overweight females. And also knows the fact of how to find out the specifics.

On the list, YLG and DAWAY look more effective in serving fat women from all angles in my preference. But you can choose any of them as the rest of those are also king in their duty.

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