I know, you love or have a desire for long rides. But that pleasure doesn’t exist longer as soon as your butt starts hurting. And this will probably happen when you don’t have the most comfortable bike seat for long rides. Yeah, on a long ride, the ideal seat plays a crucial role to support your back for comfy riding. 

And we should be thankful to the manufacturers as they think of the long riders and as a result, create a well-suited seat. Among such, I will talk about some best long-rider bicycle seats which satisfied my expectation and hope will apply to yours too.

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5 Most Comfortable Bike Seats for Long Rides According to My Using Experiment

1. Giddy Up Comfortable Long Riding Bike Seat

Giddy Up Comfortable Bike Seat for Long Rides

At a Glance

  • 11″ × 8.35″ × 4.3″ in Measurements (L×W×H)
  • Made of Faux Leather
  • Foam Type of Padding
  • 2.1 lbs in Weight
  • Black in Appearance

Points Where I Will Say It Worthy

Extra Comfort: I found one of the best comfort levels in this seat comparing others. Here, you will get soft foam padding in extra which ensures a cushion feeling. Moreover, the elastomer suspension contributes more to making the seat comfortable. Again, the ergonomic design also keeps you in tract comfortable and supportive without hurting the butt.

Extra wide: No matter how big your backside is, it builds with extra space that easily will fit anybody. The length is 11 inches. So, I think you will never feel a shortage of room for back.

Simple in Setup: As you desire, the brand will allow you to fit the seat in a short time with simple effort. Yes, the mounting tools will permit one to do the job in such an easy way.

Unique light and Waterproof Cover: Unlike others, this one has come with a LED light that will make one’s bike colorful as well improve visibility in dark conditions.

Furthermore, it comes with a waterproof seat cover which is very useful and protective.

Versatile: It’s quite interesting that you can utilize this bicycle seat with different types of bikes, even for indoor purposes too. And those are universally fit.

Points Where I Found Weakness

Poor Light: No doubt the addition of LED is unique and good-looking, but it doesn’t last long. For mine, it works around 2 months. But there have many who weren’t face such a problem. So, It’s up to luck.

When You Should Pick It?

In short, if you are looking for an extra wide, easy handling, and superb comfortable seat at a medium price then that one is your option.

Where’s to Deal?

2. Planet Bike Anatomic Relief Bike Seat

Planet Bike Anatomic Relief Bike Seat

At a Glance

  • 10″ × 6″ × 4″ in Measurements (L×W×H)
  • Made of Lycaspandax and Aluminum 
  • Gel Type of Padding
  • 0.91lbs in Weight
  • Black in Appearance

Points Where I Will Say It Worthy

Flexible and Shock Proof: The seat builds with those materials which are known as durable and strong. The construction will keep your butt protected from shock while riding for a long time or on a bumpy road. Again, it provides sufficient flexibility that is highly required on the ride. So, I experienced positive about its made.

Soft and Anatomic Relief Design: The lycra cover provides softness as well as keeps the thing protected from abrasion. Now, the anatomic relief feature, I loved it most. It comes with a gel padding system which brings super comfort along with great support on Your longer cycling. So, this type of design won’t fail in search of comfortable riding.

Great Look and Cheapy: The design looks quality that can love by all. And the solid black color makes it more classy.

And it will surprise you more when you want to hear the price. Yeah, It’s not costly.

Points Where I Found Weakness

Doesn’t Provide Desire Installation: If you are quite familiar with saddle installation then it won’t create any problems. But for starters, it may like quite difficult to set it up. Also, there are no instruction books for the setting. So, for not all but for the fewer this point can matter.

Not too Wide: The dimensions are 10×6 inches in height and weight. If you are a big guy with a big back then it will say you’re sorry with less space. But for the average, the space won’t be a matter of worry.

When You Should Pick It?

Let’s imagine a guy who is average body size and willing to ride long distances with a super comfortable and supportive bike seat with a strong build quality. For those, the Planet bike brand will be perfect.

Where’s to Deal?

3. Bikeroo Comfortable Bicycle Seat for Men and Women

Bikeroo Comfortable Bicycle Seat

At a Glance

  • 7” × 3.9” × 10.2” in Measurements (L × W × H)
  • Made of Polyester, Leather
  • Foam type of Padding
  • 0.97 lbs in Weight
  • Black in Apparence

Points Where I Will Say It Worthy

Desire Comfy Level: Comfort, is the thing you literally can’t avoid when you have to be in a bike seat for a long time. And I found that pretty well in this seat. It’s such comfortable because of its foam padding. Sitting on this seat, you will feel like a pillow under your butt. And there will be zero complaints about “the butt hurting”. Furthermore, the others materials such as polyester and leather make the things more worthy in terms of comfy.

Design that Brings Smart Features: The design section attracted me more to stay with it on my longer riding. You ask me why? A few reasons are behind this. At the first, It’s pretty good in both width and length. So, you have enough space to ride properly. The big guy also can deal with that. As you see, the nose on there is quite narrow which will prevent chafing. 

I’m not done, there is more to tell. You know well, how it feels when your soft tissues face irritation during with bad seat. To avoid this situation, the center cutout design plays a crucial role. Moreover, the vent holes do a breathable job properly and make one’s butt free from sweating as well as swelling.

Easier Installation: I’m not a fan to love mechanical works. So I always search for simply when It’s a matter of setup. According to my wish, this saddle comes exactly the same. The setup is not only facile but also time-consuming. There have necessary mounting tools and an instruction page to do the job easily. Also, there has a waterproof rain cover too.

Capable to Travel Long: The manufacturer makes the seat capable of riding long distances. Not Only just me, but over 12000 cyclists agreed about that by testing. This one is prostate friendly and can go well in different types of cycling. And yeah, it’s for both men and women.

Points Where I Found Weakness

Medium Durability: No doubt about Its good construction and for long distances, but if you want to run them for years then it won’t provide such service that you got from the beginning. Especially for a heavy rider. So, I think you should consider this term or the manufacturer should add a bit better durability.

When You Should Pick It?

This option will be the right pick for those people who are looking for a long-ride comfortable saddle with others features at a good price.

Where’s to Deal?

4. DEWAY C4 Comfortable Oversized Bike Seat

DEWAY C4 Comfortable Oversized Bike Seat

At a Glance 

  • 10.24 “× 10.63″ × 6.5” in Measurements (L×W×H)
  • Made of Leather
  • Foam type of Padding 
  • 3.1lbs in Weight
  • Black in Appearance

Points Where I Will Say It Worthy

Comfy like Sofa: The item is not only best at strong construction but also at providing super comfort. The latest foam padding works hard to deliver the sofa feeling comfort during the ride. And will protect the spine and butt properly.

Bigger Measurements: As you already saw, it is 10.24 × 10.63 inches. So, on both sides, no one can complain about the room. Especially for big people, it will fit suitably. So, whatever the situation is, you can’t feel less space under your bottom.

Shock-Proof Dual Spring Suspension: One of the advanced features of this seat is the highly elastic metal material which serves better results in terms of wear resistance and high hardness. That means whenever you are on any dangerous or bumpy road, the seat can absorb shock and ensure your comfort and safety. And that requires most for long riding.

Ergonomic Design and Waterproof: Here you will have the ergonomic design which indicates the free-movement and swelling-free riding experience.

And, the waterproof cover will allow the rider to ride in the conditions like rain, snow, or else without having any difficulties.

Easy Maintenance and Multifunctional: With the seat, you will be given mounting tools and an instruction manual from there it will be easier for anyone to set it up very easily. 

And, of course, it will be useable in both outdoor and indoor cycling. Cause it fits accurately with different sorts of cycles.

Points Where I Found Weakness

Heavy: Though things matter rarely, It’s good to know. Yes, the seat is quite heavy comparing other seats. So, remember other special services, you need to consider in this field.

When You Should Pick It?

It will be ideal for those big guys who are looking for a wider, more supportive, and more comfortable cycle saddle to ride more miles.

Where’s to Deal?

5. Bontrager Commuter Comp Bike Saddle

Bontrager Commuter Comp Bike Saddle

At a Glance 

  • 10.6 “× 7.3” in Measurements (L×W)
  • Made of Synthetic
  • Foam type of Padding 
  • 0.90 lbs in Weight
  • Black in Appearance

Points Where I Will Say It Worthy

Long Lasting Comfort: Like others, this one also comes with advanced addition for giving comfort. The air foam construction plays the main role to provide softness and ultra comfort. It doesn’t stop just ensuring comfy, it works on keeping the comfort level long time. So, how long you want to ride doesn’t matter, this one will always be ready to serve cushioning service.

Fast and Further Going: Yes, I found uniqueness there. You may think about how this happens, right? Well, the manufacturer keeps the way for upright pelvic rotation which result in going further and fast.

Unique CRZ+ Design: Bontrager Commuter looks light and great in solid color. Without that, there is a smart addition named Contour Relief Zone Plus. Because of this cutaway design, the soft tissues will be protected and easy while riding on heavy roads or long distances. 

Weather-resistant: Lastly, I will praise its waterproof cover. Having that, you can beat any weather without worries. So, as a weather-resistant capacity, you will just love it.

Points Where I Found Weakness

A Bit Costly: From the above discussion you already know that it’s a high-quality seat. On my uses, I didn’t find any errors.

But I can find the point of a con and which is the price as you guess. Yeah, you have to pay a bit more if we compare the best ones.

When You Should Pick It?

Honestly, if the price isn’t an issue for you and searching for a well-made, light and smart-featured comfy saddle then without confusion you can deal with it.

Where’s to Deal?

What Do I Notice to Get a Good Long-Riding Bike Seat?

Before real-life testing of any seat, I can’t guarantee actually that this one is the best. So, the question now arrive to you then “how do I pick them in the initial, or what do I see in these seat for selection?” Well, let’s make a short discussion about this.

More Comfort: The normal thinking is, when you are cycling for a long time, your butt needs great support and comfort. So, to ride far, the first criterion on a saddle is to have great comfort capacity. And in this case, foam and gel both play a good act.

Spacey: For long cycling, seats that are sufficient in both width and length bring facilities. So, to stay free and safe I should prefer a wider one.

Protective and Cutaway: To protect myself from sweating and swelling, I always search for one that has the quality and breathable materials. Again, to away my soft tissues from getting irritation, I think cutaway design seat help more.

Weather-Proof and Easy Setting: Now, I will talk about the optional features which are good to have on your bike seat.

First of all, it should be waterproof so that you can continue your far riding without worrying about the rain, snow or something like that. 

Then I look at the mounting system. Then, I check whether it has mounting tools and an easier setup facility or not.

So, that’s all talking about my experience and experiments with a comfortable bike saddle for long rides. In summary, if you request me to suggest then I will mention these two. Though all five are good, among them these two impressed me more, and hope this will be true in terms of your long-distance cycling too.

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