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Do you think just a brake is enough during riding? No, there is a matter of pad which effortlessly work on sharpening the mechanism process of desire brake. Especially in different weather, it shows more on how essential he is. The thing gets needier whenever you think about easy brake controlling in BMX. However, after a long time of use or for any accidental error it can be appeared to replace the brake. Then such matter comes to find out the best BMX brake pads that will largely go with your bike.

So, is it a hassle to find the perfect one? Well, it’s dependable. But we can ensure that our top picks and filtering guides will keep you far from any difficulties as usual.

How to Know If Brake Pad Needs Replacement?

Pads replacing can be needed for plenty of reasons like heavy use, improper use, accidentally and else.

Now the question is how you will know if it needs to be replaced or not? Alright, the process is quite simple.

If you have rim pads, then the replacement time will arrive whenever there is a matter of missing grooves or teeth in the rubber part. Again, the missing indent on the pad and the less responsive also indicates the change.

And for disc users, first, the wheel needs to be removed and will observe the worn level. Usually, pads bear 3/4mm of the component. If you see there isn’t left more than 1mm, then it is quite sure that the brake can’t able to perform. And obviously, it needs a replacement.

That’s how you can observe the changing matter in a normal sense.

5 Best BMX Brake Pads

You will see more for normal bikes, but whenever it’s for BMX, you hardly found a suitable brake pad. Whatever, our research team never disappoints to find out the best by digging into user satisfaction, and features, and even experimenting. And, here the top 5 pads are the ultimate result.

BMX Bike Brake Pad

Best Pick

1. Kool Stop 2 Compound BMX Brake Pads


Dimensions: 0.79” x 3.94” x 7.09”

Material: steel

Color: Black

Item Weight: 0.15 pounds


Kool Stop 2 is a cool one in terms of BMX biking.

A stylish and colorful looking is noticeable there. The black and light red combination adds well outlook. Not only in look, but it is strong in the design too. The using materials are soft and durable enough. And yeah, there is no storage of grip you will get from there.

Talking to its dimensions, this one is an ideal level. With this size, it has only 2.4 Ounces in weight. Don’t be worried, the pad is well fitted with 20-29 inches bike sizes. Also is suited to block flyers. The thickness is an excellent level. Overall, the pad is rim-friendly.

The main feature of this item is the super-stopping power. You can easily control the stop in any condition. The smart benefit is, that it can provide effortless service whether it is rain, wet, or else. So, it’s not bad to expect a quiet and smooth performance from the Kool.

In the end, you won’t face much hassle to install the pad.


  • Well look design
  • Lightweight and strong construction
  • Smooth and magical stopping 
  • Provides sufficient grip and is usable in wet conditions
  • Fits with different sizes of bike


  • Require little skill to assemble


2. Chooee Bike V-Brake Pads


Dimensions: 70mm in Length

Material: Rubber

Color: Black, Blue & Red

Item Weight: 0.141 pounds


Chooee introduces the biker with a v-brake pad that is pleasant at a different angle.

The pad is made with durable and quality components. The rubber makes it strong as a well-comfortable hold. Aluminum also contributes to strength. Hardstone, mud, or sand whatever you ask for the pad will cross them effectively. Moreover, it perfectly deals with making no noise.

The length is 70mm which is pretty good for different types of bikes like BMX, MTB, mountain, and more. The weight of the item is light too. However, there is another option of length which is 55mm. But in color, it offers more. There are available red, blue and black those aren’t behind about looking.

It will provide a good grip and an amazing stop-controlling experience. This v-shaped will surely please you while you will on riding. However, there have two sets for left and right. You need to install it correctly by knowing the symbol. And Installation? Well, it’s quite simple too. 

Again, on the package, there is also has concave washer, convex washers, a hex nut, and a flat washer. And the price, I think quite satisfying to anyone.


  • Durable and noiseless build quality
  • Has several lengths and color options
  • Good stopping capacity and grippy
  • Easy installation including good packaging
  • The price is good


  • Didn’t find still

Easy Install

3. Kool Stop BMX Threaded Brake Pads


Dimensions: 0.39” x 0.39” x 0.39”

Material: Rubber

Color: White

Item Weight: 0.16 pounds


This one is another boost from the Kool for BMX riders.

The brand builds with decent material. The rubber construction will feel comfy and grippy. But the users expect more quality components. By the way, you feel good to know that it is free from squeaking.

In sizing, the length and width are 1.6 and 6.6 cm. And the height is 8.79 cm. With different sizes or types of bikes, the dimensions are perfect to fit. The look of the pad is beautiful. Again there have five individual colors to purchase according to your preference. 

Now in the performance, it’s too good. Like the previous model, it also holds good stop capacity and is incredible in different tough conditions like rain or wet. Moreover, it allows you to install it in a few minutes. So, as a beginner or having less experience you can fit it just by following video instructions.

And the cost isn’t too high compared to its performance.


  • Good looking design with various color options
  • Desire dimensions to fit with BMX bikes
  • Excellent performance in several situations
  • Doesn’t create a squeak
  • Attachment is simple


  • Medium material quality

Cheap Cost

4. Lomodo Bicycle Brake Rubber Pads


Dimensions: 1.57” x 0.39” x 0.87”

Material: Rubber and Iron

Color: Black and White

Item Weight: N/A


Lomodo is an old-style brake pad that works well in different types of bicycles.

The aluminum and rubber construction make it extra durable and wear-resisting. Furthermore, no rust will be found there. But, one thing you need to bear is its little squeaking.

The 4 cm length and I cm thickness will give it enough ability to connect with any bike. The black design is pleasant to see also. And, that doesn’t hold much weight and this allows easy carrying.

At the time of stopping the wheel, the cyclist won’t meet any trouble. Its good grip and easy controlling combination make it preferable on BMX. Moreover, the pads have bolts that help to install easily. And, not much time is also required. The product is well suited to various old and new styles of bikes.

On the package, the brand provides 8 pieces of the pad which is more. And the impressive matter is, it is quite cheap.


  • Good at wear-resisting and rust-free
  • Comes with 8 pieces
  • Good grip and stopping power
  • Has bolts for easy attachment
  • The cost is low


  • Sometimes makes noise


5. ODI Odyssey BMX Brake Ghostpads


Dimensions: 4” x 2” x 1”

Material: Rubber

Color: Black

Item Weight: 0.06 pounds


And ODI Odyssey is the last one on our list that works as the brake pad of BMX.

As usual, there also uses rubber as the material. It is decent enough to provide strong and softer service. The design is also unique. But there is no confirmation about running it through tough situations.

4 and 2 inches are the measurements of length and width. The black body has less than half of pound which is very lightweight. 

It will show incredibly when you want to know about its stop capacity. The overall performance is also in the satisfying range. Moreover, there has an easy setup facility too. And you needn’t spend much on the price. So, it can be a decent option from all angles.


  • Made with rubber
  • Very light design
  • Good performance on BMX riding
  • Comparatively easy setting up


  • Not ideal in different weather

Things to Remember While Buying Brake Pad for BMX

As everyone searches for the suitable one, of course, there are facts and tricks to reach on there. Well, the considering points to get the fitted pad are talked about below.

Decide about Desire Pad Type

In categories, brake pads come with several. The main two types are rim and disc brake.

Rim brakes are the ones used mostly on BMX run with the wheel rotating mechanism. In there also have two types, caliper, and cantilever.

On the other hand, the disc brake runs by rotating the caliper. The friction is used here to slow the bike.

Both have different views to choose from. Whatever side you want to go to, it’s up to you. But the important factor is, in the time of replacing you need to be concern about the type of pads previously used.

Ensure Quality Component

Now, it’s also important to check for components or materials from where the product is made.

Ceramic, metallic, rubber and so more materials are used for making the pads.

The ceramics are used on an organic pad. It offers a high-density and soft experience. The good point is, that those are effective and easy to stop. Also, quite slow in heating up. But those aren’t appropriate in wet conditions.

Now, if you look at the Sintered pad, then this is made with the metal component. Those are durable too. For the metallic character, it gives a bit of noise and gets hot quite quickly. But in tough conditions, it works great and last long.

Again, on Cartridge and non-Cartridge pads, those are made with rubber and have their natures. Those types are found on v-brakes.

So, comfort, easy stopping, or durability whatever you want, according to your requirement go for the suited build quality.

Balance the Length, Weight, and Thickness Level

Though that’s not a serious issue, still is a matter to take into head.

Varying the brands, you will find the variation in the size of the pads too. Some are large while some are long comparatively. As you are a biker, it’s known to you which length and width will be fitted in your cycle most.

As well, the thickness level should also keep in mind during purchasing.

Know the Weather Impact

The weather has a crucial effect on the bike’s brake pad. What’s that?

On sunny days, normal pads are okay to ride. But whenever it comes to winter and rainy seasons, are those still working? No, they aren’t designed to stay well in those conditions. To perform in wet conditions, manufacturers build special pads that are capable there. And, yeah, they work on normal days too.

So, which conditions you want to ride most can create an impact on pad choosing.

Color and Style

Sometimes outlook gets more attention than the hidden quality.

Many cyclists don’t compromise to decrease the bike look. They want service and stylish at a time. And where the manufacturers also work on giving the desired color and design to make it stylish.

So, you can also ensure beauty along with the other qualities.

Go for Easy Attachment

Finally, the benefit you should look for is the simple setup process.

Many brands offer desired attachment criteria for easy maintenance. There has also a facility to set it up with the bike.

So, it will be good if you can ensure an effortless attaching facility.

Tasks to Replace Bike’s Brake Pad

The thing isn’t so hard as you think actually. Why do you always need to run to the expert to do such a tiny job? So, let’s start today to learn it as an adventure.

Alright, the basic steps are mentioned for initial understanding.

Task-1: Collect the essential tools. Like Vernier calipers, screwdrivers, pliers, rubbing alcohol, clean gloves, flashlight, and others.

Task-2: Do the removing task and inspect the specific system. By the way, for rim and disc, you need to apply different strategies in those terms.

Task-3: Now take off the pad retention screw carefully using a screwdriver and pliers.

Task-4: It’s time to remove the old one. Then clean the area and check for any other damages.

Task-5: Attach the new one and install the removed parts like a wheel, and rotors.

Task-6: Run a simple round for the test

Those are all the steps associated with the installation process. To know elaborately, you can read the article on pad replacing.

Final Thought

Though the brake pad is a tiny part, it has a killing need in BMX cycling. That’s why shouldn’t lose points to select the best BMX brake shoes or pad.

The above 5 aren’t going opposite whenever you will choose them for bicycle motocross. If you want to hear about the winner then I will say the name of Kool-Stop 2. It’s amazing in all ways. However, the rest of those are also specially built for BMX. So, pick your favorite buddy and be ready to boom on the track.

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