Do you believe that just having a brake is enough while riding? No, there is also the matter of brake pads, which effectively improve the braking mechanism. This is especially crucial in different weather conditions. The need for better brake control in BMX makes the brake pads even more important. However, after extended use or any accidental damage, the brake pads may need to be replaced. Then you must find the best BMX brake pads that will be compatible with your bike.

Is it challenging to find the perfect brake pads? Well, it depends. But we can assure you that our top picks and filtering guides will keep you away from any difficulties as usual.

How to Know If Brake Pad Needs Replacement?

Pad replacement may be necessary for various reasons, such as heavy use, improper use, accidents, and so on.

The question now is, how can you determine if the pads need to be replaced? The process is quite simple.

If you have rim pads, the replacement time will arrive whenever there are missing grooves or teeth in the rubber part. Again, missing indents on the pad and less responsiveness also indicate the need for replacement.

For disc users, first, the wheel needs to be removed to observe the worn level. Typically, pads bear 3/4mm of the component. If you see that there is less than 1mm left, then it is quite sure that the brake cannot perform effectively. Obviously, it needs to be replaced.

That is how you can determine if the pads need to be replaced in a normal sense.

5 Best BMX Brake Pads

You may find more options for regular bikes, but when it comes to BMX, it can be challenging to find a suitable brake pad. However, our research team never fails to discover the best options by delving into user satisfaction, features, and even experimenting. As a result, we have compiled a list of the top 5 brake pads.

BMX Bike Brake Pad

Best Pick

1. Kool Stop 2 Compound BMX Brake Pads


Dimensions: 0.79” x 3.94” x 7.09”

Material: steel

Color: Black

Item Weight: 0.15 pounds


Kool Stop 2 is a cool one in terms of BMX biking.

The Kool brake pad boasts a stylish and colorful design, with a striking black and light red combination that adds to its visual appeal. Not only does it look good, but it is also designed to be strong and durable, with high-quality materials that provide a soft yet sturdy grip.

In terms of size, it is ideal and weighs only 2.4 ounces. This pad is suitable for 20-29 inch bike sizes and is perfect for block flyers. It also has an excellent thickness level and is rim-friendly.

The main feature of this pad is its super-stopping power, which allows for easy control in any condition, whether it’s rainy or wet. It provides a quiet and smooth performance, making it an excellent choice for cyclists.

Finally, the pad is easy to install, so you won’t face any difficulties when putting it in place.


  • Well look design
  • Lightweight and strong construction
  • Smooth and magical stopping 
  • Provides sufficient grip and is usable in wet conditions
  • Fits with different sizes of bike


  • Require little skill to assemble


2. Chooee Bike V-Brake Pads


Dimensions: 70mm in Length

Material: Rubber

Color: Black, Blue & Red

Item Weight: 0.141 pounds


Chooee introduces a v-brake pad that is pleasant from a different angle for bikers.

The pad is made with durable and quality components, and the rubber provides strength and a comfortable grip. Aluminum also contributes to its strength, and it effectively handles hard stones, mud, or sand without making any noise.

With a length of 70mm, it is suitable for different types of bikes such as BMX, MTB, mountain, and more. It is also lightweight. However, there is an option for a length of 55mm, but it offers more color options such as red, blue, and black.

The v-shaped pad provides good grip and an amazing stop-controlling experience, which will surely please you while riding. It comes in two sets for the left and right, and you need to install it correctly by knowing the symbol. Installation is quite simple too.

The package also includes concave washers, convex washers, a hex nut, and a flat washer. The price is quite satisfying for anyone.


  • Durable and noiseless build quality
  • Has several lengths and color options
  • Good stopping capacity and grippy
  • Easy installation including good packaging
  • The price is good


  • Didn’t find any still

Easy Install

3. Kool Stop BMX Threaded Brake Pads


Dimensions: 0.39” x 0.39” x 0.39”

Material: Rubber

Color: White

Item Weight: 0.16 pounds


This is another offering from Kool that provides a boost for BMX riders.

The brand uses decent materials for construction, including rubber that feels both comfortable and grippy. However, some users expect higher quality components. Nevertheless, it is free from squeaking.

In terms of sizing, the length and width are 1.6 and 6.6 cm, respectively, and the height is 8.79 cm. These dimensions are perfect for fitting on different sizes and types of bikes. The pad’s appearance is also attractive, and there are five individual colors available for purchase to suit your preference.

Regarding performance, it is excellent. Like the previous model, it has good stopping capacity and performs well in tough conditions like rain or wet surfaces. Additionally, it is easy to install, taking just a few minutes. As a beginner or someone with less experience, you can follow the video instructions to install it with ease.

The cost is also reasonable compared to its performance.


  • Good looking design with various color options
  • Desire dimensions to fit with BMX bikes
  • Excellent performance in several situations
  • Doesn’t create a squeak
  • Attachment is simple


  • Medium material quality

Cheap Cost

4. Lomodo Bicycle Brake Rubber Pads


Dimensions: 1.57” x 0.39” x 0.87”

Material: Rubber and Iron

Color: Black and White

Item Weight: N/A


Lomodo is an old-style brake pad that performs well on different types of bicycles.

It is constructed with aluminum and rubber, making it durable and wear-resistant. Moreover, it is rust-free. However, one thing to keep in mind is that it may squeak a little.

With a length of 4 cm and a thickness of 1 cm, it is versatile enough to fit any bike. Its black design is aesthetically pleasing, and it is lightweight, making it easy to carry.

When it comes to stopping the wheel, cyclists will have no trouble using it. Its excellent grip and easy control make it a preferred choice for BMX riders. The pads come with bolts that facilitate easy installation, which doesn’t take much time. This product is suitable for various old and new styles of bikes.

The brand provides 8 pads in one package, which is impressive. Additionally, it is quite affordable.


  • Good at wear-resisting and rust-free
  • Comes with 8 pieces
  • Good grip and stopping power
  • Has bolts for easy attachment
  • The cost is low


  • Sometimes makes noise


5. ODI Odyssey BMX Brake Ghostpads


Dimensions: 4” x 2” x 1”

Material: Rubber

Color: Black

Item Weight: 0.06 pounds


ODI Odyssey is the last brake pad on our list that works with BMX.

As usual, it also uses rubber as the material, which is decent enough to provide both strength and comfort. The design is also unique, but there is no confirmation about its performance in tough situations.

The length and width measurements are 4 and 2 inches, respectively. The black body weighs less than half a pound, which is very lightweight.

It shows incredible stopping power, and overall performance is also satisfying. Moreover, it has an easy setup facility too, and you don’t have to spend much on the price. So, it can be a decent option from all angles.


  • Made with rubber
  • Very light design
  • Good performance on BMX riding
  • Comparatively easy setting up


  • Not ideal in different weather

Things to Remember While Buying Brake Pad for BMX

As everyone searches for the most suitable brake pad, of course, there are facts and tricks to decide which is most suitable. Let’s discuss, the most important points to pick the most suitable pad below.

Decide the Desired Pad Type

Brake pads come in several categories, but the two main types are rim and disc brakes. Rim brakes are commonly used on BMX bikes and work with a wheel rotating mechanism. There are two types of rim brakes: caliper and cantilever brakes. On the other hand, disc brakes use a caliper that rotates to slow the bike using friction.

Both types have their pros and cons, and it’s up to the individual to choose which one to use. However, it’s essential to consider the type of pads that were previously used when replacing them.

Ensure Quality Component

It’s also important to check the components and materials used in the product. Ceramic, metallic, rubber, and other materials are used to make brake pads.

Ceramics are used in organic pads, providing high-density and soft stopping experience. They’re effective and easy to stop, and slow to heat up. However, they aren’t suitable for wet conditions.

Sintered pads, made with metal components, are durable but make a bit of noise and get hot quickly. They work great in tough conditions and last long.

Rubber-made cartridge and non-cartridge pads have their characteristics and are commonly found on v-brakes.

Depending on your requirements, choose the suited build quality for comfort, easy stopping, or durability.

Balance the Length, Weight, and Thickness Level

Though it’s not a serious issue, it’s still a matter to take into consideration.

The size of brake pads can vary depending on the brand. Some may be larger or longer than others. As a biker, you should know which length and width will be the best fit for your bike. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind the thickness level when making a purchase, as this can also vary among different brands. While not a major issue, it’s still something to consider.

Know the Weather Impact

The weather has a crucial effect on a bike’s brake pads. What is it?

Normal pads are fine to ride on sunny days. However, are they still effective during winter or rainy seasons? No, they are not designed to perform well in those conditions. To ensure performance in wet conditions, manufacturers create special pads that can handle them. These pads also work on normal days.

Therefore, the conditions in which you plan to ride the most can affect your pad selection

Color and Style

Sometimes, the appearance of a pad receives more attention than its quality.

Many cyclists do not want to sacrifice the look of their bike. They desire both style and functionality. Manufacturers recognize this and work on providing desired colors and designs to make pads stylish. Thus, you can ensure that your brake pads are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Go for Easy Attachment

Finally, the benefit you should look for is a simple setup process.

Many brands offer desired attachment criteria for easy maintenance. There has also a facility to set it up with the bike.

So, it will be good if you can ensure an effortless attaching facility.

Tasks to Replace Bike’s Brake Pad

The thing isn’t so hard as you think actually. Why do you always need to run to the expert to do such a tiny job? So, let’s start today to learn it as an adventure.

Alright, the basic steps are mentioned for initial understanding.

Task-1: Collect the essential tools. Like Vernier calipers, screwdrivers, pliers, rubbing alcohol, clean gloves, flashlight, and others.

Task-2: Do the removing task and inspect the specific system. By the way, for rim and disc, you need to apply different strategies in those terms.

Task-3: Now take off the pad retention screw carefully using a screwdriver and pliers.

Task-4: It’s time to remove the old one. Then clean the area and check for any other damages.

Task-5: Attach the new one and install the removed parts like a wheel, and rotors.

Task-6: Run a simple round for the test

Those are all the steps associated with the installation process. To know more elaborately, you can read the article on pad replacing.

Final Thoughts

Though the brake pad is a tiny part, it has a killing need in BMX cycling. That’s why shouldn’t lose points to select the best BMX brake shoes or pad.

The above 5 aren’t going opposite whenever you will choose them for bicycle motocross. If you want to hear about the winner then I will say the name of Kool-Stop 2. It’s amazing in all ways. However, the rest of those are also specially built for BMX. So, pick your favorite buddy and be ready to boom on the track.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best makes of brake pads?

There is no definitive answer to what the best makes of brake pads are, as it depends on the specific needs and preferences of the cyclist. Some popular brands in the market for brake pads include Shimano, SRAM, Kool Stop, SwissStop, and Avid. However, it’s important to consider factors such as the type of bike, the type of riding, the weather conditions, and the desired performance before selecting a brand or model of brake pads. Consulting with a professional or experienced cyclist and reading reviews from other riders can also be helpful in making an informed decision.

What brakes do BMX use?

BMX bikes typically use rim brakes, specifically either caliper or cantilever brakes. Some higher-end BMX bikes may use disc brakes, but this is less common.

How do I make my BMX brakes more responsive?

Here are some ways to make your BMX brakes more responsive:

  1. Adjust the brake cable tension: If your brake cable is too loose, your brakes will feel spongy and unresponsive. Adjust the cable tension so that there is just enough slack to allow the brake pads to clear the rim, but not so much that the lever feels mushy.
  2. Clean your rims and brake pads: Dirt, grease, and grime on your rims and brake pads can reduce their grip and make them less responsive. Clean them with a rag and some rubbing alcohol to improve braking performance.
  3. Use high-quality brake pads: Upgrading to high-quality brake pads can make a big difference in braking performance. Look for pads that are designed for your riding style and the conditions you typically ride in.
  4. Upgrade your brake system: If you’re still not satisfied with your brakes after adjusting the cable tension and upgrading your brake pads, consider upgrading your brake system. You may want to invest in a higher-quality brake lever, caliper, or rotor to improve your stopping power.
  5. Break in your new brake pads: If you’ve just installed new brake pads, they may not be fully broken in yet. Ride your bike around and apply your brakes frequently to wear in the pads and improve their grip.

Do brake pad brands matter?

Yes, brake pad brands do matter. Different brands use different materials and manufacturing processes, which can affect the performance and durability of the brake pads. Some brands are known for producing high-quality, long-lasting brake pads, while others may produce lower-quality pads that wear out more quickly or have less stopping power. It’s important to choose a reputable brand and to consider factors such as the type of riding you’ll be doing and the weather conditions you’ll be riding in when selecting brake pads.

Are all BMX brakes the same?

No, all BMX brakes are not the same. There are different types of BMX brakes, such as U-brakes, V-brakes, and caliper brakes, each with their own design and functionality. Additionally, different BMX bikes may have different brake mounting systems, which can affect which type of brake can be used. So it’s important to choose the right type of brake for your BMX bike and ensure that it’s installed correctly for optimal performance.

How can I increase my braking power?

There are several ways to increase your braking power on a bike:

  1. Upgrade your brake pads: Replacing your current brake pads with high-quality ones can significantly improve your stopping power. Look for pads that are made from materials like ceramic or metallic, as they tend to be more durable and offer better stopping power.
  2. Adjust your brake cables: Over time, brake cables can become stretched and loose, which can reduce the effectiveness of your brakes. Tightening the cables can help improve your braking power.
  3. Upgrade your brake system: Consider upgrading your brake system to one that is more powerful, such as disc brakes. These types of brakes provide more stopping power and are less affected by wet conditions.
  4. Improve your grip: Better grip on your brake levers can help you apply more force to your brakes. You can achieve this by adding grip tape or rubber sleeves to your brake levers.
  5. Maintain your bike: Regular maintenance of your bike, including cleaning and lubricating your brake system, can help keep your brakes functioning at their best. Check your brake pads regularly to make sure they are not worn down, and replace them when necessary.

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