Bunny Hop is a BMX or mountain bike stunt. It’s one of the trending tricks among BMX stunt riders. Riders utilize this technique to leap into the air with their stunt bike and jump over any obstacles on the riding circuit. The higher you can jam, the higher and longer the barrier you’ll be able to overcome. It can be difficult for most ones to execute bunny hop higher as a beginner. But with practice and understanding the theory of the feat, you will rapidly learn how to bunny hop higher and become an expert.

What is Bunny Hop?

You can call it a stunt if you display your riding style or a trick when you employ it on a regular basis to overcome any difficulties. The bunny hop gets its name from the fact that the rider’s feet are clasped together and his knees are bent throughout the execution to jump over an obstacle.

So, what is the bunny hop BMX trick, “Bunny hop or bunnyhop is a cycling skill that allows you to leap over any barriers while riding your bike”

According to Wikipedia bunny hopping may be done in two ways. One is simply known as bunny hop, while the other is known as pro hop. The term simply refers to when riders leave both wheels at the same time from the lamp. Another method is to elevate the front tire first, then the second, to hop over the barrier.

A Guy Applying Bunny Hop

Physics behind Bunny Hop

I’m not very strong in physics, but from what I’ve seen, a decent bunny hop involves a lot of physics terms such as like force, the contact angle with the ground, and the total surface of our body. This BMX trick looks a lot like a high and long jump. We can cover a large distance if we build up enough momentum by jogging before jumping in the long jump. Accordingly, we can fly higher if we have more force on the ground at the moment of the leap-high jump.

We must leap higher and cover greater distances in the bunny hop. We’ve completed both the long and high leaps so far in this feat. If we recall the momentum and force, we can bunny hop more effectively. Another phrase that assists us in flying higher is our body surface. The smaller your body is, the higher you can do it. Riders bend their bodies to perform bunny hops, as seen I think for this reason.

Bunny Hop Learning Steps

To master the bunny hop, you must first master the front pull and then the back hop. The original learning of the BH for me is a mix of these two moves.

Front Pull

For this move, you need to ride your bike at medium speed. To begin this move, first stand on your pedals making your feet parallel to the surface. Now you must use all of your strength to pull your bike handlebar as far as possible. Finally, slowly lower your wheel.

Back Hop

You must also stand on the pedals and shift your weight to the front wheel in order to do this motion. Simultaneously, you should strive to put less forward pressure on the pedals, which will cause the back wheel to rise. Finally, begin the reverse sequence and land softly on the back wheel. 


You’re now ready to begin your bunny hop after mastering those two skills. Make a trial on the ground where you may do, to begin with. As a newbie, my recommendation is to avoid taking any obstacles. 

To make a bunny hop move, you’ll need to follow a few steps. Let’s have a look at those steps:

1. First you need to make momentum which helps you to jump forward.

2. When you’re near the trailhead, rise on your pedals parallel to the ground and pull up as much as you can on your bike handlebar-leaning backward to make it appear like you’re standing on your back wheel.

3. Now, throw your handler forward into the air and extend your arms forward and upwards. Simultaneously jumping up to pull the back wheel with your feet and relying on pedal force. This time, keep your chest tight to your seat and your buttocks close to the back wheel tires like a bunny, which will cause you to bunny up higher.

4. Finally, you must land on both wheels at the same time. 

You must now practice more and more to become a master of this bike trick.

Majors Tips to Do Bunny Hop Higher

You may now consider applying bunny hop on higher after mastering the fundamentals of the skill. To make your b.h higher, you must remember a few major tips.

a) To begin, select a lightweight bike and build your confidence. If you choose a 45-pound bike, you will not be able to jump very high. It’s a crucial phrase in higher bunny hopping. You are unable to pick up your bike due to a lack of strength. As a result, you won’t be able to achieve your desired height.

b) You can do bunny h. depending on how high you pull your bike up. So. It all depends on how strong your arms are. To make your arm stronger, do some shoulder and arm exercises before attempting a higher move.

c) Another term is momentum. It’s linearly related to jumping high. If you wish to do a higher one, you’ll need the same amount of momentum.

d) Practice comes last and is the most essential. Practice makes perfect, and understanding which approach is best for you comes with experience. You can see how much momentum you need to perform higher bunny hop jumps by looking down practice again and again. You can identify the flaws in your trick and improve it.

A Men Doing Higher Bunny Hop

Some Important FAQ

Why Does Bunny Hop BMX?

The bunny hop is one of the most important fundamental moves that every BMX stunt rider should be able to perform. Riders may need to jump over barriers and execute different airborne tactics during stunts; to do this, they must bunny hop. Bikers also regularly employ the outstanding and well-liked bunny hop technique.

Hardtail vs. Full-Suspension, Which Is Good for the Bunny Hop?

As bunny hop is a jump in the airborne tactics, it needs energy before full up the bike from the ground according to Einstein’s 3rd law. Before jumping, energy is given to the ground for gaining momentum for the bunny hop. If you use a full-suspension bike, the energy is absorbed by the suspension and the energy is lost. So, it’s better to use a hardtail bike for the bonny hop.

However, landing on the earth when fully suspended is preferable. The suspension absorbs the energy of the gravitational force, making it simpler to land without damaging the bike or yourself.

In Short My Opinion

It appears challenging, but I believe you can succeed if you are determined. And that’s all our little effort on learning higher bunny hop. Just keep the focus on practice and get confidence in yourself. Not today, but tomorrow you will be the master of this trick.

Question & Answers

How can I improve my BMX bunny hop?

Improving your BMX bunny hop takes time and practice, but there are some tips you can follow to help you improve:

  1. Practice your timing: The timing of your pull-up and pedal press is crucial for getting both wheels off the ground. Try to pull up on the handlebars just before pressing down on the pedals.
  2. Focus on body position: Your body position plays a critical role in how high and far you can hop. Practice keeping your body centered over the bike and keeping your weight balanced between the front and rear wheels.
  3. Use your arms and legs: The bunny hop is a combination of using your arms and legs. Try to use your arms to pull the front wheel up and your legs to push the rear wheel up.
  4. Work on your balance: Being able to balance the bike while both wheels are off the ground is key to improving your bunny hop. Try to keep the bike level and use your body to adjust your balance if necessary.
  5. Incorporate weight shifting: To get maximum height and distance out of your hop, practice shifting your weight forward and backward. This will allow you to control the bike while in the air and land in a more balanced position.
  6. Take a class or lesson: Consider taking a BMX class or lesson with a qualified instructor. A professional can provide you with proper guidance and feedback, and help you to correct any mistakes you might be making.

Remember that practice, patience, and good form are the keys to mastering the bunny hop and other BMX tricks. As with any sport, it will take time, effort and patience to improve, but with each session, you will see progress and progress will come with repetition.

How do you bunny hop high on a bike?

Bunny hopping is a technique that allows you to lift both wheels of a bike off the ground simultaneously, and it’s essential for jumping obstacles and performing other tricks. Here are some steps to help you bunny hop high on a bike:

  1. Start by riding at a moderate speed. You don’t need to be going very fast, but you do need to have some momentum in order to hop higher.
  2. Position your feet in the right spot. Your front foot should be on the pedal in the 3 o’clock position, and your back foot should be on the pedal in the 9 o’clock position.
  3. As you approach the obstacle, pull up on the handlebars with your hands, and at the same time, press down on the pedals with your feet. This will cause the bike to lift off the ground.
  4. Use your legs and core muscles to “scoop” the bike up. As the front wheel comes off the ground, press down on the rear of the pedals with your back foot, and pull up on the handlebars. This will help to lift the rear wheel off the ground.
  5. Once both wheels are off the ground, try to keep the bike level by using your body to balance.
  6. Practice shifting your weight around while in the air, moving it forward and back, to control the height and distance of the hop.
  7. Practice makes perfect, so keep working on the technique, experimenting with your body positioning, timing, and use of the pedals and handlebars.

Remember that when riding a bike, it’s always important to wear proper safety gear such as a helmet and to ride in a controlled environment. Also, it’s important to mention that when attempting to bunny hop high, it’s also important to check your bike’s condition and settings, such as tire pressure, suspension setup and any other component that could affect the jumping performance.

Do you need speed to bunny hop?

You do not need a high speed to bunny hop, but you do need some momentum to lift the wheels off the ground. Speed can help to generate the force needed to lift the bike off the ground and also to go higher and further, but it’s not strictly necessary.

Bunny hopping is a technique that relies on the combination of your body movements, timing, and the use of the handlebars and pedals. It’s more about the rider’s skill, body position and timing than about speed.

When starting to learn how to bunny hop, it’s best to practice at a moderate speed, and as you get comfortable with the motion and the timing you’ll be able to bunny hop at slower and faster speeds. With practice, you’ll be able to lift the wheels off the ground even at low speeds, by using the right body position, timing, and pedal and handlebar movement, while keeping the bike balanced.

It’s important to mention that bunny hopping at high speeds can increase the risk of accidents and injuries, and it’s always best to practice in a controlled and safe environment, without taking unnecessary risks.

How do you do the perfect bunny hop?

Achieving the “perfect” bunny hop takes practice, skill and good form. Here are some steps to help you achieve a smooth and high bunny hop:

  1. Start by riding at a moderate speed. This will allow you to focus on your body position and timing, without the added difficulty of maintaining balance at high speed.
  2. Position your feet on the pedals. Your front foot should be on the pedal in the 3 o’clock position, and your back foot should be on the pedal in the 9 o’clock position. This is a good starting position, but you may find that you prefer a different foot position as you progress.
  3. Pull up on the handlebars: As you approach the obstacle, pull up on the handlebars with your hands. This will help lift the front wheel off the ground.
  4. Push down on the pedals: At the same time you pull up on the handlebars, press down on the pedals with your feet. This will help to lift the rear wheel off the ground.
  5. Use your legs and core muscles to “scoop” the bike up. Practice pushing down on the rear of the pedals with your back foot and pulling up on the handlebars to lift the front wheel, this way you’ll be able to get both wheels off the ground.
  6. Keep your body centered over the bike and use your core muscles to maintain balance. Keep your head and eyes up, looking where you want to go.
  7. Use your legs to control the height and distance of your hop

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