Why do you like BMX biking? Most probably the cool look, thrilling, smart tricks, stunning sports, etc will be in your answer. Being a popular sport, BMX is also spreading with different styles and formats. Among these, BMX brakeless or brakes is one of the most asked forms.

So, what’s the gap between brake and brakeless? Or which one will be choosable for you? Okay, all your ask will be going to end in this article.

BMX Brakeless Vs Brakes: Practical Comparisons

Based on a real-life experiment, a few facts were come out that we observed effectively. And we believe these points have sufficient quality to make a difference between brake and brakeless riding. Then, let’s see what are those.

1. Clean and Cool Looking

If you stand a poll between these two about coolness, then obviously I will give the vote to the brakeless.

And in reality, it is proven that riding without a brake is quite clean and good-looking the brakes. Whenever you will go with no brakes then there will be no disturbance and the presence of wire. It makes your cycling a clean and light experience. As a result, at the time of performing, you and your bike will look so stylish and cool to see.

So, if you are a fan of fashion or trends, then it will be a great way to deal.

Winner: Brakeless

BMX without Brake

2. Stopping Power

BMX isn’t like a long drive, it needs frequent stops. That is one of the reasons to add the brake with the cycles.

With brakes, it can so easier to stop whenever you want. You just press to control your bike. Nothing special or difficult task you needn’t face.

But in terms of no brake, for beginners, it of course seems tough to control the power of stop. A few tricks have to apply in this regard. More practice, skill, and experience are required to do well in that job. 

So, get smooth and easy operating on the stop, with no doubt I will choose the brakes.

Winner: Brake

3. Attention Provider

Attention is a very crucial thing that you need to have during your riding. The alertness of carefulness can offer confidence and safer biking.

Think simply, if you ride a brakeless BMX bike, then what will be on your mind? Surely then you will have a plan on consciously riding. How to deal with stopping, avoiding accidents, control, etc terms will then appear in your head. And that sense makes you alert on your surround as well as provide you so confidence.

But with brakes, the level of consciousness is psychologically lower.

Now, it can be called, being an attentive cyclist that brakeless will help you.

Winner: Brakeless

4. Easier Whips and Barspins

Among the ocean of BMX tricks, whip and bar tricks are two. To apply the styles, those have their ideal setting and skill.

When you are cycling without any brakes, it will seem easy and awesome to do the mentioned tricks. That setting works smartly and effectively. But the braking cycle isn’t much capable in this situation.

Winner: Brakeless

5. Limitation on Place

BMX, itself bears limitations on places, where the no brake one will of course face more restriction.

The sport has specific outdoor and indoor places like Georgia, Ohio BMX, and so on to perform. It needs more space and safety. But in the situation of no brake, it’s common sense that you have to avoid the crowd and safer places. So, anywhere you can’t try it. So, though both have a limitation, the brake won here because of less.

Winner: Brake

6. Safety and Rules

The matter of safety for anything can be gone wrong for any ignorance. After that, you can compare the more and less.

At this point, cycle having a brake will ensure you more security than the others. The accident percentages are also low compared with the opposite.

Moreover, somewhere there are also rules to forbid biking having no brake.

However, doesn’t matter which side you will choose, it is a must to wear safety gear for BMX.

Winner: Brake

7. Experience

Here is the last point and I’m sure you know that on which the experience will go.

Yeah, without brake exploring requires experience and more techniques. The controlling power and speed calculation should require there. Gaining the skill is the time to go with that. If you are a starter then it will be surely a dangerous and bad choice. For beginners, a brake is a perfect combination.

Winner: Brake

A Man Is Riding with Brake

Final Words

Now, doesn’t the confusion go yet? I hope, you have a well understanding of the power to differentiate between brake or brakeless cycling right now. Anyways, I tell a short overview.

As a fresher, if you want safe and easy controlling BMX riding then you can go with the brakes

But being a pro, if your intentions are a cool and stylish, attentive, and easier whips experience then brakes will meet your demands.

In the last, whatever you choose, just keep your confidence and ride safely.

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Robert Nguyen

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