Painting gives a bike a new look, and it’s necessary to protect the bike frame from rusting. No matter what, using it after a while or leaving it without taking care. It lost its color and sometimes rusting damaged the frame of the bike. So, it’s necessary to repaint the bike. When we think about repainting, the first question we get is, “How much does it cost to paint a bike?” It’s not fixed about the cost. But in this blog, I try to give a proper explanation about the cost you may need based on several conditions to paint your bike. Let’s go through this.

Painting Cost

Talking about the costs of painting a bike, it depends on some circumstances. You may paint by yourself or by the service provider. The cost depends on which kind of paint you use, the parts that need to be painted, and the condition of your bike. 

Painted Bike In Front of Wall

1. Oneself (Cost for Ingredients)

If you paint by yourself, it cost less than paint from a bike painting service provider.

Generally, there are four main types of bike frames we see. Those are aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium, and steel frames. Each frame has its quality of paint. So, the cost differs depending on the type of cycle frame.

Painting work costs mostly depended on the ingredients you need to use. There are several materials are needed which are:

  • Sandblasting
  • Primer
  • Sandpaper
  • Painter’s paper, and
  • Paint

For painting the bike frame, first, you need to sand the primer-coated frame. It helps to improve the stickiness of the print to the frame. For that reason, you can conduct “1,000 to 1,500-grit sandpaper“. It can cost you $10-$15.

If you have enough time for painting, you may also use sandblasting before starting painting. It is used to remove paint, rust, and residue on the surface of the frame by oxidation.

You may need to use a self-etching primer before preparing the frame for painting. It’s required for an extra coat and helps to hide joints and unwanted color on the frame. For this, you can use “Frame Builder’s Metal Primer – 400ml” which may cost you $14-$18.

Painter’s paper is another important material for painting the frame. For this, you may use “Scotch Exterior Surface Painter’s Tape”, which may cost you $8-$10.

Now you need to choose high-quality paint. Epoxy paints are the best for the bike frame surface. With one 400ml of paint, you can cover the full coloring framework. For this, you can use “Montana Black 400Ml Code Red”, which may cost you $8-$10.

Another important material is a shield. If you paint your bike at home, you need to protect your floor and furniture from paint. For this, you can use a “Cotton drop cloth”. It’s the perfect shield against paint and reused by washing, just pop it in the washing machine.

Based on your bike condition and the necessary materials, you can complete your bike painting work by $100-$150 by yourself.

2. Through Service Provider

If you don’t want to take any hassles of painting your bike, there have another option for you. You can paint your bike from the bike painting service provider. It always costs more than painting by yourself.

There are several packages they provide for repainting. It may cost you $250-$800 depending on your chosen package. Based on the parts of the bike, you want to repaint, it costs you low or high. 

The service provider gives their packages depending on the design to give. And the cost also depends on the ingredients that need to be used. If your bike condition is good, then it’s costing you less from perching ingredients.

The fewer parts you print, the less money costs you. Full-frame, handlebar, stem, heat tube, crankset, seat tube, fork, etc. painting has its demand. It will cost you more.

Bicycle frame painting by service provider

Author Advice (Reduce Cost)

Repainting is the best way to take care of our bikes. As we are bike riders, we should take care of our loved bikes. Some of us have the ability to buy a new bike rather than repaint the old one. But they are unwilling to lose the old one. Now you are aware of the cost that is required to paint a bike. The best way to minimize repainting costs is to take care of the bike regularly. And use anti-rust primer on your frame to protect rusting of the parts of the material.

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