Camping Tips for Beginners in 2020

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Camping is one kind of recreational activity in where the participants leave their home in order to staying overnight with the nature using tent or temporary shelter. It is one of the most popular outdoor activities among the youth. As a beginner there is playing many question who thinking to make a camping. Actually it’s not such a matter to worry so much. It needs some basic rules and accessories only. Here the camping tips for beginners in 2019 will show you the perfect way to make a joyful camping.

Selecting the Camping Place

First of all you need to fix a place where you want to go for camping. It can be a national or state park, wild animal free forest, campground (commercial) etc.  For selecting the place you should be researched about some factors.

  • Conditions
  • Weather (hot, cold or snow)
  • Water, toilets, campsite or other facilities
  • Safety
  • Few research in internet
  • Not so far from home

So keeping these in mind you should select your first camping area. As a beginner my recommendation is not to go far from your home.

Essential Camping Accessories

Most of the people at their first camping are suffering from a fear what accessories they should keep during the camping. It’s needed some gear to make a successful journey. Here we give a list of essential accessories as camping tips for beginners.

Tent:  Tent camping is very popular. So a perfect tent is required first. For selecting tent a few matter should be concerned. How many people you are going, how is the environment conditions, what is your budget for buying a tent. There are many types of tents are available in market. You can buy it depending on these matters. It will be also better if you borrow a tent from your neighbors that can save some money. It is essential to practice how to setup tent before the journey.



Sleeping Bag: It is necessary to take sleeping bag . Select a suitable bag. Learn how to select sleeping bag.

Sleeping pad or mattress: For your comfort sleeping mattress can be taken. It also can help you in cold conditions. Set is as early as possible.

Cooking Equipment: Cooking equipment mean cooking wares, stove, dinner wares etc that you are needed in purpose of cooking. It depends on what you will cook during camping. So take those as your requirement. As my experience don’t so much plan for cooking. It can be ruined your camping thrill.

Lighting: Lighting is also very essential. Campsites don’t have light, so at the time of dark your light system can be helpful. So take both flashlight and headlight in your bag. This is the matter of your safety.

Emergency: A first aid kit, map of the area, GPS etc are termed as emergency. So take those for using at the time of danger.

Camp Chair: It’s totally up to up. There is no hard word for taking this in your camping.

Others: Toothpaste and brush, sunscreen, soap, insect repellent etc can take as your wish.

So that is the essential camping equipments list. Many people say to buy these accessories as cheap as possible. But I think this is not so wise. You should buy these with the quality that you can afford.

Camping Clothes

It is better to maintain dress-line for camping. It also depends the conditions of weather, the season and some others fact. A simple list is given below for camping tips for beginners:

  • T-shirt
  • Long sleeved shirt
  • Shoes and socks
  • Jacket
  • Pants and shorts
  • Underwear
  • Swimsuits (optional)
  • Rainwear
  • Hat

Also you can select your clothes according to your comfort.

Selection of Campsite and Setting up Your Tent

As early as possible you should reach the place. Then select a perfect campsite area. For selecting campsite you can follow these steps-

  • Ground space ( enough space)
  • Keep away from valleys, canyons
  • Never choose besides the deadly trees
  • Close to water sources
  • Look what are above and around you

Then set up your tent properly. Do note that it is better to set-up your tent before the dark comes.

Meal Planning

Make your first camping enjoyable by adding a list for meal. It also depends on what you guys are decided to take meal in the campsite. Select the items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Without cooking items you should bring foods, snacks etc from home. Remember foods also a part of amazing camping.

Cooking in Camping

Camping Activities

Camping is a way to explore yourself in the beautiful nature with full of funs. As you leave your home to stay with nature so enjoy your whole time with thrilling. Here some camping activities and fun that can make your camping time amazing.


  • Football
  • Kickball
  • Baseball
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Water balloon fight
  • Boating
  • Playing card

Discovering Nature:

  • Bird and Animal watching
  • Collecting flowers, stones, leafs, firewood etc
  • Searching for fruits
  • Moving with firefly
  • Listen to the nature
  • Taking picture
  • Gossip together

Campfire: Campfire is a popular camping activity. It’s adding more amazing flavor to the campsite. So you can do a plan for it.


These activities can’t end. There are so many fun activities. Also you can make the fun time as your personal thinking. So enjoy much as possible you can.

Safety Rules

Though camping is a recreational activity, you should pay attention on your safety. Always keep those in your mind during camping.

  • A proper knowledge about your camping area.
  • Tell someone about your camping.
  • Tent before the night.
  • Pay attention on your emergency backup.
  • Give importance in lighting system.
  • Don’t leave foods around the campsite.
  • Take sufficient water.
  • Prepared for any kind of weather.
  • Aware about the wild animals.

So as a beginner you should maintain those camping tips about safety. We don’t hear any bad news.

Now enjoy yourself without limit. By following these camping tips make your first journey successful. Capture your moment as a memory.

Camping is really an activity that has both physical and mental benefits for human. So to relief from stress and enjoy the nature with fun and thrill.  It also becomes more popular like hiking, fishing, travelling etc. If you thinking about camping these camping tips for beginners will help you so much to make the first camping memorable. So by following camping tips prepared yourself to take your amazing footprint in camping journey.