Sometimes normal sleeping won’t be enough whenever the camper will search for extra warmth. And we all know well that dealing outdoors perfectly we should be perfect at choosing accessories. A fleece sleeping bag liner is such that it can fulfill your need for warmth. 

But in the sea of different types of fleece bags, it becomes so tough to find out the best and most versatile fleece sleeping bag liner.

Keeping those concerns in my mind, I will talk about my all-time favorite and worthy picks that will never take you on the wrong experience in camping or such outdoor activities.

The Best 4 Fleece Sleeping Bag Liners

It’s not possible to test every sleeping bag liner that existed on the market, but fortunately among my testing ones I found some gems. And I can strongly say, this quality picks surely has the ability for making your experience quality way too.

In this topic, I come up with 4 categories of fleece liners that are suitable for different conditions and specific measurements. Well, now let’s see the detailed talk about liners.

Best Pick

1. Coleman Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner

Coleman Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner

Quick View

Made of ‎Flat-knit

‎Rectangular in Shape

33″X75″ in Size

Below 50° F Temp Rating

1.65 lbs in Weight

How Did It Convince me?

High-Quality Material: With the use of polyester and flat-knit fabrics, the manufacturers make this fleece liner excellent in many ways. Like it is so soft and comfortable that obviously boosts your refreshing time of camping or hiking.

Good Warmth Rating: One of my strong reasons to love it is the temp rating and extra warmth. You can easily get around 11-13 degrees F thermal protection on a cold night. Moreover, it is so much expectable to get comfy service in less than 50 degrees F too.

Smart Features: While zipping, there creates a possibility for snagging the fabric. Keeping that in mind the brand provides a Zipplow system that is capable of safe zipping.

Another one is the storage strap which is elastic and which co-operates well.

Perfect Packing and versatile: The size of the liner is pretty okay to pack it well for transporting or storing. Furthermore, you will have given a stuff sack to carry it. 

And the most interesting thing is its versatile character. Yes, you can use it as a four-season liner in different weather conditions.

Where I Found Weakness?

Slightly Inaccurate Color: Though the color isn’t ugly I received a bit different color than I saw on the website. And I also heard that this incident happened to a few too. But overall that’s not a major case.

Not for Extreme Cold: No doubt it provides extra benefit on a cold night but if the matter is extremely below temperature then you have to upgrade for higher insulation.

To Whom It Will Be Worth?

Those average-height people who are looking for insulation support in cold weather with quality and best value fleece sleeping bag liner.

Where to Purchase?

Premium Pick

2. Sea to Summit Insulated Sleeping Bag Liner

Sea to Summit Insulated Sleeping Bag Liner

Quick View

Made of ‎ Polyester

‎Mummy in Shape

72” x 28” in Size

32° F Temp Rating

0.903 lbs in Weight

How Did It Convince me?

Lightweight and Comfortable Design: Unlike another fleece liner this one is not heavy. And Its hold only 410g which allows use even in backpacking too.

On the other hand, the fully polyester fabric adds softness and comfort zone in there.

Sufficient Warmth: You will get such warmth as they promised. The construction is well made favoring the winter night as well as other seasons too. The liner can boost the warmth rating up to 14 degrees Celsius. So in terms of providing excess warmth, it never fed up with you.

Ideal Shape with Drawcord Hood: This one comes with a mummy shape. Also, the size and room are okay for people nearly 6 feet tall. And yeah, there is a toe box in this shape for extra comfort.

Not only that, the addition of a smart drawcord hood here will surely give you the benefit of tightening on the spot.

Washing Facility: It offers no headache when the matter is washed and kept clean. The camper can wash it in the machine. Again, the liner itself does a great job keeping the down bag free from dirt and dust.

Therefore it adds personal hygiene too.

Easy Transporting: As we know earlier that it is light in weight, so there has the option to carry it whether it is backpacking, bike, or car camping. Along with lightness, the size allows the consumer to pack it properly.

And lastly, to make your carrying way easier the company will give you a stuff sack with the product.

Where I Found Weakness?

Costly: I have almost no complaints about its service. But whenever you look into the price, doesn’t it look overpriced? Yeah, it is. The brand could make the price a bit less.

To Whom It Will Be Worth?

The consumers, who are willing to spend a fat price for getting a good and lightweight sleeping bag liner that provides comfort in cold weather with other facilities will be the actual consumer.

Where to Purchase?


3. REDCAMP Outdoor Indoor Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner

REDCAMP Outdoor Indoor Sleeping Bag Liner

Quick View

Made of ‎ Polar Fleece

‎ Rectangular in Shape

75″ x 30″ in Size

Comforter Temp Rating

1.75 lbs in Weight

How Did It Convince me?

Thicker and Breathable: The liner is made of polar fleece having a lot of quality. First of all the material is too thick to beat the cold easily. It will keep you warm at around 15-18 degrees Celsius temperature.

Again, good breathing capacity keeps your body comfortable.

Soft and Washable: One of the most desirable facts that we expect on a winter night is softness is available here. And it will allow you to wash without doing any harm in the soft corner.

User-Friendly Operating: The model has so easier maintenance system. With the use of elastic bands, anyone can quickly tie. Smartly, there has a two-way zipper that’s a great addition to be user-friendly. And as usual, this one also provides a stuff sack for carrying whether you want.

Multinational Character: Not happy with using a sleeping bag with a liner? No worries, the liner has the option to remove completely and make as a blanket. The most advanced feature is the zipper attachment, yes you can attach two liners and make it double using for a couple or more.

And obviously, it behaves pretty well on different occasions like hiking, camping, parking, or else.

Where I Found Weakness?

Medium Stitching: The material is thick but it is made with single stitching. And It’s not such Strong as everyone desires. So, the manufacturer should improve here.

A Little Bit Heavy: Unlike the previous this one is heavy. It has around 1.75 pounds. Although it feels a little bit heavy, that’s can go against outdoor trips.

To Whom It Will Be Worth?

It will be worth it to those who will love to get a soft, comfy, and multi-purpose liner to use as a couple or 2 persons. And of course, the price will be in a decent range.

Where to Purchase?

Bigger Length

4. FE Active Sleeping Bag Fleece Liner

FE Active Sleeping Bag Fleece Liner

Quick View

Made of ‎ Fleece

‎ Rectangular in Shape

86.6″ x 30.5″ in Size

‎Comfort Temp Rating

1.98 lbs in Weight

How Did It Convince me?

Durable and Soft design: The pure fleece material makes the liner not only strong but also soft. It will never show limitation on warm providing. The fabric is screen-friendly and insulated. You will support nearly 10 degrees Celsius. So, all I tell, is it can be a good deal for cold night camping.

Great Dimension: The size of this liner is 86.6 inches in length and 30.5 in width. And there has enough room as the camper need. So, you are tall, short, or children whatever will welcome you cordially. 

Excellent Hood and Zipper system: As you need, it provides a drawstring hood. As such you can keep your pillow in place as well as can get comfort and protection.

The manufacturer adds a quality dual slider zipper in there. More likely, you can open it both outside and inside way.

Attractive Price: As you can see from the above discussion how quality and features it has. But it will surprise you in price range too. Yes, It’s not costly as others.

Where I Found Weakness?

Not lightweight: According to the size, the weight doesn’t seem heavy. But it has 1.98 pounds which sounds more than many ones. So, It totally depends on the camper’s preference.

Medium Fleece Fabric: First of all, I found any error there. But if we consider the others then a few have complained about the thin fabric. But they haven’t any problem with the service they got.

To Whom It Will Be Worth?

For the camper who is taller and, looking for a big length and decent liner at a budget price for them this option will be the perfect pick.

Where to Purchase?

5 Filters that I Use to Find Out the Desire Fleece Sleeping Bag

Before picking up any product, very first I think about the purpose of use and the components that must have. After that, using such factors as the filter I go ahead with the next step. Anyways, now the point is, in the mentioned condition which factors do I take into my consideration? Well, the answer is below.

1. Made of Fleece

Obviously fleece material is the first condition that should apply to this term. 

Basically, the material is fleece for warmth. It adds extra warmth and comfort. Don’t worry, this fabric acts well while talking about breathing. Further, these are soft, quick moisture-wicking, and skin-friendly. However, without having a moist-wicking capability it will be tough to keep any gear dry.

So, confirming the fleece you should proceed next.

2. Less Bulkier

As fleece liners are a bit heavier than others, you have to accept the challenge to deal with a bulky sleeping bag at the first stage.

But that doesn’t indicate you have to go with any unreasonable weight. There are more that come with extra unnecessary weight whether some are at the standard level having more facilities for insulation.

So, on that point, first I will look for the less bulky one with the necessary advantages. If I don’t find any then I will search for those which have more facilities on the situation, and here I don’t have any complaints about the weight.

3. Favorable Sizes and Shape

Varieties are found in terms of the sizing of sleeping bag liners. The best one will be in such a shape that perfectly fits with the sleeping bag. However, there have several sizes and shapes for different purposes.

Looking at the shape, you will find mummy, rectangular, standard, and more. And in the opposite, the mummy is narrow in feet but more in shoulder room. And in rectangular the image is the opposite.

Again, the sizes there have long, short, and like that which one needs to select according to height and body measurements. If you are quite tall then search for a taller sleeping bag, if not then pick based on your appearance.

4. Actual Warmth/Temperature Rating 

The higher the R-value the higher will the warmth level. That creates the difference between insulated and non-insulated bags. But the question is how much warmth rating you should need on your fleece sleeping bag?

That should be determined based on the region and time of the month of the place you decide to explore. Basically, fleece bag liners are ideal in the range of 15-20 degrees F.

So, finding a proper temperature rating will be pushed you ahead in exploring outdoor resting comparables.

5. Special Features

It will be so beneficial and smart move if you can ensure some extra features on your liner.

Removal: The removal option is needier on these terms. You can use it as a versatile. If it is too bulky or warm you can remove it and adjust the comfort level in your way.

Drawcord: Having the drawcord or neck liner you can restrict the warmth going out. And in this way, you can trap it and make yourself warm. But there have few cautions while you will operate such. 

Hooded: Without keeping your head in a cooling position, you can’t make the body fully insulated. That’s why a hooded in the head position is much required to be a perfect liner providing warmth. By the way, if you will make your tent insulation then this hood option isn’t much required.

Common Questions That I Faced While Dealing with Sleeping Bag Liner

Ask 1: Sleeping Bag Liner VS Sleeping Bag: Where’s the Gap?

A sleeping bag liner is nothing but just a part of a special type of sleeping bag. Normal S bag can be used in different circumstances in various conditions, where the liner is used for specific purposes.

The main difference is the liner inside the bag can able to provide some extra warmth in cold weather. In a word, it can trap heat. Furthermore, you can use the liner separately without the sleeping bag in the summer.

Ask 2: What are the Advantages of Having a Sleeping Bag Liner?

As you know the importance of sleeping bags for camping, like that liner also has a few contributions to providing advantages for outdoor sleep.

So, the following are the terms why liner is worth using.

  • For adding extra warmth on a cold night by trapping the heat in the bag
  • Help to keep the bag clean
  • Allow washing
  • Quick drying and comfortable
  • Using a three-season bag

Ask 3: How Easy It Is to Attach the Liner with Bag?

The attachment is nothing just doing a few easy steps. It is absolutely not required to be an expert or have extra knowledge to do such an easy task as attaching the sleeping bag to a backpack.

These short steps are involved in this case.

– Unzipping the sleeping bag totally

– Putting the liner inside the main bag

– Adjusting the tabs, foot-box, hood, and others if have

– Crawling and zipping up the liner

– Now it’s ready to serve

Ask 4: Can I Wash the Fleece Liner?

Yeah, you can wash those fleece liners in normal ways. Let me tell you which washing procure I follow on this matter. Normally home washing machine is okay to treat the liner. And also detergents are normal as we use them in daily life. With the combination of these one can easily make the liner clean. But there are two cautions, i) Dry the fleece liner properly and ii) It’s wise not to use fabric softener.

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