Hiking sandal is a good replacer for hiking boots or shoes in many aspects, especially for summer. But improper uses of those sandals bring trouble instead of benefits. Suitable fitting is the first condition to check on. So, how should hiking sandals fit? Are there any tricks to follow?

Before and after buying, in both terms, few tips you should maintain to fit your sandals. The sizes, length, and open space are the core factor to keep the wear fit. So, keep reading to know the all facts behind it.

Things that Indicate Sandals too Big or Small

Before going to fit your sandals, you should have a clear idea of how to tell whether the wear is too small or too big. Alright, let’s move on it.

Signs to Tell If It is Too Big:

  • The sandal looks too loose while wearing.
  • With the big one, the feet get more space to move inside and can’t stay in place while walking.
  • By checking the finger on your heel side you can determine it. If it takes more than one finger then it takes as large.
  • The slip-out walking also indicates it’s oversize.
  • And simply, the overall size is much wider compared to your feet.

Signs to Tell If It is Too Small:

  • In the front, your leg fingers cross the sandal’s size or soles.
  • It will seem to you that the heel on the back getting out of wear.
  • The straps will hug your feet so tightly and you will have only the option to set the straps at large.
  • If feels hurt instead of getting comfort.
  • Because of a too-small one, the heel spurs, blister, etc may have to face.

How Should Hiking Sandals Fit?

The hiking sandals fitting process isn’t like a single thing, there mix some steps that one should notice. Okay, then without any other talks, those are mentioned below.

Ensure Proper Soles Size and Thickness

I start with the soles. So, what facts are hidden in it?

Soles size plays a crucial part there. If it is in the wrong zone then your wearing experience is also in danger. Mainly, you have to choose the sole size base on the width of your feet. If you want to know more specifically then pick the sole that crosses a little bit more than your feet. Large or small this size will be brought uncomfortable and cramped feelings.

After that, the level of thickness also matters there. The thick sole does not only provide comfortable wear but also works as a good protector from any collusion.

Suitable Length and Fitness of Straps

Almost all hiking sandals come with straps and it is necessary too. And there present different types of straps like the ankle, forefoot, and so on. In there, all of those have their purpose.

However, the length of the strap is variable with their types. But, to stay in the fit zone, measures the size depending on your feet, and keep notice that it covers the feet properly.

The fitting of the strap is one of the essential things. Make sure that those haven’t stayed so tightly with your leg. And also remember, there have adjustable options to make it tight or loose. Keep in mind, the straps help to be fitted as well as provide good stability.

Keep a Little space for Toes and Heel

Another tricky tip is to keep a half-size space for ideal fitting purposes. During choosing, it is an obvious thing to check as if there were a space for your toes in the front. It will safe from extreme tight free and will keep your walking comfortable.  However, in terms of large feet, you have to look for wide feet hiking sandals.

The same rule will be applicable to the heels. As I previously told you, to check the fitness level, do the finger test. If it shows half or one size then it is okay. In short, pay attention to over or small sizes, just take a bit of space for the heel in the back.

Try on Afternoon

There is a matter of swelling in the human body. What’s that? It’s the reason that our foot goes in a little bit enhanced version than the normal in the afternoon. For that, during this time your suitable footwear can be unfit because of slight enlargement. 

To avoid this type of incident, you can try your sandal at end of the day. That helps you to get and understand the perfect size. So, it’s one of the workable tricks to try for fit.

Trial With and Without Socks

When you are in the shop, the best and the best idea is to trail it for a while. Just wear it and have a walk. It will tell what the comfort and fitting lever is.

And yeah, in terms of using socks with sandals, it must be for you to try the wear with socks. The adjustment can be calculated with that. So, if possible, keep your favorite sock while purchasing.

Take a Deep Research

And finally, researching also helps you in this regard whether it is offline or online.

Ask your nearby people who had an experience with it. However, in online buying, it’s a must task to research from all angles as much as possible.

You can read the reviews and questions on an e-commerce site, and on a blog and even you can ask for help on an online hiking community. All of those may bring you to the right decision.

So, those are the things which you may apply. For me, Chacos sandals are preferable when talking about hiking.

How to Try On Sandals

Applying the above task, now it’s time to try whether it is fit or not. For trying a sandal, the tricks are listed in this section.

  • Barefoot is needed in this testing. So, any fillings, socks, or else you should remove first.
  • Now, put it on and go for material flexibility testing. Slowly try to flex it, because it will let you know its durability, breaking, and quality too.
  • Then untieing the straps to ensure the suitable adjustment.
  • Do two times in and out of the sandal to know the relation of your foot shape and sandals. Make confirm that your heel and toe both are in right place without crossing the last line.
  • Finally, it’s my turn to go for a walk. The walking will confirm the comfort, stability, tightness, foot hurting, support, and so on. So, in this last part, you have to confirm that all those things are working perfectly.


It’s the nature of the earth, to get something better, you have to give some effort. Like, hiking with sandals, you will find out the fitted ones.

How you should hiking sandals fits aren’t unknown to you now. Properly utilize the above tricks undoubtedly you will meet with the desired and fit one. Then, what’s late? So, have one and explore the real test on the trail.

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