On the eve of comfortable sleep outdoors, a hammock is one of the quality sorts for running ages. But is it really pleasant for everyone? You may have thought “I hardly found any other sleeping positions except the back position on a camping hammock. Will it be okay if I’m a side sleeper?” Well, your thinking is valid and the answer can be both. But the desired result will fall into the trap only when you will deal with the best camping hammock for side sleepers.

Now, things like how to differentiate between wanted and normal ones, what are the identified characters, what should I look for, etc will stand as the wall in your way. That’s why we are and not only with reviews of top ones but also will explain the facts that you should know as a side sleeper.

What to Notice While Purchasing Side Sleeper’s Hammock?

Millions of you have the question “is a hammock good for a side sleeper?” The term largely depends on the way you pick the hammock. Generally, it requires an emphasis on buying factors, if it’s not done correctly then you can’t expect the desired moment there. So, scroll down and look at what requirements your hammock needs to have.

1. Go for Bigger Dimensions

For side sleeping, the fact that should come first is a spacious hammock. That means a big or larger size in both length and width.

To sleep on the side, you require extra space that allows comfortable and free movement. The larger hammock will bring benefits in this case. However, generally, we suggest the 2 or 3 feet longer size than your height. But this time the theory is different. You need to deal with the hammock which is more than 9 feet in length and 5.5+ in width. 

As side sleeping looks like a C shape, it asks for extra space that a small or single one won’t afford. So, single or double doesn’t matter, the fact is you have to confirm bigger dimensions for length and width.

2. Ensure Durability and Sufficient Weight Limit

You may be noticed that in back sleeping the body weight distribute almost equally. But for the side, the weight exerts extra pressure on the sleeping side than the other. And that indicates the demand for enough weight-holding capacity.

In a normal eye, weight limiting and durability are relatable to one other. One’s presence confirms the other. 

Quality material can ensure a durable nature. You need to observe some points to check the sturdiness such as the thickness, stitching, fabric quality, ripstop, and else. Nylon is known as one of the sturdy components that can contribute the most in terms of strength and long-running.

And the hammock is durable means it has sufficient fitness to bear your weight. The usual camping hammock comes with 300 pounds limit. To confirm a safe zone you can look for 400 pounds estimate. And if you are tall or heavy enough then it won’t wait to tell you how advantageous it will be.

So, make sure this point is otherwise no other features can stop to fall you from there.

3. Look for Flat-Lay

A flat-lay hammock is such a flat one that allows the user to stay flat and also in their desired shape. Yeah, flat-ray does a beneficial job while you will sleeping on the side.

Undoubtedly it offers enhancing ergonomics compare to the general. And of course, this design allows one to easier control their side-sleeping position more. Furthermore, stability and support can get from there.

So my word is, it will be better if you pick a hammock of flat-ray. And if not still it will be okay.

4. Check for Built-in Ridgeline

The purpose of a ridgeline is to share the tension with the fabric as well as ensure the safety of hanging.

Separate and build-in both types of ridgeline are found. But who doesn’t want a by-default one instead of a purchase? So, if your hammock has such, it will be brightened in many aspects.

First of all, ridgelines allow for reliable hang. Again, it helps to find the ideal area between the sleeping positions and hanging. As a result, one will experience an accurate and comfortable hang each time there.

That’s why I will suggest looking for it as it has a ridgeline or not.

5. Confirm Comfy Materials and Strong Suspension

And those last facts have similarities with the normal ones. The most wanted comfort and perfect setup, both are so crucial and can determine how good your hammock journey will be going.

The comfort zone depends on several factors like the soft materials, fabric quality, well breathing, included spreader bar (mainly for home use), and more. So, those need to have on your selected item.

Another one is suspension where strength is required. That means the ropes, straps, carabiners, etc should be the ideal size and quality. Also, the rain fly and mosquito net should be perfect in size and construction. Otherwise, the wrong one can bring tarp flapping or insect disturbance.

And those are the possible important that one requires to maintain while buying.

Best Camping Hammocks for Side Sleepers Reviews

NameL x W (inch) Weight Capacity  
1. Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock90 x 42275 lbs
2. Lay-Flat Halfmoon Hammock with Ridgeline132 x 58400 lbs
3. Tentsile UNA Tree Hammock Tent114 x 62.4265 lbs
4. Sunyear Single & Double Camping Hammock118 x 78600 lbs
5. Hanmack Portable Camping Hammock118 x 78 500 lbs
6. FIRINER Parachute Camping Hammock114 x 55440 lbs
7. KAMMOK Multiple Purpose Hammock120 x 66.97500 lbs
8. QTMD Flat Sleep Hammock Tent82.7 x 27.6265 lbs

Let’s find out the filtered ones that are capable to brighten your sleeping quality camping. So let’s be introduced each briefly one by one.

1. Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

Best Pick
Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock for Side Sleepers

Key Points

Color Type: F. Green

Components: Nylon

Measurements: 90” (L) x 42” (W) x 42” (H)

W. Capacity: 275 lbs

Product Weight: 4.25 lbs

Features and Output

Lawson Blue Ridge comes with a unique and quality appearance of the hammock which deals pretty well with the side sleepers. Also, you can get a tent feeling into this hammock.

The manufacturer makes it as flat and that is most desired when you want to sleep on the side. Having that you can get rid of from banana or cocoon effect that happens on normal hammocks. Moreover, the spreader bar system here acts as an excellent suspension and determines the ideal position. For having that one con point, it becomes a little heavy (4.25 lbs) compared to the other.

Anyways, like the construction, it is also best on materials. Polyester and nylon both show their capacity to make things more sturdy and comfortable. It also proves its strength in another way by creating a 275-pound weight-bearing capacity. So, in the design output, the hammock serves great durability as well as allows a nice way to relax.

The dimensions in this case I think okay for single. There has enough room as you required. But in terms of fatty or tall guys, you should look for the camping hammock for large guys. However, it available one is F green color which has no reason to unlike. As there has an S bar so it can be said that the setup process will be going to simple.

Now, it’s time to talk about some impressive and needy features. The item has a built-in rainfly and bug net. So, the fear of rain and disturbing insects can easily eliminate. Furthermore, it will keep safe one from getting hassle setting up the rain fly.

As one requires, there have two tiny storage pockets for keeping mobiles, chargers, earphones, or like this. Not only such you will also discover that they give 2 ceiling O-rings for setting up light or else. 

And, as it offers such smart facilities, the price will be high naturally. But don’t much about the price, the versatile nature of the product will allow the user to utilize it in different conditions like kayaking, hiking, and more. Also, including a stuff sack will make your way easier in terms of transport and storage.


  • Flat and sturdy construction
  • Comfortable and long-lasting nylon fabric
  • Great suspension and weight-bearing power
  • Attached are bug net and rain-fly
  • Provides ceiling O-rings and pockets
  • Good in versatility


  • Not so lightweight
  • The price is a bit high

2. Lay-Flat Halfmoon Hammock with Ridgeline

Extra Larger
Lay-Flat Halfmoon Hammock with Ridgeline

Key Points

Color Type: Black Gray

Components: Nylon 

Measurements: 132” (L) x 58” (W)

W. Capacity: 400 lbs

Product Weight: 1.44 lbs

Features and Output

Another true representation of a lay-flat side sleeping hammock is introduced in the market by Ridge Outdoor Gear

The flat design allows the camper to lie comfortably. And not only for the side, but it is also ideal for almost all kinds of positions. Unlike the others, the construction material here is quite premium. Instead of 200T nylon, Dynalon is used and serves excellent in terms of comfort, softness, and durability.

Moreover, it won’t disappoint in the matter of larger size. The measurement in both long and wide is bigger, there has enough room to relax. Despite having a giant body, surprisingly this one is ultralight and compact. However, it comes with fewer options for the color

For a fast and easier setup, I miss this hammock more. It doesn’t take much time or hard effort to install. Expectingly there have included ridgeline which contributes more to the suspension and safe sleeping. Furthermore, there have given tree straps and carabiners in the package. And this strong suspension system agrees to hold around 400 lbs. Uniquely, the manufacturer adds here the Underquilt attachment facility, which I think is a smart move as well as useful for many ones.

By the way, the company doesn’t provide any mosquito nets or rain flies. So, you can consider it as a drawback.

Overall the price isn’t at such a level to call non-affordable


  • Lay-flat and comfy construction 
  • Comes in a spacious size
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Have Underquilt hooks and ridgeline
  • Lightweight and so portable


  • No items for rain or bug protection 
  • Comes in one color only

3. Tentsile UNA Tree Hammock Tent

Premium Pick
Tentsile UNA Hammock Tent for Side Sleeper

Key Points

Color Type: F. Green

Components: Nylon and Polyester

Measurements: 114” (L) x 62.4” (W)

W. Capacity: 265 lbs

Product Weight: 7.65 lbs

Features and Output

To look for a hammock that is ideal for side sleepers and different experiences, Tentsile UNA is the perfect name for that.

Actually, this is a tent design of a hammock. As you can see the item is different and pretty cute to look at. Along with that, the making components are also desired. The combination of 20D nylon-polyester makes it a suitable example of quality. I will also praise its double-floor construction.

Because having such, a sturdy and durable experience one can get. Moreover, the fabric quality is soft and well made enough to enjoy its comfortable way. And the most wanted thing, the flat design permits the side positional guy to sleep peacefully.

Unlike the normal hammock, this tree tent builds with more room. To sleep in any position it will be well-fitted. Additionally, there are given mesh pockets on both sides to keep necessary tiny things. But the weight hits as a con point. Cause it is heavy comparatively and known unfit for ultralight backpacking. Expect that you can take in other purposes like hiking, bike-packing, or any outdoor activities.

However, you don’t require to buy other needy items like rainfly and bug protection. There have included insects net and waterproofing rain fly. The good thing is the creator keeps an option to remove the rainfly if you want. And the overall setup process I think isn’t hard. Also, you love it most whenever it allows easy get in and out.

Don’t worry about the security. The strong aluminum poles won’t show weakness to confirm the secure hanging. Approximately, it holds around 400 pounds. So, it’s time to guess the price. Yeah, the scale is quite heavy in this term.


  • Nylon polyester makes strong construction
  • Flat design offers sleeping in a comfortable way
  • Provides enough space and side pockets
  • Comes with rain protection and a bug net
  • Simple to in or out
  • Strong enough to one’s Weight


  • The weight isn’t light
  • Cost is high

4. Sunyear Single & Double Camping Hammock

Sunyear Double Camping Hammock

Key Points

Color Type: A. Green

Components: Nylon

Measurements: 118” (L) x 78” (W) x 39” (H)

W. Capacity: 600 lbs

Product Weight: 2.78 lbs

Features and Output

To be said, Sunyear is an all-rounder one containing several features that looks like any camper.

The premium output you will find on the construction is because of its nylon-made 210T material. Not only on durability but also it is pretty comfortable having a soft fabric. Almost all things that have to gift you a sound sleep. Though some complaint about the poor stitching, it won’t interfere with the sleeper. 

Leave it, now let’s talk about one of the pleasing things. Its lightest design won’t fail to impress you. The weight I only 2.78 pounds and don’t wait to tell you how portable it will be. This a great example of light backpacking full of adventure. Don’t feel confused looking at its lightweight body, the item can bear until it exceeds 600 pounds. 

The size is perfect at a different angle for a side sleeper or others. The reason is, that 118 and 78 inches in length and width are well-fitted in this situation. Providing benefits for side position, it also permits the user to sleep in possible all positions they want. This is possible by having plenty of space on both sides.

The company says this double hammock is okay for two persons. I think it will be true when both of them are back sleepers. For the side guy, I will suggest a single.

Now set up and protecting angles, this hammock serves one of the best services. Along with easier installation instructions, it provides all the items you require for a sturdy and perfect setup. Two straps, two carabiners, and two net ropes are included in the package. The net quality is pretty high and denser than others.

Also, there have been some smart updates on the attachment on net and rainfly, and on hardware for making things simple. So, we can say that this model will save one’s time and budget as well.

And in the end, I will say the price section isn’t hurt you at all. Moreover, the manufacturer keeps functionality on the color to choose as your favorite. But you don’t find versatility in pocket options like the previous.


  • Premium quality having 200T nylon material
  • Bigger measurements and space on both sides
  • The lightweight design brings super portability
  • Around 600 pounds weight capacity
  • Provides essentials items for easy installation and protection
  • Comes at a decent price


  • Medium in stitching
  • Poor on pockets

5. Hanmack Portable Camping Hammock

Great Value
Hanmack Portable Camping Hammock

Key Points

Color Type: Red Gray

Components: Nylon 

Measurements: 118” (L) x 78” (W) x 40” (H)

W. Capacity: 500 lbs

Product Weight: 1.9 lbs

Features and Output

In the case of both lightweight backpackers and sleeping on the side, no other options are as appropriate as Hanmack.

Very large but also lightweight- the manufacturer does this thing possible. So, that‘s a piece of very amazing news if you are a fan of backpacking. I’m sure you thought about the ability in the support section. Surprisingly, it has a great support capacity which is up to 500 pounds. And why it can’t be as the product is made with 210T nylon materials? 

Also, the company claims that the item is well resisting in terms of tearing, fraying, or even dirty resisting. Having such hard features doesn’t compromise feeling soft. On the size, it is super big on both sides. Laying in a large room in different sleeping positions or using it as a two-person hammock whatever you want can do there.

So, getting it one can confirm an ultra-durability and comfy sleeping bed. By the way, if you look only for a double camping hammock, then Eno Double Deluxe or DoubleNest can be a good choice.

Back to Hanmack, Its installation is so simple that even the first-time camper won’t face trouble setting it up and can complete it in a few minutes. And the package will be included quality tree straps and a steel carabiner. But it will be fed up with us having no bug net or rain protector. 

But there is also great news that surely pleased us and which is its multi-functionality. Not only in different conditions but also you can use it for different products like a mat, wind tents, shelters, and else. The drying and cleaning process are also so fast and easy respectively.

There have almost 8 colors which are a pretty good thing in term of choosing as own. And impressively, it offers one of the best prices that you can hardly think of.


  • Super light in weight
  • Comes in bigger sizes and spacious
  • Fray and tear-resisting construction
  • Support up to 500 pounds
  • Installation is so effortless
  • Can be utilized for several purposes
  • The price is so low


  • No net or rain-fly is included
  • Not flat design

6. FIRINER Parachute Camping Hammock

Good Combo
FIRINER Parachute Camping Hammock

Key Points

Color Type: A. Green

Components: Nylon 

Measurements: 114” (L) x 55” (W)

W. Capacity: 440 lbs

Product Weight: 1.40 lbs

Features and Output

FIRINER is another comfy option in which you can relay to sleep via side.

Let’s first move on toward its design and construction. The design looks cute as well as the build quality. Here you will experience the thicker fabric made with taffeta nylon. And this component plays well protesting against tear, fading, and proves itself as a long-running partner. Moreover, the material is well protectable from harmful rays and breathing properly. So, expecting a peaceful sleep there isn’t such a matter.

The dimensions are not so big but are average to stay comfortable for one side sleeper. As much space you require will get on this size of hammock. And like as one wants, the product is super light and is only 1.4 pounds. But in weight capacity, the weight isn’t low where it is around 440 pounds. I’m sure you aren’t beyond this limit and there is no error to worry about.

It provides so easier technique to set up the hammock. And almost all necessary gear like straps, carabiners, ropes, etc are given on the package to complete the suspension effortlessly and get strong output. The thick net and tarp are both you will find as included items. The net has the quality and can be kept open/attach according to one’s preference.

But there is a problem with rainfly which is a bit short in size according to some users. To be sure about that you can check the right tarp sizing for camping. Also, some say the rain-fly isn’t well on water-resisting.

However, this one is so compact and there has a stuff sack to put the whole hammock. Again, the pockets can be used to store the little things. In color, it comes with 3 smart options which I think won’t fail to impress buyers. Lastly, this portable hammock offers a decent cost.


  • Thicker and wear-resisting construction
  • Provides comfy and enough space
  • Can hold around 440 lbs
  • Provides lots of things for easy install
  • Has a bug net and rain-fly
  • Light and so many portable


  • Rain-fly isn’t well at waterproofing

7. KAMMOK Multiple Purpose Hammock

KAMMOK Multiple Purpose Hammock

Key Points

Color Type: Aloe Green

Components: Nylon 

Measurements: 120” (L) x 66.97” (W) x 0.39” (H)

W. Capacity: 500 lbs

Product Weight: 1.14 lbs

Features and Output

This time we are talking about one of the lightest and most spacious camping hammock brands called Kammok.

The component is as usual nylon but the type is 40d Diamond Ripstop. Having that there will be no shortage of sturdy. The fabric provides waterproofing benefits along with softness and well air flowing.

The brand tells that it can be put up to 5000 lbs of force. And for the person’s weight, it has 500 lbs great capacity. So, where it can be said that whatever the weather or pressure extort is, the item will surely permit you to sleep comfortably and safely.

Also, the width and length are enough big that hardly disliked yourself. For frequent movement or side positioning, the hammock provides sufficient space and strength. And the weight of this has disproportional with the size which is a good thing for backpacking. And of course, it offers variety to choose your favorite color.

The setup process and suspension both are strong and easier. But the problem is, you won’t be provided with the straps. So you require to buy those separately along with the other protection items (rain, bug, or else) too. As there have absent several things, naturally it can be guessed that the price will be user-friendly. Also, another satisfying fact is, that the company gives a lifetime guarantee with quick responsive customer service.


  • Build with sturdy 40d diamond nylon
  • Water-protecting and air-flowing fabric
  • Very lightweight but roomy
  • 500 lbs weight supporting capacity
  • Comes as budget-friendly


  • No straps are included
  • No rain or mosquito protective things

8. QTMD Flat Sleep Hammock Tent

Unique Design
QTMD Flat Sleep Hammock for Camping

Key Points

Color Type: Green

Components: Nylon 

Measurements: 82.7” (L) x 27.6” (W)

W. Capacity: 265 lbs

Product Weight: N/A

Features and Output

Now, I will represent the new arrival and unique type of tent hammock that works well for the side-rester.

First of all, it arrives with only green color but it looks pretty. As the main component, the manufacturer likes to use nylon. It provides a breathable and soft feeling experience. And most likely there you will discover the flat design which is mainly known as great to sleep in various positions, especially for the side guy.

The width and length are okay in measurement. But if you love to sleep in a larger space or your body is big enough then the dimension might be unfit for you. And that affects the weight capacity too. It supports only 265 pounds which is much low compared to the other brands.

As you can see there have pockets for mini storage. Also, the sack is available to keep the hammock on it. However, the brand provides kits like straps, rings, or more for establishing excellent suspension. Though there is mentioned that it comes with both rain protection and a net, I can’t confirm that.

And this different type of hammock you can get on average price range.


  • Unmatchable and flat design hammock
  • Comfy and long-lasting output
  • Great looking color
  • Has pockets for storing and transporting
  • Comes with various suspension kits


  • Not bigger in sizes
  • Medium in weight supportive

Facts to Know about Sleep on Hammock as A Side-Sleeper

Basically, here I will point out some tips that can be helpful when you will think about side sleep outdoors on the hammock.

  • For better position and stability you can use an Underquilt than the sleeping pad
  • A pillow on the neck or knee works great to keep you in an ideal position
  • Keep your body free from twisting to neutralize the spine
  • Take a pre-step from the over swinging

Traditional Vs Bridge Hammock: Which Is Good for Side-Sleeping?

Generally, both hammocks are similar in most cases except for some gaps. Both hammocks have pros and cons too. And these gaps make the difference between the side and normal sleepers.

Both of two are durable, comfortable, easy to install, flexible, and provide enough weight support.

On a traditional hammock, there notices a sag on the middle point while hanging. But if you look at the bridge then it will show a spreader bar whose job is to keep the fabric sag-free and flat. And this service is so much more appropriate for a side sleeper to stay comfortable and easy.

Additionally, the bridge has a curve design on one side slightly which brings great support for the knees. By the way, the spreader bar here is made with metal or wood which makes it a bit heavier than the other. 

So, those are the facts between them. And my conclusion is, that both of these are good hammocks but when you search for specified then of course bridge hammock is better for side-sleepers.

Frequently asked questions

Can you sleep on your side in a hammock?

Yes, you can sleep on your side in a hammock. However, not all hammocks are designed to be comfortable for side sleeping, as the curved shape of a traditional hammock can put pressure on your back or hips and make it difficult to maintain a comfortable sleeping position.

To make a hammock more comfortable for side sleeping, you may want to consider a camping hammock that is designed specifically for this purpose. These hammocks often feature a flatter and wider design that allows you to sleep on your side or back without feeling cramped or uncomfortable.

In addition, using a hammock underquilt or sleeping pad can help provide added insulation and support, making it more comfortable to sleep in a hammock on chilly nights.

It’s also important to choose a hammock that is made from a soft, breathable material that will not rub or irritate your skin, and to make sure that the hammock is securely suspended to prevent you from tipping over or rolling out.

How do side sleepers sleep in a hammock?

Is it healthy to sleep in a hammock overnight?

Sleeping in a hammock overnight can be healthy in certain circumstances. Hammocks are known to provide several health benefits, including:

  1. Improved Sleep Quality: Sleeping in a hammock can improve the quality of your sleep by providing gentle rocking motion, which can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
  2. Reduced Stress: Sleeping in a hammock can reduce stress levels by providing a calming, soothing environment that can help you relax and unwind.
  3. Alleviation of Back Pain: Hammocks are known to provide a natural, spinal alignment that can help alleviate back pain and discomfort.

However, it’s important to note that the health benefits of sleeping in a hammock will depend on several factors, including the type of hammock you choose, the way it is suspended, and the materials it is made from.

For example, hammocks that are too tight or not properly suspended can put strain on your spine, neck, and back, which can lead to discomfort and pain. Additionally, hammocks made from rough or itchy materials can cause skin irritation, especially if you sleep on your back or side.

To ensure that you are getting the health benefits of sleeping in a hammock overnight, it’s important to choose a hammock that is comfortable, supportive, and made from breathable, skin-friendly materials. Additionally, it’s important to follow proper suspension techniques and to use a hammock underquilt or sleeping pad to provide added insulation and support.

Why does my back hurt after sleeping on a hammock?

There are several reasons why your back might hurt after sleeping on a hammock, including:

  1. Improper suspension: If your hammock is not properly suspended, it can put strain on your back, neck, and spine, leading to discomfort and pain.
  2. Insufficient support: Some hammocks do not provide enough support for your back, which can cause it to sink down and create pressure points that can lead to pain.
  3. Poor sleeping position: Sleeping in a hammock that is too tight or too curved can force you into an unnatural sleeping position that can cause your back to hurt.
  4. Poor quality materials: Hammocks made from rough or itchy materials can cause skin irritation, especially if you sleep on your back or side, which can lead to discomfort and pain.
  5. Lack of insulation: Hammocks can be chilly, especially on colder nights, and if you do not use a hammock underquilt or sleeping pad, your body can get cold, leading to discomfort and pain.

To reduce the risk of back pain after sleeping in a hammock, it’s important to choose a hammock that is comfortable, supportive, and made from breathable, skin-friendly materials. Additionally, it’s important to follow proper suspension techniques and to use a hammock underquilt or sleeping pad to provide added insulation and support.

Last Words

So, those are the presentation of the best camping hammock for side sleepers. As usual, on my verdict, I will keep Lawson Blue Ridge on the top. 

However, as I previously mentioned the matter of how one can choose the ideal one, I think that’s not a problem for you now. So, pick up your desired sleeping partner and let us know how many peaceful moments you have got.

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