Did you ever take the feeling of reading a book, lying in open wild nature? Or ever spent a comfortable night with the open sky and mighty nature by hanging your body? Yeah, I’m talking about the hammock. The hammock is now becoming a more spreading desire among campers and stands as a good alternative to tent camping. To be a participator in that activity, surely a common ask is arising in your mind about what are the pros and cons of hammock camping.

Alright, being an exciting camping form, the hammock has limitations too. Now, measuring the facts and practical experience, here the given advantages and disadvantages points definitely sharpen your thought to justify on the hammock is suited to you or not.

relaxing gay in hammock

The Pros of Hammock Camping

Not as a hammock lover, being a camper I can tell doubt-free that this hanging lay has sufficient advantages points to take it as a part of your next trip. So, let’s introduce the benefits of hammocks.

1. Comfortable As that Everyone Wish

The first thing that you may check about sleeping items is the comfort level. Right? And where the hammock is a cool winner. It provides you with soft and comfortable laying or sleeping as it bears quality and breathable fabrics. In there you will automatically get the right sleeping position, where you don’t need to feel any hard or rocky ground. A hanging lying in nature will provide comfort for your mind also. It also works great to support your back. Though there is confusion on whether sleeping on a hammock is good or bad for the back.

However, sleeping on that comfortable swing bed will surely boost your mental and physical energy for the next day.

2. Have Numerous Benefits for Health

First of all, sleeping there carry the capacity to reduce the pain of the pressure points like the back, shoulder, etc. It provides equal pressure on all parts and gives you great support without experiencing pain or else.

Again, due to swing sleep, you can bring relaxing and strainless mental peace. Moreover, this moving bed works as an effective cure for insomnia.

Furthermore, because of the pressure-free lay, your body gets permission to flow blood circulation perfectly. And those are also good for your muscle aches.

So, to protect you both mentally and physically, it does an impressive job on health benefits.

3. Capable to Fall on sleeping Fast

You know, I was an experiment as is it able to sleep quickly. Surprisingly, I got the positive. Then I realized some points standing on its side.

Number one is the ideal body position where you get an angle to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation.  And that is of course far better than the normal bed. The next point is slightly moving or swinging sleep. That slight variation works largely for providing peace.

Additionally, nature-gifted wind, pressure-free back, surface-free bed, etc join the work to fall asleep as quickly as possible. Even science has a soft signal on it.

So, to offer you a fast and restful sleep, the hammock does a superb effort.

4. Environment-Friendly Behave

As conscious citizens and to get more from our surroundings, we have to be gentle with them. Desired, hammock camp is so much environmental support.

Unlike the tent, here you can do a trace-less camping trip. No holes, no tree damage, no harm to vegetables, etc only possible while you are sleeping on a hammock. And you don’t need enough space where the ecosystem can mind. Furthermore, staying above the ground is ensure no interruption for moving animals or insects.

Now, from the above points, doesn’t it look environment-friendly?

5. Bugs and Dust-Free Sleeping

Practically, in the tent, there is a chance to suffer from dust whiffs and bugs. The reasons are, placed on the ground and wildlife character. But when you are in a rocking bed, you will surely be free from those.

There is very little chance to face dust. Especially it’s great news for those who have an allergic problem. Again, keeping a far distance from the ground, you won’t be irritated by any insects or bugs. If you have a fear of mosquitoes then you can purchase a hammock tent where you will find the mosquito net. After that, that bed is good at offering a safer and more disturbing camping night.

6. Portable and Not Heavy

Being a backpacker or light camper, the news sounds very pleasant to know that here you find a portable and ultralight hammock. It holds only a few lbs and that helps you more to do a light backpacking hammock.

What’s happening with tent camping? There you need to bear more weight of the tent along with the camping mattress, sleeping bag or else. Off-topic, if you want to know the process of attaching a sleeping bag with a backpack then you can read our article.

Now, in H. you don’t have to deal with that and it kills a very small space in your backpack. Moreover, you can easily pack them for the trip.

So, in the case of carrying, it’s awesome and effective in a word.

7. Works as Space Saver

As I early mentioned, the H camping is ultralight and small in size, it can save more space on your backpack. Think about the tent camp as there you have tension on how you load the bag with so many weighty and big size items. Sometimes it happens that, to keep those (tent, mattress or sleeping pad, sleeping bag, etc) you won’t take other essential ones.

But in the hammock, it only takes a few areas into the backpack and provides you sufficient empty areas to take other ones without making it so heavy. So, here you have a relaxed mind to keep essential and even optional items with no spacing issues.

8. Super Simple to Set-Up

One of the most hammocks pros points is its simple and easy set-up. With experience, expertise, more effort, and much time whatever you ask to have, a camping hammock answers the negative. Just compare this to the tents, where you have to spend a large time to set up the process with a hard effort. Also, there is a matter of bed-making.

But if you are talking about the hammock setup, it needs only a few minutes to complete the process and no worry is presented there about making your bed like under the tent.

So, pro or starter, whatever you are, here an easy and time-consuming set-up is waiting for you.

9. Blessing for the Book Reader

If you are a book lover, then It’s probably known how excitement and peace will be found in this type of camping. In the shadow of trees, the sweet singing of birds, the cool wind of nature, the mind-blowing smell of the wild and you are comfortably swinging under the ground with a book in hand. I think, even that imagination also creates blowing on your mind.

So, reading a book through these surroundings can be the great experience you ever feel.

Hammock with Book

10. Excellent in Air Circulation

In the process of air circulating, it gives you maximum. You will get natural airflow from there. If it’s summer, you are sweating or feel temp falling during the night then don’t worry, the airflow will give you a cool feel and keep you dry. Again the materials are also breathable which keeps you cool and dry. A rope hammock is more effective at that point. So, a fresh and sweet sleep you may get here.

11. Keep Dry in Any Tough Weather

Another advantage of a hammock is it will keep you dry in any condition. If you are on the ground camping then fog, snow, wet, rainwater, etc can easily attack you. But when you are up to the surface then you can easily overcome this problem.

Now, on rainy days, you just have to a tarp or rain fly above it. The reason is it will protect you from rain. To get more benefits you can use a hammock tarp having doors. Besides, the flow of rainwater on the ground can touch you and that will happen if you are in a tent.

So, keeping you dry and secure, works properly.

12. Can be used in Multi-Purpose

Don’t think a camping hammock has only sleeping benefits, it can be served in many terms. Like a rocking chair, it will provide you with great service and works as a camp chair. So, both lay and sit purposes can be got there.

In case of emergency, it has been used too. Its strap may work in tourniquets. Additionally, you can use it as a backyard while you are in a park or beach. In-home or room, you can also use it as a form of swing or sitting.

So, if we search deeply then we of course find many uses for hammock sleeping.

The Cons of Camping on Hammock

Now, what are the Disadvantages of sleeping in hammocks?  Let’s go towards those.

A Couple on Seperate Hammock

1. Bad for Two Person and Not So Spacious

Little space is the major drawback of hammock camping. The bed isn’t provided much space like a tent bed. For that, you can’t get enough area to move the parts.

With that low capacity, it is very difficult to sleep there with more than one person. So, for the couple, it’s a piece of bad news. Though the couple can lay or sit there for some time, sleeping won’t be suitable. The same formula applies to the camper who travels with the pet. But, you can overcome those problems by using the double hammock to sleep with your partner.

So, ultimately, as a hammock camper, it is too small to sleep with 2 or more.

2. Need Much Care for Spot Selecting

Yeah, while you choosing the spot, some factors you should keep in mind. The first requirement is the trees. Select the area where you will find two trees that aren’t so far or close to each other.

Then measure the capability of the trees considering their capability to hold the hammock system. So, you have to confirm trees, rocks, or other strong bases to pitch it. However, you can do a hammock without trees following some ways.

Now, another fact is the wind. Knowing the direction of the wind, you have to set up your bed. Again, In the case of car camping, sometimes it seems very tough to find a spot near the car.

3. Seems Difficult to Enter or out of

The very first time, it seems to you quite difficult or challenging to ride or get out. Swing and moving are the reasons behind it. Like a normal bed, you can’t do the in and out process very quickly and simply.

But that’s not a major one as you can gradually cope with that.

4. Limitations of Winter Camping

This hanging bed may fall you down while you are sleeping in cold weather. Then it can lose the heat from your body and give you super cold. Into the tent, you can insulate yourself with the help of ground, mattress, pad, or something else. So, in times of winter or temperature falling time, it may be challenging for you to stay on it.

5. Not Suitable to Expect Privacy

The thing looked uncomfortable to me. I remembered, that whenever I need to change clothes or have some personal privacy then it refused me with an empty hand. Moreover, for the couple there you won’t expect any special moment with privacy. But in tents, you have the option to change or some privacy.

So, getting in there, you may suffer from less privacy.

6. May Face Restriction Issues

Think, you select the spot, carry essential equipment, and are almost prepared to set up, then you hear that the area has legal issues for that leisure. Then how disappointed you would be?  Yeah, some areas, parks, and else clearly forbid the camper to hang the bed.

That’s you may face some area limitations to pitching it.

7. Not So Durable

In terms of long-time uses, it denies you directly. If the materials are bad then they need replace within fewer years. But if you look at the benefits of mattress, sleeping pad, or foam then there are no issues with it. Even if you are so long then you have to deal with the best camping hammocks for big guys.

So in the section on durability and long-lasting, the hammock shows you the point of a con of it.

Is Sleeping On Hammock Suitable for You?

So, after knowing the pros and cons of sleeping on a hammock, what’s your sense say? Is it right for you? Or, tent vs hammock, which one is ideal for you?

Alright, the judgment depends. Hammock or tent, whatever you choose both have excellent points to explore an outdoor activity.

If you are planning to go on lightweight summer camping and want a comfortable, environment-friendly, easy process, weatherproof and healthy sleep or laying experience then a hammock will be the best option for you.

On another hand, if you are a couple or need to share your bed, want privacy and an easy sleeping experience on a long-lasting bed. Then I will the tent is suited for you. Additionally, as a side sleeper hammock camping, the hammock should be chosen correctly to get sound sleep.


So, that’s the conclusion part of the pros and cons of a camping hammock. I hope you want to feel the real pleasure of it. Wish you have an awesome camp or backpacking trip and will share the memory with us.

Question & Answers

Is hammock camping safer than tent camping?

Hammock camping can be just as safe as tent camping if the proper precautions are taken. However, there are some considerations to keep in mind when camping in a hammock. For example, it is important to set up the hammock in a suitable location that is free from hazards such as trees that are dead, rotting, or at risk of falling. It is also important to make sure the hammock is properly anchored and that the ropes or straps used to suspend the hammock are in good condition. Additionally, it’s important to stay aware of the weather conditions, while hammocks can be quite comfortable in mild conditions, they are not as good as tents in severe weather.

It’s also important to note that people may be uncomfortable hanging high in the air, with a greater risk of falling. However, if the proper setup is done and safety is taken into consideration it can be as safe as camping in a tent.

Can you sleep on your side in a camping hammock?

It can be more difficult to sleep on your side in a camping hammock as compared to a tent, as the hammock’s shape typically conforms to the shape of the person’s body, which can make it more challenging to find a comfortable position. However, it is not impossible to sleep on your side in a camping hammock. Some people prefer to sleep diagonally across the hammock, as this can help them maintain a more stable position and reduce pressure points.

There are some camping hammocks available in the market that have been specially designed to allow for side sleeping, these hammocks are wider and flatter than traditional camping hammocks and usually have a more supportive surface and structure to prevent you from rolling over.

It is worth to try it out before embarking on a long camping trip if you’re used to side sleeping and this is a crucial factor for your comfort, or consider trying a different type of sleeping setup like a tent or a bedroll on the ground.

Will bears bother you in a hammock?

Bears can be a concern when camping in bear country, whether you are using a hammock or a tent. However, in general, bears are more likely to be attracted to food and other scented items than to campers themselves.

When camping in bear country, it is important to store food, toiletries, and other scented items in bear-resistant containers or by hanging them from a tree at least 10 feet off the ground and 4 feet away from the trunk. It’s also important to practice good hygiene and cleanliness around your campsite to avoid attracting bears.

As for the hammock itself, bears would not be attracted to it. If a bear happens to come near to the hammock, it’s usually best to stay calm and make noise so the bear is aware of your presence and will avoid you.

It’s important to note that bears behavior can vary depending on the species and region. Always check with local park authorities and rangers for any specific guidelines and recommendations for your location.

Does sleeping in a hammock have any health benefits or side effects?

Sleeping in a hammock can have some potential health benefits and side effects.

One benefit of sleeping in a hammock is that it can help to reduce pressure on the joints, spine, and muscles, as the hammock conforms to the shape of the person’s body. This can help to reduce pain and discomfort caused by conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Another benefit is that sleeping in a hammock can improve sleep quality. The rocking motion of a hammock can be soothing and help to reduce stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and sleep.

However, there are some potential side effects to consider as well. For example, some people may experience discomfort or pain in their shoulder or back while sleeping in a hammock, particularly if the hammock is not set up properly or if the person is not used to sleeping in this position. Additionally, it might take some time to get used to sleeping in a hammock, and people may experience difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep.

It is also worth noting that hammocks can be less stable than a traditional bed and may take getting used to. If you’re not used to it, you may feel like you are about to fall off or experience a sense of insecurity.

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s body is different and responds differently to different sleeping surfaces, so it’s worth trying out a hammock for a short period of time before committing to a longer camping trip.

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