In case you’re wondering, whether should you take an air mattress for the camping trip or not, then we’ve got an answer for you.

For starters, you should know that you won’t have a ready bed/mattress for you lying around out there on a camping trip. And taking a giant bed is out of the ask. On the opposite, the air mattress is well suited for outdoor camping trips.

You might think traveling with an air mattress is a hassle. Well, you’re wrong because you can easily fit an air mattress into a bag. And whenever you need it, you can roll it out and make a bed ready to sleep on in just a few minutes.

There are many other aspects to the usage of camping air mattresses. Let’s get through them and help you decide to, or not to, get an air mattress:

What is an Air Mattress?

An air mattress is a plastic container filled with air inside. All you need to do is fill up the container with air, and you’ll have a comfortable bed ready to sleep on.

Seems simple enough, right? Now let’s have a brief discussion on how you find the right size air mattress for your camp trips.

A Camping Air Mattress

Should One Get an Air Mattress for Camping?

It goes without saying that an air mattress can help you get a good night’s sleep on a camping trip. Thus, it allows you to enjoy your outdoor trip thoroughly.

Let’s find out how?

Getting a peaceful night’s sleep on a camping trip is imperative as like common knowledge. Because, if you don’t get a proper sleep you won’t be able to enjoy your camping trip in the morning.

However, it seems impossible to get proper sleep on a bed made out of rocks, bushes, etc. In comparison, the air mattress is made out of a synthetic plastic container filled with air, which is really comfortable to sleep in.

If you’re still having second thoughts, these advantages will surely change your mind in the following segment.

Advantages of Getting an Air Mattress

A few years back, people started to shiver in the name of a camping trip because of the hardship they had to put up in the wild. But unlike a few years back, you can find several camping gears that make your camping trip much more manageable.

An air mattress is one such camping gear that helps you sleep better outdoors. Now, let’s find out about the significant advantages of an air mattress on a camping trip.

Easier to Use

The usability of the air mattress can be compared to the level of easiness that can handle by kids. All you need to do is inflate air when you need it and deflate when you are done using it. Unlike other camping beds like a hammock or folding camp beds, you don’t have to follow proper procedures to set it up.

Just plug, pump, and inflate, that’s all. Not only that, as it’s made out of smooth vinyl material, you can easily pack and clean it up.


Moving around with an air mattress is as easy as pie, as most air mattresses are portable. As an air bed doesn’t take up a lot of space, you can roll out the air bed in one compact area & use it. 

Also, it’s made out of lightweight plastic material, which makes it easy to carry around. You can roll the air bed into a bag and carry it with you to any desired destination.


One of the best things about an air mattress is it is adaptable to your situation and needs. Different shapes and sizes are found in terms of air mats, as we mentioned earlier.

Whether you want to set up a bunk in the back of your car or a tent, you can adjust it as per order by choosing the right size and shape.

The above segments are the key advantages that you can get on camping. Now, let’s talk about a few of the possible disadvantages you might or might not face while using an air mattress.

How to Pick the Right Size Camping Air Mattress?

Yes, an air mattress can indeed help you sleep comfortably on any solid surface. But if the mattress’s size doesn’t match the body length or you can’t fit it inside your tent, how will it help you?

So it’s crucial to find the right size of air mattress before you use it on your outdoor trip. You can find different sizes of beds in the marketplace.

If you are looking for a small and compact mattress for camping, then we recommend getting narrow air mattresses for camping. On the other hand, if you are on a group trip, the king-sized/Jumbo-sized air beds will suit the camping trip.

Possible Disadvantages of an Air Mattress On Camping

It’s no doubt that an air mattress comes in real handy in the matter of camp. However, it’s also true that everything has its own set of disadvantages. So does an air mattress. However, you can quickly rectify these disadvantages with some necessary precautions.

First, let’s check out the possible disadvantages you might face using an air bed while camping.

Finding the Right Spot

You can see rock branches and sharp objects lying around the ground wherever you go camping. Thus, finding the exact spot to set up your bedding can be tricky.

Fear of Leakage

Unlike your home’s flooring, you can’t easily find a smooth surface in the wild. The ground is filled with branches, rocks, and other sharp objects; your air mattress has a high probability of getting a hole in it. Thus, creating a fear of having a leakage on the air mattress.

Pumping Can Be Bothersome

After a long day trip to your native campsite, surely you would be tired. In such cases, a simple action can seem bothersome. Hence pumping air to inflate the air bed can be a hassle.


It is kind of irritating when your bed makes annoying noises while you move around on the bed. An air mattress is made out of synthetic plastic material that can make some annoying noise in contact with your skin.

Don’t be worried about these above disadvantages; a few simple precautionary steps can quickly remedy these detriments. Let’s begin:

How to Use an Air Mattress Efficiently (And Safely) While Camping?

To avoid any possible disadvantages through an air mattress, you can follow these procedures that we’ve listed in the following segment. These procedures can help you avoid any problems you might face using an air mattress on your trip. Here they are:

Using Methods of Air Mattress

Find/Create the Right Spot

Finding the right spot to set up your tent is the main priority on a camping trip. But it’s not an easy task because usually, the camping grounds are filled with rocks, broken tree branches, spikes, and other debris.

You should try to find a spot with less debris on the ground. If you can’t, try to clean up the place before setting up your tent. By doing so, you can be relieved from getting any holes on the air mattress.

Know The Inflating Methods

Knowing the proper inflation method can save you a lot of time and hassle. Without knowing how to and what to do will gain you nothing but problems. So before you start pumping air aimlessly into the mattress, we’ve made a few pointers that you can follow, such as:

  • First, open up the mattress’s valve cover and insert the pump’s pipe into it.
  • Then turn on the pumping machine to self-inflate the air mattress. (if you’re using an electrical pumper)
  • After the inflation is complete close the valve cover of the mattress

Didn’t bring any pumper with you? No worries, you can try using a hairdryer plastic bag, even with your mouth though we wouldn’t suggest the last one.

Keep Repair Patches

Safer is better than sorry from our feeling. Bad or good both can happen in the wild-life, and you can’t control everything while you’re camping. After taking all the precautions, your air mattress gets poked with something and starts to leak air.

So, it’s an excellent idea to carry some repair patches like duck tape or sealing patches with you. In this way, you can repair your air mattress on the go.

Carry a Manual Hand Pump

Lastly, you can carry a manual hand pump with you to be safe. Because you can’t guarantee the electrical inflation pump will work adequately. So, to better prepare yourself, you can carry an additional hand pump as a backup inflation system.

Last Words

At last, we reached our final destination. We hope that we’ve helped you to decide whether to get an air mattress on a camping trip or not. Because having an air bed on an outdoor trip is beneficial for you.

A few words before we depart, though a camping trip can be full of uncertainty, it is better to be prepared as much as possible. We’ve tried to list all the possible outcomes of having an air mattress above. But no matter what, your safety is in your own hands. Stay safe and make a fantastic time on your camping trip.

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