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Catching crawfish is a fun activity with friends and family. In Taxes, some folks call them crayfish or crawdads or mudbugs. But people who love to eat and catch call them the start of springtime. Before starting springtime with eating and catch you must know the place where to catch crawfish in Texas.

In Texas, the Red Swamp and the White River Crawfish are the most popular and cultured species. You can find them in the bottom portion of the stream, pond, or lake. They live typically in preparing areas with covers such as rocks, mud, vegetation, and subaqueous leaf. These little creatures are not good swimmers so you can catch them with hand or trapping.

Texas and Crawfish


It is the second-largest state in the U.S. by area at 268,596 square miles. And population more than 29.1 million in 2020, placed in the South Center region of the U.S.


Crayfish or Crawfish what you say this is the only species of crustacean that live in a freshwater ecosystem. They are mostly found under streamside rocks during the day where they hide from predators and wait for the night. At nightfall, they emerged for hunting. Several colors of crawfish you can see as a block, red, or yellow depending on where you live. Also, what time of the year do you find them. These guys are super important to the ecosystem as they like an environmental cleanup groom. They have some crazy morphological features that make them unique. They have claws that are extremely sharp and powerful. For humans, those are very healthy food having a high quality of protein and vitamins added with. The number of calories and fats is low.

Texas People and Crawfish

From January to mid-June crawfish outlets, seafood markets, and farms are formed a festive look. At this time, people of Texas eat crawfish outside of their homes as a restaurant for family reunions or meetings. They can be their old friends or company. Their gathering celebrating those days like as festivals. Catching and eating is a family tradition of Texas people.

When Is The Time to Get Crawfish in Texas?

It is the first six months of the year but you get crawfish in November and December. At those times, those are very small in size and expensive too to buy. The harvesting time of crawfishes is about mid-January to the end of May. Cause when those have high quality in size and price for eating and catching.

Places to Have Or Catch Crawfish

As crawfish is a freshwater species generally found in ponds, streams, rivers, and lakes mostly under the submerse rocks. However, this guy is also found in ditches, swamps, or rice paddies.

Crawfish in River

You may find these guys under the rocks beside the river edge. Where they can be found covering them of the shadow side of the rocks. Or eating something like small fish or vegetables. At night they come out from the hidden place. And hunt their food therefore you can see they are walking low deep in the water on the edge of the river.

Places Where Crawfish is hided

Crawfish in Pond

Generally, Crawfish are cultivated in ponds for additional benefits for making a good environment to cultivate fish. As they prefer their meal to decay any kind of dead body of insects, worms, algae, and fish which make the pond water very unsuitable for living fishes. On the other hand, they eat submerged vegetation and larger plant to control vegetation in ponds. And those also use as food for some cultivated fish. Which gives extra benefits to the pond owner.

Crawfish in Rice Paddies

Crawfishes are firmed in rice paddies rotationally in flooded fields to get extra benefit from the cultivated field. Every year 90 percent of those fishes are supplied from Louisiana in the US. Most of that is firmed in periodical flooded paddy fields. Farming this type of fish rotationally with rice is increasing day by day. It is because of the demand among the people in spring. In Texas, people love to eat crawfish and they celebrate this activity as a festival with music, wines, etc.

How to Catch Crawfish?

Caching crawfish does not very hard but also not so easy. Because they have powerful claws that you can be injured. As they are not a good swimmer and have claws you can catch them by hand or bait. And you can also catch them close trapping method and with a net.

By Net

Normally crawfish are hidden under the rocks or vegetation in shallow water. So, first, find some rocks or vegetation areas in shallow water and check out where those fishes are hidden. For rocks gently grab and lift for checking out and try not to threaten them. If you find one, place your net behind as 3 or 4 inches. The reason is they run backward and then take your hand or strike in front of him gently. You may find out the run towards your net then take off your net immediately from the water.

By Hand

As crawfish are not good swimmers you may catch them by hand but it’s risky too. For the larger ones, you are injured by the pinchers as those are powerful to cut out your finger. For little ones, you can catch them by capping them between your both hands. But for a larger one, you must be carefully picked up using your thumb. And also the forefinger of one hand behind the pinchers.

By Bait

Before eating something, crawfish fist holds them by their claws and make it little pitches. So, via a bite, catching these species is a simple as well as a fun way with your family. First, you should hook up the bite in a fishhook. Then dip into the water then jiggle 1 or 2 inches from the bottom. When you feel tug on the fishhook, gently pull it up to the shore.

Ways to Catch Crawfish

By Traps

Generally, crawfish prefer their meal at night so, you can catch them by trapping given some bait. The cylindrical close trap is the best for trapping crawfish. Because it does not catch rocks at the bottom like a square-shaped trap when pulled out from the water. First, you must bait the trap like dead fish and deep into the water for several hours then collect them. You may find out in your trap a good quantity of fish or may not.

Fishing Rules and Regulation in Texas

For fishing crawfishes and other kinds of fish in Texas, you must be required a Texas fishing license. As those fishes are freshwater species so, you must require freshwater endorsement for caching crawfishes.

Final Words

Eating and fishing crawfish in Texas is the fun activity of the first 6 months of the year with friends and family. And which is celebrated like a festival. And you are now aware of where to catch crawfish in Texas and the methods also. So, take your fishing rods or traps to catch them from ponds, rivers, or paddy fields. This will be an enjoyable moment with your family and friends. Don’t miss going to the restaurant to eat boiled crawfish.

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