Maximum we are familiar with the fish finders that are attached to a boat. And naturally growing thinking among us is that these devices are only applicable with water transport. Probably you have no budget to purchase a boat or like fishing from the bank. So, in this case, the question that appears strongly is “can you use a fish finder from shore?”

Pleasingly I will say yes, you can. But a little fact hides behind it. However, let me explain the matter below along with a related discussion about using a fish finder without a boat.

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Is It Possible to Use a Fish Finder from the Shore?

As we know fish finders are basically required boats for installation, can we use them from the bank?

Yes, you can use a specific fish finder to fish from the shore. But if the matter is for all types of finders, then no you can’t go with any types.

So, what kind of work from the bank? Usually, we notice mounted fish finders which are ideal for the traditional boat. The portable, as well as the castable fish finder, works pretty well from the bank or shore. In a word, the devices which have castable transducers are a suitable choice for shore fishing.

For example, Deeper Smart Sonar or Garmin STRIKER Cast such special-built portable and castable fish finders for those who love to explore from out of water.

So, if you have a castable one then definitely you can join in the fish searching game while staying on shore.

A Angler Uses Deeper Fish Finder from the Shore

Working Mechanism of Shore Fish Finder

The portable and traditional boat fishing finders both follow almost the same procedures. Just a difference in result showing where one shows a smartphone screen and the other is in itself. Mainly, this device uses sonar waves from the transducer, and where the waves reach down and back on the screen visualizing the result that is happening under the water.

In the shore fish finder, a small transducer works as a sensory part and the app on the smartphone stays as a receiver. All you need is just enable the wifi to connect with the device. Then after casting, reel it slowly into the water and the result will come back onto the screen with a 2D visualization including rocks, vegetation, fishes, and others. And that procedure works within specific distances.

So, simply that’s the way you can use the device from the bank to find the fish.

Shore Fishing Finder Working Mechanism on a Smartphone

Things One Need for Using Portable Fish Finder

F Finder itself doesn’t work alone, interacting with some other items will deliver the desired output. Alright, let’s then know those things at a glance.

1. A Smart Phone

Yes, for using a portable fish finder from the bank the first thought that will appear in the head is “how to control the fish finder and where to see the result?” The sample answer is a smartphone. The user needs to connect the fishing device through it and the important one is the screen where they will show what’s happening under the water.

Android, IOS, or whatever you have doesn’t matter at all, just confirm that the screen is big enough to observe the data.

2. Water-Resistant Phone Case (Wrist Attaching)

A wrist-attaching phone case that is waterproof has great service on there. Because of its waterproof nature, there will be no problem using your phone in the water condition. And the wrist attachment facility will allow you to maintain the device more easily and permit you to view the display clearly and quickly.

3. Rope and Clip

I saw many people who lost the thing in the water and also suffered more to run after it because of the use of the insecure attachment. You are right, the nylon rope and clip will be used for attaching properly to your portable finder. So, as it is a casting game, you should look for a strong attachment system to keep the device okay.

Facts You Should Know About Castable Fish Finder

Before purchasing or taking any experience with this type of fish finder, one should know some facts about it. And such asks are explained here.

What’s the Gap between Portable and Castable Fish Finders?

A portable fish finder is a tiny fishing device that uses sonar technology and shows the live image underwater. That one is more suited for close-ranging fishing.

And the castable one is similar to the previous one just like a category. But here, it performs well in both short and long-range conditions. 

And that’s the little difference between castable vs portable fish finder.

Is It Workable on Moving Water?

Current or moving water whatever you can run your catching device smoothly and accurately. On moveable water conditions, those finders work pretty well than others. But still, there are some limitations and guides for a better experience.

Like, the retrieve of the transducer should be done slowly. Hence the current and your slow activity will make the device for proper water coverage and accurate scanning.

And the things that you should notice are- (i) Avoid the places where the water moves so fast and choppy water exists. (ii) Use a strong line so that the attachment won’t separate. Otherwise, you need to be prepared for chasing through the water.

Can I Use It for Shallow Water?

In short talks, yes, you can use the portable fish finder in shallow water. But there are details to talk about too. What’s that?

These devices will only work when the depth is at its limit. That means within a certain shallow range these will work. Like, the Deeper Pro + which isn’t able to do anything under 4 feet deep.

So, in summary, we can say, these fish finders are usable in shallow water but within a specific range.

Which Apps Are Good For Shore Fish Finders?

Basically, there are noticed several apps for fish finders that vary depending on the Brand. Most finders come with specific apps from that company. Well, let’s be introduced to a few popular shore fish finder apps.

  • FishAnglerFish Deeper
  • iBobber
  • FishHunter
  • Lowrance
  • Luckylaker

And so on.

Why Should I Go for Portable Fish Finder over a Boat-Mounted One?

Versatility is the main reason why you should choose portable between portable and Boat-Mounted fish finders. It’s true that such a castable one won’t offer such accuracy and sensitivity as provided by the traditional. But still, you will find enough smart points to pick the portable one.

Like, one can carry the device doesn’t matter if they are on a hike or traveling on a plane. The most attractive feature is that the user can use it both from the bank and boat. And yes, ponds or such types of fishing spots where a boat can enter these fish finders will serve you in such conditions too. Measuring those pretty advantages I will prefer it for picking up.

Is Castable Fish Finder only for shore fishing?

According to my early statement, those fishing gear are versatile. That indicates its use in different circumstances.

Not only from the bank or shore, one can utilize it from the boat too. Kayaks, canoes, Jon boats, etc work superbly with small transducers which are available on a portable system. Moreover, ice fishing also allows you to use it. So, these are not only for shore fishing but also for other situations too.

Final Thought: Worthy or Not?

From the whole read, you already know that you can use a fish finder from shore with having a portable specific brand. And if it comes at worth then I will definitely say yes the device is worth it.

Those castable fishing devices are not only good for versatility but also provide less hassle. So, if you intend to use a fish finder from the bank then definitely deal with this situation along with others too just purchasing a portable type.

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