Backpacking is an adventure that gives memories for a lifetime. It lets you broaden your horizons and feel a more amazing and costly outdoor experience. The key to a successful backpacking trip is to understand what to pack and what to skip inside the backpack. Starting from the backpack itself, up to the backpacking tents, the choices can be pretty hard. You can easily find professional backpacking gear at affordable prices and as a good resource, we recommend you view the collection and backpacking advice at Hyke & Byke. Well, now let’s move on to those clever backpacking tips.

5 Clever Backpacking Tips

In this write, our effective hacks and guide will help you prepare for your upcoming backpacking trip. Here we go with five points-

1. Choose the Destination

It’s enough to say that you need to choose an easy destination. If the hike is too hard it can make you exhausted, tired, and feeling miserable. If it’s too easy, you’ll have time to explore the area around the camp and get yourself familiar with the place. When you decide to go backpacking, it’s essential to take into consideration a few suggestions. 

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First of all, consult any experienced backpackers, if you know any of course. Hiking club members are always willing to help one in making the right decision of picking the ideal place. Hiking guidebooks are also a great source of information where you can find the best selection of hiking areas. If not sure where to go, pick a place near your home, or just a few miles round trip would suffice. Plan on shorter distances because walking with heavier packs might be difficult. 

Make sure there is water near the campsite. Something like a spring, stream, lake, or river. And last but not the least, seek summer weather. Unless you are in a place of extreme heat since fire danger might ruin your plans. 

A Campground for Backpacking

2. Essential Backpacking Gear

An extremely clever decision, you can make for your next backpacking trip is to pack gear that is lightweight and easy to carry. Moreover, pack essential items only that will be suited for your camping needs. Sharing a tent is far more economical than buying a one-person tent. You can save money this way and invest in additional backpacking gear.

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It’s not essential for you to purchase all of the gear. Sometimes you can borrow some items. Especially if you are a beginner in hiking, backpacking, and camping, since you can’t know for sure whether you’ll like this type of adventure. For example, you can borrow a backpack, and try it on to make sure it fits you comfortably. Load it with the items and test it in the long run. If it’s comfortable on the shoulders and hips, it’s fine and you can purchase a similar one next time.

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If you decide to buy a sleeping bag, make sure you are familiar with the cons and pros of the bag fill in terms of weather conditions. Synthetic fill is a good choice and it’s more affordable. Cushioning is crucial to having a good night’s sleep. Insulation is too. If you want to have a nice and cozy night in the woods, we recommend buying a sleeping pad. The pad will protect the rocky floors and rooted surfaces.

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3. Vacuum Pack Your Food

An easy way to reduce volume and weight is to vacuum seal your food in flat packs. You can pack more in smaller boxes, even for more days on your trip. The weight will remain the same, but the food will be easier to pack and will be flat. There are countless techniques and hacks for packing your food. You can use small condiment salt and pepper packets and shop at the local market to find miniature bottles of cheese, hot sauce, salami, and other foods that can be packed that way. Packing tuna, instant potatoes, peanut butter powder, instant oatmeal, and couscous are just a few of our food hack recommendations. 

4. Hygiene Hacks

On a camping trip, it’s challenging to keep your hygiene under control since you won’t have the same resources as at home. And certainly, you don’t want to skip on personal hygiene when hiking. Some clever hacks you can implement are to bring a lightweight bamboo toothbrush or break your toothbrush in half so it’s lighter and easier to pack. You can use a bite of toothpaste and if you need a little floss, wrap it around the toothbrush and you can use it anytime you need.

Switching to Nuud deodorant before your trip is essential in avoiding odors. The Nuud deodorant is vegan and appropriate for such trips. And bring a pack of wet wipes to have your bath. Of course, you have the right to jump anytime in the lake or the river for a quick bath. However, if you embark on a journey where no river or lake is nearby, you can use this type of bathing.

5. Prepare for Leave No Trace and Hugging the Nature

To keep nature super healthy and keeping suitable for other backpackers one should apply the theory of leaving no trace theories. And you need to avoid some silly mistakes in this regard.

First of all, don’t leave any piece of trace like packets, food waste, polythene, or like that will be harmful to nature. Use a trace bag for proper maintenance. Then, it’s not acceptable to nature if you throw and pack up its resources like stones, rocks, harmful trees, or activities like that. Additionally, extreme digging on the soil or disturbing the ground trees is harmful to the wild environment.

Again, on the matter of toileting backpackers should obey some tasks. Such as packing the toilet paper before, and using the bathroom that is located around 100 or 90 meters from the water sources. And yeah, don’t wash or throw any dirty items in the water. In this situation, you can collect the water in a container and do the washing process a bit far from the river or sources.

A Girl Enjoying Backpacking Trip

After balancing such steps now you will be able to enjoy nature as your own. Now, move on to nature and explore the beauty in a backpacker way.


See, those are clever backpacking tips to make an easier and more enjoyable trip. Not only for you but also those points are well accepting to the nature. So, keep the tips in your mind, prepare everything and yourself, and make your upcoming backpacking moment memorable.

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