Angling or catching fish at night is a hobby of fish lovers. If you want to enjoy fishing at night you need enough lighting which will make the water surface more visible to you.

So, you can use different types of lights or colored bulbs to attract fish to the lights. If you use a bowfishing generator you can save your costs rather than using expensive led lights.

To operate properly you must know how to wire the bowfishing lights to a generator. The article will support you to let you know the process of wiring the generator.

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How To Wire Bowfishing Lights To Generator?

If you know the basics of connecting electric wires, you can easily wire the bowfishing lights to it. If you know the process yourself, you won’t have to wait for the other person to help you to wire the bowfishing light.

You should use the low noise generator for your fishing boats and wisely choose the lights which attract the fish. Try to use green lights, it attracts more fish than other lights. You should not use orange lights that may increase your dizziness and cause headaches.

Choose a quality bowfishing generator that can last long and support you in connecting high-power lights or a series of lights.

How to Wire Bowfishing Lights to Generator

Type Of Bowfishing Lights

You may find varieties of bowfishing lights in the market. But you should choose the light carefully to get good support from them for the specific place where you are going fishing.

Halogen Lights

Halogen lights are brighter than regular bulbs. They are long-lasting too. They are incandescent lights with a tungsten filament and consist of He gas instead of Ar gas.

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High-Pressure Sodium Lights

These types of bulbs need potent generators that’s why they are rarely used for bowfishing. They are good for lighting up billboards. Some high-pressure sodium lights are used in the bow fishing areas by some fishermen.

LED Lights

LED lights are very lightweight and popular for multiple uses. Using these lights for bow fishing seems convenient. They require very low-powered batteries. They are not too expensive. If you want you also can use these lights with the bow-mounted option.

What Are the Method Of wearing Bowfishing Lights on a Generator?

After you choose the perfect light for Bowfishing, you need a generator to wire the lights. Use a quieter generator than a louder one to prevent the fish from being frightened and fleeing away. You need to go through other requirements before you directly jump into the method of wiring Bowfishing lights on the generator.

Decide The Total Wattage You Required For A Specific Place For Bowfishing

Determine the total wattage one needs to connect to the generator. Consider the darkness and the surrounding environment of the place where you are going Bowfishing. If you can’t come to a decision on the total wattage that you need for fishing, consult with the store from where you’ve collected the lights.

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Make A Connection Of the Power Converter With Lights

Bowfishing requires a good quantity of lighting. So, a 12-volt converter is a must for the Bowfishing lights that can efficiently run on 12v DC. Plus, a 24v converter runs on 24v DC. Let’s get into the connecting process

  • Gather all positive wires from the lights and tie them in a single wire size so that the Bowfishing light’s amperage can connect together. Especially, concentrate on the “trunk line, ” the main positive terminal to the converter.
  • Then gather all negative wires to connect their amperage together with the bowfishing lights.
  • Make a connection of the positive terminal trunk line directly to the converter’s positive terminal port.
  • Then again connect the negative terminal trunk line to finish your installation with the converter’s negative terminal port.

Plug-In Converter Into The Generator

You can get an outlet plug that remains attached to the converter. Now it’s ready to plug directly into the generator. Otherwise, you can use an extension wire to it connect it to the generator’s outlet.

Why The Bowfishing Generators Are So Important

Using a Bowing fish generator will help you to save your cost of fishing on the boat. If you use led lights instead of these generators you may have costs high and won’t get a good result.

Generators Powered Light Penetrate The Water

If you use Bowfishing generators it will allow you to get more lighting that penetrates inside the water surface nicely. More lighting will make the fish visible and that will help you to keep more attention to fishing.

Ensures A Nice Visibility

If your fishing boats end in places full of muddy water, don’t worry at all. The generators can support you to have fine visibility on those muddy water surfaces. Bowfishing generator-connected lights are usually getting high-powered so you can identify the fishing movements. 

Accessibility For All

There are many advantages to using bowfishing generators. It may offer you additional opportunities for having this type of arrangement.

You Should Look For The Right Selection Of Bowfishing Generator

To increase your successful attempt with a bowfishing generator, you should wisely choose the equipment and the machines.

Select Generators With Less Noise

You should choose a quieter type of generator otherwise the fish won’t come closer to the bow fishing boat. Even, look for a compact size generator which can perfectly adjust on the top of your boat.

Quality With Less Cost

Always look for a generator that is much higher in quality and costs under your budget.

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Wrapping Up

Angling in the middle of the river is a thrilling experience. The night is the proper time when the fish comes out from the deep of the water. So, at that time you can enjoy fishing and have a delightful meal at night. Along with that, you should think about saving your cost of entertainment for angling. That’s why you should use a Bowfishing generator to have perfect lighting convenient for fishing. Using a bowfishing generator costs less than using led lights.

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